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Brad Faxon on the U.S. Open

Jun 14, 2013|

Our golf expert Brad Faxon joined the show to discuss the first round at Merion. Brad said that the course is incredibly difficult even though it is under 7,000 yards.

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Try as they might they were unable to get around one completely into the looks at -- golf club in art or Pennsylvania. Three and a half hour rain delay tiger did finish. Scott didn't finish. Rory didn't finish -- joins us on the AT&T AT&T forgy LTE good morning Brad how Loria. You artifacts can answer my question -- Ernie Els mark -- mark the four inch putt to the -- again when he shows up today. Well why didn't just finish. Good question you know it is excellent thought it was it's -- since it -- it it. Maybe he's got a lucky going to the like to leave overnight -- I really don't know what I is it really four inches. Or maybe six weeks though it's less -- the plot. You know I would give it to him about playing with a. They blew the siren late last night. That they book with a couple different blast so you're here you know beep beep beep you have the option once that. Siren goes to complete the whole if you started it. And there may be a guy in the group it's as they look I don't wanna finish I'm not gonna pot. And earning maybe step -- the guy's life you know might be something as simple as that you know I'm not gonna worry about this. Till tomorrow. You know it it's a lightning delay -- you know dangerous weather situation the -- one continuous classes. Nobody can finish -- You take another shot so. You know when it starts like that some players feel like you know what I have a disadvantage here -- I don't see as well are -- conditions of the greens may be. It is certainly trampled on the greens are wet. They don't -- putt the combatants would -- in the morning and that's what I think tiger has to basis morning is that. -- lengthy par -- a simple. Yes but and and we saw Rory finished missed. Adam Scott finished it his -- And tiger to look at all those guys in the decided I guess decided then I don't wanna pot. In and the other -- do they just go to the next -- tiger goes to that green by himself this morning. Right now the place supposed to resume at 7:15 AM that depends on. You know whether you -- -- shuttle systems can view of the typical but they'll do a roll call -- get everybody in position and -- the sirens continue to play. And you have to be in position if you're not in position. To get your next shot you can get a two stroke penalty. So Rory and Scott that they'll show up they'll be built by the side eleven -- could wait on the twelfth -- for tiger to finish. But you know interesting that a good friend of mine worked the US GA. Or is actually on the US GA committee -- Yang he's -- California but he's following this group he texted me this morning to say that. If conditions are still little -- it's strictly it's cooler it's baloney says is gusty winds up to twenty miles an hour so it's not over yet to these guys they got along -- problem. Beyond the weather challenges for the golfers -- has there ever been a more a US open venue the presents more challenges to get this tournament played I mean it's famously on a 110 acres. Which is about like a third or fourth of a normal site instead of 64. Tense there are two does it feel that claustrophobic when you're playing the golf course. But if you're just went out to play Mary anything other that this is typically but of course that you know I grew up playing on it you know one of those. You know hundred year old courses that wasn't on a lot of land but is one of the best golf courses you'll ever play. But corporately it it certainly doesn't have. What we expect and you know in today's modern day of golf and you know there's there's rumors the US is losing twenty to seventy million dollars worth of potential revenues. And -- set up all these corporate and all of the clubhouse and you know -- I think that's one reason why they took such a long hard look at. But this is a good site they do have a second golf course about a mile away and you know that's where the driving -- that -- -- locker rooms for the players the players are. And you know I think that. It is one of the best courses these guys it's evolved that this is the best course that -- -- that would oversee. They actually have a hold -- the so isolated and so smaller believe it's sixteen that fans aren't even allowed to go watch anybody play this -- these weird to see they that is no cheering right guys were written it within a foot that you don't need to stop it nobody out there. It's it's almost like -- the UT and -- -- backyard you know it's impossible the farthest over the course you know you can possibly to get back to. For spectators and there's this huge kinda. Sand -- mountain bunker. Acres sandwiched to two seconds on over and you get gallery around the agreeing but not nowhere near where. It's it's it's very difficult it's kind of like that wal greens of Augusta. It based on his 67 yesterday may be Mickelson to fly around all night in his plane before every major open and Atlanta. It isn't build -- that something that is why people like exactly he goes to see -- you know his daughters Amanda it's great graduation. Light all night. In -- comes up with some you know. Scheme that he's not gonna use a driver he needed traveled in the bag -- five wedges. If he's he's awesome he's he's so fun to watch you never know what's gonna happen you -- -- to this day. At least he's just brilliant you know and even with a three wood he wasn't in every ball on the fairway but but he hit some beautiful wedge shots and that's