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Mut & Merloni prank call a couple of whiney, sensitive Chicago radio hosts

Jun 14, 2013|

It all started when McNeil and Spiegel from The Score in Chicago called Boston people drunks and called Fenway a "dump." Knowing that McNeil and Speigel weren't interested in talking to them on air, Lou called in to their show anyway. At first they were afraid, but they finally succumbed to the pressure.

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When you want Bruins on detox you won't look -- antibody -- for most of the joint former NHL or Tony -- he was different show Pierre McGuire yes and no idea how much fun everybody showed its candy strictly a message the rookie -- part -- you can imagine how -- you. Your radar Don cherry joining us well they didn't -- I love it about a bought the gun lobby -- buyers towards my really my only time to really be famous Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- WE DI clear in the show above the 1045 or so. Let you know that. We started playing some sound from Chicago Sports Radio 670 to score. -- a great station up there in Chicago. Earlier in the week because it's not keep an eye and -- year. -- what the opposing city says about the Bruins in their fans because again a series like this again to a finals. And that's that's what you do right Lou whether it is the patriots whether it's that -- it's -- and the Celtics. Miami. Ruins Vancouver. You wanna keep track what the opposing city's saying in a championship series I think it's a pretty. Pretty common occurrence this is how it started always at this. I don't enjoy we squared up -- Red Sox tickets for Tuesday night in Boston about it but you know I really I. As I'm just as I was about to click the button and buying yesterday did you call the plays a dumb last week on -- yes okay. So why I got to go to the dome. And what you're. After remind me. The minute and a longtime right because I guess it has extreme dump like equality it is it's him it's a classic dump. Listen we just we hurt we heard that -- those ironic that -- he. The Wrigley Field on the corner that we just. We just try to get it taken how they feel about about the series about one of the people are saying we've checked in with. With all different sports shows across the country I mean again I reach a cuddle papers. On a revote there -- article I want to read the again shot at seeing now wanna read it all. Just to find out what they're feeling about what's. -- -- -- you would admit that it was more than just the fat -- mean big when they broke down the Bruins it was pretty a sarcastic. Annunciation of some players so. What are his chances I had dogs' names late when he can't Dido as a dominant FF I can't talk fans today. One of the few players that didn't get Tobler you know no real well last night Patrice Charles. And and we held a summit he's in Beverly for Beverly properly as it is I get here Levy's name of the elderly three in Beverly and you pick one of those guys and -- -- not from Chicago. Isn't that indeed the ultimate and final -- we ever said there were homers incidentally who know what they claim of some of that second. It was just like now so that's that's that's their break three nick at his own as the afternoon goes in the net is that what he's what I think he's said you are in half and pianist with -- glass. You even. Ellis it would probably said the Elliott -- should know it Pierre McGuire he didn't take into a different level you're probably said -- the name of their show we're just second minute and -- Chicago show it and they begin to their names honestly we just -- playing in the air and it was. I unit tweets and camp Lee began as using sound from our show it's embarrassing. What's what's so wrong level people listening to show chicken and that is from one of the host Matt Spiegel went to Emerson here locally. And after. Via a back and forth yesterday afternoon he said hey Lou Maloney. Meaning include me on the tweet which is -- the followers. You really need to play clips from our showed a program yours in Boston -- after a game like that that's embarrassing. Old smack talking snake in last that was the idea behind the wheel house Virginians in north tonight. Create -- win right. Bulls and Phoenix were playing in the final I guess that's what they're doing even today Audi -- is spending a lot of their -- talking about us because they -- they can't come up with actual contents did talk about the free get Bruins in the only cup final. These -- minutes for five and six we talked about this today so that's if that's a lot we'll just show me that isn't -- cigarettes and we have Jesse is very good match day after game one I think we we checked in again to try to get their reaction a competent they were. Going into game one we just we checked in -- through with three minutes department for on a total distant get a feel for what they're saying about it