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Bruins blow two-goal lead to lose Game 1: Are you complacent or pissed off for greatness?

Jun 13, 2013|

Salk is not happy that the Bruins blew a two-goal lead to fall behind 0-1 in the Stanley Cup finals. And apparently the listeners and callers have come around to his side of the street. Complacent after a loss? Or pissed off that they blew a win? We check in with you.

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A game one triple overtime loss in the rearview mirror Bruins will need to regroup. For game two Saturday night once again in Chicago are they capable of it certainly. Her close Julianne and others last night all with a positive. -- positive energy in the dressing room and -- on the podium saying they've been here before they lost -- nothing. The first two games got down to nothing against Vancouver few years ago so they know they're capable of. Oh absolutely I mean they've been down they were down -- through to Montreal at whole whole bodies. Comeback in the cup year when that series in seven games downs -- two on the road to Vancouver. And back when that game seven and says series in seven games. Shutting out. Vancouver in game seven forwards that. We were asking people earlier. Not to go to the W yeah I -- that and to come with some anecdotes and analogy. Of what last night was like for most fuel -- -- getting a massage was great it was sort of like going to the emergency room just waiting for your name to be called on not yet. Not yet and then finally the waiting for greener world premiere movie standing in line and accidentally seen GE. I have heard that mentioned in a long time and thank you very much you're on a roll today. Or any of the Star Wars equals you know I thought it was like it was like. The celtics' story. Another huge story for story obviously the Bruins but the Doc Rivers story keeps getting worse -- their retirements Astoria Doc Rivers. I feel worse and worse the momentum is -- rip off. Right rip off rip off that debt bad and as I'm gonna band aid rip off that -- whatever it is -- -- that. Clearly. What's going on here now the latest is that the clippers. And -- have mutual interest. And that he is their number one choice now that's interesting. It doesn't mean the -- can ball. The Celtics for the clippers just any any -- once. But it means if he's really that serious about it and he's as close to Danny Ainge and -- cute. We're probably talking about some type of deal why -- And doesn't that relate back to the stable pet story today in The Herald saying that he would be interested provided to very good situation and the that the team in the Celtics could agree on they're compensations are -- to story seemed intent to fit with each day except. I know they want 56 games in the regular season equipped -- Delicate situation. Isn't the clippers a good situation. He'll start to the ownership. They have a brutal owner. Day they won 56 games they got out in the first round. Chris all the freeagent right now doctors there he probably resign loved to play with real coach in doc about. A point guard the ability of Chris Paul. But it is that it is a championship level team. Is this. Don't know I know OK I don't know this doesn't mean they are raised on ER I'm sorry. Points well taken -- hey let me rephrase that that's at the wrong way. Is that a championship organization I don't think it's definitely not a good organization they've had years and years and years of disasters troubled by it. This is an organization here that may be about to head south for a little while we'll know as you start already -- please go ahead and ownership of the general manager mean there's a lot of pieces in place for a long term success but if you're only going to be coaching for a few more years. Maybe the long term doesn't matter much to Euro interest in the short. 61777979837. GO -- Wakefield idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look at it. So if -- know the score of the game and would you -- a brutal and you've got to know the scored the game. Actually there was not a -- what -- part of the game first period second period or playing hurt overtime and overtime. Well it out Joseph I think it was back and forth the entire game I saw a lot of brilliance from the Bruins saw a lot of brilliance from the Blackhawks. So yeah five minute stretches six minute stretches yeah the Bruins were better than than the Blackhawks would look like the better team for five or six men but I. I think I games saying all the Bruins are definitely. Head and shoulders above the Blackhawks. Like I did after a two games in the Pittsburgh series this is completely different story. I'm I'm which I'm that's when I think that everyone is still. -- -- -- -- On and I think that everyone is trying to -- and beat a break because of what they've been doing lately but. That the Blackhawks seemed -- the offensive zone -- almost -- On the. Effort by the Burlington. The bees honey I'm thinking that they have -- because they were trying to clear the -- because they didn't they where they were desperate. And I think a black hawks I think they kind of manhandled them honestly I'm a -- on the total. A lot of you -- go quite that far but I thought that I thought Chicago was for the most part the better team last night. And maybe that's a little bit more -- not not everybody sought -- way Michael you sought as more even other people thought the Bruins really played the better game. I've got the Bruins scored the better goals I'll give them I