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Must-win game for the Bruins on Saturday night? No, but a win would help.

Jun 14, 2013|

We discuss Bruins as they head into game two of the Stanley Cup final against the Blackhawks. It's not a must-win game, because they've overcome larger deficits in the past, but if the Bruins don't want to fall deep into a hole against Chicago, this one would be nice to have. Plus Nathan Horton discussion... who replaces him if he doesn't play.

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So game two tomorrow night to the Bruins have to win. I won't use the phrase full on must win because. The problem that must win is what happens when you lose what you have to quit at that point right I mean like if it's not elimination game and you lose. You said it was a must win or what that it's impossible at that point. -- -- up from an objective standpoint any players always favorite player to be down three zip. In a series. You know it being game for. Down four goals with four minutes to play in a still say we can win this -- players are different on is talking about if you're an objective. Observer you're looking at Bruins Blackhawks do you think game two is a must when I don't. And you know the Bruins. I think they will win the game but if they don't win this game. We've seen many examples not just the Boston examples of -- which in many examples of being -- -- two and a series coming back Cuban game three at home. Two different body be tied up very quick he died a very quickly. Part 22 going back to Chicago -- When no I want they must -- -- I think must airman must winners but I'm gonna come along winners must went -- there come a lot closer to do it -- -- well because I I think I roll. A lot of my reasoning for why about the Bruins could beat the Blackhawks had to do with momentum and I don't not specific but because they were hot. Because they were playing great hockey because they were the team that -- had risen from the dead and was unstoppable the way they were playing against Pittsburgh really against New York as well. They were an unstoppable force that was on fire. Losing two games in a row changes that -- granted they've come back from apple for I'm I'm not. There are teams capable of coming back from 20 especially when you lose those two on the road to start a series but we know the Blackhawks are good squad. Right we know they're not a push over we know they're not a joke we know they're probably not in a -- In an enemy territory the way Vancouver did a couple of years ago they've got cup winners on this team they've got guys who won a cup just a few years ago just as the Bruins did they're not gonna be spurred when they come into the Boston garden and it's allowed. -- Crawford's optimists are complaining that nobody's pop in his hires or get worried because the garden crowd is getting on to -- I don't know. They get to worry factor for the garden crowded just think it's playing well at home and in the Chicago Blackhawks play well home is it because there's Gary the other team. I don't think so -- -- as the comfort level on home ice. And the same thing with the Bruins and lose -- home clearly -- -- -- home to the penguins didn't lose at home to the rangers' last and last let me think actually it was a game five. I'm Toronto against Toronto their last home Lawson with an opportunity to close out the series they play a big play well at home to and I trying to scare teams. It's just a comfort -- -- getting back here if they were to be down -- to. Not a deal but this is. Is this brings up the point of of what happened why I was so upset with with -- game one losing in three overtimes is. You put yourself in a difficult situation after that game is ever was gonna ask you about it how do you feel are you worried about it and you come back and you team come back and for the most part. Can't really don't -- play quote here from him I think this is is very typical of the responses you've heard from him. His coaching staff and his players as well while. Guys have been here before and on that triple overtime game that you know they're pretty much the same team from eleven. And they got the experience of us first two games and on the road so we came back -- -- one Soviet they -- feed -- -- -- You're in a no win situation after you win Mac -- do you -- triple overtime game like that. If you looked sad and depressed at your -- being over everyone's gonna compare unit 1990 your breaks and if you're overreacting or overreacting you've got to get back on the horse you're not gonna be ready for game two you're getting blown out seven to the way that team did in 1990. On the other hand are not the same team they were two years ago. They everyone's two years older and beat. Lotta different players like director result there is better or worse. Now there's some cases it's better right and it's on its worst product but they're different team. -- of followers are right in the war may now be heard I know he was -- at times and that's in game three of that series. But this -- is a year older are two years