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Do Doc Rivers' antics in trying to get out of his Celtics contract tarnish his image among Boston fans?

Jun 14, 2013|

We discuss Doc, and how the rumors persist about him wanting out of his Celtics contract to go coach elsewhere like for the LA Clippers. Does this 'decision' by Doc hurt his largely untarnished reputation among Celtics fans? We discuss.

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Work by DJ dean. WEEI dot com Nathan Horton a chronic shoulder sub -- station that was what Jonathan Papelbon. Not bad. -- -- well I'm insult Christians red umbrella DJ being. In the story. They got the story so can play with that. A baseball obviously your pitcher it's a problem. For Nathan Horton. Hockey player Kenny doing. That's a major injury but we've seen hockey players do some out. Pretty -- -- on your guy -- -- are going to you have the utmost respect for -- to render the now. Disease at the right hand of the father looked at your mates at the right yeah he's part of the holy trinity united comes to hockey yet is there a trader reporting that. While it's difficult to track down any injuries especially during playoff hockey. He doesn't believe this is a major one but that he probably doubtful for game two tomorrow so what -- decides to do with his lineup. Is one of the questions we'll dig into it -- in about a half hour here -- wanna start with Doc Rivers. Because it feels like every day Michael this story change is just a little bit. Every day like it it's like rock carving Regis keep etching out more and more right please keep score ripping off more and more stuff until eventually is gonna be some sort of a statue on there like a this is like archaeologists are anthropologists to navy. I -- anymore what a sculpture. Four or. What do you have a block of granite and you just keep chipping away until beautiful sculpture emerges -- talking about you know back in the day I would take on an accountant apologist. That that actually and other -- -- -- told us that -- whatever it is -- archaeologist but there are Egypt's algae to dollar to focus on fuel loss today. These are specifics are you going -- -- to get there and you see. This is actually this is actually what's happening we've figured this thing out this is amazing. Art now maybe. That's what the that's what the academics and the your sports fan. Bothering you. Making you man this situation yourself to experience. Are you upset. Are you upset with Doc Rivers are you upset with Danny Ainge. One out. Or for allowing this to happen this is happening. Today -- June 14 -- We are less than two weeks away from the NBA draft where just over two weeks away from a new league year. And you cannot say definitively who the head coach -- about that it is. Blow your mind not just and I -- definitively I'm seeing more you don't know and that kind of on a daily hourly basis that it's not going to be Doc Rivers right and it feels like every day. You drift closer and closer towards the belief that doc wants out of here. And the latest comments or or or sources comments seem to indicate -- -- did he has a specific problem -- -- year. He just wants to move -- -- have problems -- ago but that doesn't make sense. That doesn't make -- we get -- from a while ago no you don't have a problem with that advocates. It is more accurate to say -- have a problem with the city. Maybe love the city but nobody bodies of a -- -- if you if you have picked up -- probably -- -- have a problem with Boston that's true. If you want if you wanna. Kind of go big picture the problem Boston now. The problem with the Boston Celtics yet some aspect of the Boston Celtics he must clearly does must be bothering either either something in the current structure or something that is -- for the future something has to be bothering him. Or else he would not be looking at at -- greener pastures somewhere else. It seems now as if this whole thing with the clippers has some -- And where is Danny Ainge had been soul. Quick to shoot it down and we talked to a couple weeks ago now all of the sudden Everton on that it seems that like he was a lone gunman out there somewhere although not. And what sources say Doc Rivers is intrigued by the clippers job Doc Rivers is not going to be -- -- a clippers job at the clippers don't have Blake Griffin traded for him. So that had nothing to do with what's going on right now I -- maybe that the better story at the time or the more accurate story was. The clippers wanna get rid of 56 when Vinny Del Negro and they want to bring in Doc Rivers and he wants ago. Limited income taxes little -- different tact on this though because we can go back and forth. Trying to Parse words and trying to investigate and play Egypt apologist or what does this make us like a doc Paula just to try to figure out what's going on with doc. But I don't know. Ultimately Michael if this is gonna continue on an answering your first question of are eventually are you mad at Doc Rivers are you are you offended by young little and America what America well because to me this is four million. And and this is the whole Brett Favre garbage. If you wanna be here be here if you don't wanna be here please