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Steve Bulpett, Boston Herald, Joins Grande and Max to Discuss Doc Rivers and the Celtics

Jun 15, 2013|

Long-time Celtics beat-writer Steve Bulpett calls Grande and Max to discuss Doc, the C's and what the future looks like for the Green Team.

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I'm not gonna -- -- -- well we first came up with this idea and they asked Max and -- to do this we were both a little bit skeptical about the idea of topics and how much Celtics now much -- there was going to be do during the summer plus. The testicle issues of veto Red Sox games also -- in Baltimore right now on max's back in Boston little that we know. We'd end up with a fascinating week to begin it was all the Doc -- stuff going on we've. All -- inundated by national perspective. Of things and we all watch ESPN all time we see if reports that we see. Guys who were under a lot of pressure to report things everyday and sort of add on to a story that when there may or may not be anything to add onto it. To sometimes the best place to get the -- perspective. It's the -- local with the people that have covered the team not only this year but for years and years and years and every week on -- -- some local politics in time to spend time with people. That cover the team on a regular basis and Steve Pope met from the Boston Herald joints I was gonna call you -- -- -- Murphy Murphy has couple years -- right. Know your source you. Many -- -- -- -- -- and revenue and of course it's a -- of on I mean why would you that you listen -- over it during the last segment. Nice when you have yourself point 1973. And in that last six of the years all kind of the years all blend together and they all like in ads on. To the legendary you know what were talking about had been throughout the course this weekend it's fascinating to watch everybody nationally this week that again are. Except it isn't it amazing as what we began the show we were joking relax and I only joking earlier in the week that hero the Bruins and Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals. I'm sitting here Camden yards with a Red Sox have a demon half lead in the American League east following net calamities here in 2012. And what did the patriots possibly do this week to -- media headlines they went out and found the single biggest media star third string quarterback in the history of the planet. It seemed inconceivable that we get to Saturday and they would be celtics' story there will be compelling now only locally. But nationally but this has grown -- -- let me ask that you wrote -- to -- was the definitive piece on this Wednesday where -- stood. In which you use determined that a source gave you that really seemed like early in the week it. The odds were almost overwhelming. In favor of dot coming back -- years it still feel that way three days later. I don't think it's overwhelming really comes back anymore they'll. Doc has changed on this. Some of the things that are needed to be. You know -- passed these this is what he's gonna do what he wants to be. He's moved up those positions. And -- Celtics. Look. Every player. Gets put up on the auction block every summer every trade deadline by the Celtics and by any team. With an app for Bernie you'd you wanna see what's out there and Doc Rivers is now. You know they're not very -- -- or Gregg Popovich anymore does not you know have this you know huge SpinRite I want as they have so the rest my life. He's moved up and he has then you wanna see what he would what he inspection in the marketplace because he's -- out. But I think you're right on target with that -- look at this team and you know Doc Rivers coming to me it was the body language. Early on and the marchers you know what docket told a lot of the people but. Just watching him and listening to him and see them on the plane. And interacting with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce that last game the body language said a lot to me about. There was something -- going on that Doc Rivers didn't feel like you know one that -- peers might not be back but to. It just didn't feel like. It was Doc -- time to say hey I'm going to be back in the building. Yeah and protects you know those things were coming when he signed a five year. Contract extension and you knew. How old Paul Pierce was I mean you know. The president had to show -- to pick and I'm pretty sure Paul and Kevin as well. That he knew all those things that need to cure. You know if you're ninety years old you don't by any long playing record you know I mean it's. Eat it just doesn't. I got I don't know look I agree what you're saying. But it just seemed a little incongruous. Compared to you know what -- put forth witnesses you know which is believed that he. New rebuilding was coming and he wanted to do it and but -- -- I think you know every year I'm sure it's for you guides through -- -- I was the one year you kind of rethink things. And remember now in April 2010. -- was not here because we -- it's not heard of that time that he was telling people that this is good for him. And then the Celtics go on the playoff one make it to the NBA finals you know come within a game of -- winning at all. And all the sudden -- back in the next -- signing an extension and you know things change. You know. What he we all know -- He likes he likes a lot of different things. -- Some day if they slam or to book it'll probably be their -- be an entire chapter about the flight. Back from LA after game seven in 2010 because I believe now I will always believe. That the direction of the Celtics the last three years changed from the start that flight. To the end of that flight because it really was it it absolutely felt like the end that night and into the next day and I think it was in those six hours in the air at the moment really start to -- for what we saw. Over the last three years you've had your relationship among local media guys -- dating to me is second to none. So I'll ask you this is this. Suddenly now presenting itself as much as Celtics fans are clinging to -- right now. It is Danny is this going to be the best opportunity he has presented with now to have this extra asset in what now we're talking about almost like a player contract. Having Doc Rivers to rebuild on the -- Turk. What -- look at the Celtics the way they're constructed right now with. With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett still appears. You know quad play under contract for