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An hour with Jack Edwards: Chin up Bruins fans, it's only Game 1 of seven

Jun 13, 2013|

We talk to Jack live from sunny and vivacious Chicago. Jack still has confidence in the B's and believes we all witnessed a tremendous hockey game and it's a long series. Salk believes the Bruins blew an opportunity to take an early lead in the series. We discuss.

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I think just puts on trees start to grow on people Michael based on the text message response people really seem to like in the starting to grow on the likened. I can see it become audience and it's endemic. Coaches -- well. Sort of just got to bring the Texas 200000 people like that one person simply stops and that the plane that's on external like passing. Another one just really exasperated by -- You predict a sweep hide behind your wife. Replace splits on trees -- and I thought my teenager with a -- -- This teenager called me an epic fail. -- -- Hey you know let alone today. I'm an epic fail. But it is still parliament -- all the spring jacket here Jack Edwards a (%expletive) up in Chicago he's brought to buy -- of smoke shop Boston private bank and by precision fitness equipment Jack. I predicted this week I went on a limb and. He's already got them how's it feel yeah I think the weather in the two respective cities is a indicative of perhaps some dog moods of the hard -- fans. -- it is a perfect late spring day in Chicago and from what I understand kind of gloomy back east but you know what. That was just an after cocky game last night we ought to take it for one at once that was as good as he gets for entertainment. And and here I mean. You know I know I know people who -- in there there are some late seventies who stayed up to the very end of that thing. And and were just heartbroken at the end in Boston but delighted in Chicago it was incredible atmosphere. Unbelievable. Quality of play and two teams that are so we evenly matched it's a coin flip. And bright and cheery in all positive or not it's hockey it's hockey game -- -- fired all at the 501. Loss and one loss on alleges. That's what exactly what it is horrible to view or in diapers in 1990 idea actually does that mean I was actually at the the Peter claim a game at the old Boston Garden when -- the Edmonton Oilers sure at the tail end. Of a fearsome dynasty and really the last dynasty of its kind in the National Hockey League. When the Bruins extended them to three overtimes in Glen Wesley famously missed the empty net with the backhand. With bill ran for down and out and now he went over the top of the bar you know didn't miss -- why he had to go over the top. And and then Peter Cleveland who hadn't skated in about two hours gets the call from John-Michael -- girls out there he's the only guy with -- legs on the ice. In the third OT any scores. And -- In -- shameless plug post game coverage on -- last night I asked -- who was on that team in 1990 what the psyche was of the team and he said it was devastating because they knew how good Edmondson was. And the news that relatively speaking the Bruins were a decided underdog and I guess Oksana but I should tell you this is murky he told the story again. Today -- -- played just an hour now we have a hard time recovering emotionally for game two no doubt about it now on home ice to. I will say this though when I look at the Chicago Blackhawks at 2013. They are not the Edmonton Oilers of the late eighties early ninety's is Tina won four cups and six years even though that ninety team didn't have Gretzky they still had 234 of the best players in the world. Billy -- pretty goal actually have a terrific playoffs. Which is a similar thing that Corey Crawford consider. It was a brief period about all that being said we were emotionally prepared for game two we were really affected by losing in triple overtime. We were the underdogs even though we'd won the presidents' trophy that year because it was the Edmonton Oilers so I think that's where I really draw the line between trade make comparisons between what happened in Boston last night. And what happened in ninety I will -- -- we went in Edmonton and won game three with a great definitely it was a 21 final I don't know if you have a right front is on Sunday yeah so even though we lost a series in five it was deemed true that we really had a difficult time recover. And once again the best -- national hockey nails and that's what is this Bruins team is a lot more resilient. And I'm not worried I still think this series is on six or seven. And it's a coin flip in the end these are two teams for the -- a research yesterday guys. And I'm not absolutely certain this but I am pretty sure. That for a cup final. There are more players. Playing for their teams who have their names stamped into the cup for which they're competing. Then any final since 1976. When Montreal played against Philadelphia. I mean and you sense that from these two teams. There are so many players who feel that that belongs to them and somebody -- been borrowing it for a year or in the case of the Blackhawks a couple of years and and they -- -- back and they deserve to have it back it's going to be phenomenal series and it's -- -- one of the greatest starts ever we got a long series -- somebody told our -- that you wanted to cart radio on the Blackhawks -- -- yes I did and if you recall correctly -- the Rangers to beat the -- -- the penguins to beat the Bruins and back in 2011 -- the -- -- to beat the -- so -- and so far. I'm back exactly zero mark -- join the club. And the club today. Depict the Berlin and -- now on my eggs -- soccer -- wins in four of them are also a Bruins and six in the last series and I worked -- -- out of -- game now Michael I think I I think -- has found his -- only guy and think he's the whipping boys of Boston sports media and he's gonna ride that -- for twenty years it's going to be a beautiful thing I thought I was -- be the oracle at Delphi now with a remarkable whipping boy I can't believe how my luck has turned the Oracle's business. Jack I thought you love this week specifically and everyone I know I don't know anyone who likes hockey more than you know so I thought you would especially like this tweet which came to me this morning. From somebody acts -- rains 30318. Who says hockey should just have soccer rules one sudden death overtime and then do a shoot out the NHL just doesn't get it. Are you out of your mind. I mean what was the most compelling sports event in the world yesterday. What was the most compelling sports event in the world over the last week over the last month it was what happened last United Center. When you got two teams who were playing for a championship in you know that they're gonna continue to play until somebody scores. Every element of the human condition comes into mental straight playing through pain. Injuries attrition. All the things that you can make excuses for and who keeps all who gets the bounce of the -- It and Chicago deserve to win that last night Chicago was just much better than the Bruins. But doesn't mean anything going to -- game to its all up for grabs again. Let's talk about injuries and attrition and he got Nathan Horton out. By the silence from the Bruins it seems like here it's a pretty serious injury if you have to go the rest of the series. Without Nathan Horton how would you do what who's who's best equipped to -- go perform well. They're gonna slot saying you know up there but he's not the same kind of player. If Nathan Horton in Tyler -- are converging on goal. From what is the weak side it is it's a teacher as the Parker crate she has apocalypse going ports. Hortons probably gonna take the harder of the two routes which -- to go to the inside shoulder of the defenseman -- From what we've seen of him is more likely to take the outside -- the easier route. Which means he's. On the outside shoulder of the defenseman depending on something happen either perfect pass through the bounce of the park for it to get to him. There's -- lower chance of a collision that way as well. If you're gonna win the Stanley Cup you've got to take the hard way how to Patrice Bergeron scored the overtime goal. In the Pittsburgh series he took the inside shoulder he took the hard route. He took the route that was much more likely to produce a collision in perhaps a dangerous one but that's what you've got to do and that's where Tyler -- asked again. He's about 80% of the way there and he's got to get. At least 95%. Of the way there the Bruins are gonna have an adequate replacement for -- -- well they're gonna have to do more than that too because not only they gonna need to bump up Sagan somebody's gonna have to take his spot on the third line that was already disastrous. Being gay I mean they were back what was. First of all I ask you who you think is gonna command I'm assuming it's Jordan crime we could talk about it. But what the heck happened to that line Beverly was awful Kelly was awful on the fourth line dog givens was had mistake after mistake what happened to them. While we're seeing the value of Gregory Campbell you know it's an old MVP argument you know really appreciated guy -- You see which you do with -- and Gregory Campbell feels so many rules for the Bruins and he puts the right players in the right places. In the right situations and not having him is really going to covered as this series goes on but. That said Chris Kelly's native fill any role they carve out for men last night he endured while enough rich currently has sent has not. Performed adequately for guy -- Occupying 3.2 million dollars on the salary cap this is not good enough and partly knows he's got a race -- game. And how much does not get knocked over when people breathe on them without having a good start just pay what you breathe and I'm trying not falling over on your skates or find away to get around that you know not every guy's gonna win every physical confrontation bought. There are other ways to skin the cat and the Bruins have got to be a little bit more clever at that on the -- -- situation. He certainly has more