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Eddie Olczyk, NBC Sports: Bruins deserved better in Game 1

Jun 14, 2013|

Eddie O joins Mut, Lou, and LB to discuss Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the physicality of the Bruins, and what they should do without Nathan Horton.

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It's been a good week for us said Pierre McGuire is weekly guest of our docking process that we got to wrap it up by having -- -- color commentary Jamal voice we -- the entire NBC couldn't -- any guilt -- joining us here on the AT&T hotline -- it's like glue and Lyndon -- today or you. Worked -- well I had no idea match and how are any good to give it shall be allowed to love it love what you're doing what doc -- -- -- -- -- ridiculous at Atlanta thanks a lot or that we have the greatest job on the planet tell you give me your two cents. You got Barrett. They give me your two cents I'm not I'm -- in the hard to pick apart either team but argued the physically how do you think the Bruins got to bring along more. What are the pretty even -- -- -- -- sports I would give the better of the play overall -- Arguably the side plot period that the guy play I give the edge. The Bruins I think that they played their game longer stretches in that game. Chicago game. -- got a real typical team I think they picked that opt in they're not built that leaderboard at the Biltmore play the game and -- in a skilled game pot possession -- the game. As regularly to -- it cited the play the way that the Bruins are encouraged to. To play in all the -- to be able to place physically. That it wanted to send the message that they could play physically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The turnover by -- -- and although I think they're gonna happen. I'm a big believer -- momentum at it and it is what you get when you attic when you don't have it. How -- -- -- it and then get it on your side didn't get more than an and the -- I mean -- you know they gave them. The -- provided by trying to force out through the middle of the action in -- Ricky mentioned buried it looks like an adult. -- me reporters are gonna give it a -- not only to gain one but in this series lords. Which team that would be neutral on -- in good way to manage the middle of the area between the two blue line and and that I thought was the turning back here -- the hockey game detonated three to two and -- Chicago had the momentum that scored quickly after that a critical way. The intermediate management -- for sure because that's more prepared he added that it is in the after the Blackhawks. A lot of us were surprised that -- of the practices leading into game one -- that that the lines were changed up and Kasey Kahne were separated then during the game renegade. Quenneville changes up his lines again shall we get used to that as Boston fans that they the little mix and match you know their top three there. Top six times during that during games all over again. -- until Google not afraid to change it -- to appreciate indoor game out there that they read it without. Propping up the LA -- work they've been anywhere together and you know Cain get a hat trick in this eliminate he had the LA and is that made it much more typical and it gives. -- -- -- That it's taken to be made it to you played biggie against the play him again. Jonathan K and whomever he playing with there and you play -- again. Patrick you deliberately blind date aren't out there that I'm gonna play we're gonna lord. After -- penalty kill or you know whatever the situation maybe. But he you know he wont to do that at BU -- department but for the majority of the season. Big -- part I mean they haven't played a whole heck of a lot of hockey together on the same line. It even strength over the courts of -- -- but what they do play together. It's pretty special that it's like the way that -- achieved great importance have been playing in these playoffs they're just open their work. You know pretty. -- -- -- -- what you're gonna do before you do and that -- like awfully easy when your plane and he gave all he had get used to it of a bit different line combinations summit on the black. You know unfortunately we've seen -- afford to ignore and it's unfortunate for him last time there and cup game three he leaves and doesn't return. Depth is being tested what do you do Eddie what do you do visit his blog discussions say in yarder which one you move out. Well I think you can believe it really. I think it may. He you'd probably deserved better in game one. If you have abroad yeah and other -- I thought would. We acted even what you want to playing. -- -- -- In boutique in orbit my party had a big game that it would be key thing for liquid I -- -- -- that. He need to continue to play inside of eight when did you know that you know you can't -- to the outside you know to get inside that got you got to go to the traffic. He did that. -- predicted because those. Democratic period that they did it does it's almost like fog -- can't remember which overtime at -- whatever back. Yeah a couple of great chance at 1 -- early rebound. He got about any we did -- -- and got a real good chance. And then he made a great play at all I mean I don't know where he got out -- to know that they're gonna play and created the chance to deduct that I play. Acquire -- need to have all the time in his game is not typical where we understand that you've got to get little period if you -- if you wanna square park. It be noted I think he did that in the eight. I would start they get there -- -- Lucci. We jogger mark shot. In Bergeron alone but you can always -- -- and he can switch if you don't like it. End in -- and see what develops from there by committee I think Tyler Kagan was one of the more. Noticeable in dangerous player other than the big you know the dateline which was preaching to teach important in game one. I -- agree more Arian and you know obviously -- you know the -- the glaring change or what what has to happen is Chris Kelly has to be better in the faceoff circles. -- you know this playoffs you've seen it time and time again I'm in the Bruins series with -- the Pittsburgh Penguins they own them inside the faceoff circle. And game winning face us in gaining control clearing result and I and I think did. You know Kelly's gotta be better and I think did the third the third and fourth lines you know you don't that goes -- it's always up. Someone always finds their way in a playoff series you know lightly you know like with Lewis