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Jun 13, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni in studio to take phone calls and recap the Bruins loss to the Blackhawks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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At third line is this is currently local final Kelly's not on -- anymore but it still just that. The third line contribution and it's receiver for the professional here -- and prickly brick just light at night last night Breck. Yeah triple overtime and then a full low post game -- one Aniston and try to break down what happened and deal with the disappointment that can come with a game like that but certainly you know those the noise coming out liberals locker -- I was pretty positive. I think they've been true to their collars which is they'll play through this they'll get through this -- the be ready to go on Saturday when flip them for UN dale in the post game -- my first thought was is Kathleen guy. It was where it was there are a coffee IV in your brain over Watertown cleanup to that Nagano I I do like my copy the mostly early in the day you know when you play in the spoiled Lou. You know he had a certain routine or rhythm they got into the game day in and kospi was part of it from me obviously in the morning with the morning papers I it's just cutting get rid of the death. Well that's another -- topic -- -- conversation. But I Rosetta caught he prior to a game and then its status much the same way I still am today -- -- have a copy before the game. Audio and a double overtime triple overtime no I'm not into the Kathy I'm just in of the excitement in the you know -- enjoyment of the game. I don't know you know witnessed are really what this game because you know you look at your notes it's crumble after awhile it all under three minutes. We started the show talking about Chicago we thought thought Crawford was outstanding some people. Still wanna given the credit -- he was outstanding and I think the depth of Chicago that third line we just -- promote brewers third line. That that's really played a factor last night. The other foot soldiers I guess if you wanna call it that the third -- fourth line guys would have you on several players however you want to describe the foot soldiers Chicago's were better than Boston's last night that was the difference in the hockey game -- -- more productive and overall it played a better game. And a couple of days ago when I was here visiting with you guys we talked about Corey Crawford and I said I just don't give this -- the respect he deserves an eighty's he's going. You know he's he put another game on the -- -- in this post season to shoot down my argument. -- had a number awesome looks and that's you know closure talked about the post game you know great looks in OT they were the better team for the majority of the three overtimes. And when you weren't scoring when you don't have the finishing touch in those opportunities. You just get that sinking feeling is gonna take a funny bounce or funny goal or break down and you can end up on the short side of the scored. That's how I felt watching the game certainly when the Bruins were having those those. However you want described in that terrific scoring chances available made available. That they earned in Warrick burying them I didn't like the way it was trending. In terms of the turn over -- to recruit that led to 31 game and being three Q -- very simplistic here on the show we said that changed the game did you feel like. It was that much of him momentum swing when they turn it over me at three -- it definitely changed the game. Does that mean the Bruins could have won a hockey game now but they should have been had more control given the time of the turnover and really how ugly was you know just a bad decision and and I. Anybody could have made that poor decision. Jarrett could have made that point decision other chances of that decision making by bettering guy probably not as high as a guy like -- group. And the style that he placed thinking he can make something. -- placed through the neutral zone when their line changes going on so. All that being said I don't know he considered going up the boards -- it in fear of a too many men on the ice play. -- you can go off the glass there you can even -- hang on -- he -- you know try to use the net as your allies -- away usually speed and get away from the fortunate but. A number of decisions he could -- made me the wrong once it was a bad turnover changed the game. At any gave Chicago some life that they didn't have at that moment. Again I'll go to the fact that they got a good break on the third gold shop I do is wide off Paris Paris as a -- the pot copies looked like clear out somebody that's coming out of the -- all of -- of the offensive zone. But Becky was the very winnable still very winnable for Boston's a bad turn over and I'm sure that the Bruins management staff coaching stuff we'll take a look at to recruit. Not just look at that that mistake the number of other turnovers and easy winning enough one on one battles against the guys that he's matched up against like those what's -- oldest