mean that that that all three goals are great goals. Whereas. -- -- -- Chicago had a kind of a weird to bounce off the skate and then you'll -- from the point by. I thought they carried play him when you carry play you make your own breaks and that's why Chicago ends up winning that games I'm not trying to make any excuses that holding up bad goals and doesn't sound. I thought Chicago was the better team last night and I didn't think that was going to be the case obviously so yeah I'm pretty disappointed that not just because my prediction I don't care whether right or wrong what the Bruins the wincing as anybody does. Yeah disappointment and wouldn't you know care for right or wrong what do I don't I don't all right -- accurate and probably their last night -- -- right. And really why now why. Could the well you -- -- at -- I was. Oh wasn't too well right there -- it was 10 in the 11 right in the I was 204 briefly that advocates who want quick KO OK good thank you that's and I thought -- they were -- Bluetooth two goal leads right. Not to look -- didn't fully below the two will lead to 22 -- mom. I was just I was disappointed got some support out there you know and in your campaign not from Mike in a car hi Mike. I -- in my grade one approach this trophy is here from Chicago Blackhawks. And go to the you can with the biggest winning streak in the history of the NHL all that would be the Chicago Blackhawks. Who has only appeared in this series. Who who isn't. Still the Blackhawks. OK so I don't understand why you expect dancing going to Defcon five mode after losing one game always going to be announces pretty bad for the game when he -- Did did the Bruins controlled the first period the black -- controlled the second period the third period I would say the Blackhawks played better in the overtime the odd one the Bruins played better even won the Blackhawks played better. There's no reason in both bands that steal anything more than -- fact that they just lost the game. But there's a chance to steal almighty and then steal and then -- be that if you wanna say the Bruins have -- paper you're probably. Not in the majority in Las Vegas in the last series the Bruins are both my. Instead -- put instead of putting as much I'll wait on what happened during this regular season which every Bruins fan has had to come out and say. Meant very little as the Bruins look so bad especially near the end of this regular season. -- Chicago dated the beginning of this. Homeowners that are home to the regular season matters I would very angry when the Bruins -- that last game to idol where they had a chance to get the two -- to get that figured it would guarantee them might for the first round. Any brought in just said that the regular season didn't matter did it. -- it did it did. In retrospect -- bear it barely mattered in rapturous. Yeah I mean I know that I was told they were played. They would have played different opponent that would have been a totally different playoff run well. I understand right but the point is that how they laid down the stretch turned out not to really not our outlook I I thought so I thought it would Mike I thought what I said it's over and over and I was wrong but it. It didn't mean at the end they came out and they were they were much better in the playoffs than they -- down the stretch in the regular season. Another point to think called a couple close go talk about how the Bruin to become complacent. How he's become complacent when you're down 41. In that in a game seven with eleven and -- -- you about it Obama it's our affairs that I had a screw with it like the team definitely is not complacent and the fans are complacent either. Our complacency would not lead to this much excitement this much energy -- such. Enthusiasm for the tour wants to mean everybody's got it. It's it's it's taken over the region this is the opposite of complacent. Dan in Ohio hi Danny. Hey guys they don't great. -- at -- square that I mean I think it I -- only to go to New York I don't watch the game -- nineteen. At home club. That you would have -- -- there -- -- -- and whether. You know split up on the screen trying to figure out. What's going on in the game anyway. They talk to a couple of weeks ago that that I am the best mindset struck a bought and enhance the media. Betting underdog. They're the underdog right now they are and when you made that prediction you know Bruce -- and actually minor change or Chicago prudent for. -- I like he's in trouble. Well regardless of habit and analysts and them like -- -- quote. -- think -- got that WEI live happened is that god. He argues the open Michael and holed a 102 as the go on Oprah Mike and leave leave soccer methods out of the closed -- about. Serbs sort of feeling that I had won the or give up those leads on to a different Asian spot I wasn't feeling I had. When the patriots. Either giant at twice the chance to come back and ended up and you have that feeling of when you know everybody expects tricking the win. And you fall short well that's why you have to embrace of curing or being the underdog because as a previous caller just said. She probably the paper through the best game corporate it and get on my lot might sort of you know most are some part of it they were played better than. But we -- Our -- Gerard -- pasteurized stuff though I am as a way to incidences seven game series most likely gonna go 77. Games. If you're talking about -- purpose the first game at the end of birds that are in the first lead Lawson out. And you're