trust of from Claude Julian to play a two way game. Than Jay Pandolfo who has close trust that is purely defense minded player and net -- Soderbergh who has terrific upside but his soul and tested that it's highly unlikely. That usually -- trust him to to insert him into the Stanley Cup final in game two. And I think you'll see Tennessee change on the BK is set to recruit. Looked like a little bit of a rookie last night and that's OK you know that was gonna happen at some point. Matt Murkowski is probably got to be the candidate to come in there. And take up some minutes because. And -- can move the puck aggressively he has in the offensive force -- gays but. He can get it quickly out of the defense of and in a variety of ways especially skating the puck out of his -- And you got to be able to take some of the pressure off of -- who played 45 -- minutes. Seidenberg who played for 4830 sick as -- just four seconds short of what does that human engine Duncan Keith did and you know line and also yet boy chuckle or forty minutes you guys have a guy who can consume some minutes and be reliable and Murkowski is -- so far in the playoffs. That he is that it might not do recruit any harm to watch one of these games and and really see from upstairs. The amount of time that he has or doesn't having in certain situations so you don't know -- I'm -- ready to give up the ship I think that I still think is going to be an epic series. You know Jackie you mentioned Sagan earlier and we were talking about them. A little earlier in the show all of that Tia had never heard of Tyler -- until about a month before he was drafted because I knew the Bruins are gonna be in position either get hole -- -- so my expectations may be off but. A look at the number two pick in the draft. Tyler -- and -- do at all player and I expected him to be better than he is so it was a problem with my expectations or. Is he not developing. At this stage of his career in the way he was expected to. Well. Yes -- -- that the expectations are are a little higher than then what they should have been probably. For this draft year Taylor Hall hasn't exactly become an instant superstar in the NHL is Stephen San coasted in his second year. Sagan and -- obviously -- our. At the tail end to their third years a whole long since has a completed his because Edmonton annually goes on vacation the day after the regular season ends. But he has not developed as quickly as the Bruins thought he what Sega has not adjusted to playing in the NHL. And part of that is probably because he never had to serve the apprenticeship before a year in the HL look at the good it did to recruit at a -- -- is a completely different player and so is part cow ski from what they were a year before because you don't have. The the the beauty of Don Sweeney being able swoop in and look at it from 20000 feet and you know in the case of the two defensemen working with Kevin dean every single day. And also working with Butch Cassidy down their work. These guys get to work on very specific things in their game they have a lot of time off between games because DHL's a three games in three nights cities. It's three nights and in three cities lead. It's a Friday Saturday Sunday league so you got some time to work on stuff between games it's a player development league. And the holes in savings game show up at the most important moments and and he has not been able to fill those holes and the Bruins have not. Been able to cast him in a role where those holes are gonna be compensated for by his teammates when he was on Bergeron line. Most of the time Bergeron was able to cover up for those holes and -- looked like a pretty good player but. You know bill's days are with this anymore and and say he needs to stand on his own. On the final play final goal Dennis Seidenberg goes into the corner. He tangles there with Bob Beckel right yeah -- comes with a pox Seidenberg loses -- -- the puck goes back to the point at that point. Sean vehicle both go towards the net. And it looks on video as if Seidenberg and goes back to the corner to retrieve his -- Why would he do that. I don't know. But. At the same time. After about five hours a hockey the mine might not be perfectly clear the decision making process may not be perfect. Maybe he thought he had enough time to get it. Maybe he was. Thinking he was gonna get in a situation where is gonna be in a stick battle when he had to have the protection of his blog -- get a compound fracture of his index finger and miss the rest of the Stanley Cup final. I don't know what exactly went through his his head I didn't see him in the room last night when I went in there. Otherwise wouldn't try to get to work with them but. You gotta trust that aside numbers judgment that guys the guys a stud defenseman. He did what he felt was right at the moment and on a double deflection Chicago scored the game winning goal I'm not ready to throw any one. For either team under the boss -- put anyone on either team on a pedestal for what they did last night that was just. An unbelievably. Tightly well