next year Kevin Garnett under contract next here. This team this bill. To win around that was -- try to went around those guys. You look at the contracts that we the team down you can pretty big money for Paul Pierce big money for Kevin Garnett. But it's also the -- -- Brandon bass and Courtney Lee and Jason Terry. We're making middle or money that adds up to serious dough and they are here only because it is. They -- of their -- complementary value to a team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on. And you know it's hard to. -- built with -- last summer they could have altered the course of the team but when you looked at it what the Celtics could get for. For salary cap space. And what was so what they can actually get on the market it didn't add up you you know what the -- that -- just try to. I hate this term -- blow it up at that point. You you you kind of were made it through. Team what would happen to you he had kept being on the roster to get guys like court -- and what this team with a lot the lot different by the end. At courtyard. At Roger on Rondo and Jared soldier better help the you know a couple of very -- pieces are great in -- -- or in those roles what do you -- to move over chair and do -- different job description. Then you know like -- under bit on play by play you had BP engineer. -- -- -- -- It was very good sound like this this is going to happen -- asked me let me ask you in so that that's that's make you DG you know. What would you do in this situation right now with this team. No one of the things they are and how they've changed on the Meehan then doctor -- could be in play here what would you do. Both personally do not want -- out what money -- wants to negotiate a contract that we got that we can we give you that. I would do exactly I think what could -- I believe I sort of know he is doing that. Talk about the GM's he's out there saying you know. What the good -- for this would be given for that absolutely. He's gonna explore this this corporate thing. You know if they want -- they want this guy. -- corporate what Doc Rivers we know that. The Celtics want stuff that the clippers have. The so we tried very hard to deadline to do a deal -- or. Eric Bledsoe -- Andre Jordan and any bill that girl wanted to -- the corporate work out. And there was never gonna happen. And it never got the point where yeah I will speak about you in this but it from the Celtics won and so you have here mutual interest. Why would definitely explore that -- -- would be any I would ask for the moon. And if you don't yet it's okay you come back next year and you know Paul Pierce and Kevin -- -- and if they. They bring Paul back in the last year and you know and with dirt but it's Doc Rivers is still here. You're not go you know losing -- -- early. Gut feeling. Gut -- Steve who is the coach of the Boston Celtics in October. 010. I'd I think Oprah clear I would say that the that it putting our -- the odds are still Doc Rivers because. Two to make the move that would satisfy. All parties here. Would require jumping through a lot of hoops. And although I think there's interest on all sides and there may be other teams to get involved as well. But. To satisfy all those interest. And then deal we're. Collective bargaining ramifications which are an -- -- headaches unto themselves. Would require a lot of not saying you're not desire to get something done but it'd be -- I think yards but still have to -- -- coming back here. Let's have Ross and Rachel -- take breaks on friends -- made for fun relationship television. If doc does come back the longer this has gone on this has become a strange couple weeks. Is all completely forgotten or is there any weirdness about this period of time that we're living through now. I think there's only weirdness speakers. Look dot stock opened the door to this on and on but denied that they they got eliminated in Saudi. Apartment quite like this a big deal looks like dude you mean it. And that's part I think will be a little strange. The other part is strange is that you know you you people say things and that's how you find stuff out and -- instead. I wanna be like. Like Gregg Popovich and and Jerry Sloan and I don't wanna you know I'm willing to go through rebuilding thing in like now -- -- have changed. So you know. I think that will be straight but I think it's Doc Rivers. Takes off. Now I think it's. There's -- Derek -- issues that people are gonna help with him you know -- here but Doc -- was -- sub 500 coach. Before the summer of 2007. And you I'm not saying he was a bad coach could -- heated up the talent to win. And I've always thought that was strange judging coaches. On their won loss record when they don't have the talent. -- get the w.s. But you know so he's immortal coach and all of sudden make that trade and his stature as a coach goes through the roof. Rightly so blind but now what is it difficult. You are you -- greener pastures. He you know we can all understand him wanting to do that. But everybody kind of got picked off that LeBron James when he eats it he I think that got a better chance to win someplace else. I'm gonna go -- So the fans reaction analyst Ray Allen last year it was a free -- and easiest and has three years left them. On the contrary to the burden that it will go -- to Obama and people going to be. Burning net Doc Rivers golf club vertically like that but. We can only hope now. Stable met the Boston Herald we wanna -- the first show because you -- guy and we hope to talk to throughout the course of the summer you're gonna get some times and down timer it. Yeah if -- could make this decision. But -- we find out the results speak earnestly contested dirt that they -- the options were under the playoffs. Now you're here. You know what he suggests it's just so selfish way -- -- national too pleased evil man of the Boston Errol thanks for spending the part of our first show with us that's sort of -- That is a stable now we talk to him and others that there that truly cover this team and we're not knock him listen we during the course of the year we have the national guys on all the time and we love Chris Broussard and we'd love Stephen A Smith but they have a lot of different things going on the don't have their finger on the pulse the same way that. You know people that car for the team on a regular basis and throughout the course of the year. And the summer will be you know talking to the people. That it actually deal.

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