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Shawn Thornton on the Game 1 loss

Jun 14, 2013|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss Wednesday's triple-OT loss. Shawn added that he had to buy his wife a big gift on Michigan Avenue in Chicago after his comments regarding the Stanley Cup being better than his wedding day.

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I wish the Bruins -- Blackhawks are playing tonight you'll wish the Bruins and Blackhawks were playing tonight but I guess with all due respect the Hockey Night in Canada cannot play until tomorrow night. John -- joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. After playing two games in game number one I can -- okay with a -- -- right John. It has been looking back. Look at that. You know I thought about to play every Tuesday and Wednesday Saturday it was. It's capable insult. The -- also. They what's the -- most popular day off activity for the Bruins on their off day in Chicago yesterday and what's on tap today. Superior practiced. Yesterday the guys as one walked up and on this and have a little bit figures pretty relaxing. Not much what it felt. Public clicks breakdown who hangs in the boom. The -- market in -- kind of hangs with everyone at different opportunities we not a not a real. And quickness and our squad followed basis. So played a lot of certain not a lot I want considerate certainly in -- -- -- it. -- -- you nobody's got any money in that group are you supposed to be going among men dinner with guys like Ciara and you know Lucic who. And and Rask did it but there passed -- dropped a big payday. -- And Sports Illustrated chart tells aside. The an example about together -- this team is is there's an email -- text. It goes out to twenty guys as to when he names of it are on -- you guys text each other. And you like -- the whole team when you -- one guys that write a ticket you're on that list. Yes sometimes -- for making fun of somebody her but it happened off with -- there. To get for -- -- -- do you have -- everyone on the ground but a -- pretty funny actually. A lot of the guys who aren't on it are these like people who don't have. Cell phones or who wouldn't be on the dance the ducks are now that Ellison is not on just between you and me who's not on. I assumed -- broader product I don't I don't scroll through all the numbers. You know outcomes of -- your own future for them stopped approximately sculpture result I assumed that I think it about it that -- -- you -- -- wouldn't be. -- -- the president of the love connection would be the hate connection it seems the Blackhawk build an as yet to be identified no hatred yet. How does that get done and is it necessary is required to get the game to the next level. I think quickly about a lot equipped for so again obviously. They collect either way we didn't win -- -- have been better but. I think that pretty intense when you don't. You don't play team all year. Talked to have -- The animosity with but not rival. Now I'm not sure that certainly has focused on winning games not but -- the result but it but insiders say and sometimes motivating when not. You just like a certain individual but. The -- partners should need an extra motivation topic. And your you know your role guy you embrace that you understand your position within this team but is it frustrating for game that long to play you know ten minutes at some point -- a bubble over and you're watching you hit these wanna be part of this. But I'm pretty fresh but he always wanna be out there. I think -- -- -- the summit Egypt is an overtime yet about -- well -- -- topic responsibility for but you know on the bench get. Well the best -- shortens. It's up a topic dog -- a minute either. It. I'm sure -- -- behind the bench to be you know mixing guys and apparently you really you know reliance we'll -- you after after wearing them don't. -- what's tougher how is it on tougher to come back from a game like that physically. Or mentally and emotionally at the in the 112 minute triple overtime laws. How does it take its poll on individual of players who were on the losing end. The physical part I'm not sure again -- was just under ten minutes -- are I think -- Actually it you know what you know a couple of neither are we better chances and overtime and double overtime. Who we just like to finish it off and that we didn't. -- after the game you know he's just move on -- particular Saturday. In the that's what I'm here to dwell on on exit should get a little respect belonged trial went well. -- -- -- you can make the argument that hockey may be the most frustrating game that can be played on the face of this earth just because so much of it has to do with a bounce here you're rolling -- there -- something off the skate a double deflection. Wins a triple overtime game at what point in one's hockey career you come to grips with the fact that it's not always in your control as that it is in some other sports game. That double deflection cost the Bruins a game is hit two guys that went past rest. -- -- -- But -- -- -- -- -- -- to win most -- when it gets heavily here it's always a very long like about. -- to the general has been registered member of the most of the other -- Got it you're right but. I'd like to say it doesn't all the above and and people see my frustrations and different but I and so. -- it's not easy to write it up and go off fourteen different things and then in the second goal off Andy's Pete. When he's in the right position now pick their defense which -- -- escape it just. And articles are not perfect angle. So everything -- that happened but we've gotten breaks the other way through. Very well seriously. I guess but I think that the can be your belt what -- could be somebody -- back. Based on how this team imposed its will on the Pittsburgh Penguins and perhaps more importantly than that got them down and saw them get frustrated and get away from their game. I'm not sure of the Bruins expected the Blackhawks to react the same way but did you get any sense whatsoever even -- smallest sense that it two nothing and 31. The Bruins