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"Celtics Summer Cooler" with Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell - Hour 1

Jun 15, 2013|

In the first hour of the first show, Grande and Max get into the Doc Rivers saga and the future of the Celtics. They also talk with ESPN's Bill Simmons on his opinions of what Doc Rivers is thinking and take some phone calls from C's fans.

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43 days ago at TD garden the end of the Boston Celtics is it's funny I had heard that until just now but it turns out to be a pretty good kick off. And allow me if you will to tell you a little story about how 43 days later. We end up with a story of a play by play guy and his partner hosting a talk show about the Celtics. But the play by play guy is at Camden yards in Baltimore with the Red Sox in first place the Bruins about the play game two of the Stanley Cup finals and the patriots signing. The most talked about media centric third string quarterback in the history of the world and yet. Here we yard is the first edition of the celtics' summer cooler and Max there was it all of us and they sound. But states but who would do. There's an old Chinese proper. That Robert F Kennedy was used in the famous beach 9068 Simpsons become part lexicon it's been associated Japanese -- Mean you'll always -- interest in. The Boston Celtics times negating very very Tuesday. Over the last week and obviously it's rounds Doc Rivers it's around the future. And what we're gonna do over the next two hours and those news or follow on Twitter -- -- bill Simon's gonna make -- -- to two WE -- he's going to be the guest on the -- a little bit here. -- Steve open the Boston Herald Roberts he wrote. -- the seminal local -- we're going to be talking next two hours about the difference between. Local coverage and national coverage of the story like this and the AG which we live which is not only two times Max. You and I. Everybody else we all watch all the talking it's it's it's a world now Stephen -- Smith Steve Davis. And our guy Chris Broussard costly under pressure it has something new and -- six something new and fill time. And what that leads to an unprecedented arrow blockers. And a million different sites on the Internet we can read about celtics' future. Even if there is anything to people have to write something new every hour so we sort of know where we are witches it. We're in a holding pattern. And while everyone is waiting for something new release is what it is going to be new -- is your take on the entire situation because I was on assault and Ali. Yesterday before the game here in Baltimore last night the -- really haven't been on since all this system broken. In the last week so let's start with. -- take on the mindset. Of Doc Rivers today. Well I think Sean you and I talked about that before and one of the things that you know you talked about wouldn't you said that. When you talk to doctors before it happened was when the last game of the season. And you talk to doctor you said will argue coming back and nobody asked that about so well. It takes me a time you know those times Danny's not with the pressure me. And you know for the longest time you mean you really looked at it and we start thinking that you know this might be the last time. In the east of us look at the Paul -- that the body language and I don't think you and I don't know anything personally. -- what we do we can look at body language and we can look how the Celtics have operating here lately. And we can look at Paul Pierce when he came off the floor we can look at the embraced it Doc Rivers gave him -- looking Kevin Garnett it almost seemed like. These guys were resolve this say this is my last game here this is my our our last time together here in Boston. And it is a really strange that you hear. For the longest time Doc Rivers has said you know wait it takes real time any -- give me some time well he's giving it some time. And now. Yeah where there's smoke sometimes there's fire and one of the things we look at is. People keep talk about Doc Rivers the possibility him in the clippers one talked to him I think that is. Pretty much well known and known that's when those subjects -- south there's. There is an awful lot of smoke and the reality is Doc Rivers and made the decision or as an organization of its decision agreement it reached this fire could have been the smoke could put out fire could put out obviously it has opposite -- Things. Yet to be determined you made reference to it so let's all listen to and a little back story here and you guys know if you -- those derivatives -- we talk a lot schools awfully exactly what was going on. In my mind on that night it was may first at Madison Square Garden it was a good game five of the first round series with an X and you have to at some level and -- story -- We're doing this alive in the in the championship year of 08 and going to be throughout the course this summer reliving some great games. All of the 56 -- -- we just been through talk more wrong you have to make a decision at some point storyteller. You have to sort of gambled that everything we know about the NBA says what team -- down 31. And they are on the road. Generally speaking they lose that game and they lose the series so I hate in my mind percentage wise. Chances were more likely the Celtics were going to lose game five. And win so knowing that it could possibly be. The last hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of conversations. That walkers and I've had four games over the years. It was baffling to me. He's made reference to a did nobody. Had asked him about his future if you remember at the time. Everything was about Paul yours and a little bit about Kevin Garnett and Rondo and the injury coming back next year but nobody has talked about what now. As I thought it might beat has become the story which is doctor respect to returns -- that night in what I thought was going to be fine coaches show as it got towards the end it. I figured even though it