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Crazy Mark Mysterio

Jun 14, 2013|

A former Entercom employee called in and made zero sense.

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Boston market the market special. Mark my good reporting today already up 147. And mark. Hey mark mint -- -- I didn't marker you speaker. Don't I'm not some sunk a hole the go ahead. I you know I feel that way when -- monkey's uncle figure. Can't look at. Before I get my point I want -- arsenal piece until we -- -- rushed in and it was an old guy up in his Danish and stated gone and you guys really cool. What it was another fellow holes who told him go so well liked guy yet -- -- an English. English. You it would like. Is in New Orleans and coached and guys are well playoffs anyway. I'm not mr. -- -- right at the maturity and bought and looked shocked it didn't report it and I'm heartbroken. Because the blood -- and a third of the time and help BL. EDU. Likely to help. Mark with a guy that brought the Danish is. No I don't write them punching him -- in -- Grogan and because I was trying to make it into the station. Okay. Don't understand that you I'll just punch mark. I need -- Pungent and it was yeah. You -- -- you're the guy who punch ball. Into a legendary. Impact. Well like if it was me. And their -- guy. And on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They went. What -- didn't impact me and I'm sure you know what I. He said is unspeakable you know line go to the -- as a tightly to him with -- -- makes it hard as a regular. You know but I look at. You know and I don't matter silly. Me I I almost wanna go all combat -- on the boat but not reporting on the charity single enemy you know lower right I heard it was -- I it was great usually sing us a little. Can grab the outlawed only eight track. We've been an element in the nineteen what is ultimately it and I watched him come -- -- -- Allan -- or religion at all what you're however caught. The -- -- OK. Couldn't make. -- you know don't be so help me dead and there's gonna bring right. For. All of the notes that the rules. All I know all Indians -- o'clock and then Larry you know why. Are we help you mark. Bring that to a lot when he talked genre yeah are you aren't -- We learned a lot to that than anything. Ask him how we can bring -- up to -- with the -- -- probably. What is like the other night in Chicago and he hit it on credit card like Samantha our Greg re read and like I. Their -- final. Yeah totally dead yet did notice I would like the sixty Marion was and what I -- Yeah I'm sure okay. Bloomberg is dedicated people had hoped it could maybe stop arrows like you know and that great opening numbers -- -- hot -- -- eight. Stanley Cup final minute they they got that. That's what -- solid floor right exactly -- over -- and Chris Benoit and white noise in the background during a therapy session. Yet. When -- therapy session. -- -- Five minutes ago. You bet that five minutes ago and there button -- -- eaten anything like thirty seconds might be right in the middle right. I was seems so. All right well my guess results and that's okay. Hey by the way. If you're attracted men have far and I don't know what you let other than he's. Let me and that turned it back on the back at all that her male -- I just not integrated hit I don't like golf from punching -- well they'll be able to put these. WEEI's. Abuse that I Adobe didn't. -- while but then. He would oil tend to host on a weekend show here I don't know what medication he's been described he's not taken you know is. Often his methods.

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