go somewhere else. Please don't. Keep us in limbo due to be here or not -- -- -- make -- executed very well it will make me down lately and don't make me I don't wanna I get auto related -- you one other not just -- -- that's it you're under contract I get ought to be here but you said you said. Keep them in -- keeping them in -- he sure seems to me now you know this is. You you actually had it I think you've had a the other day. You were guessing we're all guessing we're still guessing about what's going on but I think. What what -- your guess is you nailed it. Are you shocked he got the threat -- I drew her bag I have done what he had leverage I can't I can't believe you separate the power play well that's usually what it is it's a pop so. It -- the power play. And they know exactly what he wants to do any -- was exactly how they feel so. Nobody's in the dark with the principle principles are not in the dark we are we don't know what's going I think it's kind of but they know what's going at this whole thing is kinda weak because. If you wanna be the head coach of a basketball team I don't blame Doc Rivers got a very good job that he's brought the Celtics to a title. Nearly 12 title has been a good coach for the group that they've got and if you wanna win championships I don't blame anybody just being a front runner here. We know that eighteen built around Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce is not going to win a title right. We agree on the security that is not -- to win the title unless something like crazy and looked at windows closed by the way he's still gonna don't want to win this and so it just don't don't worry about best of three series now yeah I follow this off or take the brunt of the this thing's going seven. In and San Antonio is gonna go back to Miami up three games to an immigrant we can agree. They're not going to win with a group that they have right now based on Garnett and and pierce and of doc is trying to power play and leverage. To make sure that he's coaching a group that can be quote -- competitive. Instead of a group that what do letting them do what they really need to do which is rebuilt. Which is -- the quickest path to getting don't like it always look at us about it is if I don't I don't think that's enough if you say. That Doc Rivers is -- make a decision -- I think a lot of fans will agree with you on that. I don't think he's trying to get them to do anything these -- -- efforts them except. Get out of that contract. Do you think this is -- I don't think it out of the -- I don't think he's trying to write letters a power play this power play. For you looked at what to what and it's a power play I want I wanna go -- you're not gonna let me go our soul. Let let's go back and forth until I get what I want. And you think what he wants is to leave Auburn is late right where we talked about yesterday for four what's the what's the percent chance that Doc Rivers got to return. I -- 5%. 2%. If if there's so much conversation -- we we got to be realistic here we gotta be honest if there's conversation week after week. About the head coach of the Celtics being rumored to go here being rumored to go there. And he doesn't come out and say of these rumors are nonsense. And when the Boston Globe text him he text and asking what are you gonna do in the text back saying I'd rather not say. And then we hear reports about the clippers. And still no comments from the Celtics or Doc Rivers. Comments it's obvious. It's obvious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm looking at it as an observer and saying okay what could possibly be. Sometimes or even often when you have a -- please beg me to state type of thing it's just about leverage its about I want the players I won instead of whoever Danny or whomever else wants -- you're saying that this is leverage to try to leave. Scurry. You -- -- -- Adobe -- -- not that simple -- -- you don't already organized. My team I don't want okay which my cart so then what -- -- that they're -- within Okinawa would do a contract. We are gonna coach anybody. Art so that that that's the problem if you if you're saying if you don't -- coach my team and I want you to coach my team. And you can go and do -- you please that's one thing but you're saying you don't wanna be here. And you're under contract and your contract says if you don't coach my team. You don't go to the other team Roddick got a problem and that's what we are now that's the problem is going back -- that's the issue. That's what we are. About to go away to let him out. Let him out of the country well I think what they're doing let him out just -- and I think well. If you don't wanna be here than go away well I wouldn't do that either because I would use. Their Smart about it -- it. All these teams are calling us about permission to opera Doc Rivers means Doc Rivers is an asset write asset -- that that the other team. Let's wait until the new league year. Let's see what the options -- -- -- the salary cap situations are for all of these teams. And if it comes down to a portrait. The trade yes if you really if you really want them we're not gonna fire. And then allow him to go for nothing. We will we will keep