is not necessarily the job the team broadcaster to ask this question nobody else that so I decide to go ahead. That's led coach we've been doing this for a lot of years and that's not a really extinct over the last couple days the inevitable stories about Paul. Kevin every year it's the same thing as the season gets towards the end about what's gonna happen in the future. But nobody really stuck to you two years ago Miami you said what you said you were staying that you knew I had time you don't for awhile. You're gonna -- you know right now if you're coaching next year. No I don't mean. You know most of time I don't. That case -- -- I just every year is the same thing for me. I just need to detox and you know that's what I'm gonna do. And I'm sure that's what those -- and there was well thought of this segment though not happening I mean and nasty because I'm glad the city's huge factor. All right that was stuck hers on May first I will also tell you does this you know -- Have my own relationship with dockers and a lot of people do we do text back and forth until retirement. You know we text about life sort of things like that I'm not going to. Ask him specific questions about that everybody else's in media is asking him that potentially taxing them today and said then maybe this'll all factory in August of the significance compact but. I did text him we -- back and forth the Tuesday docked next to me that he he would come back if he didn't have the radio show with me anymore. Before the game so maybe that hasn't been a while yeah -- -- you don't know you know maybe he was getting maybe not that's -- the final thing we can. -- get the -- them but I really thought. At that point. And again and in the Celtics win the game and thinking well let's find a sort of opened up that box not necessarily being the -- -- to. To do that in my role but the Celtics win eagle on the play for a couple more days and then lose game six obviously home but I just sort of had that feeling -- you go back to retrace this. I'm gonna get some of the sentiment that I'm certainly getting on Twitter which is. There is some growing sentiment I am sure we're gonna talk to guys later argument phone number of takes your calls later because some and we don't get to do is to talk to guys during during teams -- during the season as Conan that's the aggregate to do during. Celtics some cooler throughout course one hour. Somehow even though you're in Boston and Camden yards in Baltimore even now cents. Not such an -- enthusiasm will you get to do it you know YouTube you commence yeah -- studio when you get to do it you're just more man people people stop you. On the street. And on the subway and and it you know. And it marshals. And they won't stop you because you keep walking that's. Someplace that our ethic are their weight -- up the Pilates is so they don't stop view but they'd stop me. And if they have been stopping you know what they do is look we did it I think you would make trade because what -- -- -- -- tweet me is that you have been so reticent to join the rest of the world on Twitter. It's funny Doc Rivers that this year he was joined Twitter is an excellent pitcher to have them turn their baseball music download that I can hear -- back room. Every start I honestly don't always. I'm here at the I don't really well lately in this league owners. Are not last night effect with fireworks night. Couldn't really are really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sound byte with dockers a lot of this -- to do with what is ahead. For the Boston Celtics and these next two years ago while this compensation. And get you guys involved as well talk to Bill Simmons about shortly. Is that notion of wall. The first instinct is to hang on for dear life to Doc Rivers because he is the coach right now the players -- Californians you can make the argument. They'll Simmons had this discussion with podcasts yes they would Marc Stein and we will talk to at some point all of this -- -- different from the end. That the question is in this day and age in the NBA this is public open to all of you we can discuss later we get some phone calls. What is the celtics' primary asset right now is that Russia Rondo is at the contracts of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett or is Doc Rivers as the long term head coach here. Is that. Your best -- but what -- table right now. Is the question of what kind of team is this going to be for Doc Rivers to coast next year in what is the reticence in coming back that. A wanna traced back to a different conversation and you know this is I guess in some ways the beauty of doing these shows we can relive some of the stuff that goes by -- and think about it. It happens in February we going to Charlotte. Second back to back him -- that triple overtime game against -- the night before and it's just a game and and you move on from. The bobcats were in the midst of this two year stretch would have been as bad as any team in the history he would be -- double digit it is going to Rachel to yours -- just historically. Add in that particular conversation with Doc Rivers I asked him. About coaching a team like that because he had Ian when he first got -- not first year is 20042005. So it's it's walker back in the playoffs action in court and if you remember. In the first round of the playoffs -- 57. But the next two years were clearly that change on the fly and set -- For what ones to come and there was a lot of losing. And there were a lot of young players and knowing what was potentially in the future. For the Celtics on that night each facing a team that was entirely young players complete rebuilding situation I asked what I thought was a natural. Question to Doc Rivers about what meet the head. When you look at teams like the one your point tonight you think about the upside there is a coaching teams like you had your successive years ago when you see now or Parker to want to get better. Is that something that you is there something attractive about that the -- either miss or whatever you