gonna make that comparison. It is the first time we've seen them lose the lead in a while and I think that's part of it namely you saw them lose the leading in the one game against the Rangers. Felt so weird you -- -- -- lead in the series took a fell down the and it was just that was a really strange game that didn't seem to really accurately reflect who they work. Last night. I didn't think they played a great game it was the first time in awhile I've looked at the Bruins said I didn't they played up to their potential and that it quite that well. Chicago played well I didn't think they were unbelievable but they played well. And I think the Bruins played up to what they're capable of now they come back game 20 and do what they're capable of doing -- that win game two and go right on to win the series. But now you may have to play without Nathan Horton will find out. That's that can potentially an incredibly significant injury will wait fine again quote saying today that that he could be dated today and might even be able to play in game two we'll find out on Saturday. I don't feel as good -- I did yesterday I'm sorry I'm losing it three overtime game had something to do that. That's a pretty big bomber you might be able to get some big electoral votes -- me got some some people here. We're agreeing with you and your campaign to maybe you can win Texas or California or New York that's my goal let's go to some of -- -- we wanted to go back fairly immaculate -- Kelly Mac. I. The -- -- I wish I was in California Michael Ali and I'm your biggest fan I appreciate that thank you you don't know them on the -- you raise the level of everyone sit with. And you remember that. Well I think you but I I gotta tell you Billy not gonna ask you to say there's other -- woman yesterday called her name is deep -- and she told -- of me. Oh well. Up and I'll tell you that it doesn't get their adopted a top. I have to mics -- I I agree with you 100 in 10%. There -- two goals and that was what in the game with -- on an exit. And said look at them sit there letting him back there's no intensity -- -- give the lead up and they gave it out. They -- -- another to believe. Campaign and they gave it up. I'm really concerned and really worried and and like I agree with I I -- I don't know. Yeah it'll bother me Billy -- what what I found that they continue to to frustrate me during the game I thought that they. Struggled in their own zone offensively and in the neutral zone offensively trying to come through with some speed in order to set something up in in the offensive zone and think they did that are ongoing -- Brinkley I'm not gonna. Breakdown a hockey game and I don't understand it well enough to tell your gigantic criminal process and I can't always mentioned sandpaper that's Brinkley's word announce something to Oakland -- steel. But I think it's typical Joel Quenneville on these these horrible scoundrels and Chicago stealing bricks words and phrases but. I got. I thought they had trouble getting out of their own zone in the -- trouble through the neutral zone so instead of finding -- way into the offensive zone with some speed down low banging and cycling. They cut that. Just did nothing -- it ended up having to just clear to senator or clear to the others -- a bunch of icing calls. Because they have trouble he's in trouble with the Blackhawks fortune or lesser degree at this -- here on the eighteenth he decline is more disappointing the way they lost not necessarily that they lost. How to compare that went to an extra inning. AL ALCS when an old. Or. Don't know where the Yankees walk off. Because of a passed ball. So it basically. Communicate I don't -- but just the way your -- -- department since the other part is innocent. That that day the Red Sox it's like the Red Sox losing. ALCS game after. Something low key as you put it. Or something that you're not really -- a passed ball on the game the game is over. Maybe today he felt that -- like they dominated the game. And it's hard it's -- -- they lost it on me that stuff up technicality time and in pucks bounce in off skates like panel time like the third goal nothing you can do. It's almost like in baseball or where a ball goes up. Foul line hit the bag and pops over some of these and exit -- Happens very rarely in baseball and -- happens almost in every single hockey games though. -- that's what happens and the Blackhawks did a great job getting traffic in front of the net and that's why it occurred Bruins have a giveaway for the second goal which was bad they didn't they didn't lock it down and they didn't add to their lead when they had the opportunity to have a lot of trouble getting out of their own zone Blackhawks are good team and they played well the Bruins are I think a better team but they didn't play as well. And I guess that's why I'm bummed out that -- Bruce in Denver hybrids. I don't rooms. They welcome what you meant a 100%. You know you you watch this team all year long. You know you supporter and you finally get to the GB -- -- to Petrova stared right in the and you let game one Italy have a two goal lead. -- let it slip away you have to be upset at I don't know what these people think and I mean. You have to be I mean yeah you might got -- played a little bit which had a two goal lead and let it get away. This is a really -- Chicago team you know all the more reason you have. That's a great team right it's not even a really good team it's a great team of mark a farmer isn't there these are the two best teams. They're both