playing this game but the problem that we will we will not problem is is the other teams out there saying Obama -- -- joining -- eventually sort it -- to -- amount underdogs. But they're not gonna let him coach the team that he doesn't want -- know what I'm saying if you if he's not coaching is coaching the Celtics right the contract says. You're -- a coach -- any other team for the length of this count. But it -- it if doc tries to leverage your back the other way and says OK fine I guess some coaching the Celtics. And now you have a coach that doesn't really want it wouldn't -- he wouldn't do what they wouldn't do it when it would work that's leverage that's the last I guess leverage he has -- -- find. Don't fire me don't trade me and I won't quit and even though I don't wanna be here on get a coach your team until you fire me and then when you fire meet. I know wherever else I want to coach there in particular organization would make somebody know or don't work under contract I don't person be miserable all actually that the veteran right down the hall sorry. -- -- But I don't think that's gonna happen in the ambient. I don't think that's gonna happen with the Celtics so what are we don't be ticked off the Doc Rivers 617779. 7937. Minute ticked off isn't the right word. But I I I would like this whole thing to go away Brian Kennedy if he doesn't wanna be here I would like for him not to be here if he doesn't wanna be here I would like for him to come out and say so I don't like wishy -- I don't like these big news day if that has anything to do with that I don't like that at all and if it's as simple as -- making it out to be Michael which is he doesn't want to be here anymore and he's just trying to find the right way for him to get out. And I hope Danny figures out the best way to get as many resources for the Celtics as he can. And move on yet it's gonna have to be and how would you guys feel about that at eight do you feel good about. Draft picks that'll take you gotta get Blake Griffin. For example we can -- that the clippers. Doc Rivers not gonna go to the clippers and they don't have Blake Griffin they have Chris Paul -- Blake Griffin. About that so how do you feel about trading coach. Doesn't wanna be here anymore in getting a couple of first round picks out of that would be best case scenario wouldn't. Yeah and that where you don't and that doesn't come again. A couple of first round picks or else coupled league a couple of mean depends on what kind of first round picks they -- -- As we know in the NBA pro lottery picks a whole lot different from number 28 X. I'm really not that interested in number 26 which -- will be second Olympics which which teams regularly just dismissed so you know I'm not interest in the bunch of -- in the twenties. But you could tell me that there's a potential lottery pick fine but Doc Rivers is it just didn't go to a team it's going to be a lottery team. Well I thought Texas the yeah okay -- you can say that now and and who knows what's gonna happen you've got. Two guys if it was the clippers for example. You've got two guys with with injury histories. You've got Blake Griffin you're Chris -- sleep go to clippers. You're excited got a team that can win and look what happened to the Celtics here we were decimated by injuries. And they wind up being 41 of forty at the sixteenth pick in the draft figured -- talk to them at the beginning of the year. Think they would of believed. That they would have been a seventh seed in the Eastern Conference with 41 wins now without their fifty win team. Things happened. Those guys get hurt. You're holding on to on upload and I don't want to look at chance on the bottom ranked on people giving -- that you're still my director banking on its first round picks were still have some -- dismiss him. -- I guess what I want does is look the Celtics need -- right. They they need to rebuild they need to find a way to bring in as much talent to try to find the next great leader of the Boston Celtics on the court as possible right. I mean isn't that the goal now you're telling me you're gonna blow this thing up to a point if you're going to quote unquote trade doc I got to assume that you're not bringing back KG pierce at that point right. Doesn't make sense really to bring them on camera -- that it -- come back OK so now you're moving. Portugal cagey cagey when KG would would whether he would waive the no trade clause. It give Doc Rivers is not here and went for another coach. So I -- So doc has gone I mean KG is gone and at that point maybe here is an air bridge to the next generation or maybe now appears that probably -- -- so okay. So so you're telling me that your rebuilding and now the -- is on to find the next great on court leader. Of the Boston Celtics right that's right the number one I don't mean number one like a point guard in the number one like the guy that you were building around outside -- it -- many picks as possible to give yourself to get a chance talk to get. If they haven't started that process now they're -- And they didn't start that process two weeks ago they're not. He's told you take any any time you have a guy who's saying I just need to think about it that I need some