down the week. We that we've played talk about that final day but -- he responded to him because you directly said yeah you might understand it now we've been a lot of finals and all these foreign objects other school title island. He said no I get it. If he gets on a high horse here unbelievably A says I just think it's an old school small time cheesy bit. You find what you deemed stupid and attack if not how I work. The out of town rate mostly isolated -- -- finished. This final week in the -- back and forth was -- -- -- you the at a town radio -- thing is really try to shall -- find out what that means. Some between you know earlier to me Texan but hey generating your own content. Is always a challenge and exit via and the district of Texas Fenway is is a cripple. It's more very comfortable -- but it ought to you know and and to. Wrigley Field they won't -- let them build this thing up. And put all the advertisements and fix Wrigley Field because the people on center field the bars won't have a good sight line. When they look all of the feel like every thirty minutes 45 minutes to -- gimmick. They did they'd just more concerned about the view what their bars and they are actually improving their ballpark and put net somewhat decent team on the field. Mean it's like the paint cats at her all time remote Blackhawk fans amiga and local newspapers right now articles about you know chick a hockey rules. When the -- went to cheer what this means what that means like as far as like three years ago. Lake lake stories on the try to educate Chicago friends and hockey. Carrot Top so what about it. I understand that but. Here's the part the pod -- doesn't bother you with. -- the tweets you. That make him seem like he is above all of this and make it seem like we are some. Mobile -- show which is fine what you call every our show you wanna call but this idea that he's above when he calls -- trite in calls its -- Andy says old school small time and cheese you know what it -- There when you're down 01 in -- series you mad at everything I guess zone after two goal -- their Matta yeah Abbott and messier -- -- and now you can't get around anywhere merits of the bridge miserable trappings -- know if it's lazy -- jaded like colts gold dumb -- race. You know. So is this isn't players' names on purpose is so it's picking on. Is always the same you know rather then highbrow and that's why is it that your anticipated today and businessman about -- thank -- on economic. Of tweets at me randomly -- looked down Mike Douglas is interesting read and I'm just a select medical backed Adam with a -- you know as what we do around here and figured. I -- some fun with it now no fun for him in fact open behind the scenes. We tried to set up something where we go on each other show and talked about this and hashed through but he is a total about Dan. That's a real sensitive guy I saw I guess I shouldn't I shouldn't in the sex message he sent one of our producers and -- I made. I may -- that a little chip here with the afternoon -- but. Attacks were super. Suit and any clear we didn't really means is that enough of their and they are going sounds right to yourself boy. In again you know like you said that the series -- will continue to check in with them daily. We'll just see see what happens is not going on for I don't know we do not good enough for me and we did it was Vancouver. And we got some unbelievable sound -- listeners -- until Bob over the chick all pissed and -- York collector -- she called. Which probably the other bullying Brad -- it was it was outstanding and people like the Israel -- this beautiful. The minute when they come in and down Tuesday is that we -- Tuesday. It just -- to line him up maybe get an in studio aren't enough for me I'm not wait until then here's what like to try to do if we -- Can we just called their show. And just try to goal on their shoulder because they are you refuse that well liberal question just -- -- -- -- happen if we just can't call them out like eight -- unless they have full phones year in the flight that last hour there -- -- -- Is their chance because hall in weight as a there as a phone call early so call us I don't tech works you tell me it was technically possible if we can do that. -- I would like to 'cause it annoys me that he thinks he show it's -- -- largely do the same crap that we call is that I'm Steve from Fall River. Are suffering from Gloucester. So you know and just. He would though there's talk to us it's talking about the league deal ever for Brighton at the analysts are sensitive because he never said in New England hockey -- almost knots and just. Commenting on people from Chicago what they're saying -- all is it technically impossible I should ask you off the year this -- -- are. Known technically -- I just knew if I didn't -- their phone number we call. -- you got it got a little arguments received though if the one. Journalists you know