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Bill Simmons, ESPN, Joins Grande and Max on the Inaugural Edition of "Celtics Summer Cooler"

Jun 15, 2013|

The popular and entertaining Bill Simmons joins Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell as the very first guest of the "Celtics Summer Cooler". Bill gives the guys his opinion on future of the Doc Rivers and the future of the C's. As a Clipper season-ticket holder, Bill is able to give us a first-hand account on his opinions of Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan. Bill feels Doc is definitely done with the Celtics, and may be done with coaching for quite some time.

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So it always stuck with me I remember a very very well at twenty years ago David Letterman jumped from NBC to CBS it was a very big deal. Google -- citizen tired great HBO campy TV movie it was made about it. And he you have to decide -- your first guest is going to be his first guest is Bill Murray. It was very memorable appearance and is a great tradition and history of broadcasting about. Having the first guest on a brand new shelves so we had to go through very long list and carefully select our first draft pick -- first edition of Celtics were cooler says Mac tools in Austin. Grade premium -- Camden yards in Baltimore with a Red Sox most of these same stations will take on the radio Baltimore Orioles -- later on in game three this four game series. But our very first guest on celtics' summer cooler. Joining us from the NBA finals in San Antonio. Waking up yesterday in addition to all of his millions of responsibilities. And the magnitude of the icon he's become has to deal with the idea of Reading stories all -- Bill Simmons. It Vinny Del Negro. Could be the next coach of your Boston Celtics. We're about to graduate -- the idea for panic and the and the tanks yet very excited for a fair -- back about. I don't believe that the need a bigger -- it seems like they're just intentionally chances. Control me. Exactly I'm not exactly. I didn't think. I didn't think there's some real life to this this could stay with would back in KG and I don't know if they can squeezed Pearson and you know he's got about -- you can -- And we'll treat you KG but you have to -- that he had injured. Number one pick. There's something that I mean that makes sense I don't love the endangered and spent the last appropriate action and I am cook received signal there. I would now wanna pay that -- of nine dollars a year. Thank you think you have ideas that the but so it's union at least getting to add it back where a coach that doesn't want to be here anymore and the -- -- the -- But there -- US and other EU and a really good friend of ours Marc Stein on the podcast yesterday you guys head several adjusting but it's one of them. Which I I really I was leaning towards his side of it which is this. What is the celtics' biggest asset right now is it Raj on Rondo going forward is that these contracts of Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett approaching their end. Or is the idea of Doc Rivers in 2013 and beyond being your head coach. Is that your biggest asset he thought that it was judo. Yeah I I find -- hard -- believe that a -- is an -- you know I think coaches. And -- who operates Phil Jackson and pat -- there are great coaches -- -- there really is that the last 45 years. But the bottom line you -- talent. That Jackson. Firm in 20052006. And 2007 and any particular player out there. You know at at the -- people forget they're subject to another as rain because he he was a really good coaching us so -- -- -- -- linking with Michael Jordan. And then linking the Shaq and Kobe and then linking with Kobe -- on the -- back. And at some point he's -- I don't think it makes any sense to pay back rivers seven million dollars a year you're rebuilding. An end to the other -- I don't know if you can develop young players but the one thing we haven't really seen from. You know -- this is a big issue for the Celtics in the mid 2000 bad trouble developing young players I think he. I think he lives coaching certain that the team. A veteran team. Looking at CNET. Respect this sport respect hard work of -- stuff like we know what types of teams say that you would succeed it. I don't think a rebuilding thing is good for -- for the up. I said yesterday and they yeah I was waiting for Max I don't know what happened -- -- isn't an -- they're listening who understand you understand the reasons how can you know about this works we can't I can't see each other. Well Max I can't see each other so obviously when I was wondering if you just take a little CS from time to time you'll take a siesta but I concede. During team. Served on the board about the games -- it directly into the back -- -- used to record but wow they acted as a that's not a -- depth coverage want to drop down on -- on such a he -- they sit back there that don't have that we run. -- -- does any of it goes like his pregame literature. What that meant that Mac that that was good. You know I was just coming just trying to affiliate here and and and that I don't know but I think that one thing you've made him I guess I will have to at issue about that you said you can't develop. Doc Rivers hasn't developed young talent well. Rondo was young talent. That Doc Rivers cultivated and kind of develop -- -- think that that would be the case. So I -- -- and I think when you talk about teams that you have coaches. Obviously to me you do have to have talent. And talent is one thing that is there one thing I'll look at would do with this