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Sean Grande: Doc Rivers is worried about the Celtics uncertain future

Jun 14, 2013|

We talk to the Celtics play-by-play man himself, Sean Grande joins Salk and Holley to discuss a little bit about father's day and a lot about Doc Rivers and his contract to coach the Boston Celtics.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- I can't imagine anyone in that room likes us. While. -- -- WEEI WEEI dot com John grandy. Post of celtics' summer cooler which debuts tomorrow join us here in just a moment co host. Co host. Celtics from one of the two hosts like the epic growth like do we -- that -- that they are aliens. About a thousand text messages watching her on TV down that -- couple that we miss miss heavy -- -- out of that one earlier today. How about dumb and you watch it house of lies. He's terrible on the company's. It and it is terrible and it is a bad opt out. He loves his kids but he really isn't good at that Texas says. That -- from everyone loves Ramon was awesome. Watched everything -- -- Was and that. Use it very good wife says. Is Peter Boyle wasn't. The -- was no longer with us right he's a guy who was. Young Frankenstein Wright does they do the dance at the end of young Frankenstein Pittsburgh. Pirates I wish. Kevin James in Baghdad on. In your cooling of queens is funny we got literally went up you have not taken Aiken was a day and it was gone door to go through the phone calls before rain we get a million phone calls -- -- He adds we're gonna bank grow quite don't have charter quickly lake in Westfield we got we. Hey it's okay tally -- on dementia and I can remember the child or any big. Who's the boss I'll Tony -- wasn't that they have no legacy was -- Dan -- was really wasn't ball and he was dead housekeeper arrived but he was hurt you today -- he was aren't. -- all right thank you one more Alfred West Warwick Alfred we got. I clicked on grant either I granny shot grandy he says he's and he's -- he's dead two. Doesn't TV and some radio. Randi what's going on aren't ready. Without it he loves it when he was. A lot salute from a lot of rust -- But he was a -- Milan -- that we -- trying to figure -- the best TV dad. Right you look at. Other who's the best TV dad. Like if you could -- ATV -- the year dad who do you want. Out of mr. drug. Awesome yes sir mr. Drummond -- I'm very disappointed you didn't say Homer Simpson. How do you that's -- Homer Simpson John. -- -- -- have a couple of minor lapses in his career. -- I can call. -- It's true to me he's been he's been Wellington -- -- But I seem to remember. Or an eight year old friend striving to the world fair. In Knoxville Tennessee and think that you know things that your parents -- wanna be a little bit more -- mr. where. How we got sold look lackadaisical but it did seem like he was working. As someone who as you know he spent several is working on the clock. Let us about jobs ouster -- speaking of jobs we get to work and speaking of dad's. Doc Rivers has that has a pretty good job in hand is a dutiful father but what's -- what's -- thinking right now what's. What do you think is happening. Between Doc Rivers in the Celtics. You are conduct about the right doctor Kurt Coleman took a look at that and Camden yards and -- -- it. I think I bit surprising how long this gone on and I think that dock obviously could've put in Internet said he -- -- to -- that. Over the last couple weeks I think bet. The read Polanski very well what is possible what did you. Over the next couple of years he's seen Gregg Popovich who in two years ago guys before talking about doc. In the same breath with the -- coaches ever. Over the last couple years basically. You know 500 teams. And like all of us expand. Our captors -- you'll get greedy Fredette championship. Championship taste and Celtics -- forget that. Felt weren't around for fifteen years and now at basically five year which you rate legitimate contender every year when the -- I'll walk away from a pretty powerful draw so. I think going back to an uncertain future isn't helping to look to think about when you put your yourself and your heart soul and everything -- this job. As that he has a legitimate. Now as well as does come to -- are usually in one place in any. What is the what is the best thing for the Boston Celtics because you know I think people are like doc genuinely in and would like him for him to be happy but. I think it's more important that the Celtics are eight championship contender as soon as possible. So what gets them back there the fastest trading Doc Rivers allowing -- leave making him stay here he's not happy. How did they get back to contending the fastest. Well the best thing as -- as they relate to dock is for dock wherever they don't look at -- time away and took a little break there like you know racial -- Took a little break. And now I'm back in on the coach and Celtics and I'm going to be here and this is my long term job I wanna be Jerry -- I wanna be Gregg Popovich and I want you would hear. Working in what a great situation into the relationship it's funny people part by the relationship with India and yet because it's. You know in the ninety percentile coach GM relationships. In any sport so the best case to the Celtics is that me or talk about Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett coming back stock Herbert the most important ought to hurry because. For better or put a side exit -- god clearly want to play. For documents are significant in this image in the NBA. Have you given any thought have you allowed just up to think about who would be a great. Replacement for Doc Rivers. You know not not a lot because I still I still believe. That Doc Rivers -- -- coach of the Celtics come all and it's. It just in the last couple weeks that you released think not I thought going into other offseason are -- legitimate -- fact I have to in the next the last game. You know sort of talking out of school let. I really thought the fifth game everything we know what the NBA as the Celtics game and York thinking that was going to be the last game and nobody else could -- ask. Which really surprised me I decided to do the pre game show and fox say what are you gonna do next here we are it was the first time you really. Which rested people long for mention that while costing -- now. But I really thought all the years to meet you got beat and they get your ball and he didn't go 2010 that was the dot. That is most likely go get him back yet as much as -- -- and -- -- feet and you know wanting to break and it's been a long run I don't think he had great -- -- This past season. They had put it out of my mind because the three year -- In the three years left as -- highest paid coaches in the history of the world. In any sport just didn't really seem like you know a likely. Year so I don't really I really know something political story like a lot of people kid. Today that was a little bit troubling you