analyst in the rift and Stanley had a meal. Attack in our city. Did you also start off with a bunch of drunken irishman day in Chicago. Again that was part of that I've got a -- -- upbeat that did the drunken part of that there might be right there notre that's OK I can at least admit -- Good game I don't hate my goal alone Michael left Tuukka -- Only live in the city -- living in the city. Through and below. Are you doing. This is who might talk to right now. H. I. Massachusetts -- From where Joey from Medford. And map. And from Boston Medford mass. -- -- -- Powell would -- Bless you and I sort of talk about some Blackhawks fan out here in a lot of people talking trash about the Blackhawks and how you know Bruins should feel good about game one and who knows so there. Stuff and it's fun to talk to those guys about it it's a Blackhawk fans on here. Aren't here would -- named -- -- always the Mets that generally. It. Here -- cannot. Yes sir senator Barack. Policy -- -- well it was shop late. These guys which mark dramas like that. There will would you. Right club currently Paul -- the franchise is coming back and have been rather giving him ball. Hey are you you one of the idea of. I listen to those guys are talking trash but that's all right. Yeah where we're located in any gets around the bid Zola. You know I'm an advance thanks one. Why enjoy just put a -- we can talk this thing out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning do stunts -- were overweight and. -- -- -- -- -- Because apparently act I can't talk -- paper or at all actually we never -- personal shots we do you guys in because guys that you were pitched to an outside perspective than it all sensitive and -- little weird. -- any time. 00 hawks. Did no good called -- from Medford. It but I don't get it did you hear in the background I'd like a -- we -- active role in the background they are role on our shell all day. You can hear Spiegel and the backgrounds in the try to be witty clever and call -- to our shows that he's doing shell. He's getting text and called friends as well as producer. These guys are not trying to caller -- other obvious they're they are about talking for five minutes they're scared five minutes to the simple as that there's five. Minutes. Without a bit and ending. They talk about that it's so important that that wouldn't have been enjoyable for the listeners that a guy that people enjoy that call -- and Mike -- is that there with the footing I I agree. Why wouldn't Thelma and Louise -- on the -- Mike hill repeats and they're sick it was -- to know post wedding I think our show. Guys who's winning soak in the ratings -- doing awesome and Chicago. Via. The Eagles the brother brother bandages how many records faithful you can hear or speak on the background -- get -- trying to call in. They are listening to shell the -- during their -- They're not so good she writes that like this. So many chances I dogs' names lately he can't I don't know as a dominant competitor come on dog fans today. You guys. It's thank you landed -- man it's Friday it's like 115. What I tell you guys talking about album sales. Well let's look at possibly come -- and -- finally here. You dig it right why don't Obama not the first time he called and -- the irony is that we have lines -- now we got in right away when they do that that -- just play -- man what are we doing is that -- political show all. Like that they don't -- It's Sports Radio brawl people drive around Friday afternoon let's have a laugh let's have a good time with that. And then it's on on on on and not a good -- don't -- because maybe they. Just not those types of guys you know that can pick and you know think like that and you know like just like -- on the spot have like a conversation and be put on the spot and maybe come back -- the just not. -- -- comfortable themselves well then again don't dispute something like you know it sounds like to be something that'll be trite. Or shall lock if they want to do. I understand AJ had warned us about one of the guys in the Bruins have a like a -- -- -- they are really weird bird known as the market. I inheritance -- -- marsh on 63 but -- is the one news he's boy. He's -- adjusting got to look at is me occasionally still they should give him the guy go ahead because he looks like he's something from many many centuries removed from where we are now really does he looks like a different it's a different species than the rest of us at. That's riveting radio they all then I'll let them on who just have a discussion great hockey -- -- I would is that we have five people don't understand him get through. We got right erosion or they call the next one of the Blackhawks guys their names in their faces and. Try to have phones which what you try to -- a week at the -- conversely -- still locked gates -- school to small time -- -- -- and you goods you little bits. You push Mike's in New Hampshire Mike what's going