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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Seguin will break out

Jun 13, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut, Merloni, and Andy Brickley to discuss the Bruins Game 1 loss to the Blackhawks. He discusses Seguin, Krug, and Rask.

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Go to a guy who was there in Chicago last night joining us on the -- the outline. Pierre McGuire NBC sports joins us Pierre it's my -- -- Berkeley today Mario. I'm doing very well -- morning at a lower and you. -- -- therefore it is told us to expect I think a series like this in my guess is -- you were not surprised by. How close and how life evenly matched game one of the Stanley Cup finals was last night Chicago. No I'm not surprised at all possible huge credentials while others in the groove rule it just close the deal impenetrable lead but he wanted would do that. A little bit of good fortune to Chicago but. The Bruins you can tell just from their penalty killer down five -- three. Just how focused felt -- how professional. How intense they are. I would expect this going to be a log -- -- going to be archers don't expect anything different. DeJuan Blair -- one caveat it is -- Nathan -- injury. That's a huge thing. But it gives an unbelievable opportunity terribly bearish I was saying every -- employee with with protection pretty gym teacher for the -- employed Eric are really roller. -- -- you know toggle for Pittsburgh Utah but the depth of Pittsburgh emea for my home run craze that they did against the Rangers and that we talked about the depth -- Chicago and I think you saw that last night and and -- point now the said the soldiers you know that third fourth line the way they they battle last night they won the battle of depth I think in that third fourth line well. Because you know Gregory Campbell I mean and he knows today he played Little League that you cure for -- -- and you can play up bought -- a chance you really should social. -- charged -- Gordon in the rangers' usually Anderson -- answer. For Campbell for playing toward them they didn't and that -- just beat the Rangers up. Cornyn. Michael fully -- and question an operation that could brand or get out wouldn't be surprised she directors Paul Byrd. Check back in the lineup for game to push cart -- That's just -- -- works but the Campbell and we are -- a little bit of impromptu Boston may need extension cord has put. -- -- of injuries but I have played Boston played the part of the champions are split out are expected to very different Bill -- Our cherished. We're always your assessment of -- recruits play last night it's a hot topic here in Boston this morning you know critical turn over just his overall play from watching him and ice level your assessment. But we got better as the game went along congress and you know it's a tough situation for young player and I grabbed the word -- and -- and Stanley Cup. A little bit different conduct. Let's apply some anxious and I situation in the journal what computer it was an egregious turnover. -- shares up the fact -- the -- we want to achieve that. I think we try to -- replay -- where his options were and obviously the shape plays up the boards. Well reverse your partner but he try to you know record -- play too well -- can work. By putting up that -- -- are -- were afraid he uses it all the time and had some good chances and use some of the carport to was Seidenberg so. Listen young players get a girl I think you'll be better off the experience was his best game or so that terrible -- knowledge is made of that one bad mistake. You mentioned young player recruited you mentioned Tyler get an opportunity I noticed during the broadcast PRD was heading into the overtime when Horton went down he said Tyler Sagan. Is about to break out this is it for him what is it you're seeing his play in these playoffs -- -- to believe he's just about to break -- He wants to park and -- make a difference in speed his very return especially in Orange level and and for instance -- that's not a lot of heart you are ordered tickets in the second overtime period most of them know which probably sent up -- that's. And I ain't got to roll to parking tickets sold out and again I'll just refer to Andrea Mitchell coaching a lot of these engine. Coached a lot of our buildings and managed played -- -- It's hard to get the part to sell about especially at this time of the -- works as hard in the park which and so about form but I can dish it I feel watching him. And for those that weren't on which are about to board that the -- -- he would everything he shot went in yesterday it was unbelievable watching him practice. Mean he was better perfectly honest passing or shooting his skating is great or just get the feeling is about during the break putters do. You seem to have a different demeanor his post game interviews you know I think he felt pretty good about the way he played for the first time a long time he was around the park had opportunities which -- offensive guys that can make plays. I think the expectation is that he will slide into that David -- -- -- each line if -- importance unavailable and I know when he had that little outside inside move would use that stretch play. You know when you get those opportunities the key is you got to maintain a certain level the speed and you can't worry about flattening the -- because you gonna keep you separation from the back check. Still gets the shot away profits the -- to make a big -- You're an army has such a he actually treats it. What they the good part Cambodian officers agreed to pull tool that -- -- an imposter really got the better the chances in the social work on their membership in Gupta is second overtime. We're -- what was -- thinking and there's an hour north of bona contention -- -- in the power -- hasn't been good all year. -- -- the wobbling on the cup -- eleven terrible power toward everybody knows. The period power play goal last night that's a positive thing. The fact they were able to capitalize on a -- put in the older times. That's -- stuff so he can't throw our -- just got to blonde blue I shot so because of pension burnt myself a lot of positive things. From the Blackhawks to their began these -- the two best teams are most Cinderella here all these teams deserve to be in the Stanley Cup final. Yeah you mentioned Pittsburgh ended their two semi fines double weight class you know Pittsburgh and Boston and one of the things I think was glaring to me that didn't see so much in Pittsburgh was it. Got a -- result kind of clogged up a little bit the space wasn't there Chicago can back check or I don't think Pittsburgh did much of that. Very well also move totally agree. So we agree on Chicago and the reason why they had that winning streak at the beginning of year. They're really destruction team they can play fast they can capitalize off journal horses force a lot of turnovers was pushed shouldn't true long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And refugees and a lot of that are -- -- revolves around what we're left insurance group in terms of Japan artillery in the -- by pushing the Parker PR it's. So whether they're really good with that they're structured and outstanding partner at law and it blocked shots to sort the Bruins are sharply got a lot of very discouraged. One thing they don't have the boxing matches have been Becerra and I still think Kucera sector will be huge users who law. We take a look at the stat -- -- at UC yeah the brewers to a pretty good job of their game planning to try to limit the damage that Jason Cain can do from your perspective did. The -- is doing terrific job -- OK job of denying the puck to Kane or. We start come real legally in in behind a defense on the break out in order to get that putt to generate speed through satirist that they do enough of that for came to be more effective. That there. One thing I can carry it is Scotty Bowman around asking a lot -- -- had some long talks practice came about where he needs support. In how we just want the popular artists create some space from -- -- on the way to do it matters you know is coming in below the defense coming out was speed. And -- in the park that's were so effective. He's unlike candy were -- you were there. We are used to coach against you guys we use of force so much as possible move the park in the union wanted merely carry the park models. An analogy huge thing trusts were about Pittsburgh it's different with -- you want cane carrying the park. In order suburban because change is so good when there's a -- -- stick it to you last night when your chances but you're right your -- I mean matches due to create some space now. I think the match social change when they get that into Boston Boston gets last change because they can see more -- draw against case. I think you'll see more of preaching against Sanders. Maintain usually pleasure depends who's in worse you know to decide on the road to change it up in the -- really interest in the watched how the match exchange they get last change. You -- surprised to seize. That that Quenneville did changeup that line that was so successful for them that game for game five and and I realized throughout their candidate doesn't really matter because all game long it seems like he's put in different pairings up there but we surprised they broke up that line that was so successful. I'm surprised with two things one -- surprised that the political -- who finished are no guidelines are saying and so I've had a lot of success and that obviously after the games served -- -- -- send computer and outside. We sharpen their words shouldn't. Saw that there are not machines so I've -- for school you -- usually are connected to competent -- part. Quinn knows moving sought up to pop one in particular. Also puzzles a part of you that no surprise the boat. I was over fished all -- and credible or not credible -- watching large university I coached there ago lot of respect for the people aren't there. I'd really differential the coaching -- concern now. That being said I didn't think that that was spot for bank board to be put into -- -- exposure to all of her role as part rituals to build -- aboard. Your last one for me who I know we talk about the Bruins power play its struggling Chicago last night had a five on three for over a minute didn't get a shot off. During that time frame. Is that more about what they were doing already give the Bruins the credit for his scouting of prepping now out of Blackhawks -- -- the power play. Well I asked if you'll check the question arsenic that's not the -- -- run that I have on guitar player player right now Patrick -- would be my past Gary diminishing Garrett. And I haven't launched one -- situation where you have on the strong side. It's because birdies with a -- just it's cancels. He's not a weapon there in the glory and -- aggressive and have to respect them through the shop there. Com so reluctant -- put in the position -- -- -- prime -- India available issue in the end duration library was last night but that's not the Bruins fall. That's not the -- fault at all and Seidenberg was fantastic and actually killed -- was awesome. Kelly mr. fantastic and I about the things that are really good job that's been the trademark. She won't give me has been there and Doug Jarvis and argue -- and Jeff ward has occurred in the event that staff is so -- and they do such a good job with -- special -- -- in particular and really in particular that apparently cure which is great. Pierre knows late night did you get a chance to get down to lodge a rush street after the game that there are only going your way. -- You -- know what I'll put our shoes have you guys been actually we came back to a hotel. They're hurting our last call but so you you were rewritten tri county in Chicago last night. Well at that hopefully guys a bounce back tonight you got game two on Saturday then you'll see you log every for -- Have you back here of Boston -- we appreciate it -- couple days to Chicago and -- -- and. Well you mentioned about it. Now that's second happened here will will push for game seven appearance. Parts are judged by it might flee. I'm -- proper journalism didn't work. Fifth is a good police though it was a great player in the planet all week will keep playing it but so far it's not work but I think by game 71 broken down. Now and then what about getting together are going to combustion traditional brick -- Think set up and -- Sox game and down. Tickets -- -- Fenway Park we have a couple will see what happens. There were -- and we lost Pierre. Pierre McGuire BC sports. But he alleys and he's going to be here at studio with -- next week we'll see him or Fenway and should be. A lot of fun appear on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible anti brick -- here we come back you'll explain. From beginning to end. Committee -- on the ice when it is a penalty. When it's not a pal -- when it should be called because it was all over the place last night that plus all your phone calls don't go anymore.

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