soldiers. And if they feel that he's worthy of staying in the lineup because he gives you other things that maybe somebody else that might take his place in the lineup can't give you that's the decision that they have him. Yeah we always start to show talking about because we that the it was a game changer and and people took it as you know blaming the entire team on -- crew we. By no means you do that we know that there was some of the turn over that can lead to goals but that one happened to it changed the game. Which brings the question we don't talk about matchups the speed was a weapon against the Rangers against Pittsburgh at body was good defensively. You know and it's just game one and when you have options. That discussion happens now. So what you do voicing -- -- would you do we need to cut our cow -- who logged more minutes or more shifts when they're together. A veteran like threatened you stick with the can't or is it you gonna be a great player just maybe sit -- wanted the I don't think. His future really has anything to do with the decision you have to you're going to game two and I agree he's gonna be good player he he shown great capabilities of something the Bruins and have during the season from the back him. The question becomes our number one how many minutes did he play who did he play against it what do we need out of -- crew to get some best opportunity when -- hockey and we like him in Carolina because if we get power play opportunities. He's a guy we go to when he can help army an advantage how many file places they have last night three. And that's all they had 33 power plays to score on one. And he was it was he on the ice that pop legal I don't think so that was the the one -- by Bergeron I think terrorists and they want with which our group and forceful Shalala yarder on the outside itself. That being said. If you if you condense the game to a sixty minute game on -- 120 minutes. And -- this 68 how many minutes -- of play just -- logical numbers and I'm just trying to come at this logically if you if you the Bruins trying to decide whether keep to recruit in line. We played like 1012 minutes at most if it was a regular you know one goal game that was decided in regulation and who did he play against that we just got through talking about. The foot soldiers of the Chicago a Chicago Blackhawks getting the better of the you know the heavily in the Kelly's and maybe the flaws line whatever it might be get production from bowl and from -- side. Those guys highly effective if that's the group that -- crew he's gonna play against do we have a better option. And not worry so much about having him in -- for -- I'll -- we can make other adjustments with our man advantage we can still -- power play goals is the bigger picture the more minutes and why did we lose the game to Chicago in game one. That ultimately will affect whether to recruit players and gave him. Junior point after two periods. He played a total of eleven ships for six minutes and fifteen seconds after two periods now. He comes out in the third gives you four shifts for total of 224. And the goal happens it's either I stress that time so. Yet you -- -- right now you're you're talking about what 88 minutes 45 seconds. If if he plays a look at third does go over time. Ten minutes and I go back to when when the two of them on the ice by -- group. Acosta is -- 22 minutes Krueger's log in fourteen I mean there seemed to defensively they're -- to be that won't trust them you know as one of us it's just statistics. And I actually pay attention to when you look at in the game sheets and and that's no disrespect to the fellas that do the job that you make that's actively giveaways takeaways and any -- Actually are covered outlook but -- time on ice is one is pretty. You know there's no denying that and if -- gonna replace Torre crew because of the minutes if you point the most important players of the guys play the adjustments. I mean that's pretty logical and correct. And it usually defenseman Gonchar Steinberg for example so how do you give those guys breed is because they going up against the jays in the canes in the hoses in the shops and and if you have match ups which the Bruins believe in match -- and you brought your third deep here on the ice against the third fourth lines of Chicago. You media guide can log more than ten minutes because you need guys to get breeders at critical times in the hockey game and guys -- to take care in the -- in May you know quality decisions with and without the puck and they can defend the front of the net and they can win battles in the corners. That's what you have to -- -- -- want that type type of defenseman that can give me more in those areas like -- to Y one crew because we still believe in the matchup that he gives us not only five on five for skating parks and open space and making plays and helping us on the now that this decision comes out if that's the chizik group maybe mixing does play. With a better option at the look at this Chicago team right now and watching -- ski in written play. While I like our 'cause he because of the stating that you know wade ran a Smart guy can move the pot hasn't played some