I need some time and space away from it. You've got to think about plan B and for him there's always that possibility where he says okay it was just so tired I was so exhausted. Really depressed about losing to the next -- hate the knicks I can't believe they beat us whatever but now I'm fine. That's that's one possibility -- No I think when that person goes away and and is not talking to the media and is not really committing fully committing. You've got to be ready for who is a successor is going to be and please tell me if not they don't make god almighty. I don't -- -- about the success and though we come back to that part of it. You'll think -- beat a bit of a front runner at that point like Garcia the guys are getting old I'm not really got accepted NBA move man. That is such an NBA coach move. We like I'll allow this team's gonna go down you know for a little while I don't wanna be part of any rebuilding. Just I get myself back to another team that's on the -- championship. It's just so I don't know. There's no -- involved. I'm kind of work I know they have different challenge. But it just shows you some of the problems that the NBA has -- competitive balance. Where everyone is all afraid of rebuilding or mediocrity issue in the in the NBA the goats that are desperately clinging it. To these little these little hot Salma. God it didn't happen very often means to us is that it's something that Joseph Jackson has done throughout his career but. A lot of coaches can't do that because they don't have the leverage so went the way you look at OK that's fair the other side is he's earned it. These -- he went through a rebuilding phase he went through an eighteen game losing streak. -- yet another bad team in Orlando that got him fired and opened up for the Boston job in the first place. So at at the age of 51. And you are the best paid coach in the league and you've got a great reputation your stock may never be higher than it is right now. Has indeed. Hasn't he. Hasn't earned the right to say are just don't wanna do it again I didn't wants with this organization. Took a lot of criticism. People on the radio like me. Thought I was crazy. I thought might be -- criticize my rotations on and on a -- got some real talent I want and I don't wanna go back there. I wanna spend the last part of my NBA coaching career. A coaching a team that I get depict that not a team that's picked for -- still bit of front runner I mean there's a time I don't know element to I think our biggest advocates you know -- major news. By sucking twice. It was part of a ten game losing streak of thinking Orlando an eighteen game losing streak here. That there will be there will be other there'll be another long losing his what do you say and with a new coach what you're. And doesn't hear -- on -- I'm Jessica talk about let's talk about it I'm disagreeing with a whole lot unlike a lot of what was our document to meet that's the problem with the leak. It's not a problem -- -- and lesbians did you get where that happened. -- what the coach to -- that -- -- Nevada. Would give a laundry list of laundry list of coaches that they would all do if they had the ability to because that's probably. So are we killed in it that's why you can't get it because I know I also had this opportunity actually if you have the opportunity to do it. It's Bill Parcells did I don't know if it's opposite of what bill part -- -- Bill Parcells. Said I have a reputation I can do like -- job. Opposite of Bill Parcells he -- even though I've won two Super Bowls are to -- take on the New England Patriots the worst. Franchise in modern sports and turn the mentally contender and then -- -- Opposite of what it's still it's leaving it's that that's not the point of taking over bad or good team it is picking the job that you want. Bill Parcells was -- turnaround artist. So when it when things didn't go well for him in New England. He wasn't getting what he wanted to -- exactly whether that power whether that's a good team. Go somewhere else at the top coaches in all sports do my job if it comes down. You know proms -- picking your job but in the NBA the problem to me is that there's only a couple of teams that have talent and so unless you how -- those couple of guys in -- couple of good situations. Everyone else kind of left out in the cold than not the point trying to make you know it's gonna be good tomorrow. The debut celtics' summer cooler grandy Mac's gonna have a lot to talk about we will talk to -- -- today at 430. In the meantime your calls on this. Doc Rivers -- talk. He's trying to get out here and get away from Boston get away from the Celtics -- feel about it 617779793. Sevenths alcoholic WEEI. I think it. Being without. Appealed to him -- great deal he notes that there. There's going to be attacking a season or two. Or three Europe that may be a championship. -- Realistic goal. And he does -- to coach meaning to coach art every coach -- the winners. But there's very good seasons sometimes was -- lower expectations. In her. I think she's up for anything that we have to go through to try to get your act -- -- Interesting. I was I was game means 2011 is doc was signing his extension. -- coughing in the background