situation now if Doc Rivers. Is does not wanna be here I'm cattle in your sad about that. If he has kind of -- now. I think that you that the way to contract -- structure Doc Rivers now head I mean Danny Ainge now has some leverage. And he can go to the clippers and reform the team into a team of his liking. And get some assets -- right now the way you draft picks or you're you're older basketball club you won't have to make some changes. And this might be that one Golden Nugget that you might be to make some changes with immediately and swiftly. You know 88. I agree with you I get to gain the about Iran have because. I've not run -- -- played in his rookie season I don't think he plays outside Buddy Guy yanked around at exactly as you frustrated let them. It was clear from from pre season. And the guys were at the preceding games when -- it was a rookie that had he had a talent debt is lose lose. So that we hadn't seen neck deposition in a lot and then Boston there's something about him you could see it you went Japanese people. We didn't. Like it -- predicated. Certainly had a great game. I hate to point out exactly health fair no fair outplayed Rondo during that receives. It's a reality he did it now obviously very put the they're after we saw -- was gonna rise much much better. -- black seemed to Arab relax and one of those in particular against the knicks. And rot that was just letting it happen here at the preceding game it was like we in the first two seasons and well it was in the game I call my cat who is that guy. There was one game at a freezes and Telfair had to leave early because he was under questioning that it's your freedoms that -- In the adventurous Sebastien. Health care while people are here you talk and obviously -- you know. We talk to you in many different ways on many different hats that you winner but as a Celtics. Fans it almost seems reading what you're saying and I think this is a growing sentiment as reality -- and -- a little bit that you would be. Encouraged by in favor. If there's an opportunity here this might be the best chance team he has to rebuild at one fails. Yeah hey you know without -- I'd like back and think yeah it's something that I definitely. Over the years it has countered back -- the -- he's gotten a lot better as the codes and you know I stand by that fact that I didn't think he would get -- from. Six. I think he got better as as he kept doing it you know the black vote and out -- saying and that's been the pick the team that he had. Really -- an unsavory has hit came and it has been sent for the fist then think about how over qualified to be the coolest dude it's been coached. For three years in KG and learn best defensive player ever. And he figured out -- -- really is and why would that scene and as I needed an unbelievable job. Act I've like it's the -- -- you know. I think kind of became part of -- you know I hadn't and chapters in. I he had some of the most insightful quote. And look at it any athlete other than maybe that the Ortiz speech right after the opening day -- is certainly separate. That would rivers says. In in a couple of press conferences who lose it really captured the -- this city. Better than any athlete any coach anybody else and that from that standpoint. It makes me sad that you go to LA because I just thought it would be great represent -- -- that and I and then they had LA I think is situated to -- chase that title and I love that relationship it is KG I would root for those guys for the clippers fan I would want them to succeed. I I have to agree on on that standpoint I think their dockers to me is the ultimate coach especially when it comes to. Dealing with the media. He might not know who you are he might not know that the person he just spoke to us but he makes everybody feel like. He is their best for him and you know you could column in time you want to. I loved that about dot. I think effective -- and my friends have argued this point that if you the clippers you want the goal do you wanna lose a guy like Jordan and I'm like -- You tell me what Jordan really does well there you go. We can't lose him for Kevin Garnett get them back you -- Garnett and you'd get an opportunity to me. They changed the culture of the Celtics to make it a lot more purely for Chris Paul come back. And to also to me to give them opportunity right now to advance in an -- looked at. Possibly win the chairmanship if Kevin Garnett does help. What -- is made these people anchor spot. Cooper there in the mode right now patently -- -- off what do we have to do create -- leverage could buy as. The racquets at cap space they could sign him on Blacksburg. Dallas' aspects -- as cap space so he's not trap for the clippers. And you know I I was gonna look at the last couple years. He gets really frustrated with -- -- -- So they're guys that they're at their best premiere club. They like it magnitude they love the lat city they absolutely want the win is say he's never played a cup -- I don't let it aren't the way it. And it is it telling them. Bring back and bring KGB YU reciprocate -- February. And yet the funding in the south of where we're we're. My of intrigue by China's Ito may have been happen to -- there's so screwed up as an organization. In Italy did its focus in your pocket and -- -- -- I think you engage in trade. Everything leaked it art. But yeah I think that's the part to -- in about back. It it there's some pick up one of the four -- best organizations in the league right you know -- friendship -- -- And get their data infrastructure. About that could be done LA and the clippers -- site that is that