played game are -- them was -- -- you -- you don't wanna throw anybody under the bus and one of the questions that will come out of this is home I did -- -- -- Agassi did the I didn't think he did I'm saying -- -- let me play the sound. But Tuukka Rask after the game last night not get your reaction to. Yeah we have to -- were up 31 in the third and then. Terrible turnover. Takes just second goal and then tough -- -- tying goal in the bridge gave -- so putted better or not. Terrible turn over is is not is nothing that's nothing. And no ones and but it was also a mistake for Dennis Seidenberg to go after his glove but you just kind of tiptoed around that one and -- always Dennis Seidenberg so I trust his judgment so hey let's let's call both ways to be fair here was yeah. And it was a terrible -- but terrible throw -- happening every hockey game that's what happens it's a game and it's filled with mistakes. Even at this the highest level of hockey. There about 20% of his game is chaos and it happens. Players great players make mistakes great players catch edges and go down for no good reason Chara Seidenberg. Collided. -- -- one shift. A few weeks ago I mean it was it was like keystone cops it was comical. But stuff like that happens in the National Hockey League was was it Seabrook and last night -- fell down. -- in the middle again. Because he was so tired stuff happens it's a chaotic game and if people are trying to Parse out. What was the difference who was the goat who's casting animals blame after a triple overtime 43 double deflection laws. Lighten up. That was just an incredible hockey game yet over it enjoy it for what it wasn't look forward to game two and maybe you know as. Six more that are just as intense is that it not as long. I don't know people are trying to Parse out the number one person to blame to make themselves feel better but I guess the question is. And that quote from Tuukka Rask and you know this as well as anybody or you would know things in this. Is that something in the room where people raise -- -- raised their eyebrows and again. I really wanted to young about it and then took him and I can't believe he said that or is that just the culture of of the Bruins and that's just normal business. While considering that sound but it was collected about. All twelve minutes after the game winning goal. And net Tuukka Rask had to be very disappointed after what was it and enormous performance I mean. What he faced sixty speech let's. It's XT three shots. Here at the adjective is correct there was a terrible turn over. And no defenseman wants to make that turn over and you can attach any number of negative -- -- adjectives to it. I think you get past the Bruins to a man does he throw his teammates under the -- no we doesn't. To arrest doesn't make excuses he just -- the wayside now that's what it was is a terrible turn over time gold goes at all fair to skate. The winning goal gets scored on a double deflection but that's what it is in playoff hockey has Joel Quenneville said Kate you know. -- you're not gonna get a lot of pretty plays if you look at for this beautiful -- goals stuff. Forget a -- that these two teams got to where they are by knocking people flattened and walking over the dead bodies to get to the final and here we are. We another half hour with Jack Edwards with a -- always brought to vibrant and smoke -- Boston private banking in my precision fitness equipment jacket course. Is in Chicago everybody. Is -- terrible turn over everybody is as. And Jackie were part of a course now the believes that tore recruit should not be back for game two and that he should be replaced. I wanna try to present an argument the other way I don't know whether I succeed or not bring him -- trying next Jack Edwards with a salt and -- W media. You know my -- gets that chance early tries to rip -- high glove Crawford makes the great safe from below the faceoff dot. You know and I always wonder about Brad marsh on an an and I have to go back in and really -- and a little bit to see if he's like one of those guys in baseball where. You know first inning the first time up you Rip -- and -- gap for double on -- -- three for four day because he's in the right frame of mind. But if you get called out on strikes on a pitch he thought was a ball does that send you the wrong direction for -- next to react that to Russia gets that great chance to for the CD dairies that. He's a major factor in the game and and I'm not sure that. But I've seen that from plays but that being said I want -- to be more of a factor in game -- especially if knees and what's not. Like any prickly earlier today on -- Mark -- I don't -- -- true about -- -- an interest in theory the very least he was not strong and stick last night a few times. -- partner Jack Edwards -- -- from Chicago Jack I don't know is -- the is it being in the midwest it's Hannah. -- -- got a mid western attitudes and it like it was a good game that's fine and they win you lose whatever that just the midwest getting to you because. The northeast you kind of have to win