that was definitely a couple years. A group this song and that was it the with an emphasis that was 9596. Somewhere for junior college and -- the upside in but the main goal of the room like a nice little run is there an album that I had another -- earlier 82004. House the mezzanine sea island man. He's not hip enough to know about the magazines not like hipster before they were Hitler he actually that's a great call. -- before they -- that's exactly what this guy was around now he'd be like making his own jam it home or something I mean he was. It was -- before Minnesota. True his sister's sister Martha berg from. Minneapolis. All via a second this morning to -- Who knows now. -- they have they have some odd. Song titles and lyrics. What it was like it's 5 AM. And everyone is about 5 AM in Los Angeles and now he us on fewer things Portnoy or something right Mike port is that his name. Forget the guys now it's not that it's not in our -- It's -- something I forget but he had a song about a -- and a few things that you guys -- different and I'll get back to open might get a couple questions arrest you for open Mike you can open your WB outline -- A click on the open Mike button on the bottom right corner in the WB I live bothers day. Coming up this weekend of course on Sunday. You attribute your dad either positively or -- or you can poignant if so you so desire if you deported. To -- calls. -- Probably call like therapy. Or call your dad if you got them like Audi was thanking my out my out there you know and others like how. -- now might have -- -- not Mike Allen Mickey makes music he does and now you Mike Allen would make good music. Don't think that at all like the channel five and Mike Dowling and Mike -- -- at poppy good bands that Wear socks of the great calorie to be their lead singer no way if you that not a potential. The open Mike temperature by AT&T WB I -- available on your iPhone or android device. Brought to you by AT&T. Shirt off and you want the one. -- I'm sorry that we told the crashing your current England story. About it looks that was years ago a couple of what it is that there was. Right it was a 2001 -- always -- well. Thank you people for correcting me it was it was Dodi W pronounces okay Oden and Mike -- as the former green and I -- that arriving at Los Angeles are not -- -- -- Need to get the guy's name right when it was written for governments are I notices because there are some. Of and yet your -- -- comments go to the open Mike app as well. Bring -- -- -- -- -- because a lot of people and attacks on her saying that -- doctor's dead to me. I believe he's a hypocrite that's not American disagree with you were -- try to change your opinion who. But -- wanna make it clear. That. What you make I am very. Defensive about the NBA. I mean I love I love all sports but at the league that I a and I covered it's like the first thing -- did. When I got out of school was covered the MBA right on the NBA still advocates that pretty fashionable. In these parts. To rip the NBA especially right now and the Bruins do well we know there's some type of tension conflict between NHL fans NBA fans for the most part do not like to accomplish. But a lot of people are. That's why I took exception. You can give me one example of a coach who has. -- who have done that LeBron James thing. Of the total taxable Phil Jackson is the -- I just not about it's about the competitive balance that's the problem with the NBA more than anything else it's not about to gain it's not about the it's just about the competitive balance. I don't think -- it would mean look I don't -- -- that is set -- well -- competitive -- standpoint to -- every team in every -- legitimate shot to win every once -- -- And I don't think that how -- I think they probably have to talk about Minnesota when Mike -- by the way -- other song by himself was called them looking at the world from -- whale. The wasn't good but it was another solid screenwriters blues it is 5 AME you're listening in Los Angeles. If you're in Minnesota your teams never going to be good and as soon as you get a good players they play out their first contract and -- quickly gently except you have given Garnett didn't believe -- traded -- immigrant but it but it slipped out personally didn't win the second -- actually got a -- confident -- -- chance to leave. The Western Conference -- I was gonna leave the MVP of the league Kevin Love is naive. Okay Kevin Love -- but a threat Kevin Garnett. Would it would still Ian in Minnesota at the owner didn't say. -- get him out of here. So competitive balance yes it's a league where. You have if I'm like yeah you gotta win every championship the last point five you have your systems and you've got to start if you got to start it but I don't. And I start deciding they wanna play together how how would you change how would you change how would you change the competitive balance the league to to make sure that stars -- -- impact full as they are -- -- do. If you have a great player of the Cleveland is a good example. LeBron the original. Accept -- got LeBron James and it and suck anymore and they got today you know conference finals a couple times -- got to the NBA finals Watson lost. And I