said last night and which would shock the when those big players. This step operating get DA the unexpected. Call. It it can changes series and I think that that's what you know the Boston -- we know the -- they've got to number one line just like Chicago is to number one lines and -- it but after that. You've you've got to get to keep the guys started to buy in and and and and and get some offense and get some shots on net and -- to do that you got to drive the Barkley used said. Dead to the net go to Crawford and crash and make people -- Well that's the part of the game that. It changes come playoff I'm certain that the -- -- In the playoff. You've got to make this agent you gotta make plays you've got to simplify your game. You do need to have that ability in the mindset of getting -- before talks on its way to the net and in an overtime game winning goal for example. Yeah it was a pretty honest way it was all taken a shot in -- loud knock down like Seidenberg I actually keep. -- -- the front of the net he -- that extra adrenaline or energy or whatever you want equality or nobody at front. From the brewers' standpoint though that a little lecture after played at one. Elite talk about it -- -- it required Lyndon. I would surprise Dick Clark didn't you actually important. Really like I'm -- to eat out in in overtime three like remember that so. Olympic ticket but not amount I'm now you know we're right in the validity of -- -- that we show the replay and you know its -- originally went back to the -- there -- He was not yet taken a -- -- a -- it out there and mentioned the that. I would let you get what you -- important. You don't -- reports and when you don't have a -- important. We -- on the -- and what Chicago playing all those words. The difference it and you know you'd it be their fourth line -- we don't mean you're important Oregon Rangers here right you talk about Glenn Campbell you know Campbell the -- I had believed. You know the wind was so important is that it should now than it that. The and the battle over the course of the last couple years it. I -- a little disappointed. That -- Orton hit yet and -- had watched the second or identity Q and I said yeah alienated well. I didn't I was I was really really really surprised I was the one thing it was that theory it was just to one of those glaring things to me that stood out and I'm like. Holy cow Clyde. Giuliani shortened his bench for some reason in the third overtime -- I mean it's the only the only guy did afterwards yeah I doubt that a ten minute I. I can maybe see Clyde making that decision to change some mop in the first overtime but by that time. I was like how does how this guy not out. They could look at you what you wanted it to go up there and do their job and Eddie are you. Then there's the other that time and quite calculated that the it's -- -- I lived in -- player the end of my career. You know you don't get the kill the clock now -- you don't -- out there they're just. It should not -- up as they need to you don't you're out there to give those guys an opportunity to breathe a little bit erratic -- guys right now again. Yarder that you're given bad guys the opportunity to read a little bit instead of going out there once every third chip that -- unique here. -- eleven and eleven ordinary and older sort of guy I understand that we need that from Lebanon and it it is big an impact. If it's anything but then once you put the plate and make that decision to make element forward out of your rotation. For Eric. 34. Bit of hockey doing anything all that the only -- ended in the overtime. A lot of iPod -- you're thirtieth played there are all period that make that decision to go with and forward. I'm involved with youth hockey here in Chicago. We've got a complete some hockey -- -- right I'm I guess I'm Kia. There have been many parents -- can't remember complaining about right side of the acute and that gave the other night and they want. Video on -- cover this team all all the regular season and you see a lot of Corey Crawford he's outstanding. In game one but. You know what -- -- in a post season as is the jury still because I look back a couple of years ago and Longo was unbelievable regular season great game one game to him by much about that came near Boston. The utmost confidence in this guy from what you've seen. I realized that cutting it to -- shortened season. Believe that even that took its where there. That department situation in it and you know that the real -- on added that there -- -- -- -- with the with the -- It's great -- -- I didn't see that. For the second time at the role player -- the number one bit editor for the Chicago Blackhawk. Down Gary in that area. It still learning the prediction that he would really grown a lot since last year. Gave up a couple of bad goal in overtime. On the black -- it's great to get -- -- -- priority in -- one. He is being you'd like much bigger he'd much more comfortable. And it did what -- don't give a bad ball. He he -- back. And that the key lending ability to. Get that ball and the cute -- already at the they -- about it right after that they re odd debate. If you don't believe it -- -- the -- it was unbelievable ain't you get your -- an opportunity to stay in the hockey game that quake occurred. It will be good this year we can get that back. I'm not apply to look at it that you had and and that's the only thing because he had that -- be a big guy even -- that goal and her chair he -- every you know control his rebounds. I don't. Think that it -- I don't believe that your I think everybody's finally. The old Corey Crawford now that -- -- it's about a half hour. It any I think we speak for everybody here we can't wait for game two congratulations on the huge ratings for game more now that NBC sports you -- -- and Pierre you've been great to lessen. We appreciate -- we'll -- in Boston next week. Our big guys in the and that little I don't know exactly where I -- I don't mind where I'll look. -- live and let -- murder typical red meat -- -- The great weekend. The little clarity about that on Monday. Yeah that's gonna get a body on -- chick on the NBC sports broadcast he's brought to you by our friends at nor -- power equipment buy -- and smoke shop. And by Kelly automotive group let's get a break come back get some final thoughts from LB including what it was like. -- last -- the Bruins lost the very tough triple overtime game he was part of it in nineteen out against Edmonton keep -- here.

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