you that aren't disaster it really has been the worst owner in the league. And they have nobody running it and and you know. It looked good out paperback held back really really thinks long and hard about what kind of organization and god knows if this past. So what happens to the Celtics if a coach with three years left on his contract -- -- -- can't get the compensation that he wants it doesn't work talent you know like. Doctor decides to come back what is is Danny's -- here is the Paul Pierce contract. And for a while this would take you know sort of take the black hat off Danny -- -- the -- Doc Rivers thinks happened regarding the popular situation which -- -- it was possible a couple months ago. How does that play out if dot decides to come back and if KG decides to come back. I'm an understatement there I don't know yet it is there I think that goes his last game apparent. For the Celtics I think it's over and whether this corporate thing where Saturn that that they -- forget about that yet that's a lot of money at seven million a year. But he's got some made it's kind of money over the last. You know thirty years sit back and apple NBA career where -- backed -- any case -- -- -- now where. They pore over the last thirteen years is not so probably the most desirable TV guy out there and they. We packet that it would be the best color guy hurt -- he Vijay. It's steel curtain. The best to. And you know back and come back right now. And -- three to four million a year existing TV about the after the money was -- from the southeast anyway. You that you guys now -- she does play cop. -- can live Everett wants I think his last it is this senior high school. It could be with you know abuse that I don't think he's come back to the Celtics and and the catches. In his contract it says he can't go to that it would happen because it. I think if I would bet you just -- TV. We agree that did that Richard bit because. Videos that you know ultimately it's the clippers really want him. And that doesn't like back. But that could protect the pony up something the other factors led in -- created a year in the and the corporate -- -- you just can't you can't pay -- Thinkers. And then -- but those are -- guards in the year so they had to trade him. And I I think the logical move would be just backers from but there is 114. Events of the farm you'd take them did not bat and that's it was. So so let me ask you this bills that you open net if if compact Buick maybe give blood so and you semblance so who -- point guard. What does that do with Rondo does it make Rondo expendable for me one -- have you worked with back. Well think again it was big game Richard genuine unseen and anyway is -- Yeah and there's I think elected but that you know it's like. If you. If you said the grandy. That plasma TV and it can give it to you. He added he didn't engage. They would just take it you can ballot. I think that the battalion that you get but and in -- it's -- and because we know is I eat. If somebody had teams have been tragic for for the last years I personally think he's little overrated. He was somebody that. Would -- third guard. Any and you come -- in reporting this game going at some of these accepting that -- of superstar. Recruit that hurt. And I think for like fifteen games last season and what -- expect to run the show -- a little overmatched. Think he's pure Parker -- unbelievable actually I would say like he is I think is one of the best for athletes in the apparently. There in the game. Earlier that her earlier in the regular season he went against what part. And it is Brett Andrews like watching. I can -- describe it it was like that so much respect for each other that led it to them that they almost have eased off there was neglected to two heavyweight boxing team on a punch each other they're afraid of what would happen. Bet it's an athlete he is. I would seriously think about trading. Rondo if I can get a hundred cents in the dollar for a I just don't think big big to do that was to -- injury in and just questions about. These he would be under protest exceed. I had to TV's I know what Stephen A Smith all the time on all the different -- and he goes -- obviously at the same time all right so give media as as the wind is down. Give me what you would want. You're Danny -- right now and this thing is going to happen. What do you think you can get what makes you happy for selfish perspective in this clip senator. And that -- giant -- -- and I don't like big guys who can you prepare. To -- -- hard worker at either knucklehead. I don't think -- that means stated that credit is that he's kind of a group -- a quiet. I think he's worth of fire -- year -- big guy is Patrick batted about fantastic. I -- -- packet that dreadful but it is that Brady is bad for her. You know it's only has two years -- He -- eleven. Hope that was more minutes he kind of matures it's something and then I would check this out what it felt like Orlando is supposedly there is brokers that. Arron Afflalo of her. Worked for error while upper Bledsoe but there's expect I expect the big rumor Paul Millsap was determined like. I think that you get somebody in there and while. I'll note that caliber may be -- Courtney Lee's contract. In -- the other make it work and I think it's a trade for Bledsoe attending this year has. You can put him in Internet. I think that other plays out the only part beyond at a busy during the party's Parker. I don't -- outward smoothly there's no big idea that it's -- -- he just make much money I think they keep their. It was in February. -- expiring contracts can be very valuable to go