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Bruins lose Game 1, who do you blame (besides your wife)?

Jun 13, 2013|

The guys discuss the Bruins' instant classic triple-overtime Game 1 loss to the Blackhawks and how the loss played out, including blaming one's significant other for jinxing the game's outcome.

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I remain undaunted Michael I remain undaunted the Bruins can still sweep this series. They can do it. I can feel it still. Tiger handle this to me how my in and got you got yourself a a public relations problem to get -- got it got up PR problem -- You predicted this week I did predict this week is that possible lesson happened I don't think it worked -- -- in the best of seven series. Problem my Mac Russian crew. You've got a problem there I got a couple of carbon atoms are probably got a romance problem and our -- Romance problems market I don't know was it drifting into actual romance territory by the -- are well. Maybe I have a PR problematic. I do what I think all people do when confronted it with a PR disaster like. -- -- pass the -- I am 100%. Can blame someone else other than me and I know -- it's fashionable to blame -- because I have. The prediction of a -- could read out on a limb that some epiphany because I was a few minutes away from being correct. Are important argument is -- working clay court of human. I was one host away from being correct at least for game one. I can do what you're supposed to do Michael when everybody blames you for something in that house the -- and I will put the blame squarely onto my wife. And I will let everybody know that I try I really did try to put all the effort by into preventing what I knew was gonna be certain disaster for Bruins fans. When I was unable to do so because my wife is that powerful apologized. On her behalf -- before before you do you think that this one -- with. So you get a sense of the people out there you know reviews out. AT&T -- are young people are saying no matter. Jerome -- -- draw your own excrement that. OK still shut your face. No more predictions. Arnold called you something that really mean while yes -- And you know like him. Salt doesn't -- dumb ass mental error on your part but there are a couple of those last nine -- and he's still -- and small doses okay. -- -- another that you broke it might not -- I don't know what to do to fix it all I can tell you is this. I tried to keep my wife away from the game last night she was in Seattle she still there for another couple weeks. And you know she she tries to -- me with the baby at some point in the middle of third period and I jumped on -- Heather it's the third -- -- can't talk to my game okay. Are -- back later. I kept kind of forgetting to call her back during the term actions it goes back because I should really wanna see my daughter based -- whether but I kept forgetting to wrap up -- -- significantly by your wife. Well she got -- watching the game at all she was completely. Not watching the game and then right in the middle of the all of at intermission before the third overtime. She's she text me and says hey you know let me know in the game comes back on talking -- on. A top guy in jail if my wife turns this on everybody knows this right if your wife was not watching. Five periods of hockey game turns it on for the sixth period your team is going to lose as soon as she turns and everybody knows this everybody. So I didn't -- back. I didn't teller when the game started I tried to ignore it and a couple of minutes in she text me and says hey is it on yet only what stations. Even then I tried. I try to keep away from. I told there was on NBC which is true but in Seattle the real NBC station blacked out. And she found it on like their version of channel 38. She found at Michael and two minutes later -- minutes later. The puck bounces off one guy bounces off another guy Seidenberg is messing around in the corner with his glove at the pop goes right by Rask. Game over and if you wanna blame me that's fine I will pass. What would jewels were -- them by name with -- You re talking your way out of -- that's not helping my. Are well noted that is that is so ridiculous. You did it you were bold you're prodding or something nobody else I told you before you said. Nobody else in the country. Is saying. Black -- in four or Bruins for nobody. There's nobody. Right outside of the garden. The part the -- get us out of the garden waiting for the player to show up they get an autograph for just a glimpse. There are not saying went in for nobody except where you. Other to make you do it no. Body made you do salt -- terrible fan father and husband David -- -- all I might have failed in all three all analysts do all of your. Well. Yeah. Okay. Okay. The first time they yell I love you so that's that's -- score the winning goal Mike up. The first time someone yells I love you than any we've been trying to figure this out for awhile. I think it -- -- -- tin cans I think he says I love you -- camp. As I mean I love you tin cans and don't you think that's that they're yelling -- -- analogous maybe predicaments we. Are out doll and you can what can I do to be let off the hook. -- that Obey my first question for you guys what can I do how can I make this up you. How can I make this up to you Michael Ewing Andy do you band that to you Bruins fans out there listen to this year. I don't that I don't ask us don't ask don't have got here. Ask them because we tried to argue instructor thought you were good and three phases of the game