want to do again. No there's nothing attractive about I can do that but it is attractive when you watch her way in the you watch Al Jefferson plays and you're green didn't back in the league now and start to play. -- that's really nice but that there's a lot of news disparage or in the -- You're too old cranky applicants included America. That I thought was very telling -- -- you -- snow as well as doc is an extraordinary politician. And answering questions figuring out a way to sort of answer people's sides of acquire I mean he's brilliant and there there was simply. You know use that answer we're doing this is doc hasn't anything new to say obviously because he's not yet talking about what decision's going to be so we're looking for clues. Into a mindset and I remembered that specific answer to me -- That was a very telling moment in our conversations is -- with him about what was it. Pickett was in net and that frame. You think about soccer but she's been there with a related. You know when Orlando was really bad he was struggling. In got that team that they really -- really well eventually. Doc Rivers goes to that team growth in the tank out of his guitar. Comes here so he's seen deaths that word is teams that stroke and have been bad in the head and gave -- the Boston and the team was bad to the point. Were you were not. You were not thinking games at -- you'd -- we're doing that but you if you were -- equal -- now as well -- says. That's what not. This I don't think I shall go that well to buy out with that far to say that but -- if they want it ping pong balls and they want the opportunity to get him Duckett. Game remember Tim Duncan and this has been little things you think about what I feel is the biggest. I -- strip the what this team is the fact that they are steal the Boston Celtics. Doc Rivers that wall it is going to be New Coke. He has extraordinary I think he's one of the best in the business at you know deflect -- dealing with the media but -- the same time. To me this Sunni you do this the better off you going to be in the put my now he will be like this John. What Paul Pierce as being great unbelievable unbelievable player. But Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett now are almost like having to training wheels when you bite you eventually you've got to take off. If you if -- viewpoint today. Jeff Green -- overcome the stars that this team -- like to have to have the bigger effect and not have those crutches that legal. And they're good stretches. Or Paul Pierce and Garnett can't even Doc Rivers -- that. Let's put aside for a second the contractual situation that -- which I've found so amusing that people were just. And maybe it's wishful thinking from clipper fans or national people who want to -- some sort of snazzy move would Doc Rivers goes across country. Ignore the fact that he has non compete in his contract Doc Rivers who lives in -- to be coached even if he is -- down right now on designated detox. -- -- half a year a few months. That he cannot without the Celtics permission or working out some sort of compensation agreement -- cannot coach anywhere else for the next three years that's not what he wants even if you want a year to go to TV Doc Rivers -- coach. That is heart. And in his soul so even just putting that aside from let's say he was the freeagent. Let me pose it to you this way after going through the first two years let's remember that. Loyalty is beyond re air in our business in broadcasting sports in coaching among players is a rare commodity. But the Celtics stop with Doc Rivers win a lot of fans did want them to and we Doc Rivers had an eighteen game losing streak. In 2007 nobody ever in the front office to any age with gross like nobody's ever waver in their support in the public support of Doc Rivers and now is. That's pretty where. And the loyalty was returned when docs on long term contracts so let me. Float this to you first and will continue to discuss it. Does Doc Rivers all the Celtics. Staying through this and experts. And now. The reason -- give is the fact that. You and Ireland different pages with this. Contract so I don't -- -- -- go -- -- say and -- I and the high you are about contracts from Tucker time we've had people who have done some. Driving for us in the you know they kind of broken contract that you were very upset you're contracts are contracts that's the contract. What Doc Rivers has a contract but in the NBA contract to me contracts are meant to be broken eventually. And I think one that they should look at with Doc Rivers right now being here loyalty is one thing but to have a disgruntled employee. Somebody who would not wanna be here did that negativity that would count -- go along with it would take away probe the I guess the team work. That Doc Rivers and Danny -- enjoyed over the years. You can force people that come in and play. Dennis Johnson said it best my former teammate. Used to talk about Casey Joel's readiness from tablets. Get out and you know tablets we have to run them out with them and Dennis Johnson used to say. Casey you rugby as long as you want to educate -- has -- that you want to. And that is the way up -- about you know if you have contract you can bring some back but to bring somebody back and see Google to coach this team. How are they going to coach the team is point to be another Mather if in fact. They do not want to be here or have reservations. About be here. What it does to meet John is that he has -- tremendous leverage. The F Doc Rivers wants to go someplace else and that would be draft choices that would be you know. Money there will be a lot of opportunities for the Celtics will prove their team on the fly immediately. If Doc Rivers is in that mix AM if you go to speculate. Because we can do that if he goes to the clippers they have young assets that the Celtics would love to have. And that is our conversation will begin because as -- and in this now. In all the chaos and all the way earlier when he what's happening here. Does their -- an opportunity. For the -- to do