right. -- at all the bipolar thing guys it was one game in the Stanley Cup final went to triple OT somebody had to win and somebody had to lose to Federer when you win not when you -- -- course it is of course it is but you have to take it in stride. And let me throw in this current political note just one of the reasons that. I eternally you'll have a man crush on my -- broadcast partner Andy Berkeley. Google George prickly. Some time and just have some fun with that George -- please say Andy Berkeley's grandfather. He played for the Philadelphia eighties I believe in 1913. The a's had won the World Series in 1911 they would win and again in 1913. He played for the eighties when he was eighteen years old so brick comes by he's a baseball analogies absolutely organically and by the way. I eyewitness. Probably the longest ball ever hit in the history the now deep flown to University of New Hampshire baseball program Andy Brinkley notable more than 500 feet and I was there to see it. His -- shooting a feature on this two sports start UH from Melrose Massachusetts and he Berkeley -- cooperated by. Hitting the all time -- shots so that's that's an excellent analogy that he just made about -- -- I I don't know I mean that's a good story and I agree when -- on camera and say and analyzing the man crush on him but I don't wanna know why it out of that that the Bruins lost the game -- They lost it wasn't just a great game at the end of the game I wasn't happy I was like -- I just got to witness history I that I just stayed up until 1 o'clock watching the team. -- I'm happy that okay it wasn't cool wasn't on the damn game -- this this isn't this ironic that I'm the one who's giving perspective here it's because you're in Chicago -- seriously the midwest -- often and -- home. You don't just come home. Home sultry or races with the break you can be in the newness and studio with the brakes and all that united and -- -- -- -- home -- -- there's something happening to you in the midwest. You know at the here's the thing this is going to be an epic Stanley Cup final I'm convinced that that ten years from now we're gonna look back and say. Ya this is a good Stanley Cup final but it's not as good -- sell one between the Bruins in the Blackhawks in 2013. These two teams. Bowl field that they only cup and the other guys trying to take get out of their hands and I mean it is. It is absolutely. As good a matchup as you possibly could concoct. It almost says Gerri. And on a hot water not quite all not thought that I -- -- -- that would never happen and it no matter where the company is one no matter who wins if it's the bruins' winning it winning it in Chicago. Or the Bruins winning here I'll bet me and I think he's just planning for he's going to be -- only way to ease -- not booed it's somehow. -- he goes there with David Stern. What if people are just confused you well know what what on -- -- retire especially in Chicago. The NBA commissioner and I look at the commissioner of the NHL what's gonna happen. And that he is in Providence 67779793. -- hi Anthony around with sultan Ali jacket. And I -- -- Anthony was out there have been better. And just what I noted it was checked bag you know alzheimer's it it is one game but more importantly out. I don't know Richard and Barbara -- I noticed. You know when the burned out there Dejuan even targeted here. A lot of the Russian excellence each let me bring the park before Ryan you know control the initial loan company it. Go back. Ladies and maybe someone -- in -- they I mean I know we are spinal cord Juliet and let you know addition is skiing. Don't you think you still got it after that we Stanley Cup would know the black -- A dangerous you. Yes probably yes Anthony good points Saul and I think one of the things we have to remember here is that there are two teams playing. And Chicago expended any enormous amount of energy in the second and third periods in order to get back into the game and the Blackhawks paid for that by getting dominated territory really during the first overtime even old hours. And over time where you have that so called long shift work that or that long change where you've gotten the defense of -- farther away. From your team bench and the Bruins still were able to maintain the significant territorial advantage because Chicago blew itself out to get back in the game in the second and third periods I was basically leaning on at six throughout the first overtime. The difference between the Bruins in the second and third periods and the Bruins in the first overtime was abroad -- making better decisions. That's why they look more attack minded it wasn't that they intended to be in a defensive posture Chicago raised its game in the pros are having a hard time making the adjustment there were able to make the adjustment until after Chicago would tie the game. Yeah -- in a perfect world they make the adjustment on the fly they flip the switch and they're able to turn the Blackhawks back but the Blackhawks didn't get to the Stanley Cup in 2010 and didn't get to the Stanley Cup final in 