time but is in the minors for a couple years so. You look at the way he's training vs the -- acutely park coast whose NHL ready. I think he's a better skater. I think he gives you a little bit more than -- -- would right now. I think he's a better match up for those third and fourth lines because of his skating ability he has a little bit of an edge to his game and I think given the opportunity he would perform and he's a guy that can log more minutes than a crew and probably an ominous than Redmond right now so -- direction -- would. And to your point guys looking back at the last five Gaines -- house can play five games the Rangers series he averaged over twenty minutes. Compare even -- at that -- -- right it's it's monument put more group able I would plan I've seen with a and does that mean my secret and the series but for game. 81 of those we will let them watch and if it's a toss it if it's a toss up in India you feel like you gonna lose something with the man advantage by taking Torre grew out of line -- You know that that brings written a little bit more into conversation he think that to the -- series in the the impact that Red Hat on your power players that he's -- good playmaker good passer he's got good offensive instincts. It's just a matter of pace of game. Strength in those series along the walls in Providence that's with a series will be decided you think about the winning gold pickle just. He comes at a good -- legislate Seidenberg out it was trying to get away from char in the first place. And out of pocket turned over it back to the point you know what happened after that so. He got -- win those battles in those areas and I still think by 'cause he gives you a little bit more than -- in the situation Andy Berkeley eyes and held us until 1 o'clock -- that means he's taking your phone calls and your reaction to a 43. Triple overtime thriller last night that goes. By way of Chicago 61777979370. Had -- Mike and Jim all your calls for a text the code word lifts the 379837. The next ten -- to be entered to win a -- tickets check out The Rolling Stones. At the TD garden tomorrow night that's the cold -- lips. Al IPS to 379837. When Rolling Stones tickets. For tomorrow night but you gotta do it now technical -- lips at 37937. Yeah we have to -- were up 31 in the third and then. Terrible turnover. Takes just second goal and then tough -- -- tying goal and we skated away so. They're better or not. That's stupid talking about that. -- -- turnover among -- 937 WEEI I was that a case brick where. No matter who turned the puck over to -- said terrible but he recognized it was crew -- had a tough game when you hear that. I'm sure he knew who was who was the -- that you know and that caused the drug or that are made to turn over -- the best way to phrase it but no reason in name names and hang anybody out I mean there's there's surgical ethnic group and -- team news just you know. They're very matter of fact that locker room and you know everybody's got thick skin but they have believability in one another -- just common it was a bad journal already hurt us and at that time a hockey game plain and simple. Let's talk to Rick Carlisle he joins the conversation with a -- Berkeley -- little Eric. I got it I out of the column order I don't know what. Down it did but. I know that may sound crazy but you're picking it up aunt always. And -- but how -- the event you know -- built -- approval on the power play. You know I mean I think I think our -- I mean it's pretty good here. -- -- -- -- I turned to the mr. Berkeley on this one not a move I would -- certainly now if you re phrased it and said maybe dressed seven defenseman you think back -- 06 when Carolina wanted to Peter Laviolette had a lot of good offensive players up front but he always. Or number of times in the playoffs he dressed seven defenseman for that reason had a guy that he might want to just for the power play. And he really valued that player that power play guy in the depth on defense. Of the twelfth full. Now I wouldn't play -- Floyd but if you media argument they'd like to see seven defenseman with a Varco ski or whoever going and they're written Hamilton whatever your decision as. May -- would have a conversation about that maybe would have group because. Right now the Bruins aren't getting enough from those foot soldiers and in the gets a little scary in a little bit of a concern. Thinking about game to game three game four against the Chicago team that showed us last night. -- even though game could've gone either way that they allotted. Blogs or talk remote move -- -- -- for one reason this is an injured Nate Morton targets your thoughts on because from what I saw I was shoulder. Some blacks -- how bad it is no one's been dealing with a but I think it's I think it's a loss by the way you know you look at the plus minus look at the points that that first line the way it's work -- not your thoughts on Wharton and in what you do now to replace them. Well that's it when he stuck in about team to do you have Wharton or do you not I guess the question is will assume that they do not so what are the adjustments you have to make what are your choices to slide on of that -- -- -- combination in order of in order to try to get the most out of those two guys because they're carrying your offense right now and I think it's a no brainer that you go see him in that situation that would put -- -- here's Erica would not what -- argued there I think Bergeron and -- -- a long way to. To work with and figure out. How best to play with a guy like yarder and I'd hate to waste that effort thinking yarder and -- together -- gonna give you some kind of magic. But my biggest concern is battling sickened. Played pretty good when Horton went down he he certainly go -- on the game three of four times of the opportunities that he had it's frustrating that he's not finishing immunize past the Bergeron on the power play all. He still let these -- doesn't have that compete level where we'd like to see it when he has opportunities to drive and had a win some battles on the fore check. And you try to live with that and hope that. What balances out his contribution is when he gets the chances to score that he scored -- city -- a one game last night clearly but. The biggest reason that I would put CA and on that line with David -- -- -- each is pace of play. I think if you put yard there or not it's eight mile Lou teach in you slow his game down because of -- you are just gonna slow the game down. The board battles will be great if they get the putt below the top of the circles in the offensive zone -- got two big bodies like you had with port but Horton wasn't. A puck battle. In these playoffs if he's been deal -- an injury which at -- we also. And you really look at the tape and watches game and talked about the plus minus in the points but a lot of that has come from just the rhythm of the offense in the cycling. -- -- -- giving goals with -- in -- teach it hasn't been forceful. Knocking people off the puck separating them and then attacking the net that has not been important game. That's more of the argues team right now but it's a slower pace and I do not wanna see that would -- Lucci I think that hurts that line. The issue that we talked body and and I agree with -- and it's taken just. We talked over and over time your in your -- we talk about yarder and in looking better with that line and has a lot to do with when he first showed up. Running in the guys and and and guys not learning how to play with -- -- I feel that Marchand and Bergeron know how to play with him and if he goes up. At first -- first of eyesight and support of the -- you know goal score put him with great she. But I don't wanna see the DD one to game adjustment trying to play with yarder try to play with the space how to figure out what he's thinking. I think I think he's got that down now that line that's one reason why we're -- you you want -- speed to keep lieutenant -- Virus exactly you can't slow mile -- he just came down it becomes far less effective he's not in on the fore -- he doesn't have speed through the neutral zone. Yup it's that base to base mentality offensively in baseball is not good for the -- she -- combination it has to have more of the temple more of -- pace more speed. More of play making any -- a little bit more individualistic. -- Let me handle things along the boards slow it down I'll be my guy out of the corner you guys wait for me and I'll I'll sort things out. You know he doesn't have that speed through the neutral zone to get separation that Horton has. And I just don't think it's a great combination I know when -- your first came here people thought this was the 9290. You know 93 whatever and maybe even 2000 -- but it's not. It's a slower version and I think that would be counterproductive to the best two offensive weapons you have right now. Yeah and obviously lose championing Europe and Agassi agrees that via -- -- which are the short talking about that I I am. I like the physical play yard run and -- be as physical but I loves from the puck battles that he is one. You obviously want the speed over the visit Cali I completely understand that. I guess maybe -- over rating then. If I put Sega back and that second line that Sagan Marchand Bergeron. Would fall right back into you don't think it's that easy were saying on that line immediately means. The way the used to look which was at times the bruins' best. Yet no guarantee there that would be a major concern for me and I think that would hurt Bergeron -- on that now you're also hurting the Krejci Lucic combinations so. That's why I say to me it's no brainer that that -- say it was straight you -- -- and a all this being said. They need more from you know full -- On the last into the bottom two lines to third fourth -- yeah this is a tough matchup you know with. The board gets erased when you don't know another series the board gets race everybody almost starts all over and that's why I try to. Impacts. Coming out of that Regis we talked about it it was a great matchup for him the way the pace of the game. In the and the style of play but the Rangers played really played to -- group's ranks. And you sorry kind of dissipate a little bit against Pittsburgh not as effective. And I pointed this team and what was your offensive defensemen against Pittsburgh. It's the offensive push right right but he but he handled the pressure -- -- -- a journalist in that series to Rask was great the Bruins recovered there were a lot of second and third opportunities. But he did have a major impact offensively. You know it didn't look like the same kind of impact that he had against the Rangers. And now it's a whole new set of match ups and a whole new set of challenges. And he had a difficult time last Jim a cocker waiting patiently with -- and Lou and Andy Berkeley today hi Jim. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight -- point. The first is that I bought the role in overall look just a little bit. Hired compared to in their series against Pittsburgh just not what Iraq's -- a second later getting. All closing down on somebody. I'm and you know I think it could go into another eight or game that you stick -- you know they're pretty. Strong note at this point electorate it was terrible it wasn't like they were you know -- the -- but don't look well. -- -- Yeah I thought as the game -- -- I thought as the game went on when they're playing without Horton and basic -- -- -- is not playing anymore you're down ten at ten forwards. I thought fatigues and a little bit definitely -- game one small more importantly the -- came out pretty good energy the first period had a good first period. You know Chicago came out energy paced physical play they were initiating Boston channel that that first ten minutes 22000 they get the lead. The great she lied once again -- to make is does Chicago have an answer for those guys and that was all good for spare it was good for Boston's fast forward to the second. Every man I remember we can't go at it look like it works great. Hair like we're gonna end -- -- Pittsburgh -- anyway second point was well rat. I didn't -- didn't gain the guy who said he didn't dictate I remember one of your third period or or first overtime goblins and loved it. -- -- going to be this slap shot. From one side of the Chicago player who drank one of them any gloves it on the other side of the Chicago player in front of them. It was. It was unbelievable. You I thought it was pretty strict -- first point. I thought the triple overtime the Bruins came out much better -- than it looked like they with a fast team -- before we get the list. The two best teams in the league playing game won a Stanley Cup and to think that the Bruins weren't sharp enough to stop the game is ridiculous it's element. Chicago came out what the energy that you expect yet they had a pretty good for checked you know the Bruins they -- don't have time a space to make plays but -- They've weathered that storm -- to use that phrase the first ten minutes of hockey game in this situation. And then the Bruins got. Better as the period went and I can't they had the lead now fast forward to the second period. A five on 33 consecutive penalties Chara Seidenberg on the ice for like 230. You know in a row. Along -- Bergeron and Kelly spelling him and then they get the -- penalty later in the period. You know how much energy you expend. Against the best team in hockey when you're killing penalties like that it's unbelievable he back on your heels it changes the pace of the game. It changed the momentum the rhythm it's all Chicago at that point and now you look tired because you are expanding that kinda nervous and an energy to defend. You know refreshed and energized you when you have the puck and you're playing offense and that's what Chicago was doing and they do a lot of that in the third period as well. Now -- to get to what you're talking about. The Bruins okay they had the 31 lead they had to do not think lead Chicago with a major surge they tie it up they got a good break -- -- the second goal. But now the game is still up for grabs it's winning time and what did Boston do -- in the first overtime but played to win -- and they had a far better opportunities to win a hockey can. I like their execution the deeper they gotten anarchy we saw actually you know what's right at the end of the overtime period I'm -- off board had some good opportunities in front today. They had their chance it was like the overtime game and they they got tired. They had their chances pages offer made some good saves made the couldn't close the stoppages were -- there were ice things they were outside. -- -- -- player that I seized yesterday double shot right you know the execution is gonna deteriorate. When you get in a lengthy game like that but as critical times in the hockey game. Especially when it appeared that Chicago was gonna -- this game away from Boston before the end of regulation. The Bruins made enough plays in order to get its old time. How will we know why you guys feel you -- -- I want younger ties into our pop -- poll question today if Nathan Horton is out who should replace him on the first line you can text Tyler or Sagan for Tyler Sagan -- can only text the -- For younger that's JAG. Architect at 37937. -- place your vote online at. At WEEI dot com slash -- Maloney and not only poll present about -- -- is Bob as you know just introduced their new Mac and cheese pizza hot topic pizza. -- sausage roasted red pepper pizza and the buffalo Mac and cheese -- call or online apartment you know dot com. Let's see your place court with -- or younger texture answered 37. 