what he wants to do this summary and do it on the fly we will talk about that. With Bill Simmons from ESPN as coming up next on the other sovereign take your calls literally talks steeple that from the Boston Herald and relive what the great games. From the new Big Three are. And rather enjoy this inaugural edition of the celtics' summer cooler here on WEEI Bill Simmons is next. So it always stuck with -- remember a very very well at twenty years ago David Letterman -- from NBC to CBS it was a very big deal. Overly kids citizen tired great HBO campy TV movie it was made about it. And he you have to decide -- your first guest is going to be his first guest is Bill Murray. It was very memorable parents and as a great tradition and history of broadcasting about having the first guest. On a brand new shelves so we had to go through very long list and carefully select our first draft pick -- first edition a Celtics were cooler says you Mac tools in Austin. Great premium -- Camden yards in Baltimore with a Red Sox most of these same stations will take on the Baltimore Orioles but later on in game three is working series. But our very first guest on celtics' summer cooler. Joining us from the NBA finals in San Antonio. Waking up yesterday in addition to all of his millions of responsibilities. And the magnitude of the icon he's become has to deal with the idea of Reading stories all -- Bill Simmons. It Vinny Del Negro. Could be the next coach of your Boston Celtics. The rock and graduate and it's going to be yet for panic and in tactics yet very excited for -- grab it back about -- -- I don't believe -- -- detonator that it's seems like they're just intentionally chances. Control me. Exactly I'm not exactly. I -- think. I -- think there's some real life to this this could stay with I would back in KG and I don't know if they can -- Pearson and yeah he's got about -- you can think -- And we'll -- you -- -- you have to give that he had injured. Number one pick. There's something that I mean that makes sense I don't -- he had major announcement that appropriate action and I am cook received signal there. I would now on -- pay check at eleven million dollars a year. Thank you think -- have value and I think but so excited -- -- at least getting to -- it back for her approach it doesn't want to be here anymore and the player that does a lot of these. But there -- US and other UN another good friend of ours Marc Stein on the podcast yesterday and you guys head several adjusting but it's one of them. Which I I really I was leaning towards his side of it which is this. What is the celtics' biggest asset right now is it Raj on Rondo going forward is that these contracts of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett approaching their end. Or is the idea of Doc Rivers in 2013 and beyond being your head coach. Is that your biggest asset he thought that it was -- Yeah I find it hard to believe that a coach is an asset you know I think coaches. And that doesn't operates Phil Jackson pat -- there are great coaches activity they're really good -- the last 45 years. But the bottom line -- -- -- -- Firm in 20052006. And 2007 an argument that you ought to play basket. You know I think our people forget their -- and other brain because he he was a really good coaching us so had a good -- linking with Michael Jordan. And then linking to Shaq and Kobe and then linking with Kobe -- on the injured back. And at some point he's -- I don't think it makes any sense to pay back rivers seven million dollars a year you're rebuilding. And -- -- -- yeah honestly I don't know if you can develop young players but the one thing we haven't really seen from them. You know -- this is a big issue for the Celtics in the mid 2000 bad trouble developing young players I think he. I think he slides coaching certain that the team. A veteran team. -- -- at CNET. Respect this sport respect hard work of that stuff like we know what type of teams say that you would succeed it. I don't think a rebuilding thing is good for MR for the. I said yesterday and they yeah I was waiting for Max I don't know what happened -- August and -- -- this they're listening who understand you understand the reasons I can't you know about this works we can't I can't see each other. Well Max I can't see each other so obviously when I was wondering if you just take a little CS from time to time you'll take a siesta but I concede. During team. Served on the board of the game is meant it directly into the back -- -- -- -- -- but wow they talk -- your. NASA's Kennedy -- coverage want to drop down we'll go -- about it. -- they sit back and -- that started that -- run. Are there any -- thank you weren't sure what that that actually that that was good. You know I was discovered just trying to affiliate here and and and that I don't know -- I think they'll win that you made him I guess I will have to at issue about that you said you can't develop. Doc Rivers hasn't developed young talent well Rondo was young talent. That Doc Rivers cultivated and kind of develop -- -- think that that will be the case. So I -- it and I think when you talk about teams that you have coaches. Obviously to me you do have to have talent. And talent is one thing that is there. What they now look at would do with this situation now if Doc Rivers is does not wanna be here I'm cattle and your sad about that. If he is kind of -- now. I think that Q that the way the contract structure Doc Rivers now heads I mean Danny Ainge now has some leverage. And he could go to the clippers and reform the team into a team of his -- And get some assets because right now the way -- draft picks or you're you're older basketball club you won't have to make some changes. And this might be that one Golden Nugget that you might be to make some changes with you immediately as swiftly. You know 88. I agree with you -- I investigative -- because. I've about run that you have played in his rookie season I didn't think he plays outside Buddy Guy yanked around -- exactly as you frustrated -- It was clear from from