older now and and not necessarily. Playing all that much better. I mean just you've got different players you're you're in Casper documents your outing in a bunch of young defenseman who worked there before and some older defenseman. It's a case of Seidenberg parents who have not merely as well this season as they -- in the 2011 seasons so. I don't entirely by the whole -- in the -- before and so it's gonna just carry us to a victory even if we get down 02 I appreciate the confidence. While it's not overconfident I hope it's not that's -- than their. For a big deal and I think -- -- they wanna win game two but he's right for the most part yes something's different about this team compared to a couple of years ago. It is you've got a lot of the same guys. Who have been to worry a number of playoff situations maybe -- separate this let's not the candidate for goaltenders are a pretty big part had to pick hardening and you and you're not sorry about it all right now not let. Let's put it differently and maybe it's. This group. Has been through so many different. Different scenarios. They've had so maybe. Adventures. In a regular season and in the post season that there is nothing you can present to them that they'll be intimidated by I agree go to and I think you can -- that take 2011 out of it. To say that about the 2013 group right now. Mean look at look at the Toronto. Down three with eleven minutes to play look at that look at facing Pittsburgh when nobody thought that that you really had a chance to do what you did to -- Dispatching the Rangers the great start -- the regular season. And then there's the pretty wimpy bill that -- a whimper they finished the season the regular season with a whimper. And didn't even when the division they've been through a lot of being down 02 to the Chicago Blackhawks becomes that it -- but it comes of that. That's our -- is the one thing they haven't done in this -- they have not gotten two games behind they got two goals behind three goals and obviously in game seven and two goals late against Toronto but they've yet to be two games that we haven't seen them in that spot yet this is quote -- after the game the other night. Guys you know last time we won -- cup we lost the first two games in Vancouver. Never stopped us from coming back and this certainly. When you look at the game could've gone either way and I thought we had some really great looks in overtime. Hand there was a little little laughter and we could have ended and before they did not does the name of the game and you know they get a good break on their tying goal. Cornell University so that's the way the game -- -- some nights you get -- breaks going your way some nights you don't but you know as far as I'm concerned. Had two good teams and my dad played extremely hard and unfortunately it took a loser pennant winner. I don't disagree with anything close at -- I don't disagree with -- one thing he said. And I know you're in a tough position after you lose a game like that that's why I'm frustrated so much by the loss. But I also don't think because you were able to do it two years ago that you're going to be able to do it again I don't like. Reliance on well they wanna cup two years ago so they can just do the exact same thing again. When it's a different team that's good for your apartment RDQ and you can't is there anything there any lesson learned from. From two years ago is there anything relevant. That this team can use from from two and eleven. Is there anything -- or at all. And that's history and in there's nothing. That happened in 2011 that would help a -- I don't know but they were few things that happen in 2011 that are gonna happen now we want you had a guy like Mark Recchi. As a second culture on the ice essentially for the team. I don't know that this group has that. I don't know that they needed as much as that group did their little older but they don't have that Mark Recchi. 20 you had shot short and -- in for Nathan Morton right and and -- -- on the pox on the ice John port and coming into the game. For secure it for -- right but it was just the energy level that he brought when he came in was different. Right you had a couple of these moments to -- -- are triggered the team what is and he directly target is -- the -- -- Yes I'm ready to hit it harder to be that you're ready when you're sitting on the bench for all -- at nine minutes of the triple overtime game. When he's that he's like I've you wondered if you wanna -- coach on the ice type. I would say it's either the -- or. How -- are. I've become so dominating. We kind of forget that that is -- the captain -- but I from everything I hear from people around the team that is more nominal interest. That burden on our protective Bergeron is much more of the captain if if you're doing an objective survey of the guys -- a guy who's the real captain of the team. No disrespect to Z but that they would say Bergeron as the captain of the ease the real leader -- or maybe as Bergeron maybe this. Are upset in terms of that guy who can. Who can do everything does everything the