on. But low -- -- guys like what's meant. Lou the outlook op from I was onto my -- I -- I -- is that if -- I got -- so it didn't. There are taken -- and -- the real. No they're they're they're extremely sensitive a 100% I swear on my sixty -- bolts on what -- -- -- it was something we did the on the snow laden was not play out mice -- my son turned sickness -- at six months next week I swear on his wife we know hey it's not with their natural reaction I don't know. I believe Uga I don't get is that something that is the real -- and Chicago I mean is this something -- -- act that something they really put on the show this is ridiculous. Well I don't I don't know if I know they all artistic you know I. And dog I don't like I said that the did that Spiegel we aren't all of blowing played baseball is you know what's hot and he's a guy. Very doesn't cut an album music DJ. And Nolan and at and listen. Whatever we just sit here we we we talk hockey we have some of the best guest best hockey coverage -- -- at a mall and and he's gonna debate hockey. Okay well I got asked before hanging up I mean I have the phone number I got a call these guys that I'd just like -- but at the bit here. Well we're gonna got to get them better than Nolan is an aid don't goldmans are like Iowa -- -- -- -- McNeal McNeal Spiegel. While wanna give the number. I think they should be a lot of joy from Medford the call their -- met for the rest of the show -- pats in -- today pack -- -- when Mark -- -- pat it is a pet in there. Is a pattern Matt and -- -- Right there in -- Guys yes tiger you station is called. Lipstick very upset column on c'mon boys and want you guys come on he's like no organized outside -- have a smoker now. Like we should just call us we could set it up. -- -- -- don't -- we couldn't have said it was one of your post didn't want to send business and wanna you know trying to -- days what was the upset about let me put on the spot we talked to Kevin and Boston -- Kevin. Yes. Duo. And look at those little. Girl. That they would stop him wet. We were actually some good about it at a. What does the big deal I had a good topic Gaza hawks fan I'd love show off -- no. I'm just you do you -- you shot of the air waves. And good. And I are here right now -- as. They ought to just call us back Kevin off the air and they are not happy -- not happy apparently what I don't know what what does he still upset about all the problem was he was upset that -- on there. Very upset -- as a candidate banners and -- So he's really does so I talked to talk to one -- -- our producer to the producer was actually on -- having our discussion here he got -- again -- you're -- pretend your caller of the station you were talking to their version -- -- on well you are so sensitive hallways and -- path I want you to know that. I know -- extreme I made. At this -- on the air our fairway and they're very sensitive over there in Chicago don't get so their listeners and hearing that conversation no bishop play that that's good stuff. That's funny. We don't hear a little -- in this don't wanna hump day so I got to find some melts. That's funny all right let's -- our hotline that rings again because he said he was -- Asked as -- called me back 617779793. And they final push -- and holly Beck is the phone number. People will love that the AT&T -- line 37937. Will get your phone calls and all fired up by a lot to give out their call a number. On the air to have Joey for Medford calling -- right back to your calls without snacks. You're listening to -- Here on the WE IA sports. Radio network. And it. It. It. WEEI what's your name. Is straight forward stuff. It will do -- talk about today you're under this thing -- -- -- faster -- yeah I would do right now you're on the air. -- -- on the air. Yeah all right our reporters dramatic aerial evidently got all the (%expletive) -- -- FC title in the zero who. And again and with the MVP that year under that I've told people want talk and there's creative and don't want to come out and Gavin was there yesterday given all the credit -- these guys mortality really saying. How you know you got to be trust me and I'll tell you when they take you guys aren't. Craig is in Maine he joins the show right to take calls while on Chicago radio school anonymous. That that beautiful -- -- -- that -- or make a quick comment I have a casual. Hockey and yeah watching that series. But what you guys that try to do what it optimum. And an accident WEEI where -- one better station is now posted by a bunch of chumps. And -- -- -- destroyed by the sports. Clearly deservedly so. Could you got to doing a bit from 1997. Challenging outlook on the radio it was. Smack down well. I'll welcome -- to an actual radio station. Hey guys thank you very much you know Leo we like to give our listeners like a little taken outside city so we we found your -- and we gave it a little -- in. -- that was. Much all we did -- I don't at