thought well this is gonna be like the penguins they're gonna give up we got this thing out of the bag but you control your tuneup for the 31. No I actually like their start and in north preventable but. You could sense that they -- They are still pushing there's no others there's no -- over there and I like like -- like we got up 31 but they did a great trouble. Battled back cup -- couple serious. They are they tougher than the penguins in the Rangers. They're built a little differently there. There veritable while in the gets stolen -- real quick so they're gonna spent some -- that pressure relief are the proposal to result. Or get a little bit more time element out of now the last game anyways. Because they're brought -- lot quicker than other. You get the sense from crew and this is the kind of thing that might carry over for him to a game two if he's in the lineup perceived. You know his temperament seems to be okay for this kind of situation. I haven't talked of well all cities like perfect here. It is pretty special player -- it and you're at a now the couple breaks open up a waiver. It happens the -- but so. Citizen vote. But there have record the thought process of appearances. Can't worry about what happened last year bloggers are there. I you know in in in hockey he goes coaches trainers don't reveal injuries -- upper body lower body. Because you don't want other teams going after that that spot where you guys hurt. We all saw the injury -- and we know where it is the peace plan are you worried. You could certainly just accept the fact that the Blackhawks are gonna maybe take a run and maybe try and hit them where it hurts. This play out -- people essentially checks anyways I don't think that. That'll pick it matters I hope he's playing I don't know. I didn't see him yes the extent that but so I I hope he's been such a good player or some. I'm sure he's an Israeli built so. Not too worried about it is pretty big tough scary guy -- ought to be a big picture so. Circled back to the -- thing and not -- him specifically but just a general philosophy in terms of coach to player relationships. Would not be sending a message out -- exactly how. Up close things when his velocity is -- kind of buttons he does or does not bush -- -- sending -- a bad message if if theoretically. I head coach allowed one bad pass to wipe out all the good things a player did in the playoff series up to that point -- that set a bad masters the plebiscite. -- sit down you're not starting your healthy scratch two of the case may be based on one mistake. Yeah I. I don't know what -- Thought process. Isn't that but either. Our soccer game not -- European -- straight up so. Whoever's in her photo line up it won't be for anything that happened I don't think. In the game previous it'll be more if an adjustment made it will be too. Compete figures don't give us a better. Check the match up in different situations on the other side and get a better chance when an optical via a personal -- -- whatsoever get a lot of change it. What does happen. But that guys I don't know I don't think it's but most companies -- really good for us all playoffs for the majority -- my locked in is really the first. Our players really could not get populations. Support of the players so. No one. The state there was that the lakers game obviously -- on an airplane -- but it looked up -- but indicative of our players. What happens to you and and your bench for mistake you made what you demeanor what's your thought process are you -- are you contrite do you look at this and say I deserve this right don't deserve this but how do you handle it how do you internalize. All the above. Are not yet that anyone but myself. That would fit yourself I try to pick -- motivated -- -- yet to be better than when I'm. This site has sat down now -- breasts are more rest but take -- vote. What you didn't. I have been playing lately and it -- it because they're opposite but nobody but yourself so important. Trying to. Make sure we're never in the position that you're trying to make sure that you're. Played so well but it's possible Sitka. NBC show close pregame speech you guys a snippet of that. Before game one we talked a little bit here about sort of -- there are rushed up the speeches happened doctor Everett was -- in Cuba how -- new Rockne stuff. Doesn't work as he generally pretty laid back and gives you guys -- speeches Jersey ever you know as ever pull out some stuff. It's more explaining right. He's the game in the -- what beacons. Exploited her power and what looked out from the other side. -- -- -- -- -- -- party speeches. Topic there's a lot of those anymore anywhere. Our final question what did you buy and Michigan avenue does not present for somebody. I hit it it is the present I hit my anniversary is coming up well. Sure our -- public quote that is I might have a viable suspect. Yeah it's cool -- -- right how to sit at home. Router aren't on -- but first our as a person. Ebitda is bigger write them Sean does the the -- happy marriage is great but the actual wedding day is kind of the pain and yes in some ways it's -- yeah. -- wasn't saying that it did not put my wedding. Madison. I actually had a great -- governor seats in Virginia Beach and public forensic from a summer ample dividends there's an unbelievable they have they have planned all items. Got you all very inebriated all the presents so. I have not a -- -- -- regulator letting their community could you speak about what natural -- so -- -- -- It is that if you win. This series -- your wedding drops to number four yeah for a list board dropped out of the top three. They MI anniversaries are seductive threes so it's a new member of the. While also based on the timing of year anniversary and those ill thought out comments I guess whatever you bought -- Michigan avenue was a little above and beyond the normal anniversary present. Our -- boy all right good luck tomorrow night's double talk to down the road. Our record jump or -- doesn't tell him on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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