lost the run after seven years. So -- Lieberman never been to the NBA finals before they got in the NBA finals LeBron. And it left franchise tag so putting and and they can and in the NBA could benefit from different you know maybe that's the NBA -- absolutely benefit from a two or three year franchise tag to help -- help team like Minnesota when they're ultimately lose -- Six on 77797937. -- -- off topic is the question is are you mad about Doc Rivers and now appears to be teachers did if not more interest in going somewhere else Donaldson is targets started I don't. They get there there's so many different parts that's -- Parker and a little -- but it. Because -- -- everything where it where it left the he'll let. Speculation and wonder and then but not make it up -- -- -- what do you look what you're now. And what we do know is that she's better. Every single draft work out we thought we do know is that he ultimately helped quite illegally to check on it eight players that are rehab it. What we do know is that it's eating every day correct now. He's acting like the head coach but why would you wanna be at such. Q and it is nothing job that he goes to go but the sources are saying it now I -- -- -- source general because I -- Cannot believe that it -- I'm not a Rupert side or even Nate that well a couple of topics have been the wrong not -- that -- How about tell us how about yesterday in the Boston Herald stickball bat Mark Murphy Gary well earned their homes and is is that it's gone out -- Con-way as you know there's a lot of it's a lot of people in and Donald your right leg there reporters who. And we can name them wicked wicked guy keeps score their reporters who have said sources indicate that this will happen and that it doesn't happen and you say what that all about but. In this case. It's just a lot of noise bottom don't and nobody is knocking down the noise nobody is canceling out that noise so I'm thinking there's a lot of -- -- Nobody can play I think that one person looking kept well out of that -- and he had to yet so I think that. People -- are rushing -- -- -- not know what you told not to say that what does he need to look I know you're coming back don't say anything don't worry about it. Why would -- why would they want to appear unsettled. I don't know. What would go allegedly done let's reasonable route if you're gonna make that up I have no problems speculative loves speculation a love trying to write a script for anything is okay fine. May -- let's take your premise your hypothesis what would be their reasoning behind. I know I can't come up with any reason why they would want to appear unsettled doesn't -- -- -- and it's not -- -- But what Hillary is like a -- doing all that that you want. We just went through a few of those -- he wants to leave and they're not gonna let him out of his contract this is his way of of forcing their hand at. Are you upset with doc are you upset with the media or you have that would be -- expect more. -- -- got to put up with the media and that they don't if your funnel your father or not you if you don't wanna ruin your Father's Day weekend. Don't read the paper don't -- acutely because the story is not going anywhere. As a matter of fact he may be advance it may be advanced over what seemed like every couple of hours every day or so it gets advance is a little bit more more more quotes coming out. I liked the idea of thinking OK maybe this is up to that if they want this way but I can't come up with a positive reason why they would want it. And you know also before we get to you Larry and expert. -- says in this this gets to the heart of it for a lot of people. That takes a real man to -- contract. Okay well that's true you can look at it that way if if if Doc Rivers is not honoring the contract from that perspective. You just look at it from a one -- perspective. The Seattle respected OK fine but look at the league -- and to. Their coaches who have been fired with contracts -- Their at their players were traded with contracts so it goes both way Larry's ducks for Tyler. -- and he Perry and the proverbial and Currie here put. I just love the entitled mentality of the meteor and -- and then -- got -- like all the others. Never tell us anything for the sake of the -- no matter which local teams did they tell you what they want when they want. And we feel entitled to know stuff that's never been the case and that the perfect example. We don't know what the reasons are we're speculating up the -- I'm not mad at anybody anymore that I am at all can be another business we don't complain -- -- about the price of tickets are. Are you a fan your fan of the -- Your -- of the Celtics right. It art and you don't you don't wanna know what's happening I'm passing have a right to him but unless you're a fan of them I -- differently than European of the phone companies right that's the difference who's a fan of the company especially my god -- -- -- -- communications Erica. The analogy what it's the business. I respect stock -- intellect and make whatever decision they want it's their patent and come. But Larry but Larry no one no one says they don't have the right to do whatever and of course they have the right we're