all you could get you guys clearly don't know how to break down a hockey game Hewitt six spirit was. I wish to mispronounce names are well there's no way to break down again Jesse and I actually didn't and a great breakdown we great break did the day of the game just to try to get a feel of the opposite competent over property in Chicago we. Breakdown hockey all the time I noticed that I'm a baseball player reportedly had all but you know guys. Nobody said that and we're not overconfident either we respect the hell out of the Bruins. Soto a nation that we upset with a goaltender. You big upset about living in Boston where to go to school anyways Spiegel. -- up all that worked California. Yeah a good Ozzy album doing anyways you own brother brother -- that thing on the sales will be up to these days out -- song will be playing a little bit of that I'm fine point in time so you must really be breaking down also look to sports down their -- with -- music background you guys DJ Steve talks sports or you just what what do you what exactly do we do. I get a restaurant recommendations for the north at all Tuesday night please. I'll give you weren't -- -- you want. One of my favorites do I'm gonna give him and it is real advice and you can't can't go wrong go to a lot trashed on Hanover street -- book -- But guys got or write that down you -- a lot of friends a lot of former schoolmates in Boston College tell me what an embarrassment your station is. Well -- is that is that still is that your hockey is that your hockey talk. You Levin right down to is -- successfully you've got to have successfully Interbank so -- our. And you should not. After you guys broke down and back down with a bunch of Sissy boys at the next as a -- -- other putters at the station -- we guy Taylor -- those text message out there you sent to lots. -- okay Matt Olson detects a back -- that you -- a -- -- producers saying that they that we don't wanna do this Matt did you do that or not. I'll -- all that -- but let me get the phone with -- and let me get the phone like this -- -- we don't -- deal now is we can't talk hockey. You'll need it like back what you just -- talk. You guys are terrible you guys that are embarrassment to the business through bad. It is too bent Yankee mispronouncing names on purpose now a winning combination -- also -- guys that today Britain generating anyways. We will lose it you're gonna keep talking to -- talking hockey. Better than this. We're gonna just he talk -- -- you guys have one come back is this and this is going you've won come document very doubtful guys up. Out of you guys ever adding other than talking here. What's up hockey at all it's -- Let's -- let's let's talk outlines of the ninety's they -- really hang out of the brother. And in. That's -- that here's the thing. It's fun. I enjoyed that it's Friday 130. Waited though. You know back and you realize you look like chumps. I think you out of what we do -- critical that we would say always talk about ratings do so many chances I dogs' names late when he can't I don't know as a dominant player. And that that's all I tried to figure out is what's the difference between what Matt thinks we're doing and what we them doing. Which is not rate on the game joke about the players' names. With a lot to do a lot of that did we we we were making fun of ball. All sorts of names on Chicago that we did not broke down the game itself. I would like to hear their their opinion on the game itself and what they think is gonna happen Saturday night. I tried in Chicago I kept trying to wanna talk hockey. That's all. A fun. Topic. We listen to that moment we. Don't we want the art. Medical probably find out that they'll be an easy thing for us to one -- Oh well I wish we could go against them tentative. -- -- -- -- -- -- I love the fact we got the first time we decide to try to called and I loved that part I elected to objective and neighbors are -- they were so in Paris by their performance. They decided that they wanted to come on. And do that that. What you just -- is what we wanted to do was yesterday before I didn't want to set that we want to do this UN setup for Africa today for Friday is a fun way to doing you're right GO. And talent yet Spiegel sent -- text messages and he didn't wanna do it she did he could deny it only wants you but he doesn't want you heard. He -- countless an embarrassment to the business again the -- the the -- she prep school. Emerson it's -- jail Emerson type thing I do radio look at it that way. I do things easily whenever I was in a band -- -- Emerson Joey since that's what you get their folks that's -- again -- want to they won their Bauer hockey analysis and in that we don't talk cocky but. Did they not done it any partly an act identical -- is you require her to feel all the time at the dominant hockey. These are busy afternoon goes in the -- is out what he's but I think he's said you know you are -- -- -- with