terrific and so if you look at it. If you're I guess the reason people wouldn't be that upset if you had. The Toronto Maple Leafs. Playing the Blackhawks. The Stanley Cup final in today they're up two goals in the third period they lose in triple overtime. In your Maple Leafs -- saying now. In other great opportunity and we may not get that opportunity again that teams better than we are right in this case you're not uniting the. It was may get that opportunity again on the other hand you did have an opportunity that you let slide through your fingers right yeah I mean that is edited the answer is they Wes Welker dropping a pass that they could give annual first down. You -- it's not the entire game in the in the analogy of football game to a hockey series it's not the ball game because they lost last night not even close. You still bottom of opportunities later puma. We immediately dirty pool why I'm seeing them about what are you talking about Democrats going to slip in the low Wes Welker this just put them right. The shot of a boardwalk got a calendar with anything about -- Dolan and recover. You know everything to kind of hard do they got at least at least he was on -- -- -- drop the ball. Guys you know last time we wanna cup we lost the first two games in Vancouver. Never stopped us from coming back and this early. When you look at the game could've gone either way and I thought we as a real great looks in overtime. Hand there was little little laughter and we could have ended and before they did not does the name of the game and you know they get a good breaks on their tying goal. Cornell University so that's a way to -- grosans some nights you get the breaks going your way some nights you don't but you know as far as I'm concerned. Had two good teams tonight that played extremely hard and unfortunately it took a loser and a winner. Watching that game last night is -- -- with a girl you've been I mean for months. And when you finally about to make your move realize that she's just starting to date the biggest Jewish day. But on the open Mike -- Hour by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins of those four G coverage in New England that stressing what last night well. Like -- imaginary -- questions but in that scenario. Should be encouraged. You find her and she's about the data reduced that. Well as friends. But she's -- data do which -- so it's not gonna work. You're not reduced that to some girls like guys that treat them to -- now now now that's only knows novels. The mangled they like marijuana eventually -- I actually don't like it for -- knows -- novels where within -- the bag police are yet that doesn't happen all island how -- right they like all guys guys that you when you're younger did you go to middle school. I did go to middle school and high school I went ice block and I've never seen as a frustrated did you have some problems with the wind and apparently that's the -- -- -- -- Well I think I was sort of Romeo you're trying to blame it on his due to problems of women married to one article don't deflect as does Hillary -- tonight -- isn't that our apartment -- -- flip it around and LeBron that's. You've made an excuse -- it would wouldn't say he's too nice. They're not really saying you're 290 really and awful oh great all there's another prop what do they -- something LL let that the -- and are threatening to -- boring. Maybe they don't click go to find you attractive but it failure to an ice well that -- otherwise I don't know where to dissent attract but. They also there was also relevant that would allow for a long time where they do go after the -- -- -- -- but I'm not but I'm not -- -- this day with the real thing that is -- I agree -- -- -- the other thing is true -- I think both -- -- you're right. Just being nice and of itself not a problem at there're certainly huge segment they wanna go after I've -- it 30. God -- think it's it's basically well -- I don't know what it is. It's if you guys who're who're doing something. It appears to be cool and something -- adventurous tank. You know like sports talk shows that look I've had -- At the talks ports every day for -- how exciting is that now well powered public in my whether he seems excited about it today are flocking to block it in the Pentagon now -- someone that. -- like that 61777979837. I was disappointed last night still and today. A game like output in a bad mood and not everybody seems pretty split very polarized whether or not last night was a an aberration for you -- -- -- The problem boycott get on the next game or these what are you talking about Bruins didn't look as good as they could have last night. Count me in that secondly as I optical looked better they had problems up and down lineup. Once. AT&T Texas -- fifth foul. We can't read. If your parents know about about that window and -- -- -- Funeral director united equals. Worth. Bats to nice equals was equals bad -- probably. So if a woman says that -- 29 season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The title the better is where they're just one of the dog's name again Tiki Tiki Tiki and balance -- Ian bell yet and which one which one really knows that stuff. I would have to say -- typical these -- she knows what's going on Ricky any time you see anything inappropriate -- -- Circling. Really strict opportunities at Johns in the car -- -- a job. Saw only one night last night all night. And I. Would agree to a psychological evaluation of Michael Holley attend the. I'd love to -- that joke or what that's like