not debating rights were debating what we think is going to happen and whether or not you're annoyed if doc doesn't wanna be here. As a man forget about your whether you respect them as a business as a fan of the Celtics. That we use that -- -- I had been left out in the coal youth -- that. They can't collect on the colon decision that. Exactly talk about his upbringing her little cigarette that he was drier but the Celtics at all I have that isn't much deeper conversation and I also didn't say that. Oh man is that the dark you know landings and -- on the so I don't know blacked out I'll look at that down a goal got. Who you who you guys man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- America damn -- company -- for the -- -- I'm mad at October Oilers fan of the funk band of the phone company hey you yourself in the airlines just like you like being held now on hold for our I have to make it changed your college days electrical -- like Amtrak to agree to. Got to do and -- jobs for the call Verizon and just really wish them well. It -- and mad mad mad Doc Rivers matter Doc Rivers. Can use. I'm confused by this whole situation. I guess I like I'm not mad but I don't like being. I don't like being. Little accident -- it -- like me you don't mean a you don't wanna be here OK well then. It ought to be given the year. You know that's just my attitude -- Yeah but I don't think that's that's personal yes. So he's got props and look at it personally. And I think for the Celtics absolutely the Celtics I don't think there's going to be any any resolution to the big picture. Until the end of the month. Just not to look at it from a business standpoint. They got to make a decision on Paul Pierce on June 30 the have a draft the -- in June 27. -- new -- year on July 1. All of these issues. Really they have a lot of things to figure -- in Africa where coaches. I think all of that. We might be asking some of these questions for awhile until there's resolution. On July 1 June 30 as a foreigner coming up in twenty minutes at three. Up a lot of Bruins talked throughout that entire hour is deemed to a must win for the -- tomorrow night up next though a lot more of your calls Doc Rivers mediators the media. Who do you blame for the uncertainty surrounding the Celtics alcoholic W media. So what do you think -- will be doing next year. I think -- will be coached in the Boston. The Celtics. Remember that of course I -- I ask them that question. Are now afterwards I was may recognize those meal over Billy Squier so what do you think -- will be doing next year. While what does -- think he's going to be doing next year is right now it doesn't sound like he agrees with his boss Danny gains on which he would like to be. Coaching somewhere else. Is Smart ID must win for the Bruins -- asking that question at ten minutes first that your phone calls on -- Danny or the media if the Celtics and the ratio is uncertain. Don't you blame the media -- and we -- we're gambling the media is in no we're not gripping the phone company no absolutely not. -- -- -- two kinds of phone companies that idea there's like. That land line at Bethel -- -- phone company but that's right that's old Kamal -- right old term wrapped up the phone company. -- -- No school was very. Your cellphone company eighteenth not that's not a -- not the phone company I don't know right. I -- -- that's who got yourself for most probably like our cellphones we hate the phone company. Phone company right -- bad -- -- not people who are looking for a company don't just work for the man. He worked for the -- he can help you get up doing your job. Blue collar -- and -- it doesn't stop at -- in the car company told -- back I -- in the car what's up Kyle. -- what are pretty I thought that was sent. -- you know that. Current. -- -- -- -- and their great group you know that -- Arnold -- well this year. It's the election opera doc. Let's say that again Carol is. Yeah how closely does -- vote. You don't so it just a what a game or you're digital or else he committed these conference Arnold he still looked like a little dark. Why don't think it's that it's not good enough and -- the it's good enough for any of us championships are what's supposed to be good enough and the question here is. Why isn't doctor -- why isn't willing to stick around. Why isn't willing to go through the tough times and deal with the contract he signed when you heard the quote from Danny two years ago as -- days ago that that he was he was in it for the long haul. Yeah at two years ago so I think it's easier for me it's easier to look at -- between two years from two years out and say yeah we can deal with it for example is that John -- right now. They're first place in America we use that job fair right now. Our. In a couple of years we're gonna rebuild. And it and we we might be seven united you we might be worse than Bobby east -- -- department said he argument for down. But two years pass and you get closer to bridge were Pedroia to get closer to Lester and Buchholz and you really. Start to forge. And identity with this driving your competitive. And you just you -- -- that can't do it. I don't wanna go to but I think but I got me and he got closer I