glass and that's riveting that's great analysis right there fraud it's a huge particularly to produce is happy that result -- Hillary Hillary. What that first phone call me oh I think that ultimately I think OJ is now that is the hosts I'd listen to a thank chased by still listening -- thank you for playing a long period deal and deal with as much better than your host did. But he dropped down -- bridge by -- divine answer hell yeah you gonna get that title and then you. As. An engine drops down and cover the Bible. Or purse you brought you promised that place on this music and we are getting bag on Twitter on text to place on this music at some point. Brother brother number. Always have their -- at what's that call in number 12644676. Cent a huge. We want anyone to love this idea 6446767. Of the real 126. Or so people 6767. Is the number and you're -- ferment when you call. Blackhawks. Center. Here's the good Myers I get through it all the gonna get through this industry cult to make sure that your not really Bruins in the Hoosier fear of it's college -- Just that I don't count -- about. Chelios. Bill -- and Chris Chelios. When your all time favorite. You know bank principal calls here. It's doctor Craig may Craig Greg you are talking journalists before he talked of those guys how are you. Hey guys are -- debt paper laid -- sorry Bobby Valentine can we get a bottle of red giant had punch those guys in the -- what. Sorry Greg my -- yet we had the lead remember we appreciate. Eight and -- will -- can we get you guys parade that was great radio. -- -- I'd like to get paid today and it paid a couple months so that would be good. Thomas in the great kind of separately top. They have legal -- -- -- -- in you would do. You know I had to get that out -- this is actually what was on that call so. Even so Gucci but I had a college while I -- I live outside of that start of yet though. And enduring the hole is the electing in the coming out or is that in Oregon they regret but whenever. All -- to do -- sit there and yet. Rail on Boston. And -- -- like. In that they got beat up or someone that every day when he was here because anytime you get a chance to shop that blossomed. Into. And play and gaining -- don't don't worry about being back in history. I kind of liked is that where I like Danny Mac I think that act I he didn't really jumping in. And I I think that. I would like any MacKey South Africa as a guy that I would like with Spiegel is is really starting to (%expletive) me off as a sure as as a -- to listen to now his stuff everyday. And play wanting it if they're to a remote you get -- and indymac has looked at during our personal security. You might want call up the next day. Oh really really wanna put a few now this malvo written in the boys but boys got a problem boys got a problem when -- personally there's. -- written yet -- yeah no problem put Iowa. What were fair Danny Mac. Like Danny Mac. It's it's the other lead singer. For brother brother -- -- crazy about Jeremy is a call from the road today Jeremy or put much -- night threw seven. -- -- -- -- -- Ballot that was ridiculous for Arnold I didn't know -- what catches on national but while it -- ridiculous our late. So we did attract and -- I know how to do an -- hockey game. -- -- very sensitive Jerry Remy that's the used to you -- the whole thing you heard Estrada called and that didn't wanna do with any heard him called back would you agree that they seem. Very sensitive about this. They gathered great and they tablet little girl treaty on actually. -- -- out I had no -- eagle on it now I want the Bruins. I had to do. You. -- where rational look at night denigrate what. That'll Alec talk about I've learned more about yeah and you guys out the week at a vital life. A lot and so I had never heard. On the radio I do a better job in nineteen dole. Hopefully that. Thanks Jeremy -- we are ridiculous -- a -- you know Rick in the year ago brick and a great tennis thing down I'm just. I really am I'm so surprised at the dome the whole thing started like game of the the day of the game we played like -- wounded men and have a couple calypso a couple of Chicago and it was six or seven cuts a couple of seconds. -- with -- it was a get a tweet saying that. I can't believe you guys bared -- of our show it's embarrassing it's what what is the big deal. What is the big deal because one of those guys I can't speak for to -- I only know the tweets that Matt sent. The EU and the ones that he text message to our producer here he's very sensitive and is certain way he wants to ago. About doing radio which is not -- highbrow. Way to do anything toward do isn't fun is it cool. Apparently that's the that's why gift wrap of some of these calls like these note if you're really good hoc analysis though you should listen leadership. The Chara blast not as clean as you might like it to be the one on closure -- goal however. Thought that was a