what this course needs. His daughter Amanda graduated from eighth grade is that the same baby that arrived when he was at Pinehurst and lost yeah same camps in Syria we have the beeper was gonna leave and insecurity and Stewart Payne hugged and asked them yeah this is -- -- 1999. Well. Well next -- -- next time she'll be you know oft married yourself and surprise me if it is amazing it was so fail as somebody said facts that whole story that'll drama was so -- he just. Like Ibrahim wanna go to the graduation it's that this will be cool people eat this plus as a bed in his private planes -- slept the whole way -- ticket item in the club. You can see he got there he landed at 3:30 in the morning and then had a couple hours before he's supposed to be -- corset. It's really a difficult I didn't get ready me he three putted the first hole which you know mentally can really mess you up. Many -- couple key pars he said. In par savers on the fifth and six point 78 footers and in his quote was I thought this is interest in it could help you as a golfer you know. He had made those momentum saving pars and in the US open those saves or worse more than a birdied two and you know. It as much as the first hole three putt could kill -- he didn't let it kill you makes those great saves you know he's competencies he's excited. Tiger hit the putt on a bogey that you just bogeyed twelve the par putt on eleven and bogeyed twelve it to about eight feet I'd say on on thirteen is that it and by thirteen he'll be shaken his wrist -- well. You know that's the other thing my friend just -- sitting you know on the first -- tiger his tee shot into the into the right rough that is this unity city you did see him go to his left wrist and I don't think. That he mistaken and are trying to get some sympathy I think he hurt himself. And he he pitted on a few other shots out of Iraq and just said yesterday when he walked off the last -- to shake. Everybody's answer is let Christmas you know he was told that he did something -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- not bother -- -- -- -- You wanna hear something exciting he's now tied for 71. And guess who he's tied. Or heard of Auburn of Sergio all that be great great. -- don't have those two kids together tomorrow. In the -- something the tigers got a lot of work to finish -- the three over you know these these last few holes as part of there aren't any US open. He's gonna see this all -- And thirteen told which 110 yard par three and after that it's it's really hard to get -- about. -- -- they had or new psychic Kirk minicamp hey Kurt and I talked it was before and I thought yeah you know little bit more -- at least -- well that's true that's true you play married 81 right as an answer it. I did I actually played Marion and I was nineteen years old and I had entered the US open and I put my name -- Bradford John Paxson juniors in the caddies every every year he has open have a bet for which which players can finish last. I was overwhelmed and I look at it and it -- in the US open. Let out. You can get the first tee shot at Marion is is literally off the patio you're standing right yeah in the club house it's the most nervous of any of the US open I ever played and by far and you -- -- the the crowd is unpopular and it it's really. It's really cool cool place to be -- -- to call again this year we've been the only guy in the field. -- -- passage of did you finish last or not that yet did you. Well actually you know I birdied the first two holes at the nineteen year old and we were we were I was in this group with two other no name guys and we -- in between Nicholas soon Palmer's group you know they used us as a -- I birdied the first two holes and might name was on top of the leaderboard -- Saxon -- and Paul. Now. By sight when you try to qualify this year I thought you know. A guy like you which doesn't it that far anymore -- -- this course it would seem to meet with solid chance that's why would you guys like Donald does like that -- is it -- to senator. Stricker I think this guys a chance is right. But you know if if anything that. Of course were -- that it would really lend -- -- -- the guys who -- real plotters guys like Justin Rose yeah that'll. You know even a guy such Jerry Kelly played pretty well you have you know Luke Donald obviously be his choice anywhere but. The short game is going to be huge here but I think the one thing that's all the players have said you know. It's it's short on the cart at 6900. And and it's short for a few reasons number one is only two par fives. But the par threes there's there's three of them over 245. Artsy you know the guys were in Woodson and number three yesterday. And in the short par fours and or seven of them under 400 yards Keyser avenue at like five and six runs off the tee because it's so barrel. That you know you're not getting a little tiny -- what you're not writing all the greens you know they've maybe for the temple. Guys are really driving these par -- there haven't. You know figure out the strategy where's the best place to lay up and you know the UST did a great job I think some of the fair to. Fairway contour and moving the fairways closer out of -- -- closer to troublesome you've really got to be precise even with those shots. Brad again theory as to why strange people. Unknown people people who win the US open and never never heard from again you know the the news. The Michael Campbell's. Webb Simpson's Lucas Glover is those kind of people I mean I know that now famous and that money US open. But why do you not have all the superstars winning this all the time. Well is there could be a lot of reasons for that you know most of the time the US open