think you get he became very close. To Kevin Garnett this group Garnett. These two guys Garnett pierce in particular and Rondo with those guys that there's a difference much of the difference here is. You can't continue on with those guys. It just isn't gonna work but you know I mean I I -- the problem I agree but it just like it's like you're in you're in whatever your your job is out there whatever you guys don't win if you are if -- -- on the ground here arguing with the database stuff. In the moment. You see things completely differently. Then the boss. Who have to think big picture for Danny Ainge. No -- -- is coming from. I don't think that picture. I think about the the long term health of this franchise that can't think about what Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett and what Paul Pierce want right now because right now is not gonna help us. And three years and five years up and down the road and that's. Me and makes it if it's logical we can all see it but when you start going through it wants something else. On his -- I either let -- -- just real quick. All of what you are that Islamabad -- -- lot at stake. Let me go to Asia to think big picture a bubble block all that aside welcome what you want to say they look at the rebuilding year related to want to go out. Well just like what document or another block with a rebuilding has -- -- outlook on the carpet at the future. Patrick like our major. You're gonna -- -- it I think business. Having business that you get to say okay go. I'll let you go and and get a job with anybody else to get a job with right now you gotta you gotta think of Doc Rivers as an asset. And you can get for an asset -- draft picks so don't don't don't don't let it become personal. All you want to go. Go ahead. Pick an attitude taken out of context among the the thought they wanted to be here I'm wrong with the saw camp right now I think you're gonna be here -- -- was actually on the contact they look at you know. Given the pink slip a little Madonna -- lack. We do we gotta do it okay well that's okay congress -- it's an -- I'm insulted I -- you know we've got an adult but do we can -- what are up and that and hoping the next stop the rebuild at your rotation up I gotta go we are beyond shop. Hey under technically longer. They -- agree with him and I appreciate this thing off campus but at a role with the salt I wanna make your call market. If you may -- -- -- make -- come on Andre to on the same side and start but I think we're I think we're all sort of an agreement only got really is a huge disagreement here. If Doc Rivers doesn't wanna be here I don't think any of us specifically wanted to go to team that he is -- coach and then you're right Michael he's an -- If he's an asset. Then get the most you can form as quickly as possible but get everything settled. To the you can figure what you're doing in the draft figure out free agency reader you're gonna rebuild and get this thing back to championship caliber as soon as possible. Only Nixon main -- it. And Michael I agree with you that -- -- to the NBA really make me crazy but I'm good support what one -- right here. I I'd like to read the sign and trade. Good on a case by case basis that looks like it's a win win but it's not and I used as possible an example the raptors got -- -- -- -- look like they want but the fact they've bought it and how to lose a diamond that is what made him 10 lead in the first place and they -- you wanted to sign and trade and you make the reward or staying with the team he signed it. Better than you can have a lot more people stay -- their -- and also make the rookie contract years longer. Two years longer marsala if you got if you got a apprised ridiculous use carrier ring at an example got a prize rookie you don't have to worry about. Moving on her trading him before you're ready to because you think he's comfortable with about it. That's all the stuff with collectively bargained lineup like that -- -- at all easy hadn't had this huge opportunity to to deal with some of their collective -- they're the MBA graduate throughout both sides and now hold true what's not what you can't a couple of years ago to deal with some of their competitive ballots are used. And they did nothing when it once I once that once -- doesn't. -- the lead. It is what is with you. Everybody should more competitive now now what kind of balance is good for everybody in the NFL they -- much -- can -- what kind of balanced leads the money what they. But all of what they -- number one in first and foremost -- -- the players association what you -- -- guarantee that we're gonna get jobs I -- -- there were -- be any jobs going away so another -- that they don't care as much as as they -- as we do -- about it mine and once again that the -- you know what I want competitive balance of one every team to have a shot to win as many years is possible I don't wanna -- four teams win every year for 35 years in the NBA. Bruins -- one to two teams with a shot to win at the NHL Stanley Cup game two tomorrow night is it they must win more calls on -- -- the media. And the Bruins as well coming up next rockaholic WE yeah.

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