right way and -- and in expressed that to team six on 777979837. Must win. Tomorrow night or whatever term you wanna use sports hit it. Is in Dartmouth -- -- Good afternoon gentlemen let's not. But it's not like assault come together and put a brand new moniker a title on tomorrow's game and it -- got to edit I gotta give -- do was like got to give it. -- got to get it got to beat him in the house. I really truly believes that all of Chicago fans players coaches whatever opposite the -- huge sigh of relief that the that -- -- -- yemenite. Because that way is anybody's game to win an actual book that stated we had multiple chances to win and luck. You know -- -- that it -- -- goes way but I I sincerely feel they felt lucky. To get that game and create we lost two goal lead. But that's happened in play at this level like Arnold. I truly believe this is I gotta get and Michael you know much relative relevant to about eleven cent with a look at it is. It's never -- our lives. All. It's now about all but till it's over it and I certainly believe this coach instilled a lot speak. On this team. Keep them focused. And you know I really think -- is our game to win I agree with Michael -- And now I'm just really look at what I really -- the ratings -- this game although you know they were great human right the ratings in this game are gonna blow. Out of the water. -- probably right Saturday night Saturday night 8 o'clock. That's a great markets. Who topped -- -- sure. You're passionate hockey towns. But the got to give us but the gotta get I like that I think that's a good way to describe -- put OK it is that got it the same thing as saying must -- known as the most right now because of you say you say. -- Into -- -- -- -- if he's hey I gotta get it. There what happens if you don't get this thing if you run into the same trap of must win don't you. I've got to have this would even get him I beat. Gotta have it. I think it'll get I think he's saying it's something different though and he's trying to coined the term like you must win we've used forever and I think it's it it. 888 bee lies the point because when you do lose the must win them what happens like Gallagher said just go away eloquent. Elect elect a fresh coat of paint but it is essentially the same thing like is that senator from I think is better the first I think -- different. It's got to get it. You don't have to win it it's not a must win. But it got again because you can mean a whole lot better shape coming back tied 11 and maybe more than anything show every one show yourself to show the Blackhawks. Show everybody that that game one didn't faze you. That losing a game in painful fashion at the end like that in triple overtime after all that time played that it didn't these. -- -- back out. Yeah gets right got to get -- my back out when the next. I I think it is important for them to win this game did you -- you see the that -- on the front of Boston Globe today that Stan. Showing the ice time leaders have for the game the other night vs 1990 crazy talk a good Dennis Seidenberg 38 era for four -- -- 48 minutes very impressive Duncan -- and a another few seconds over that. Ray Bork. In 1990 when he see what's the -- may. 58 minutes. 58 became the only three minutes longer he played an additional ten minutes than -- Know -- -- talk about this before I crazy Jack Edwards who needs to get out of Chicago -- that. He has talked about this war. You know many years ago at a time that long ago that the average shift was about to read it. Is so that that makes sense no longer shifts. -- more ice time for an import from my question is in and use our hockey people help me out here we're talking about this in the office. Why why not why did this shifts decrees. Why not have a two minute shift by the history. Rather than having guys conserve energy over the space of that two minutes let them go all out for 4550 seconds in the gonna give you more effort something better water -- -- while all what I have to go all opportunities -- they -- by the end they're not. Capable to exhausting sports. But it happened I wouldn't say it's too exhausting sport because it actually happened and actually took place. Finally -- finally did claim any day reserved more energy imminently that was part of it what was that he was the -- and -- -- stop with the quality was the quality affected. By the longer shifts. I mean was it -- noticeable to -- fans saying on man this -- -- they'll put us sucking wind -- would what would you -- I don't know the answer to this but I would guess is somebody started using shorter shifts and ended up winning teams because of it is his team was was going all out playing harder and and you know moment. Balls to the wall so to speak as opposed to waiting in and out. That makes sense that Iran doesn't help a brother out help a brother and that information can somebody somebody out here. Listen to a phone calls. Everybody out here we have a lot of Smart hockey people. And if you think you're there so you gotta help me out. Tell me why and I'm just curious to -- and with I've got to know I've