2013. By not being a resilient team go back to the first half of the season when Chicago was -- fact did not lose a game in regulation. How many times by half a dozen times the Blackhawks pulled one out of the fire in the last five minutes that is a team that does not lose -- school that is able to. Stage magnificent surges of energy and stay within itself stay within its game plan and rely on horses like Marian Hossa. How good was he last night and and get backing games there. These are two great teams legitimately great teams and one who's gonna win the Stanley Cup and and last night Chicago was just -- that much better. Just that much. But the Bruins can be done much better four times during this series and have a parade. Hey I was just a noose in my house -- -- -- Claude Julien said that Nathan Horton is -- day. And tell as much Armenia option of course he's dating game put so that it's better than being out yet does that mean does that mean he is. He's gonna return -- a series is that mean he's gonna play on Saturday or that he's not on Saturday and he'll be back here in Boston for game three who knows. Okay longtime sports center fans remember what in my in my onetime partner Charlie Steiner used to say when a guy was listed as -- today then again. Aren't we all. But -- that's excellent 7779. That the 7937. -- is inside bring assault Ali and Jack hi. -- or thought sir Tony. Video militia armed so you're saying -- that would like shout out and your -- I mean. You -- our panel that you wouldn't think he went I thought it was great yesterday and you know he does pose liquid nearly guys. I agree I think you really good job. Kind of their you know their areas where it's -- On an area outside of what. Let me. Recite for you -- -- off the record conversations so I won't name the names between a guy who played for a long time in the National Hockey League. And a guy who had an immense amount of talent who never played in the National Hockey League he said you know what. You're bigger than I am -- stronger than I am you -- have better skill set that I do. But if there's a loose puck in the corner. I'm gonna come away with that puck in -- battle against you every single time and that's why I've played the National Hockey League and you didn't and that's as simple as it is you know Andrew Ference has a pretty good skill set but what he has more than anything else he has said incredible toughness and and he he had it on display last night it's a good observation. One more thing I mean what what are important what happened to Chris Kelly you're -- plus 33 last year -- -- up plus 33. An -- and not -- not -- well now what you know zero point and you think it's so late you're at it's something else. Well it's so. One of three things it's either in injury or it was. The not playing during a lock out. Or the bloom is off the Roloson and that's for pre Peter surely to decide. I got a little bit more faith that Kelly can bounce back in the role that he's projected to play then then brits properly. I know there's a difference of opinion on that but. You know I know this is putting the cart way before the horse -- is not time to think about offseason moves yet and not even close to that but. Early Jamaican 3.2 million dollars that's a lot of cap space for guy who -- not produced what a guy occupying them much cap space must produce. And if the Bruins wanna make the most that a lot of people think they're gonna make in the offseason. That's just too much money to pay for what -- again not him. And they in it wouldn't be unprecedented mean the last time they won the cup. You always want to bring back the entire team they didn't obviously -- moved on Michael Ryder moved on. Cabral they've moved on so if they have to make some decisions about players who work. Who were associated with winning teams. They've already done it before that we we actually brought that up the Peter surely when he was solid this earlier this week when asked you this though about the Blackhawks you by Crawford. As an elite goaltender and always playing great right now. But do you -- am personally guy. I wouldn't put him in the top. Five in the league no. But he makes us does better than -- better opener on that's that's my personal opinion but you know what I've seen Corey Crawford play in person once this season and icing Tuukka -- play. In person what makes seventy times I don't know. Whatever he's played sixty games -- or whatever his total is. You know I did so this -- right there there's a big disclaimer they love Crawford in Chicago. But it it's -- Crawford. Not only was beautiful on rebounds that were available but. That he. Had a little bit of the years after the Bruins who went up to zero and he was not handling the park. Really. Confidently we saw Bergeron right after they went up to zero just fire one in on him from about seventy feet. -- and I turned and -- was sitting next miss -- man isn't that how Smart player Bergeron is is his time to change out its outages dumping its softly of the quarry fire one right on the goalie. Because maybe it's just a self