good silky award winner perjury Mike's in New Hampshire Mike your model. How bad it yeah I don't like it about. Quote we need to assume. That -- -- Oh well yeah and Nicholas and here. -- actually. That they -- enough. It makes them sound stupid new talent -- -- you know like. That circuit. I mean yeah listen. Perjury and political Bergeron and perjury and John McCain's prisoner -- serious -- it. Doug -- -- that cute little nickname he came up with very creative and in it was did but the Bertrand. -- isn't. You know let's and we announce names left and right you know what can you do it the united just. And again -- I mean think about that what we're doing a radio show here and -- Somebody Oden you know during the Super Bowl in New York actually play the clips from some of the patriot fans call it what you guys -- but the giants. And -- -- sit it. Can't believe that doing that it's its own harassing. And why he's -- that's if a partner. And commerce and -- -- dog Amendola. Proper name the crowd and Albert and forget it. Mike thanks for your call today what I like most embarrassing part is we -- thing with Vancouver. In the or even a sensitive. Why I don't action -- him and we know that we -- -- all the same thing that they took over and we didn't like that it was awesome are we got to do this -- I like to take a break. The the first time we called them raw on the year. We come back to is that too we play. That we come back we just play we first called a minute talk to -- your producers that too long it -- on the -- yet on if you miss this this hour. Illogical senators catching part of the conversation how this'll start -- We want to do this crosstalk and -- which eventually give which Chicago Sports Radio but they wouldn't do would have first so we had blue call in. To their -- and Tony -- goalie from Medford if you -- did you do not want to miss it we're gonna play next. Meg going to be -- and doesn't mean yeah it. Live in the city. This really. Hello yeah played -- and -- and this is who might talk to right now. -- thank you. -- Away from afterward Massachusetts are. And from where Joey from Medford. Medford -- In -- Boston Medford mass. Into what the -- -- about how would irritate. -- -- -- -- talk about some of Blackhawks fan out here and a lot of people talking trash about the Blackhawks and now you know Bruins should feel good about game one and who knows so there. Stuff and it's fun to talk to those guys about that some black -- fans on here. All right him what are they -- Joey the Mets that. Here are not yes sir -- repair our policy Kane Toews and -- -- sharply. These guys which mocked John was like that. It will would you. All of the franchise. Coming back and rather getting him ball. Are you. Yeah -- I listen to those guys to talk trash that's all right. -- world -- any random bit so. You know. And and that they. Ones who want to put a song we can talk this thing out -- Andersen partner program we're here and there were Kagan and degrading and do these sort of little. Morning on. This that's a Google Talk hockey because apparently act I can't talk hockey and he personal shot -- and you know. Should we never took personal shots we didn't you guys in because you guys thought you were pitched to get an outside perspective than you guys -- all sensitive and he's got a little weird. Things that pay any time. -- -- -- I'll -- it must learn on 837 WEEI. Joey from Medford. -- You really sold that one but can't we go on the air with you couldn't be missed that ointment is that the first time around hey can we go on the air with the -- -- -- -- -- Hey hey that's on us -- again go back to that bet -- tennis -- down it's down black kid that it marked as they it proves they are listening to our show. On their show out there a while they're doing an -- But during the was it was XP legalism that while he's on the -- some sound like it was a test. It will review. -- -- That's him again trying to be clever and witty call the shell bulls on you know jokes audio never clever and witty. We've never been clever way. -- Jennifer and that's not the clever and witty here. Jokes on -- Spiegel. On the show apparently maybe on your show and he's giving nobody else hold on a body LG is -- for Chicago LJ howry oh. They boys don't tell but Good Charlotte -- -- -- -- some props like you know -- a resident of Chicago land area. Your show is kicking their shows that in my car because I looked and he got to the apple might fall into rather look. Boston sports that I would doubt countless Sports Radio guys so good job keep it up. Well I appreciate -- OJ. -- that connect. We appreciate it is understood -- mean we just. Chicken and a half left in Britain and the -- yet we are doing bear stock right now to -- -- call and you might not get the go to -- their times that it's it's only 1 o'clock. Or from 9 AM to one. 2:1 PM central our -- She likes their often and and and it'll start -- -- you know pissed off -- in the week. It was the world approach and Jake is in Providence I Jake. They were going on guys up my music. I just wanted to tackle them props I was didn't get bitten and in my truck which and in not you -- at lunch that was absolutely hilarious. -- a casual lot sport and I am I watch a lot of bought in hockey but that was by far the only thing I ever heard on radio. Well appreciated today it was truly truly was a lot of fun. From frost I -- wanna go on their audio -- -- thank stamp Providence. Hey guys yeah you -- rocket as they now for the blasts really pissed off because. You know they're actually getting the hoop -- sports. Captors honoring the album. -- Perry and I think there actually sitting here so I have a theory. Number one I think that listening to your show because they know nothing about hockey. So they get it off from you and then they say it on there now. Secondly. I don't think they wanted to airing their -- and -- and because they're gonna look like total bill that is when they come bought and though. They don't know what they're talking about the people who get in my heart -- So you -- rocket -- was it was amazing it was hysterical and just just keep doing what you guys in Iraq. Are you going to be OK with -- crew exits for bark cow -- on Saturday night. You know -- -- I honestly will be but I don't think. From the -- happen quite deep quote it yesterday I don't think he's gonna set down. Is -- of that he had. Confidence down and he also thought that if the forwards are doing what they were supposed to do with that Torre would have been in that situation. So I want. I do think that it would be. I could think as he gave Matty so little time but honestly. I don't think that's kind of camp. Well -- -- outsourcing call Rivera for a lot of people say I can't get the -- you know one mistake can't sit them out already happened. Doug Hamilton. Made some mistakes and in play so it's it. The indictment this guy's career where he's gonna become but this is the Stanley Cup I would sit here -- take all your phone calls -- we -- -- we got -- salt in Holland -- coming up so what's on tap that -- You know what it is. And there when you're down 01 in the series you -- mad at everything I guess zone after two goal lead their Matta yeah Abbott and messier live involved. It's just not know at one -- it took -- -- every medley in Boston. -- winner well that was part of their spiel was that January because -- -- of the boss and he was being negative and that was. Some of their solid solid takes the what's -- -- LaMont Lou 937 W -- -- it's -- -- for the weekend so we got one more night yeah. Before game Q when you get Dempster -- Tillman down there Baltimore. -- the Red Sox who have. Winners of to a three to see difficult time that they would get lost game one an extra innings Scioscia that affects it tonight tiller -- out of the that we see him. So Dempster Tillman tonight out of Baltimore should be distinguished Biederman what do you on tap for today GO. At a special voice mail for you guys from frank from Gloucester school left frank while Father's -- addition nice yeah. But don't stop. Now okay that we go. It's the only way. Thank god. I want to bring -- ball way of it won't be an extinction way to market. But we elect -- creative spirit like Michael Ball way except like Willie Mays catch like that but no. Or blow hard like Bobby Bo and also all did you call it like what -- born to -- to bring you let your mind you'll. Everybody would like April. But god and -- -- to march concession want to okay. Let me get this program techcrunch if she might that it gave and a -- his state of micro blog so likable no. Now. Years while tears in my eyes that's emotional right there for -- -- Outstanding for how we set -- wanted to be part of our our fathers -- send off. That's what the -- legal on Tuesday poem. Nice work. I mean my goodness though the what's on tap as I am it's all the dads out there. I'm having great Father's Day it's Father's Day weekend you've got the hockey you've got the gulf you got the Red Sox baseball. And all the -- -- -- collar lawyers say ninety. -- tonight again happy Father's Day by taking your first Little League practice. Sat through all those games you were kids. And it's something good here for Father's -- happy father's him happy Father's Day speaks. Is your father we know. -- You know little bit too -- Wikipedia he -- I feel like Monday I don't know -- is here -- I feel like citizens not. -- -- mile long so clearly what -- here Monday do you think it has some -- listeners go to their broadcast locations mostly portrait of well maybe that maybe some -- or -- -- dozens -- they would go to the broadcast will talk to them and -- -- up looks up to tweet us. We are back Monday I don't think this sort of dialogue shot -- have a great Father's Day weekend and be greatly in studio on Monday Sports Radio WEEI.

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