got to know I don't know but I liked it. But. I would like -- you know. Why shifts are shorter. Well if somebody's got to -- -- -- pride in 37937. You can also gives our Friday record is this they must win tomorrow night. Michael says not really -- comic close to it not go at our last caller who called the got to get it because I think the Bruins need to prove something need to show. I think they need to show that they can play with Chicago and and more than that. Come back from the pain of losing in a triple overtime. Sure right back up surely you're not the 1990 group that did not show up the next night and -- you can you can play with them again that that didn't demoralize you. They can say all the right things come out show I think that would be huge huge thing for them. 6177797. That 937 also today in the open my cap. WEEI live at the open Mike button. Honest on Sunday all port is an attribute to your dad that. Is it your greatest moment with your dad your worst moment with the your dad the most embarrassing moment with your dad that. Give it to give -- ten seconds or less. I'll I'll get pretty excited about tomorrow night game to -- pumped. -- -- -- -- -- Very well it I like it showed tributes dead tribute to dad great moments of that embarrassing moments and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those denies the whole weekend. Everyone I know sort of like off doing Father's Day things so golfing -- make -- -- myself you can do that jury can you just joined a threesome. The threesome no problem at all I don't know I agree -- to -- fathers and really. While not bad -- incredible doing your wife's at a town -- don't just go join 33000 miles away Johnston Rhode Island hi John. It got a lawyer not a great. Ali you just talk about that this shift -- hockey. -- they helped me out here what happened why is -- James over the years. Because the got a bigger factor and use energy much much more quickly. When you were more quickly these days to get to about a minute minute fifteen seconds. If you density hard checking in for checking larger cat. You got to get off and -- ideology is short beginning at eight EE conserve your energy crunch time. And. You know to to Powell play to describe all three -- on board I can hang out -- you know. A minute half minute forty seconds but five on fire at a bit about hockey -- 14552. To get all the bottom line. I like -- John makes a lot of sense thank you very much. Or that educational opts out of Gloucester and I've diet buy it Scott Garrett Scott can you top that that was so that was so wells Edsel the saint. So much to get to top it's got. Absolutely. Lovely and military -- lose and why would the influx of speak now in the NHL's. Particularly on the east European player and the speed -- -- system became its change in that. Andy and ship and acceptable -- The other team's gonna change did not strike team that -- that they'll -- -- for the second minute pick -- odd -- -- that when looked at exploding out of the pot out of. So here if you're trying to do a two minute shift in the other teams as horrible we're gonna shift at one minute. They're gonna catch your flat footed when you're tired and they are not. Absolutely gonna -- you're -- changing and you can have expressed support -- is permanent particularly those -- -- -- -- the game has -- would -- greater speed emphasis. Good point yeah -- like -- degree than him guesswork. -- he did top paid top that answer is even better than the first -- -- Oscar the both of them were better in the minds of those those two great answer -- let's try this edition on -- Bruins calls or six point 777979837. On a must win game for tomorrow night police also say this. Probably outside the box idea -- load should at least consider. -- roster tomorrow night replacing Nathan -- tell you what that is next salt and all WB. On -- they opened my cap on how -- I said WEEI live at the open Mike button in the bottom right corner. You're all over if you don't believe me if you don't believe. There women who really don't mean it when they say. You're too nice this what you got to do our -- the next time a woman says that to you yet in this. What he really trying to serve him. You don't believe I'm too -- what do you really charms income not a nice. -- -- -- -- That's most -- make you feel about it. Now it's telling you richer picture you know I'm pretty much okay with -- -- nice hot. Shots my nose is those -- you and does that. Pine sol only leagues and I had issues with went -- audience that -- Economy it's -- like I'm sure there aren't paying yours aren't on our economy does not want to market economy because. I've had. Many problems over the years -- women I demand honesty so what is ever. Your -- when that's about honesty. Think we're like that -- and demands. Younger eventually -- -- because they realized that stupid in and did his. I'm not actually. You are mistaking it for all of our problems when things. I crap. That -- real answer okay. Detractors like you. Getting -- -- really answer your technique breaks up with you when you're younger junior like a don't tell