conference right their right you know he's already given up a couple of goals and maybe started over -- -- so. You know it's a test for Corey Crawford and it's the ultimate test. I wouldn't put him in the top five in league yet but -- Chicago won the Stanley Cup with a guy who's never been in the top five and only. -- -- More from close Julianne just moments ago says he -- keeping our fingers crossed that at the end of the day important could be back in there for the next game so that's that's according to quote Julian few minutes ago. Fingers crossed the Portland could actually be available and playing it when they get back -- -- on Saturday night who wells will be in or out of that lineup or Jack Edwards. Next alcoholic WEEI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are hazards that are. There are yours you're silence speaks volumes and not have to answer the question ignorance is bliss. -- guys wanna make a comparison for one last night it was like I said it was kind of like. Waiting at the emergency room and he just every time and a woman comes out with a clipboard the nurse comes out on -- characterize it now now and then finally at the end -- -- that. Top -- that irks -- is the emergency room kind of like deceiving. I mean you think you go to the emergency room he picked -- emergency. Call you object in Chicago and -- Jack. They you don't pick up -- -- Jack this is an emergency. I know Jack Jack Edwards a call back very quickly all the emergency. I'm acting quickly. But none of the emergency emergency now after they have little thing called triage you got to make under that it's. It's actually the people that are truly in an -- that thinks. That there is -- doesn't really seem like you thought if you wanted to -- open Mike -- WEEI live out -- available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most four G coverage in New England tell us what you think last night it was like. Waiting all that time in note don't just tell -- it was like a bad marriage as we got that one earlier goes on forever and at the end it's very disappointing Jack though not disappointed. Jacqui -- relatively happy about the whole thing. I like there was a great hockey game I just called like it is it was a great hockey game the Bruins came out on the wrong end of it. But. I mean. You know if -- for the the bounce of a -- one way or the other. People would be saying it was one of the greatest games they've ever seen -- now they say it's misery it can't be that it was a great game Chicago got the last goal OK that's game one to Chicago time for game two time to get ready. So. Take issue with you with what you said earlier about -- crew because I would not take him out of the game -- I would I would leave him in the lineup. And I wondered why quote kept him off the ice for as long as he did last night and the important hurt. You had crew who was kept off the ice after the second goal all the way into other few minutes into overtime John Thornton played less than ten minutes here despite. Playing fairly well at least when he was in the game generated a few chances no they didn't go in the net that's not really what he's great -- but. It just felt like -- looked I thought more tired than Chicago did and I thought that was part of the reason why so that there's not issue that's one. And then the other part of it is crew get. They made the point on I think it was it was amber -- core or Alter all Chaka last night made the point that the Blackhawks for taking away the the walls on the glass -- of the Bruins needed to come up the middle or or stretch them out some other way to get out of their own zone. What's a -- was doing when he made his terrible past it was a bad pass -- do you how do you help his confidence by then yanking him for the next twenty minutes of the game. Well it's not about supporting tore recruit competent it's about winning game two and what is gonna help you win game -- the bulls to torque curve is getting beaten up in the corners and he was cute starting new I get rid of the park. More quickly than we have seen him get rid of it and those are things -- rookies go through and to recruit as a rookie and he's against the best of ponies ever faced so. Maybe sitting him for game and putting in a guy like Matt park -- you can play more minutes support. The likes of Seidenberg and -- and -- -- and boy -- a little bit better. To a decrease their workload. Might be the wise this move here I don't think -- to recruit confidence is gonna suffer he's a very confident guy he'll understand that it is what is in this situation that he's not being beaten opera thrown under the boss that the Bruins are trying to make him a better player while they're trying to win the Stanley Cup final and it's not time for for. You know warm and Fuzzy in -- -- here it's time to make decisions that are gonna help you win the cup. Where did you. Yes I -- Yes I do I think you'll see the Bruins bounce back with a tremendous effort and it's going to be another nail biter gamer emergency room or what have you. And I don't know if it's gonna goal