pre season and the guys were at the preceding games when -- it was a rookie that -- He had a talent that is lose lose. So that we hadn't seen neck deposition in a lot and then Boston there's something about him you could see it. You win the championship in Sweden and what I did not predicated. Look at the what do we had a great he would. And I hate to point out exactly. Health fair no fair outplayed Rondo during that pre season. It's a reality he did it now obviously very quickly there after we saw -- that was gonna rise much much better player. Blacks into higher molecular one of those in particular against the knicks. And rot that was just letting it happen here in the preceding game it was like we in the first two this season some well it was in the game I call my cat who is that guy. There was one game at a pre season it Telfair had to leave early because he was under questioning that -- -- your freedoms. Around. One of the adventurous -- Health care. Well people are hearing you talk and obviously Europe you know. We talk to you in many different ways -- many different hats that you winner but as a Celtics. -- it almost seems reading what you're saying and I think this is a growing sentiment as reality -- and sells a little bit that you would be. Encouraged by in favor. If there's an opportunity here this might be the best chance -- has to rebuild -- one fails. Yeah it you know -- -- I like back and think yeah it's something that I definitely. Over the years -- -- countered back as a -- he's gotten a lot better as the codes and you know I stand by that fact that I didn't think he would get out from oh -- -- because -- haven't. I think he got better as as he kept doing it -- the black vote and out -- today and that's been the type of -- that he had. Really moves that unsavory -- -- came in as the defensive assistant think about how over -- -- -- who has been assistant coach. For three years in Beijing news learned that the that the players ever. And he figured out -- -- really is and why -- that seen in I needed an unbelievable job as an act I felt like that that was in the bond you know. I think kind of became part of -- you know I -- and -- -- I thought he had some of the most insightful quote. And look at it any athlete other than may be that the Ortiz speech right after the opening day cards is heavily censored. That would rivers says. In that in a couple of press conferences who lose it really cash. Captured the -- to this city better than any athlete in coach anybody else and that from that standpoint. It makes me sad that you go to LA because I just thought it would be great represent -- city and -- and I am as a head LA I think he's pitching at it's it's it's the title and I love the relationship it is KG I would root for those guys for the clippers fan I would want them to succeed. I I have to agree on on that standpoint I think they're dockers to me is the ultimate coach especially when it comes to. Dealing with the media. He might not know who you are he might not know that the person he just spoke to us -- he makes everybody feel like. He is their best for him and you know you could column in time you want to. I love that about dot. I think the fact -- -- me and my friends have argued this point that if you the clippers you want the goal do you wanna lose a guy like Jordan and I'm like well. You tell me what Jordan really does well there you go. We can't lose him for Kevin Garnett get them back you view Garnett and you'd get an opportunity to me. They changed the culture of the Celtics to make it a lot more purely for Chris Paul come back. And to also to me to give them opportunity right now to advance in and it released who looked at. Possibly win the championship if Kevin Garnett does help. What Mackie is made it quite -- -- Cooper there in the mode right now patently secret spot what do we have to -- good -- to leverage could -- as. The rapids have cap space they could sign him on Blacksburg. Dallas' cap space and -- as fast as thirty but trap for the clippers. And you know I have a dollar of those games the last couple years. He gets really frustrated with it and enjoy it -- they're guys that they're at their best premiere well. They like it magnitude they love the lat city absolutely you want to win it say he's never played a cup -- -- -- -- it aren't the way it. And it is it telling them. Bring back and bring KGB YE -- reciprocate -- February. And yet the funding in the south of where we're we're. My blog entry by China's maybe you know make something happen to -- there's so screwed up as an organization. They need me -- this -- -- in your pocket including their search I think you engage in trade. Everything leaked it art. But you know I think that's the part to -- -- about back. It needs this so pick up one of the four I bet the organization in the league right you know -- its ownership breed GN. And get their data infrastructure. About that could be -- LA and the clippers -- -- that is that you -- disaster it really been the worst owner in the league. And they have nobody running it and you know. It looked good on paper but I hope back really really -- slaughter are about what kind of organization in -- if this past. So what happens to the Celtics if a coach with three years left on his contract Danny -- can't get the compensation -- he wants it doesn't work out with no -- -- decides to come back what is is Danny's play here is DePaul -- contract. And for awhile this would take you know sort of take the black -- off Danny Ainge told Doc Rivers thinks happened regarding the popular situation -- -- it was possible a couple of months ago. How does that play out if dot decides to come back and -- KG decides to come back. I'm an optimistic that the air I don't know yet it is there I think that those -- last game apparent. For the Celtics I think it's over and whether the corporate thing we're Saturn that that they -- forget about that yeah that's a lot of money at seven million a year. But he thought -- that kind of money over the last. You know thirty years -- -- and