and that that it just. A -- is so unlikely. So long series. Get ready. Buckle. Seven game series here and there will be a game seven. In Chicago. Inspector committed these teams you watch them last night there anything you saw about the Blackhawks last night that made you think they were weak you -- -- that you saw bottom that. The Bruins had -- little. The Ruder the better team for the beginning of that game now it's shifted along the way in the black -- like a lot of great chances but the Bruins were up 31 in the third period they did have two separate two goal leads. And there was there a reason why I thought the Bruins took out Lucic a couple of great goals I thought they threw their weight around early even and crew going on all horrible horrible game so nobody wants security dumped a player Sagan was playing a physical game -- nobody wants to hear about him either because got the median score Patrick last night or something that I had this is. I I I. The better team for awhile awhile for a little right bald and had a real play badly they played a -- -- -- David NHL history to talk about a lot of help. The fifth longest game in the history of elite don't count your. They're better for a period a year or period there it was a it was the very evenly matched. Game and I'd be surprised if anybody. Runs away with that I'd be surprised to rot that was up. 313 zip I'd be surprised the Bruins. When this thing in five games. I've stimulant series and economic side of yeah I think Priceline to settle -- OK if it's absolutely had to amass as. Ask your question used as a profitable but Tyler saying. And I have I've always. Known. What I don't know. Always be honest with you I don't know what I'll let you know I'm I'm not sure about it so. I wasn't sure about. Are all Tyler's Nagin made it when abroad at number two pick in the draft I was just excited that they have the second pick in the draft. -- that to everybody asking dale at the time -- did tell me about trailer ultimately about -- you know what's the difference no different. There's no difference you don't lose. You don't lose you get are the -- those guys. My next thought was. If these guys come to the National Hockey League -- 1819 year old can expect in this. To make an immediate impact was shot down again know our hockey people's -- -- Michael different day and hockey. These guys come in and contribute immediately. So what those expectations that the lot number two pick in the draft he'll come in. He's gonna have a and I have an immediate contribution and score some goals. One is taken a -- put it out there -- bus. And it is has he met. It if he ever gonna meet those -- -- -- Post -- score goals. -- creative goal scorer. Will they respond by asking you questions. Are you asking if he's abolished or use suggesting that he's but -- suggest because there's two different I. I'm suggesting commentary -- suggest to you think he's the boss going down that crap because. What I hear. And I listen our hockey -- listed in more than anything. Does that mean around a lot of really bright hockey mind listen to them. What I hear from them is excuses. Or lack of production. War what I hear now is a subtle. Change as a -- reevaluation. Of what Tyler -- was supposed to be I got the idea. Come into league he's got he's a wing for the moment -- dubious honor man one day. But he's a guy who can create he's the guy who can score. -- the scoring. I don't see the production and I think I'm supposed to say. And I just keep it -- you to tell me. What am I missing I'm I always think. Well what I'm talking about these -- I -- I must be missing something so somebody's gonna get some some hockey genius is gonna open and say no don't wanna know. You don't understand Tyler -- is actually playing in hockey right now even though. You haven't seen him score in the postseason you -- score once. It's a greater -- We're 11 goal for the game three great assist last night by your one goal so long goal in the playoffs he was very excited punched the glass it was a -- afterwards. I guess I would answer your questions or or your. Insinuation. By saying this. I don't think he's the -- I don't think that's a -- label to put on among Boston's JaMarcus Russell. A Boston somebody who you tossed off your team because they're not good. A Boston somebody who who is essentially useless to your team -- -- is the disappointment is a much better what you thought you can't -- has taken the boss -- -- yeah he was playing on the top line last year after airport or not earth and he was the right -- to -- there's -- -- -- -- that that is -- -- and -- real numbers to pick in the -- is -- your disappointment. And a regular question. Is he disappointment. Yes as of right now Michael I can't argue with the -- As of right now today he is a disappointment he has not lived up to what we thought he could be early in his career stamp goes. I'm told are as being your big fine young gun -- and everybody's gonna be on Crosby. When these two kids were coming up the Bruins with a lock is team ever because they got one of the top two picks the perfect year when you had your choice of Paul or Sagan and either one was going to be stunned for a long time to come. As of today can't argue that he's right you're right he has been disappointing. But I don't know that I'm ready to say. It's a bad. He's added it's not going to work out he's ever gonna develop into the player that -- to -- He's got a -- -- are possible that -- be a star I think he's I think he's I think he's very very capable of being a star. I think that there