going to the -- going Margaret charges are gonna charge me for that UB Freud John yeah it charged -- -- about your dreams while I'm curious. Well would you agree that. Or is it is called the guys. That go. I referenced -- -- or -- -- really. Secure. I've -- it. All. Out. John you don't overdo -- I wanted to be like from the start satellite bottles and mobile's let them press conference explaining. Explain away trying to explain what happened. Jerome Taylor said he felt like he was cheating who -- out a very regularly listen. Only think -- you're on NHL knows that we should change the -- like a lot of other. Cubs deliberate and in -- and -- and do nothing to worry about him since he told me first and they really -- it just on the Brady though it's. Just on the radio that's Salter radio affair. Aussie guy John ball. Please. Report to fill the cup finals the dirty. Current -- Well this guy being able -- equal -- -- finalists and into the good guys good so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't handle the good. Of the people you don't regulation is something about it. And Juliet and Chris Kelly at the idea that antibiotic. He wants. -- -- at night. According to know that we. Are being held by secret even that's why people. The last time it got to a point. Not -- it seemed every yet he. And give them the -- but you're not right. And the whole -- any set up the Bergeron goal. You don't feel but you know what yeah. He only had maybe one really good chance he had won -- that -- he's created on his own. And unfortunately the puck kind of got away from him by the Indian have good leverage -- John you and I've I've seen almost everything I eyes today the only thing we'll differ on is -- I thought he played gay game publicly on Kelly I thought he was awful. I thought that I thought that Beverly was worse I thought that marsh on the for who he is was absolutely awful last night in and week on mistake and didn't have a lot of grit in his game. I'll I'll disagree on say I thought I played pretty good game. One problem is this. If the pocket on a stick given -- -- he can make them -- heat -- -- what you play you never. And -- play. Play only only disagreement with that -- a few times I brought nor did. But John -- disagreement is is the word never. So is it hasn't happened -- it isn't happening right is capable of happening right now no not part of his game but do you think. OK let's look at duplicate that at the age of 21 that by the time Tyler state with 2324. At that will be a part of his game. -- you will never be able to do that. They -- it has -- sites. And I know -- argument at McLaren yeah in my. Compare -- they think the dice and completely yet that that ticket and won -- -- and get it sold it immediately. Be eating them. We want to be better. We question whether. Or not let it be a repeat it. Aetna global eat it all he needs to know disgruntled. What you saw last night. -- -- -- Judge you really call from your car are you really driving while yell like this. Yes yeah very animated. Concerned like I love your calls please keep calling and I'm worried about killing someone road. I don't hit any of the kids or anything are off the -- in the here. -- can't wait till his daughter gets into the car at -- on the -- straight. -- oh hi -- -- ally. Bank all right John don't -- -- aren't allowed I thought I was uptight today go relax it's going to be. A couple of things that happened in the last -- of technological revolution it's happened. Oh -- digital cameras so just like it burns tumble mr. burns Joe's and a car Joseph I hope here is fired up is John. -- it. Wouldn't you rather. Romans. Put them much at. That -- that. Not gonna talk. Who spoke that it. Almost. -- And it -- spoke and of course a lot on the -- And all aren't you know. Charlie. -- It. That we're. Again last night Joseph district gimme gimme retail happened after the game last and you go straight to bed a couple of days. And at the box and you went to bed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah our guys are that a person like yesterday they rolled in there are fairway but -- did and today a guy who got. After a hole. What you don't know is he woke up about 8 o'clock last night ready to go has been up since then maybe a couple of pops when he -- minutes of the game last night and by the way many questions for. Parade to the question you got a question 37937. Attacks that war. You can also you can also use the hash tag ETQ. On Twitter need your questions 37937. In the meantime much I was I was remiss you can join Davis and our man. At the travelers golf championship on June 19 only got to do is text the word. Hole. HO LEE. Two -- 37937. Within the next ten minutes to be -- to monitor tickets VIP tickets to the championship go to travelers championship dot com for more info what's the what's the all 23793. Cent he loved to urinate on -- RJ in new higher. You guys are. Larger hole I'll bet that it entity that buried yet been drinking so much or it's not so it's children. Foggy street and so. Also assault it's got to -- that. And that's what I call my dad I think when he was younger by the way my dad did manage to make it all the way through the game last night he'd he'd demanded that I tell the people. That he stayed after the game now he took a little cat -- -- matter between the second and third overtime that's what the sport but I gave -- little -- this can only watch TV while holding the remote controlling the term -- -- -- red -- -- I was a backup made it all the way through the entire game