apple NBA career where you bank buying any case then of course now where. Think over the last thirteen years is not so probably the most desirable TV guy out there I think. We talk about it would be the best color guy and her -- he Vijay. It's steep -- it the best they do. And you know back to come back right now. And -- three to four million a year Justin TV about the after the money was naked from the southeast anyway. You that you guys now much she does play golf. -- -- live wherever it wants I think his last it is the senior high school. It could be living you know do you expect I don't think he's come back to the Celtics and and the catches. In his contract it says he can't go to that it would happen because it. I think -- -- fine with that you just DTV. We agree that get that Richard did because. Videos that you know ultimately it's the clippers really watch him. And that doesn't like back. But that could protect the pony up something the other factors lead so we can be created here in the and the corporate -- -- -- you just can't you can't pay Laker. Think Chris fault and then Eric but those -- their guards in the year so that betrayed him. And I I think the logical move would be just backers from but that is 114. Events of the farm you'd take them did not back and -- -- -- -- So so let me ask you this bills that you open net if if in fact you were able to give blood cell and you semblance so who's a point guard. What does that do with Rondo does -- make Rondo expendable I mean one -- have you worked with that. Well think again it was a big -- Richard genuine unseen and anyway it's been. Yeah -- I think elected but that you know it's like. If you said there. If you said that grandy. It's plasma TV and it can give it to you. I see -- I think that the battalion this that you get but -- chatted Spinner and because we know is I eat. If somebody had teams have been trying to trade for the last years I personally think he's a little overrated. He was somebody that. Would -- third guard. Any and you come in and reporting in this game going at some of these accepting that they could superstar. Recruit that hurt. And I think for like fifteen games last season and was elected to run the show he's a little overmatched. Think he's you report card is unbelievable actually I -- -- is I think he's going to bat for athletes in the apparently. There in the game. Earlier that her earlier in the regular season and he went against web part and as Brett -- like watching. I can't describe it it was like that so much respect for each other that led it to them that they almost have eased off it was like what -- too few heavyweight boxing team on a punch each other they're afraid of what would happen. That's the plan that we -- is. I would here's the thing about trading. -- if I can get a hundred cents on the dollar for a I just don't think big big to do that -- the injury and and just questions about. He's -- to be 100% exceed. I had to TVs they know what Stephen A Smith all the time on all the different it's that he goes -- obviously at the same time alright so give media as as the wind is down. Give me what you would want. You're Danny -- right now and this thing is going to happen. What do you think you can get what makes you happy for selfish perspective in this clip mercenary. I'm -- -- -- and the securities and I don't like big guys who can't -- preterm. It's not -- hard worker and needed knucklehead. I don't think he's that means stated that credit is that he's kind of a group blog archive. I think he's worth of fire free year of big guy is -- -- that's fantastic. I've -- back is bad dreadful but it is not Brady they're bad for her. You know it only has two years -- He -- eleven. Hope and with more minutes he kind of -- -- something and then I would try -- shot -- so like Orlando is supposedly there is rumors about. Arron Afflalo for. What fresh air while -- Bledsoe but there's -- car checked the big room where Paul Millsap was big -- I think that you get somebody has that prepared flout. I'll note that caliber and may be -- Courtney Lee's contract. In an idea to make it work that and I think if they trade for Bledsoe attending -- You can put in the Internet -- so I think that's how that plays out the hard part behind I don't think he's during the party's pocket. An adult he outward -- there's no big idea that it is accurate to -- -- make much money I think they keep here's. It was in the February. -- expiring contracts can be very viable to go -- right you're Santonio audio like markets. I think this series is over again at Rockford few months. But I -- -- and that they're chanting in game four it was like connections I think I had lunch acted -- Baghdad in -- And and that packed the park is that a 100% I think -- -- If you if you Parker the accident that series. And they do it one game four and I think they would like this series but bad that was just the worst timing for an injury in that. That want to ask you before you get out here this question that I let that. Was up well Gregg Popovich who was a great coach -- thought he missed a golden opportunity. And the opportunity of me was when LeBron James took the three point shot. Knocked it down with less than a minute ago of calling time out and saying look he's Gaza trying to embarrass us right now. And really rally in the -- that it happened to me in 1973. Philadelphia seventy sixes we -- we were up by 25. About a minute ago we put in Charles. Brantley at that time we run a play. Hand for -- UP dunks it and Billy Cunningham comes off calls a time out. And now choose on day here about how we tried him bears some I thought that was us a golden opportunity -- grip problem. Police say 1982 -- ninety eaten their yet each assembly rounds I was doing something else. Yeah I know I didn't like began Popovich -- I I don't understand. Putting the ally and waited just beginning in the second half was such an insult. And made as you might be -- -- is one of the Pratt is currently I really think he said that -- And I think when when they -- that is bad news -- like. Wow really really yeah I really don't think I'm. And then any ticketed for Medicare. I'd like bad enough. And that I I didn't I -- he received to date is that the mob on that create it be and -- because there's -- pretty higher fourth quarter. And they were pouring it and yeah maybe you didn't make you work it but right now maybe that's pretty -- He's saying these etc. and -- the -- -- better -- But I don't it gonna matter and partners. Speaking of Mets have to talk to be too upset about Doris Burke Greg Popovich and once thought I was going to be around horses you know she's -- she's approach the annals of -- Yet the irony is Popovich and definitely BI and the NBA history Russia like I -- see area. Absolutely. Correct in there and they weren't ready for the -- from -- mentally electorate fairly sharp sort of -- at the end is up for and they. And we've been argument -- usually I played I was awarded first asked doc about his future at -- in the final game five of the series. There was Richard die each article in Sports Illustrated talking about you come back that show actually you having fun you can come back mixture. Don't out pay it to work and practice we'll see it's a lot of time and and I got to last that -- and you know it it depends on how they feel that Fisher island and and let there. Yeah. -- -- Now it is believed it and let it do I LE. Spending. -- -- -- -- And and what the best way to do that and and put I'd probably be up -- much a little too much more accurate I can't figure that a. Well believe me allow this to say the same thing is probably appropriate times they happy Father's Day to you -- that's what it's all about new -- trying to balance on the the bill as thanks for a and I was on her very first show you know would expand we are and we've watched from the beginning he becomes. Giant media activities are you still the most powerful -- -- -- -- gradually jumping the that was the inmates have the most powerful. Did their seizure a lot of us were gonna get jackets made for you. It's it -- because it's really get -- receptive accurate an act of nineteen that deteriorated without hope that this is pumping up the sixers. It's really it really press four years in fact as they say it's just haven't doing games of the twelve years -- feels like it's institute. -- -- -- -- So that they are -- Syria's. State Baylor we irrigate your black cat in LA -- -- because they were randomly so the NBA game. And you know -- in my mind is clear channel airs -- great but he -- there I was I was immediately get to label week watched. Our own team that just picked the been accurate content a lot of as -- near LA like you'll be stuck with yet it seems and a there's. Perhaps these games for the Celtics road games that I wanna get the play -- just pick whatever announces their lockers sporting that I don't. People are people would still pick to once again like just that you go on Twitter batches. So -- -- I didn't think that exactly uses uses a phone bill we know you're busy and I got a million things going on in 95 won't be watching tomorrow night thanks for us. I regret -- expected. Bill Simmons the inevitable the sports guy. The media icon in the L series is he's become we will watch -- -- -- different fifteen years. Is he has become this guy with Graham and ESPN BBC it. The BS report number one download podcast that he sees those and he was enough. Which of his perspective it's been relief on the watches his popularity it is absolutely the darkness. Our longest segment we're still working things out here we're gonna talk to you a little bit -- -- steeple that for the Boston Herald if you missed it used to already going like well it was awesome -- I missed it. We're gonna run for you again right before the Red Sox pre game show right after the top of the hour at 3 o'clock people got to know a lot more coming your calls. Coming next and remove it or second hour of our inaugural celtics' summer cold -- WE yeah. Red Sox baseball coming up here from Baltimore Red Sox the Orioles play game three of this four game weekend series for a slightly down a -- half the American League east but. You have found the inaugural edition of the celtics' summer cooler relevant along with Bill Simmons were to talk to Steve Pope -- for the Boston Herald wrote another. Part of the best local peace on the darker situation coming up in a little while but -- and take your calls reduce a lot next hour. At 6177797937617. 7797937. The AT&T -- line is open at 3793737937. -- even having given what you've been tweeting me. During the show it does Sean O'Grady PPP. Throughout the course of the show we're going to be incorporating these obviously you guys know we're talking the school again we're sort of figuring this out on the fly the weights were gonna meet its active summer and the general dynamics -- in the same place the same time but it was minister do you. Every Saturday afternoon and a Max and I is my understanding we have we have our first guest Bill Simmons and -- you have our first inaugural caller standing. I have food that. Well I think what you have to do because I'm in Baltimore you policy you have to be -- be that -- I OK let me punch a button here and yes if you -- it was exciting. The dog collar -- -- -- -- -- there aren't great show boat greater -- were -- Proceeds got to tell our -- and I would -- it is -- intelligent. Mike and I and I thought -- it might or might in the car was not on the board shot. These little this little -- -- that's comments phone numbers Mike's name was not appear. That's the whole point that's -- local jobs to put them might in a car so he -- it's definitely there are so. I was only get between sarcasm I was only twenty years ago Michael Ortiz but it did the other night. The problem no problem Matt Mitchell downed Charlotte one for your regard -- -- I am out of the park about a possible upgrade constructing got a great job talking about with the demands about Doc Rivers situation. I agree with with them and I don't think back coming back. And I and I don't blame him for coming