overtime but it's going to be a very tight game. The Blackhawks are tremendous team and so are the Bruins this is an epic Stanley Cup final -- take notes. By the way -- I just want to get into the draft year. A Tyler signaled -- sometimes we see super strong draft years has sometimes UC draft years that are quite as good and because of the incredible hype of the Canadian media about hockey players were coming up when they're seventeen years old. Which is comparable to the hype about US basketball players were in the emerges fifteen or sixteen year old. The sometimes guys come into the league. With expectations that are unrealistic. Taylor holes drafted ahead at Tyler -- it. OK Taylor Hall has yet to play in a playoff game so we don't really know how he would perform that there Sagan and number two. Number three pick which are good Branson who's a terrific stay at home defenseman he's been in seven playoff games. Florida lost the only series he's played in that Ryan Johansson an interesting -- from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Never has played in a playoff game dollars could use -- no need to writer in the playoffs this year he -- number five in that draft he's never appeared in a playoff game their minimum scratched Jeff Skinner for Carolina. Very very good player really interesting has not played as well since he suffered a concussion has never played in a playoff game Atlanta now Winnipeg took Alexander Burmese drop in number eight never has appeared in an NHL playoff games. So measures taken against these peer group. Right his peer group hasn't appeared in playoff games we don't know all those guys are -- deal -- -- playoff game was not supposed to be compared to was peer group you're supposed to be one of the greats -- was one of the -- you -- couldn't -- guy. According to home court and -- everybody everybody's sake did anybody say he was going to be Crosby did anybody say that he was going to be even Balkan. Did anybody say who's gonna be over its Kindle to the contrary they said these are going to be two really good players holes gonna be better first Sagan is gonna be better in the long run. Three years is not the long run. No he is not developed to the pace that they want him to develop know he is not being the dominant force they were hoping. Hoping he could be at this point in his career he has not done that yet. But that doesn't mean you should throw the guy under the boss at age 21 and say you know what we're gonna give up on this guy. 21 years old. Is a college junior for most of these guys yeah would you have given up on to recruit when he was 21 years old. No I notice I'm not I'm not even given a bottom for tomorrow or whenever Saturday night with that but that is that that is what I'm saying so it just try as hard as it is try to keep it in perspective now try to keep it in perspective okay yeah you should expect the -- of pot of Tyler -- you should expect him. To leap tall buildings in a single bound because maybe his top and potential is that. But Cilic regular -- is to grow your regularity extra -- compared to his peer group that's a fair point. But you alluded to the Bruins being disappointed. By the development what did they expect from him at this time and that's the key question what -- they expect they're the ones who bought. There were hoping a little bit more Mark Recchi would've rubbed off on -- and maturity that this is this is not -- that -- -- willing to get outside your comfort zone and stay there for a long long time and that that's the thing. There we're talking about do you take the inside route or the outside route do you take this the route that's more likely to produce a collision -- more likely to get -- -- puck battle where you might just score that goal. Or do you have depend on a flip of the -- -- over the defenseman -- -- lands on your stick -- nobody can -- you right in front of the goal taking the outside outside shoulder like the officers -- offseason -- -- works his tail off in the offseason he -- Gary Roberts torture chamber in Toronto lead -- -- nutrition in the weightlifting thing -- You know that that's that's pretty much beyond reproach you know he he works really really hard in the offseason and he's trying to get so called man strong as quickly as he can't. I don't think anybody has any beef about that there's no question all the going to Switzerland was not a productive move for Tyler say in -- Patrick Kane. Played on the same team they lived in the same dorm apartment building as a matter fact one floor part. And and -- had a sensational. Lockout season. -- Switzerland. But that is on the wide ice where they don't hear where you can hold the park where the lanes are large. And where you get a lot of open looks and that was absolutely the worst thing for him. At that point in his development because it was no slog hockey well now it is slug slug hockey and he's got to find a way to -- Jack lot of fun as always I can't believe that was a whole hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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