me you know it's not me it's what you -- in regard -- how -- -- history public actually Michael you're too ugly and -- like -- -- college and now at least I know -- -- -- -- that happened to get over faster start it was don't wanna go back to let him go. Now before re adjustment before. Okay. -- You say hey how -- mussina she's public as your ugly -- that happened. -- -- Out and -- girl literally partly arguably. -- An attractive at all. And you preferred that deal. Yes it's easier when. You are. What could be death because he's limited to only come to luckily. While I get the listeners for the got that your body that we got Israel and edit them out to be the final answer or answer total phonies and Attleboro -- Tony. -- -- -- Like quite like first of all -- My collier. A compliment first of all my leg so he speaks several years recorded event should be taken by how intelligent -- learned she enjoyed your thought -- -- she didn't know you are allies -- -- -- export structure. You are also about your lovely precious lives in fairness to write a note -- He says apparently. I try to be -- I don't -- -- not about an hour and a government. I called after the ship turned. -- -- -- delightful -- it seemed that something else significant capital report KD. We move the rule change it used to be when it was when they were fighting for possession of the puck in the corner is no longer afford. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you give everybody agreed that our teams were allowed to change it during notes they talk it up we played in the pool and the -- And that that that rule change several years ago. Policy. They are pretty good see value added that -- great seriously that's they would have the recalls on this and they've all been excellent. On on just why ships are shorter now than they were popular wondered that maybe guys this new gotten is just. You know and the dope like I mean this is fascinating but at the front fastening. You thought on. The Bruins roster for tomorrow night. We don't know whether Nathan Horton is going to be able to go credit DJ being who reported earlier our Bruins guy WEEI dot com. Reported earlier -- -- the shoulder some blocks station a chronic shoulder sub looks Asian. For Nathan Horton -- -- has said doubtful for game two but that it's not that serious -- maybe there's a possibility for game three. Let's work with the assumption for a moment that -- -- cannot go if he can't go obviously you're not gonna make too many changes but let's let's work with the assumption for a moment. That he can't go. You would mean that you moved Irish take it up to the first line last that I argued with a mutt. He wants to move jogger up to the first -- I think at that point you're changing around too many lines right I'd like I thought Sega did a pretty good job. In the latter half of the game after court went out so I would move him up are you with me that tour. Let me ask you a different question -- -- Have you have great options you're talking about. -- there or so again there. And even though -- you you wanna see a little more from him in and I guess from the defenders of Sagan says. While look who he's playing -- so if you have an opportunity to put a monoline. Without some more productive guys maybe you're more production at any played pretty well on the new already gotten to see a glimpse of because he played well you're not gonna move up -- and that he did a few years ago you're not gonna do that -- -- -- he's in the game are right now it's not Kelly it's. There's really nobody else that you right thing to do so. I almost an Oprah I think realistically and I'm pretty much no brainer -- the second thing is who he addressed in this place in the obvious answer has been Jordan -- And all follow really didn't look very good this year and he's only defense player hasn't played in now which seems like months. You're not gonna use Soderbergh who doesn't look like he's fit for the NHL -- goes through training as congress gets ready for today it's Jordan around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Addressing seven defense. Rather than I know there is a conversation yesterday removing -- Kruger bringing in Matt our -- ski why not leave both -- if you're not sure that you wanna bring -- and dressed seven defenseman you saw how they were able to -- little bit even without -- important for almost an entire hockey game and without using -- important or the fourth line much at all. What if you were addressed recruit because you -- on the power play you like the ability that both he has a landmark house he has to break -- Euro zone they're both puck moving defenseman right and if I watch game one -- -- the same thing I did my take on game one was the biggest problem the Bruins had was getting out of their own zone through the neutral zone with speed. Well I'd like to see both mark cast and crew well what -- -- -- progress in and it's a great suggestion it's the only I don't know that this should do it's a great idea whatever just outside the -- here's a drawback. The drawback of that the only drawback to. I can