longer right you're Santonio audio like tomorrow gives out. I think this series is over again at Rockford in my. But I thought Antonio message dancing in game four it was like connections I think I had lunch acted against Baghdad ago. And and the fact that park is not a 100% I think is is secure. If you if you hit Parker the -- that the series. And they do it one game four and I think they would like this series but bad that was just the worst timing for an injury in that. -- out -- I want to ask you before you get out here this question that I let that. Was up well Gregg Popovich who was a great coach -- missed a golden opportunity. And the opportunity of me was when LeBron James took the three point shot. Knocked it down with less than a minute ago of calling time out and saying look he's Gaza trying to embarrass us right now. And really rallying the troops that it happened to me in 1973. Philadelphia seventy sixes we ran we were up by 25. About a minute ago we put in Charles. Brantley at that time we've run a play. Hand for -- UP dunks it and Billy Cunningham comes off calls a time out. And now choose on day here about how we try to embarrass them I thought that was us a golden opportunity -- -- property. Prepaid 1982 right ninety eaten it there -- -- -- assembly rounds I was doing something else. Yeah I know I didn't like began Popovich -- I I don't understand. Putting the ally and waited -- -- in the second half was such an insult. And -- as you'd like Pierre phase one of the parents apparently I really think he does that person. And I think when when they did that is bad news is like. Well really really yeah I really don't think I'm -- -- OK and then any ticketed for Medicare. I'd like -- -- And that I I didn't I thought he was too late to get the mob on the aggregate it he had -- -- -- there isn't pretty higher fourth quarter. And they were pouring it and yeah maybe you didn't make work that -- right now maybe that's pretty sanity that he's saying these guys that are running out before -- Federer bear is. But added to the matter and -- Speaking of -- have to talk to be upset about Doris Burke Greg Popovich and one thought I was going to be around horses you know she's -- she's approached the annals of fund. Yet the irony is optimism definitely be an NBA history Russia like I can't -- area. Absolutely. Correct in very -- where residents can remember the electorate fairly sharp sort of party at the end is up for and they. Hey we've been argument -- decision I've played I was awarded first asked doc about his future at -- in the final game five of the series. There was rich indict article in Sports Illustrated talking about you come back that show actually you having fun you can come back mr. I don't know pay it to work in progress we'll see it's a lot of time. And and I -- -- that Conan and you know -- -- it depends on how they feel about this show and and and let there. Yeah. I had a notes. Now it is believed it and that's good -- I LE. Standing have a sense and and what the best way to do that and and put -- Probably be up -- much a little too much more connected to right now I can't figure that out. Well believe me a lot of -- this -- same thing it probably appropriate times say happy Father's Day you can that's what it's all about new -- trying to balance on the the bill as thanks for. And I was on her very first show you know what -- we are and we've watched from the beginning it becomes. Giant media activities are you still the most powerful problem gradually jumping the that was the inmates have the most powerful. Did their T shirt a lot of us were gonna -- jackets made four units at. Maybe because -- -- get -- receptive accurate an act of 1973. Earlier without both of us pumping up the sixers. It's really it really precedent -- near the -- and they say it's just haven't doing gains of twelve years of feels like it's like to hit. -- -- -- -- So -- bill to -- it Syria's. State Hayward re litigate your black cat in LA ambulance squad because -- were randomly so the NBA game. And you know they've been my -- weird channel -- this great city yet there I was I was immediately get to label we can watch. Aren't -- to just -- be paid actors because it allowed the president yeah -- like you'll be stuck with yet it seems adapters. Perhaps these games for the Celtics were games that I wanna get the play -- just pick whatever it out to their -- sporting event like it. People are what people would still pick the once again like to salute you go on Twitter bachelors. So that it hadn't figured out exactly uses uses elephant bill we know you're busy and I got a million things going on in 95 won't be watching tomorrow -- actually -- I regret this year expecting. Bill Simmons the inevitable the sports guy. The media icon and they else there's disease become we will watch that -- -- different fifteen years. Is he has become this guy with Graham and ESPN BBC it. The BS report number one downloaded podcast that he sees those and he was enough. Which of his perspective it's been relief on the watches his popularity -- go absolutely darkness as the our longest segment we're still working things out here we're gonna talk to you a little bit next still to come steeple that for the Boston Herald if you missed it you just are already going like well it was Bill Simmons I missed it. We're gonna run before you again right for the Red Sox pregame show right after the top of the hour at 3 o'clock apple got -- a lot more -- your calls. Odd coming next and remove it or second hour of our inaugural celtics' summer cold -- WE yeah.

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