courses are courses we play a lot you know -- -- -- -- obviously. Until -- -- more US GA. Event than any other course but there's only held because of its US open and you know suppliers aren't really that familiar with the courses a lot of times. And I think the conditions. Can be so difficult to get under your skin so much. That that players get set up -- -- it's not a PGA tour -- that night you you know they're not used some of the things that they have to do this week. Maybe -- can get -- that you know. Look Tiger Woods is one or Jack Nicklaus it's you know it's not like that happens all the time. But there are some great names and great stories there's one amateur you might wanna watch -- or kid named Gavin hall from Rochester New York just committed to go to the University of Texas to play. He was -- the qualifying site relatively birdied the last four holes eighteen years old he's a little guy. Lefthander -- can -- night I think he's in pretty good shape. It backs Sergio showed a 73 yesterday which was about twenty shots better -- -- body would shoot -- we seek tough enough to handle. Being the villain here is he tough enough to handle what. What Fuzzy Zeller went through probably times ten since he's still on you know regular tour -- in the spotlight. Is is this gonna rattle on to the point where we just as notion on any more winning anything. Well you know he's he's it's an interesting situation. With Sergio was done -- I -- -- -- -- things by the dog that was maybe mature was he had all these some hecklers all around -- fans and stuff. And instead of having them removed you know the police they look we can get rid of not know that'll just make it worse. Let's just not saying it'll go away and if you remember that Bethpage in 2002 or Austria. He was he was regrouping -- club remembers tackles in the if people were counting them down his views over the counting them out lout. And insert you'll make it through that you know we didn't play. Unbelievably well disguised that I think he's the best hitter of the ball you know -- green this guy hits the ball as well as anyone. He's he's he's strong guy and in the Ryder Cup cease. Extremely patriotic guy I think he's got -- inside himself but. You know if you put them in the situation is going up against tiger and I don't know. It's it's very it's very but. Hopefully he can get through this he's a likable guy I like -- guys just think he's he's he's not as happy go lucky he used to be. And I think that's hurt his play on the final day. Are you see most of the first round knowing what you now know give us your favorite gives a dark course. Well -- -- like Adam Scott I really do it you know it's easy to say that -- these three and a partner after the first but you know. Here's -- got it in the water is very competent actors. Is when Augusta and you know. Everybody's talking about this course being one of the shortest courses. But it. Long -- -- -- on the articles. Have been apart trees that you know you you have five or six monster par for the 540 yard finishing hole. You know you've got. Park trees were some guys are gonna happen it would long hitters like -- got my deal is to learn. To see that the tremendous advantage. And you know that the par 52 at the par 54. He can reach those -- -- nobody else's -- -- column. And you know. I always would have picked Luke Donald the beginning of the week you know easy to say that now it is war part two bit. This is of course this seems to be suited for for him but. I think that the holes you gotta watch out for holes like five and six and then. You know fourteen through eighteen are going to be incredible watching one of the things you associated yesterday. -- made discourse even more difficult you know these are soft conditions softer than expected. And a lot of these. These greens a lot of slope and killed from back to front they put a lot of the pin positions on the back of the greens and number one they do that a lot of times -- would expect a lot the water they want to keep. Keep them and higher spot so that it does bring. They won't have you know situation standing water but if you're hitting short shot to a back hole location with a lot suspend. It's hard to get those all the land by the hole and stay there with the slopes and so you saw a lot of guys hit balls. But like coming up with fifteen points. Foot putt from short of these holes so that that really wanted to tricks used to it -- and they scored the lower. Will the winner be double digit under par. You don't I don't think so I think it's I would say ten under will win this and I -- that I don't see anybody lower than that. And the forecast this weekend as good if my friend who's correct and the wind in the a little bit a little out there today that that'll really make the scores. You know stay where they are in I'm blown away because I -- With conditions saw players -- gonna shoot some super low score -- really have. Good stuff Red -- we see you -- travelers next Wednesday. Actually yes my first and only PGA tour event of the year and but ought to do it out. It's like I used to be a pretty solid shots yeah character -- names -- you expect hopefully we'll see you guys there -- -- well. Yeah going to be heckling you following your own -- -- -- will be counting your wet goals and your regrets out loud. Yes I hope so I'm -- I hope you're there to keep these guys. I'll be -- -- president backs take care aspects of -- Tennessee talent and -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. A sharp oracle join us on the 9 o'clock hour. We will give -- Bruins tickets in the next hour and a thousand dollars in between your phone calls next.

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