back and I agree with what cements that he got better as the coach. After they they made the team more better and I'm not that he wasn't a bad coach early but as Simmons has written about yet it deep rotation. And I understood why can get a lot of players but. I honestly don't think that -- they'll think you should hold onto rivers and there's a way I would look at is like in describes. You've got docket and -- that and you give you get to the clippers and you get back which you can and it you have to include KP entry. You include KG trade there was 10 wait you forgot that that that theoretically -- that -- -- end up in LA. -- think it did did good declined the option let me create -- payment five point six billion. And then die and then you can take the mid level exception from the from clippers get five million from that he'd be making ten point six. Instead of the sixteen point eight and they can have the West Coast Celtics out there -- -- -- could hold onto that -- state that they would take the hit on. And then this I would bottom out this year I would let I would let Rajon Rondo he'll love this strap has been incredible talent nick you're coming in and Andrew -- And the only way the Celtics are going to be consistent contender. Is to get a superstar potential. So I would let I would let's say I would let Rondo heal up like doubles -- would -- and give the key to Bledsoe if you got him. In trade -- with Garnett going out west. You you let Jeff Green and you'll let. Bledsoe knew that the -- just play out EU developed that -- You see what you got yeah yeah yeah back and yeah I don't wanna be the Milwaukee Bucks can be ebony the I'd rather bottom out one year. There's been incredible talent coming into college basketball looks weird is here -- he probably -- that a little bit more. You try to get wigand's and then you you come back in two years with Rondo wigand's green. And -- -- he got I just don't see any need. To try to become a contender -- you can you're not gonna be a contender -- and Rondo and as pro additional you'll let you let Rondo get healthy. You don't want him coming back factored -- the -- -- the takes about. Eighteen months to get all year quickness back from any CO. When he I think. -- -- well let me ask you but that they eighteen months because with walker did -- did he do it. In the comeback -- it -- dark -- him I mean Derrick Rose Derrick Rose decided that he didn't welcome back everybody is that he was helped. I here's a point I agree with you on. I don't like the fact that you would be a number seven or number eight seed every year -- just. Make the playoffs and that that point is is the biggest point the biggest point is affected the Boston Celtics. Are built on winning championships. So to make the play goals. Year after year be in the middle not happy in the any regard for giving it to the finals will win the championship to me makes allow opposites doctrine prince's band has been a tremendous coach here. What they now will have to disagree with it. But the fact I think he has been a very good coach he with a bad team and we -- bad team Johns -- always poised to score differential. Evil with that team be a bad those last couple years they were always kind at least in the -- they've they've lost games by like five points. Bad coaches would lose games by 20/20 drop points every night so I think Doc Rivers was a good mobile -- a good coach even -- bad team. And I lost eight. In Austin and Iran you're obviously in the you know had done those games were -- competitive analysis Mike -- at polite is still there. I ask you one question. Yes or no because you or your fax -- -- Your speeches write your sentiment is right are you okay for the next year to. Watching this team if it went this way losing a lot of games you still gonna come to the game seven I think it's ago watching TV as -- analysts not us. I I have a loving being -- tickets I would they'll show up in indistinct just to watch the opponents I mean. You have to be support your team to bottom out. That's the problem with the NBA unless you have the horses you can't win championships and I think in most hard court helped expand. Understand. You have -- -- now to get better you're not gonna you're not gonna build a rock there are around and look at the Denver nugget. They had all these great role player did a great speed and they're good team but when it came to the post -- in what happened. They -- -- that's been curry and Klay Thompson let more potential and end up taking it losing one home game and boom you're -- I would read our I would support the team and I understand if they got a week into the got beat in an incredible athletes that are coming up. But right but you know here is a one point you make -- and I love this point but again you're talking about. The same thing that happened when the Celtics -- tried to get Tim Duncan. I mean you you talk about what they eventually got so you also have to put the fact that you gonna have to be lucky in the draft. Even beat in the point of getting -- guy like we -- right. Yet you -- course and you gotta be -- these are things you create these scenarios like everybody did in 2007. Now we know what happened and you Spaniards are your thinking about Oden Durant and innuendo. With the fifth pick in the draft it's easy to sit here and say. That you be supportive through a difficult stretch but it's very tough we've seen with the Red Sox in a little bit. With the patriots when you have big competing for a championship and you come back down to first. Reentry is the most difficult part of the mission we are moving on our number two or Celtics summer -- -- -- from The Herald join us if you miss Bill Simmons earlier real run up for a little bit later on leading. To a Red Sox baseball sob got the best of both worlds not only my gonna gets talked to Max and to all of you guys for the next hour about Celtics and these Doc Rivers possibilities I get to do it. Watching Jenny deal on the field at Camden yards hour -- -- next.

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