think of quickly one would be. Think the biggest problem in game one is that the Bruins and the ability to get on their own zone well. Or crew was a big part of that. In any any huge way in a game changing way he was but I'll play it close -- after the game on crew. When you look at teams there's a lot of mistakes that are made and you don't summoned up in goals and some you're able to recover from but certainly. When we shouldn't look at and judge. This player on the one game where he might have an average incentive real good like he has I think he's been really good other than that game and. And I still think he's one of the better puck movers. And if not I still want him on the power play Michael which you really need to work in order to try to beat a very good Chicago team. So intrigued by the idea anyway of seven defensemen in May be even let one of the kids' play when the little. If your code code wondering if nobody has to say to the media about a lot of thought the guys made mistakes and and into recruit as well as one of many guys who made mistakes in the game. But are you wondering if the moment is too big finally. Were to recruit. And is it too big for -- We haven't seen him in a while emptying. Haven't we haven't mentioned. Are -- for a while yet not since Ference came back at the beginning of the Pittsburgh writers -- so he has been five games that we had it been out of the mix for awhile. We need. Drop hand in to -- too. Of the Stanley Cup final and say produce. -- -- -- both of these well the crowd out crook is now seen -- he's been playing the entire time and he played the entire series against Pittsburgh and -- -- got his feet wet in game one. Had a bad game but actually played better after that as badly as he played in the first half of that game likely did play better in the second half and what are those ships again and in overtime double or triple overtime. He was not at fault app that I mean he. He was on the ice for the final goal but I didn't think he was at fault for the final goal did you mean Seidenberg was the one. Chase after India loses the puck battle in the corner goes chasing after his glove. I don't think crew was at fault for the final -- thought I played pretty well in overtime so I feel I feel comfortable enough with him going back into the game for game two. But I also understand the desired -- -- how ski. It's just an idea -- a way to try to add both without having to put Jordan Koran and who hasn't played with the team in much longer than even then even park house. Ever before that AT&T text machine went crashing comment your crash but before crashed just saw an interest in Texas said. No both you guys are wrong what global do was put yarder on the first line. That that makes the most sense said now this is what I disagree with he said -- -- you both the wrong yard rubio the first line. Something about Sagan only real. Clothing will do that Sagan is no fit on that line he used to fast. Accents and he's too fast doesn't make an essential. He played well about what I mean he's not that he played well -- that line in game one debate. It did did you see that game differently than I did after Portland went down and it puts Sagan and on that line I thought he played some of his more inspired hockey in weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and James. I was actually -- a vote earlier when you're talking old coach on the -- yeah exactly yeah we don't want -- the last couple years ago. Correct I would actually action like -- -- of either recchi. It just a different type a personality don't you think him enough that he doesn't have the respect he does but at least the perception we get in the media he seems more like. Kind of some -- like a Manny Ramirez -- more than a greedy did Herman seasoned veteran type puzzling. I don't know like I kind of disagree with thank you could be you know -- stock preach you know then a little bit I think could be kind of a role model. I don't know what I think. Because of his age it makes the most sense is there here's a guy and his oldest guy on the team he's got a lot of stories to tell. I don't know peace that god doesn't obese person I don't think so Rick I was a natural bad leader right mean yeah that is who he was. -- he's like a guy who you wanna fall when the battle he's that type it up I said joggers the bad guy or bad teammate. Put added I don't know that role. At some level doesn't fit everybody's talking about chiefs and Indian yeah right there even if certain people achieve some certain people -- -- it would appear you room to dance and there is. Its season tonight. But even if you guys in his forties that are necessarily mean he's agency chiefs and Redskins on a completely different man who let's head. The commissioner bill and get back on that makes sense makes no sense you guys are all over this -- crew get and nabbed mark -- both in the -- just a thought dressed seven defenseman. Could work instead of Jordan around 6177797937. How big is tomorrow night's game for the Bruins alcoholic WE.

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