kudos to my. Last what are -- and that by the end I -- it would have been at the commitment that. -- Don't agree with you turn the wheel -- what you but -- get on the web part of the -- -- -- Both angry because we both just. Talk about it -- separate board game and I told you -- it's like when they aren't that night but like an idiot you know what. We let it -- You were blown absolutely. Sure any particular. Activity because. According and what are we not. We took in about like Gregory all out and not have a point one I like it strident saying an important. Everything technical which took over in the direction so. -- you're absolutely right unique could be hired -- while that's that's a little weight gain and I'm frustrated. -- but then we got a game on Saturday so Saturday game two and RJ will hear from you next week like art and you'll growing and is going to be fired up he's in the jury's still out but -- -- -- -- -- okay you don't have to have made your right of two major points yet to hear about it your decision on males and he can hold off hello while. Probably since we've taken a -- mile an agreement probably more than in the history of the show Mike in Maine this time like. I do not agree. Or agree with Michael -- I sat in the corner and I sat out I'm amazed by the about this election was over Mike was -- on. How the government guys he Mike in the cart kind of stole my thunder that was a little while ago but. I don't we don't spoiled. I'm in the last two patriots Super Bowl losses still hurt. Like -- happened last night so. You know I'd I was upset that will be lost but it. And and yet they blew a 31 lead black big. Chicago they're good skiing and and they're really into it I mean we're in the cup finals. It's just. You know the puck didn't bounce the right way a couple of constructs -- and when we're up would. Ten minutes to go and in regulation and then they obviously didn't stop right -- overtime but it in the triple overtime. That's on that's what I think happened it's just. I mean Saturday things will be better. I guess I thought Chicago made some of the breaks I thought Chicago played a better game and that's why they got the breaks. Now they -- have looked -- got a couple -- good -- I don't disagree with -- -- the Bruins had -- -- overtime. Vs Chicago that was able to get a double -- puck past -- -- but they made those breaks they put -- -- that they got guys in front and traffic and took the -- and -- won -- puck battle along the boards and -- Seidenberg couldn't go back -- -- of and -- and that they don't storm because of its outlook they get credit they get credit. Yeah they get credited -- the one thing that bugs me okay. And I I don't wanna be like all the other guy to back on taken but I mean get out from them not -- I. Act tough but you've got skills tried to get in front -- -- that -- hitter through. And put it on the -- I mean -- he's ducked he he's just not he's not there he he's not where he should be. There aren't there at that well -- you -- one thing you said is packed off a one and I you can be in front of the net without acting tough. That's just not his. That's our Hui is -- -- and that's out of the Bruins seemed to be but but there's one thing though but this game last night that is really jumps attitude. -- you're you're frustrated disappointed most people are. 59. Saves. And to correct yeah pretty impressive 59 saves in its inner strength to get edited have a two goal lead but if you look at it. I don't think you had a bad game at all and the key I don't think there were any missteps from two grass last night and I don't you give. Give up fills up four goals but. No one of them was a battle not one of them was a soft goal from the goaltender I thought I mean the first two were legit great goals scored the third one bounced in off the skate that was or in the wrong way in the last -- was tipped twice. I agree I thought her a great game I won't for a quick and answer the question if you are Mike's in his car I'm. Hello guys I think like all -- By -- you know I was really complacent about the Bruins laws and you know the -- -- bothered being evenly matched. -- dignity. And you're thinking about it listening to talk about body. Now I know I've become angry about the whole thing I actually that we mean -- speechless over the drinking the cool what we -- How wonderful and that what brought it down to the penguins and. And and and all that I think the Bruins didn't wanna they're glad I did they didn't have to do that. The girl was there an incredible team and when they play up to their potential. They can be anybody who are I think that they should really. The color and get finished it and I think they can sure. The thing started but the. Eric is guarding my. I -- I -- Lipton today in an and one of remote road game Laden's well I didn't. I think you're it you've got in the way it's gonna be -- Yeah but -- -- but we don't play an important observers were were were being entertained by this. After the team is thinking about we got seven games and we can figure out that the problem but you with a team Maria we're not likely things they said. Very positive you like that. I don't like the -- thing in common other than that -- happy with the team yes I think everyone here had a blast so there's all in front look at Florida into it. There really is a strange comment your questions next got a question 379837. Text it to us use the hash tag ETQ. On Twitter salt and I'll answer that question next W media.

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