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Why Bruins fans shouldn't panic

Jun 13, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Bruins Game 1 loss to Chicago and tell fans why they shouldn't panic just yet about a devastating overtime loss.

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Guys you know last time we want the cup -- we -- the first two games in Vancouver. Never stopped us from coming back and this early. When you look at the game could've gone either way and I thought we as a real great looks in overtime. Hand there was a little little laughter and we could have ended and before they did not that's an amateur game and you know they get a good -- they're tying goal. Cornell University so that's a waiting game goes on some nights you can -- breaks going your way some nights you don't but you know as far as I'm concerned. Two good teams and my dad played extremely hard and unfortunately it took a loser and a winner. Claude Julian very level headed as usual after the game but -- 937 WEEI the great Andy Berkeley and studio. Taking your phone calls and 11 o'clock the the common about Vancouver -- an interesting one because. I don't know why I didn't get appealing feeling some people. Are forgetting what happened the Bruins last from the Stanley Cup going to Vancouver. Losing a regulation game where roughly -- scored in the final minute to send -- home losing a tough tough game to. 32 in overtime. He came home down two nothing and that's theories you know -- years. They didn't play well in the third period -- overtime. Yelled -- gain any quickly overtime affect -- -- up they add on on goal I think about a game was over game one you go they're 00. Nineteen seconds to go in the game rafting tours gets the game when. Tough loss -- played well tough loss to combat game to get a 21 legal 13 period. Sitting scores 937 into -- -- overtime. Eleven seconds into overtime the -- -- -- See you come home down 02. Those kind of frustrating losses right I mean I'm sure at some point to set in cement and there are opportunities and the lost a great opportunity to split. They could have won through. Another come home to enough then. It's it's it's it is is there it's -- is a lot of parallels. Tools going on well do you remember at that time everyone. Or speak for Gwen -- like that he was well they play with the best team on paid for the presidents cup winner. Play with -- for two straight games so why would -- be out of they come home and opportunity still win. And that's what happened when the game three and you blew their dorsal -- there's going to jail according to one goal of the game three. At 507 of the first period. Down two games that nothing can score 00 then -- puts a hit on Nathan Horton. It's done. -- done for the rest of our it was averaging five minutes into the game will come. Down two games enough and Nathan Horton bit when he best players throughout the playoffs huge goals -- have so he goes down. 00 game did you did you feel good about that did you feel like they're gonna overcome. Losing one of the better players down to nothing at home. And and I heard the argument anecdote. Callahan and Kirk got a jump all albeit at the crossing L they don't have crop for at AI Longo he's a sale of if you -- knew that after the Stanley Cup but. You know when you went into game one we went into the series. In a -- Longo was number two and in each other regular season goals against. At two point 11 who's number three in NHL at 99923%. Action. When it'd be an -- runner up. The vehicle was the number one team in the NHL goals against. Game one he pitches a shot out with 36 saves. Game two he -- in overtime -- 28 of thirty saves. You go into game three. Did you really. Know that Longo -- good -- tires pumped. And he was an absolute mess in a row when he made 6466. Saves and the track record of what he didn't regular season you knew that over Bernal Longo. I disagree I completely disagree I mean it's religious history say and you might look back and CYL the year before -- -- really struggle. You know he opens doors blown up basically Chicago ran the Roman -- -- was -- through whatever give a lot of goals for Chicago won the cup. -- -- Crawford last year. It is questions of the way he performed against the the coyotes. 8983 goals against a bolt of home. Did anyone break I don't know OK got you talk about her. -- Bob. -- -- longer -- 95 goals against. The year before -- get the cup so it in the playoffs there was some there was some questions with them. Court profit last year first round loss to Phoenix 8983. Save percentage and those of say percent to 95893. Both against -- 2.5 8 for Crawford. Central Longo the year before 3.2 two both of a couple of the year before they weren't very sound. Okay and Oprah offer great regular -- Crawford look at Crawford looked just as good as the Longo yup the first -- So there's no similarities. 005 minutes in the game three you lose -- -- when -- better players you don't -- and at home I think there's a lot of similarities. I really don't and losing game one with seventeen seconds to go and eleven seconds and overtime of game two do we forget that both kick in the -- game kicked in that. Balls right there so it's it's it's similar -- I think both these teams are mentally tough they have shown that before and that's why expect. Honestly like. Every single game to be like this until some -- the cup yeah so you're not -- to be a let down -- from us I don't think this this program's gonna overreact guy. I can't the history tells you can't. Not only because the Bruins but the way the NHL finals and the NHL playoffs go. A one game where you were in it until a double redirect. Double redirect in the tying goal off of parents is scary yeah. 61777979837. The phone number -- and east and we continue with your -- a joke. Later on today guys -- Hey MLK yeah aboriginal. Okay -- not. Please don't mention -- in the same thing not -- this around. Crawford is every pound machine. And -- is right on top of that he's in control. Because a rebound machine last night on the first shot of the game it was a while but after that I thought he was -- committing -- him credit though -- mean it's okay right. Yeah -- -- -- recoup the level and an out of Barry Barry you lose. I was very against not ardent pro wraps until playoffs and he's incredible. I got an issue it Kruger -- which you got slamming crude. You got an egg there which are gonna talk to -- with her about that. But. He may you may state may clear the puck out of their own. It is it was from outside the Blue Line and they're they are forward. Picked up what it can't wait for the guy to get on site throughout the park and ended the -- happen now. You because -- a whole bunch of other. Irwin that made mistakes that wrapped in -- statement by. During the number one -- this game is because they stopped battling winning those little battles. And nick couldn't get it out of their own zone and -- the only one that -- it out of their own own its crew. Georgia they -- they had problems getting others on at times because they were all turning the puck over. -- and turned -- -- Joseph Ro Ro Chara dog and Israel Sega record all of real quick update. I apologize if we think it is Jamaican lawmakers sound like opening entire game and -- crew. We are not -- but the question comes into play. There was been decisions about crew with the Plame with the aid don't play him and and it's all about matchups in the speed utilized against the Rangers. And now any grind it out Stanley Cup you know he did not look shop last night and with that and you got a couple company guys. In -- Q I think they might go to maybe Wade Redden. There's there's there's talk about a possible move then this it's a good discussion. Quite frankly. Well yes and I don't think it's so early all the log on unclear because even later in the game. It all when I don't know pocket most egregious skated the puck out of the are on hand for the middle lights and and are up there with the sports. Laughter retarded overeat and he didn't get a chance to play again -- and regulate and he sap the rest of the way because Julian was so concerned. About his play out there except for what was it twelve minutes -- an hour or. So I -- I. This is not a knock on crew again the guy's been lights out. Since he got made a mistake but turn over changed the game and a few other options there people or text in Renton maybe -- read news. The guy he'll go to 'cause he's a veteran. But. I think map -- cow -- would be just as good an option and if I play crew on concern that. He plays without that edge which makes him really really really good I let -- watch a game and then reevaluate how it played Bart -- keep you wanna play redden I understand. I'm but I would sic crew and I do believe that that play changed the game got Chicago back in -- had a couple of minutes later. And it was swell game two and I was like game one -- up three theory that you put a whole different game that ended in a double re direct. 6177797937. The phone number AT&T text -- 37. 937. Get involved the shell on Twitter at -- Maloney at Mott and UT. WEEI. Ted Greg Bryant can't get all your phone calls and how about this. You are breakdown last night's game when a guy knows what he's talking about Indy prickly. Of NASA will join us in studio the next couple of hours taking your phone calls we'll talk to you and brick next.

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