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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Lester needs to get straightened out

Jun 14, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Jon Lester's last few starts, the AL East, and Middlebrooks.

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Sell the -- real 15 Campbell are joining us -- Kevin's on the show is brought to you by -- insurance by commonwealth mortgage. And the voted tractor corporation I'm not sure he has a full time job because every time we talked on he's either to golf course dirty driving range he still. At the driving range at the boys this morning Kevin. Still still trying to keep it secure -- and you're already hit so let me just say it yet that you -- that -- quite -- me. Because birdie start amiga yeah David everywhere. The -- looks like now they told -- crater the other senior golf tour. Mark them up -- myself fortunate future again take control and. What it does all the did you get looks like he's got a nice little set up down to one or two with a health coaching them. Is that you and. You're only Europe or in the political school last year -- a golf camp and that issue and bet that we wanted to that we want you to be your coach. Who such plot point. IDC noted that -- -- now what kind of stuck you know kind of like you like good job -- yeah that's a perfect human yet. Early this morning well this can be a long look. LSU the the Red Sox play Baltimore last night in. Negative thoughts here on Chris Davis because you know last year at a big year too immediate to seven -- Obviously a lot of strikeouts but what he's doing this year is kind of off the charts stuck -- taken a leap. I -- come on a better -- American League right now. Purely as Lou he's really nice adjustment -- slow in the game down you know I want the playoff game when they play the Yankees last year. And watching can remark rentals struggle in that policies along a lot of other guys. They actually ineptitude almost it didn't even get that -- it was like breaking ball would bounce from the -- may be due to -- -- it was like strike three strikes or striking. Ever say you know that's the big strikeouts and air brought up -- -- parlor game but at some point when -- -- -- -- continually swing for the fences. You have to know maybe split here might become or slider curveball and I'll watch it like they were making proper adjustment and all the sudden. You could see at that perhaps come Buck Showalter -- a lot of credit for sticking with this young man. You seem to count the number -- -- finally he gets -- you know what you're my guy. You're gonna strike out you're gonna play everyday -- -- like I think it's out Chris Davis to basically have that problem and know that I'm Alina lineup. What I strike out in Almonte and you certainly see to it slowed down. Well it's one of the seventeen teams you played four Major League Baseball signal about the Baltimore team their -- and had two and a half back Kevin two and a half back. -- they played now upwards of its close to seventy games this year. And we get past the point where last year was a flu can you believe this is going to be a sustainable thing again this year the Orioles the content for playoff spot. Yeah I think they're used to -- to -- -- -- over are -- a Buck -- memorials are -- to be reckoned -- in the American -- -- you can. He can't make it up they're starting pitching you don't you know that's an -- he might bring out somebody also larger. Greg Garcia doesn't matter they'll make a trade at some point in July whether you're like a Mac are I know PDI PL right now what you're gonna you know -- better -- Eight pixel they can't bullpen help. They get jobs in the back in the very athletic conference currently eat practically. -- -- archaic -- Weir's. Own Davis so this team's not going anywhere. And the other side of it is that everybody's kind of good in -- no one's absolutely a slam not great team but they're great Canada's -- -- going -- They'll wanna ask you about it's a pretext for yesterday was David Ortiz at that bomb and it was simple it was once a -- always a -- and they've been. The cachet of like home run hitters right did Japan home runs and things -- CEO that's great but there's. He's got their cachet but there's always somebody that may be does that objects that look so the look of but shall halter and I don't think. He's he's entertained by it and at what point do you push to forward futures David Ortiz and approach and 500 home runs you can do what do you want. Many current parliament secret -- and -- filed on the other -- I would like Sony takes but I note David Ortiz and know you'll be any itself. I wouldn't send him to migrate up the great person doesn't do anything to try to show anybody. He's big poppy but I understand their side that you don't know David -- in a three run home run it artist in the bombed big RBIs. He can rugged rough quite like any other great players that that's not guilty. There's always rewarded now talking about yeah I'll admit I would reg guide you know peck at saint Lou but she is because the players get. You heard it in -- talk about you know I'm Nick Punto. And literally. -- a lot about what could here's where you are talking about rod property either take this blue that guy that's why you're the great players you both. Well let me ask this because that let's say somebody does object committee does at the right away. David Ortiz reactors he just say OK you don't like it hit me so be it. What yeah that's that's part of the thing I did that game changer -- Barry Bonds used the same thing he felt like it would -- 360 so -- -- Sure I want Kyrgyzstan likely to hit the ball replied. Big league home run hitters like getting your grandfather in that -- go or stay rookie and I think. Reputation around you know he doesn't do. In a bad way some -- looks east and that probably like. Atlanta hello but a little bit you know when. It's it's not an arbitrary -- which disrupted discussion what are we like or not it's still go on. He talked about pitchers you face all the time in and kind of stuff they that we that we all think that Jon Lester has great stuff. -- thirty innings for him after really good start Kevin. 