days up there a long relationship. It. What's troubling about this that the primary candidates weren't sharp line all these guys are gonna find jobs. Very similar and that's we're becoming really troubling is that it's getting. It's gone from very early to very late in the calendar to have any sort of uncertainty perceived or otherwise about the spot. Did you have anybody in house to do the job. I don't think that's the direction that they would feel like -- so -- a difference between having great assistant coaches and having. A guy who's written -- -- -- coach are there other assistant coaches -- -- to be really good head coaches in the NBA elect Armond hill and Kevin Eastman. -- you know Michael Lombardi when cable or the coach in the NBA that -- Al. I don't know -- I tend -- think that's probably not the direction. That the Celtics would go I think. To me if you're killing me today Doc Rivers throws in the towel and says he's not coming back. My first phone call is probably -- -- Popular show on Randy here on WEEI course tomorrow the debut. Of the celtics' summer cooler 1 o'clock are you prepared for the -- I'm prepared it's about -- -- -- order in order to what does seem like a natural time. Basketball joke well the confines of of this week -- -- what can comedic enough. For I was joking with someone about. If there's one thing the -- to view the entire world this week possibly grab headlines like to know what you what could possibly be you know. A joke if that's what took place. Were actually pretty excited about it because. Back tonight and they go way we do that at the end of September -- that the in the memory. Here and the chance for a sort of catch up you know each week and talked and talked to people who cover the scene of that big yet sparkled and from from the NBA finals. And -- that really interest in summer. And what we're going to be able to do is talk about what's coming up for the Celtics -- -- it happened in the new kind of -- eagle fork while -- concert celebrating. The last five or six years which. Really were conjured out of nowhere analysts and when people romanticize about the 83 year first. Took the job he what they are two of the Celtics back in the eighties and out of nowhere the eighties were conquered again at five. You know remarkable years to enjoy some in the media something new and quite frankly at a bottom line is just get -- -- -- Max. On a year I think the off season is too long period continent. That's true but I want to ask you this if they're clearly discussed its adult who not now I agree with your -- statement. Lawrence Frank Martin Lawrence Frank your first phone call. The literally atop the where would she she sat at different kind scene that. He walked in the situation where. And you know -- grizzled veterans and with younger players and he had acceptable book situation that with you here. A couple of years ago that from a familiarity with and copper. With the organization. And I think he's he'll you know younger crowd wanted to -- like committee we now looking pretty. Funny you know -- calls probably call him coach. Why is that the direction. -- -- that -- that albeit very intriguing possibility. That George here but it sure if you wanna go in that. Younger demographic in 4042 -- the youngest coach. In practice in NBA history when he took over that. Of -- who's the guy loses early forties. And as an extraordinary -- and the experience. For someone -- agent -- in a community effort to help it go. Not that -- What's the criteria and allows both the U guys what what is the criteria -- head coach in the NBA what's the number one thing you're looking for I would think. You know as if it's -- respect. Me and the hardest thing in the NBA to get the players the buying into your system and it seems like any system can work anybody any x.s and -- can't work is just a matter of getting everybody to buy yen. Not that. 90%. Of the battle and why groups like Doc Rivers got such you know automatic respective personally I would think I'll play like that. Or should look at a guy like -- well -- When I first came to sell the regular video. And now he go to that game away from the NBA. Put the players have -- expected to approach -- perspective the you respect them. Matt Cooper in port port you know the old school yet the traditional last couple years the last decade -- problem with the old school coaches -- did things their way. And I can remember. Him coach. Can't topics about fifteen years ago who pretty big name coach and -- you come to the -- sort of cold well. On professional athletes and that's not the way it works and board earlier. -- cooperative. Effort and you're really more CEO and I think I like -- like some of that that there are a lot of guys like that but he can be -- just haven't played who -- it is being pricked up and lately. You can win player expects you conduct yourself how you understand you know the -- and wait wait and and have been in place. -- didn't play in the league but he did get a start Pomona College so we get some credit for that anybody NN news to start on. Is it I don't know what -- for four years I don't remember and it would have people the public. Maybe he didn't I just didn't edit your I was busy I was busy not getting girls John -- grandy thank you so much we are looking forward to the debut tomorrow celtics' summer cooler 1 o'clock -- and. Nothing nothing about the concept -- on our very air that -- irritable beautiful ballpark constructed. You got nothing on your first place lost -- -- about retailer also called up today. Always knew we heard a lot of heard about it in it and I mean it's been great you reflect beat any -- that they. Are extremely. Yet you didn't like you at the double that are common -- on Tuesday as well out now which. Where would this team be without Alfredo or seven. It's a pretty good the last couple starts has been good. Banks credit. Dale they're -- and he's in Baltimore tonight got the Red Sox and Orioles game and then of course tomorrow. The debut of celtics' summer cooler at 1 o'clock here in 937 WEEI are so -- football things out there. We are about an hour here before we got to answer the questions -- questions at 379837. -- Doc Rivers are you angry are you upset are you offended that that he doesn't want to be here are you sick of the story you want to go away he think he's got to make a decision now or just shut up you know not shut up just. Make a decision our shot that's exactly my point right but make it make a decision now all. Just choose one way or another to the Celtics can either get on with their life without him and start that process or or or watch how you feel about Doc Rivers then of course tomorrow night. Do you feel about the -- Game two is it a must win is this something Nate they have to take that approach with or. You lose two games on the road no big deal you come home 6177797937. Both subjects don't -- alcoholic W --

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