may be questions of how mature he is. And he may need to mature into that. There may be some work ethics in the off season along the way I don't just mean in the game but away from the game. I mean right from the beginning there were questions about whether or not he was mature enough. Two to handle everything that was going to be expected of him. Right now he's not doing right now is not DNA strong enough player on his skates. He courageous enough player to go into the corners and win battles. Any good enough finisher to actually be that sniper that you're asking and debate but. He's incredibly skilled player I thought he backed checked while last night of all the things to react to after last night's game I've not Sagan was the least of their problems. I'm not he's not a topic wrecked Brad Marchand was off yeah Gregory awful and so are all sorts are often americorps last night a man -- -- was -- and crushed last night and it was terrible. Terrible not just not just the dead giveaway that he had in front of the Blue Line that led to the second goal. But also a bunch of of difficult place trying to command of his own zone not great defensively. I Kelly Beverly one I mean really got knocked off this gates must have been 345 times -- had the pot yeah. Okay minus three without even taking a shot I ask -- effort that's fair and there's so many people now blame Patrick but you. They can last night had a decent game what you're talking about Kelly and you're talking about Beverly. Ultimately you talk about those guys compared to Tyler saying. What what are your expectations for Beverly. What are your expectations for Kelly what are your expectations for Tyler's sake and I think he's in there but -- -- -- on what is my expectation for -- -- or what is my expectation in just. Real elaborate on its -- of his career right now. Are hard to argue disappointment. Are too disappointed the -- -- is not scoring yes right now I wish that I could count on him to be score was she was at that speech in his career where I was counting on him but he's not he's not at that stage in his career maybe he's maturing more slowly than other two other players out. Maybe more slowly certainly the Stamkos and Crosby or some of these other young guns but that doesn't mean that did that -- that tumbling again he is playing where he's at in his career right now. They pretty decent gain last night. He's back -- much batteries -- effort on the defensive end playing with the guys who were not offensive players. He's not playing with a he's not that they're playing opposite David creature eat. Until the end and then I thought he played very well on the first line want to replace Nathan Horton but I guess you that it had a great assist to set -- a third hole. Okay you you said something and I think this is part of the problem we're watching what's that. We're watching -- the whole Rangers series obviously went to game one and it here. And I would just watching him watching him a lot most of the time everytime he's out there is focused on him warn anybody else announced focused on crates. And it's the strength. Forget about the height weight. The height and weight of David preaching -- waste of time Thursday. David Krejci. Is so is so strong with the puck in so strong and his skates. And battles. For the puck and wind a lot despite -- that day exactly. But he was not like that day one okay you mean you've -- David creature when he first came to our universe gaining a punch in the face and has -- it can cost. Part of it is the -- will for Tyler Sagan is there. -- from some in front of the net at times. That's armed you know battling for the puck and remaining but it is battling for only one and as a matter of fact. But maybe just doesn't have it's a strength and talk with Jack about this -- it would have Jack on paper -- Last Jack medicine is it simply ace strength issue. With Tyler Sagan. When it comes to. No digging in there and getting those goals that a lot of his teammates are able to get whether it's Bergeron -- -- preaching. Whether it's. Was Nathan Horton. -- -- -- in the Courtney Norton's going to be operas here. We'll wait and see evidence that that's your -- -- to be back I -- not saying anything -- what they never gonna -- and while they say anything make you wonder and you know they're not gonna say anything at all sure hope he'd be back because. I'm not excited to watch -- on. I mean in the part of this series I mean that that's a couple years ago when you lost him you were able to bring -- -- off the bench he pushed a pox and everything was great. Little bit different when Jordan on as the guy who's gonna become -- in a little bit flat. 61777979837. A lot of Bruins talk on the table whether it's I was Sagan -- performance of last night and where he's at right now. In his career or for the rest of this series and season. Whether you wanna yell at me and blame me for what was really my wife's -- last night I'll apologize on her behalf. And then also the open Mike -- Michael WEEI live happened Smartphone press the open Mike button on the bottom. Last -- remind you off. What was it like it was to me it was like. This goes on so long only to be disappointed. And it's like. It's like being at the emergency her hours were being treated him emergency room for hours there. And you know each time the woman comes outlook report. And try to make eye contact rather like I don't know I'm really hurt please take. For me was a dispute the panicky. Ideally -- I'll have to number three. Thing with the lottery -- you mean I'm -- -- them before