38 hits six home runs he has walked the ballpark and it just seems like he's back to be in the guy. Last 45 starts or so that doesn't either doesn't appear confident in his own stuff or is happy being Daisuke and happen in -- in around the plate. How do you get a -- to believe in it and get back to being a pitcher that can be dominant like Jon Lester joint event. What you exit point from the first mutton and a year and understand it you're you're starting to see a guy its location. It's location they're better at -- or not there anymore I don't know because I'm looking has a lot speak he doesn't throw 96 anymore and seven and 95. He pitched at between 88 in 92. And we are broke a lot speed down the middle of the plate I'll be damage inside the right handers. Slider. Neither life. Carter heater and then maybe sure your herbal but you're right now -- to maybe like elect and a picture. Above average stop with the above average a lot into common leapt hand that you've all seen our package. Lester need to take the ball -- that -- Paula sat down and believe in himself he does go through these periods were somewhat like Jon Lester doesn't believe. How could Jon Lester -- years -- acting as part of key patent and keep going on girl -- -- play before this and and figure it out because he streamed out. But developing a look get a -- as the -- it would give the hitters too much credit like. He's not 9697. When you do that you can get away with a lot of mistakes almost fell -- almost a couple of bats for right east. And we talked about that before. Boy don't sitting up -- 9697. And it's -- like Daisuke favored by a strike at my fastball it's going to hit. And it's almost like a conference when he goes back conference in that fastball -- guys out with a you're in serious trouble -- that's why he seasonable -- well. -- -- -- -- You're a different outcome that they're currently ridicule out all 87 miles hour down the middle for two weeks we know what will walk the place. You try to trick -- out trick and we would get the way it. Lester pitched well last or part are Gary got a great start and yet -- Lester back the Red Sox general -- but yet. Oh well you know and a lot of that because a lot of -- the -- I -- Kashmir stay on the golf course it. Mariano Rivera what what the economic game with one particular indicator lights really key locations. Mariano Rivera -- You've never seen Mariano Rivera -- all the -- so as -- -- -- Lester got a lot of weight or hit spots work now as well. And can't resolve our own but -- -- put too much on that white. I think both you and I -- we can we get the baseball season and we get the good judge that's an average over six months. And that's why I've always been I've been patient with this left side of the infield with the Red Sox and drew and middle Brooks. And then Iglesias comes up here he's a fourteen game hit streak -- -- a little bit differently now which not all infield hits and he's playing great defense as much is that I wanna stick with. No drill which choice really been struggling as much -- wants to -- Brooks comeback just came back from the DL. At what point in your mind Kevin. All they can play the hot hand injury you don't like you don't know what you have a role to play and I don't like a little of the intimate situation. And for the proper in the Red Sox to say let's. It into its march or not it's not like they're based. Meadowbrook is power threat. Okay I'm -- and -- yet he's the only studio around but he still look at particularly our writing -- -- -- several rounds so he's still. Accurate third baseman Adam and his group that we -- short opera late. Improvement here. And then English teacher guy but it and former welcome. We know -- I don't know I just would -- an entire year is it going to be that first year you know it's to set you back at your short stop. But there's a lot of the match there's a lot a week. -- industry some -- and -- as he looks so much better to get to me he went out strong very good player who -- also I'd like. What he's doing he looks great now it's evil and we'll look back but the Red Sox have to make a decision on. If your short opera not -- elderly and mine -- seven or whatever the exact. Money but. If you pocketing you've got your ticket and maybe not -- all well that's a heck of a lot cheaper that might get better so that they're at it and I don't think the meadowbrook situation. They issued common effect because the start become a revolving door you don't want that -- -- -- on Google books third baseman to eat cereal he hit it straight to -- -- Delegates yet on this BA Major League Baseball expected to hand out suspensions up the Dodgers and dizzying Kennedy get more than six games should inch Mark McGwire get a couple games for tweak -- -- the way he tweaked out of all jacked up in that thing. I think he can't cricket and the twelve games in my opinion he neck balls I'm not a big fan of the net well I'm not out you never stay in the box carefully you'll. That box and you're gonna retaliate which is part of baseball unwritten rule. Pop pop a -- lately -- McClatchy manner. This that this that it strictly we're back LA and I should strike that I'm not -- that -- curb the cranky titular said the purpose it was above the shoulder sorry about it. You let delete -- batters the last 2012. Clean it up that's -- -- likely not uber starkly -- you get right -- much are we get him in the back. In the numbers depict cigarette and brutal I thought I mean a lot more respect. For Greinke that -- yelled run the base has taken -- yeah that was it you know I just you know there's a way to play this game like not Q I'm not a big fan and -- Are equipped forget TI know you got a lot of thought advised bloody years on your intentional talk you all over the place your big league MLB network you -- help us out here in Boston -- wanna start. A wanna start get this campaign -- we've been trying to. Daniel -- needs to be writing Daniel -- needs to be in the all star teams don't be afraid to promote the man you know when he got a national audience. Our. New hi Lou you're right let's start a book that switch hitter. Particular player ranked high at the plate -- to. I want -- 565. To six every day MLB network intentional -- law rose now. I don't know -- Allard novice we don't need rose. Hash tag. Okay Gavin -- -- -- Kevin had hash tag right Inaba that's the year on regulator it's hash tag right in novel we need your help put this. He did and I'm a better job between you and come under shell out seeing that you actually -- -- I'm like. That's partly that it might get it out you look follower blew me. And a low of thirty. I don't have bad for anyone yet and I don't have a one point five bloated -- Roland what do you I don't know you are no more veteran no -- shortly. A little -- about that right. If you do they do you know what if he does tweak heavy tweet about on the showed the first time in two plus years -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hash tag righted and good job with Ortiz and Portland Politico coach gulf that is a Kevlar and the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible I think if thank you started it hash tag right in now. I saw Tom Caron jumped the board. I think if Kevin goes Amanda that's an -- for your 30000 -- but Kevin's got pretty big reach. As Kevin mentioned that an intentional walk I think it might pick up some steam and their -- an all star. Period and all phenomenon more wrecked enough ago 61777979837. Detects the show right now AT&T text line. 37937. -- I'm gonna -- couple words that if fury self expand should scare you a little bit. Vinny Del Negro. Might coached the Celtics next year that's next.

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