and walk away from the camp that. -- separate ones for lottery tickets everywhere with up to much passport like give your line just a lottery tickets you always have to wait. Like as long published the only one in the storms -- line you have to wait. Because it's it's battling -- have somebody to somebody who deals with that so what would realize that remind you. I can't I can't think of anything -- Remind me much. Remind me at that moment in your life at that moment where absence has allergies that. There're there're many moments in my life where I've gone for a long time and disappoint our -- you are right I don't really aren't getting tough guy getting ever relate to that it -- -- -- -- on the phone are in the open Mike healthy she says what are under -- making fun of myself I've never bend. If that that you race. I got bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A W yeah. Do really loved the -- or you just saying it because you sought. I love -- I love -- Apparently lotion pads shin pads lamp whatever. The red light came on they lit the lamp Bruins lose late at night. Almost an hour early in the morning couple attaches importance. What was that like you guys get hit at the open Mike -- The W -- Nightline after your Smartphone. -- ten seconds what that was like. -- says via the AT&T yet -- I'm Michael reminded me. Of doing my taxes you're really excited even though it's tedious and and you find out you owe money at the end. All that's going up organizers to remind him of his marriage really -- and are supporting. Them all a waste regular talk to. And it was that is like The Sopranos we. Great show. In that last show he thought it was a bad and bad ending yeah I think you were generally disappointment when your -- don't stop believing now it was pretty weak he's got a weekly and it. I have nothing -- well right everybody else's and is that where the Bruins great show they had nothing else like an -- a post we're gonna Edwards on this is all we have left. 61777979837. Kevin and overnight -- And what's going on guys it. Not that Michael I can't handle this collectively -- Bruins into like Popeye and Tyler. -- -- -- some recent I don't know why. I don't -- -- You've got a little bit overly critical moment when -- speak viewpoint and then and then you know we can chat about it after the first call. If you want a computer to. Particular all look back you know once they went 12 in the draft so obviously everyone's gonna make that comparison beliefs. -- with a 22 on the heat and and I believe all of -- by except that just. I know I put it in the late. To all season. OK and one that is you know strike shortened. He's -- to Stanley Cup finals. I thought that this guy on the team. Any people that were not captured any about the eye on the on the on the night last night. He did that Michael is the scoring it people -- PP. And that he would keep the scoring. You know 92 little old girl where. You expect this guy it's truly respect on the even in bolster. I'll take I'll take your word for that okay I'll I'll let you know you. Can you are you -- let me ask you you -- gotten some great points. Went when you when you found out cabinet the Bruins had the number two pick in the draft. They were getting piracy in Tyler say and isn't what third or fourth year now. -- is our -- What what did you think of has he become the guy you thought he would be paid by Thursday. Absolutely. -- and that. The question you got it. -- -- Michael here's why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take a -- decree a little bit watches and do it again I like to watch our back into it -- a single -- I'd like you do elect you know anyone. What's in the electric and I just. That last night he played with energy. And he had a couple opportunity -- play. Liu won a little bit you know that's a couple of weeks ago in years disguise. It's going to -- the leak plus minus he's going to be bigger points. He's gonna score -- all. Happen and I and I don't think he's gonna score in a seven -- that that's gonna happen but. Only five and it'll all at some reasonable numbers. Progressively getting better eaten at that -- right. OK Kevin Garnett and thanks -- and I didn't hear that I didn't hear that both win when the Bruins had the number two pick in the draft and here in -- -- on just a reasonable. -- a solid NHL player to -- does that lead the league in points with an error in plus minus -- a couple of years I mean that that that would be more than just a regular old guy. He's your last night -- mean that. All was supposed to be the true goal scorer of the two he was more of the big goal score -- Sager missiles do a little bit more of everything and be more of a complete player down the road. And as he continues to fill out continues to grow as a player Michael I think they'll get there. I don't know problems having high expectation level for Sagan and saying that he hasn't reached it yet. But I just today is not that they were right rip up -- -- I thought it was a really good last night. And so while that doesn't excuse the fact he's -- -- hope he would be at this stage in his career. We're like 56 guys were really back out on the team last night including everybody's favorite Brad Marchand who's been using. As up and down and inconsistent in short this is anybody that's I mean that's what he's -- -- a conversation or talk about Albert Republicans are realists and what it's all on the table we can talk about everybody knows what -- Marchand to actually put sat down on the ground on the ice and -- good a hard place was kind of waving -- it loosely. -- wants that cup final and. Lot of textures are weighing in on this saying things that some of many viewers things and think he's 21 -- Malone. I've got a lot to learn he's he's still young another Texan says. He's not courageous than pay the price. I think that's been true at times. I don't know -- that's I don't know if that's the case all the time. What are you looking for him to do I'm not looking for him to be that guy goes into the quarters and wins every battle that's not Julius. I mean I'd like to see more I don't want to be you know. Awful -- But tonight that's not why Tyler taken on your team. You provide speed he provides creativity. And no he's not doing enough that I'm looking for him to be meanwhile Lucic drilling people corners nobody does. Your payment for your -- and underscore. Paint to create offense OK so you throughout the post season but one goal -- be missed it could be fully understand. -- -- created often and it's always been a disappointment in the post and close out there's no doubt his post season has been below what I would expect from him but based on areas now. Well last night was a pretty big game it was a step in the right direction he's had a few of those recently where his back checked a little bit where he showed some burst re showing some creativity. He's been disappointing there's no doubt I -- I haven't gotten it -- you -- for the break out and it's called him. I mean they moved -- pretty early in the playoffs up to that second line to let him play with Bergeron and and and marched on to -- it -- Rich -- -- documents last. Heavily every time right now every time somebody comes breeds -- rich -- while as the -- he falls over. These trips and falls over to score some is a new era. I've been heavily and for awhile and I think he's been terrible. He was awful weapon that the Bruins could sweep despite effectively -- obviously -- battle last night for its New Hampshire for a credit and. What day it. Got a lack of sleep a lot. -- -- -- but it. They -- at Drake and doing the show streak with a -- We're here who wants to be in Chicago where year is better sound better we talked to you this what we where we wanna -- did. You have teachers like screaming in the background -- the -- we would have been talking to you from restaurants to -- Anyways I'm. It comes down and say that. I mean -- them and a I mean. Can only let underscoring. Last year right with a plot like the guy said with a plus 22 this year I mean. That guy is 21 years old he led the Bruins scored on the play abroad as happened on the topic at he'd let him score. And it's okay art that's that's fair pretty adamant scoring. So because he's got the job done in the regular season. -- -- looking for something. Something war in the post season. This step first and second deep run this -- and on the team. Okay in the first deep run you only have a couple shots and he. It is your. It won't complete it but now -- happened to you on a sweetheart in this area. Are you hoping -- sleeper this year and Andy you know what. -- -- -- -- He shot away and going back and look myself in the mirror and saying hey I can right. He that you didn't see him last night that its second goal and it went right off him. This guy is 888 raved about them but this guy is open. He will become -- -- still be run out of one of these gains. And. I don't know -- I don't see that -- I don't see it but it but you. This guy is not -- -- he has right now. They've got the same in this post season he's got similar numbers actually. You know better goals against average and took a right now. I is pretty good pretty good -- another look pretty good last night amateur -- the Bruins did not have their sustained cycling attack as much as you want it felt much more of counter puncher type of attack for them last night. But he right Crawford needed to be goody came up with every -- Brian -- and -- -- -- Good I I just find that humorous that a guy who throws but under the is -- the post this question -- they -- six level. Are -- IRL I figure if they get separate -- don't want a separate people harmed no one question is currently 82 in the present when Michael is currently key question to me. Who's Texas. I really -- -- -- -- didn't know why I've really -- that. Why am I 300 idolize. Let's listen and this happens a lot if you just tuned into the radio. You hear somebody reading some things may be. An article a text you think the person reading it is actually saying it. -- was me. The game the eighteen detect fine and someone said he he's he's not courageous and we. You don't wanna pay the price. -- -- -- -- I know -- -- I -- -- my wife on the Boston and I probably it's just all believable I got two unbelievable that you would do that knew the mall -- she wanted to turn on the game that she would force the Bruins pollution couldn't help it. And there was nothing I can do. So I guess did you get performed Tuesday it will have nothing now offering -- -- my wife's from here but I don't really deserve and she's 3000 miles away and go play golf vote. After Tuesday president Father's Day present to myself I guess they'll play team in the -- actually kind of abuse I have what may be present for you. If you're upset about last night's game if you're feeling down if -- bombed out I have for you Michael. What is either don't -- what is in what is either. The best piece of audio to cheer you up today or something that will make you eat -- even more than you already stick around for an axle and -- WE.

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