9837. We get to that and more calls and any prickly -- on Sports Radio WE yeah. Electrical. It's -- Same as everybody just gets tired. I was -- grass last night for three triple overtime Butler and 937 WEEI Mike for -- tweets the show says guys don't forget. The Bruins. Not often offense but they score a lot from that point and it'd take up a lot of scoring when they don't score brick and all of a sudden you get into this game like last night were there -- -- line. Is all over the score sheet it does does stand out a little bit more the bottoms exports for the Bruins. We're not productive at all and if important is replaced by Sagan as you guys want somebody else's got to go in -- be it could be a complete reshuffling. A couple these lines here in time for game two on Saturday they'll. Question about it -- that's a major decision and he knew coming into this series that the loss to Gregory Campbell would show up at some time you know. Chris Kelly did a nice job in game four against Pittsburgh that he had a strong game did work that it didn't go -- his -- last night you know that fourth line actually was productive and a couple of series for the Bruins get this far. I'm in anything they give you offensively I think is gravy is third -- a disaster all year long I mean they've just never found a solution with that third unit to battle what they've tried -- or do you. And when you get an and a matchup like Chicago you hope it doesn't hurt you to go back to your original point about the defenseman in this scoring Joel Quenneville was very matter of fact in one of -- first press conferences. Speaking about that that that fact that the brutal getting a lot of offense from guys at the point guys that could really pound it like it shower like a boy Jack. And it got it has mobility like recruit a million a lot of offense you know even the Adam quake huge goal against Pittsburgh in the -- yourself. They made a point to cover the points you know the Rangers didn't they either brought all kinds -- point shots. Pittsburgh we talked about their lack of you know commitment to defense in the first place. They'll just look at the loose pucks in drifting. So that plays the bruins' strengths of getting involved with their. Chicago game plan for they weren't gonna allow that to happen as best they could last night in game one so this is what we get into all the adjustments now not only to the Bruins have some questions with their personnel changes -- those adjustments but what adjustments can they do to maybe get their offense a little bit more ball from the defense of now listen -- is gonna. Be challenged here now I think if Campbell was healthy and -- was healthy we might have some people calling up saying why is Kelly apparently on the ice OK but. Is the way they perform brick which talks about some numbers before you got here and Kelly do six across the border minus nine. You know heavily a goal. In against Toronto there with a ticket got in my -- assistant at third line -- and they checked in that's yet -- minus six. What they didn't cup. It's not the same guys they can't obviously come out -- -- this challenge but will what's. What on what these guys what what are -- -- it's just completely different to -- dual core customer scenic writers and those are the guys you're talking about the soldiers I hate. Hate it when I -- like this about confidence and and you have a guy like Gary heavily I'm finishes I liked it when the Bruins were not required him he had he had a good impact on a Stanley Cup championship in 2011. At a decent play off and that's one round that they played last year against Washington. But this year it's been -- BG challenged him in and no matter. What small steps. In the right direction he may have taken it points during the regular season. It's been it's been a steps backwards here in the postseason. When you watch him play you know the one hand on the stick and then. Not a willingness to make plays and be creative and use his best asset which is his speed. As -- speaks to lack of confidence and -- I don't know if he gets beat up you know critically by the team for his lack of production in and better play. But then not to be pushed by one of the black cases sort of speak -- the guys that aren't playing you know who's gonna step in and be better option. Then the guys that that aren't getting the job done and I don't think or at that point we need to take drastic measures. But Rick -- -- gonna give you more Chris Kelly's gonna give you more no question about it Tyler say it's gonna give you more and and I was hoping to get a little bit more from Brad -- out last night it's one of the points I try to make on the the pregame post game show that. You know if you game plan for Jason Cain shut them down as far as production with the Bruins were able to do the you gotta worry about -- host of the did pretty good job against those guys is well to the point where it. Yeah and to the point where it Quenneville had -- change some line combinations to try to generate a little bit more rockets which he was successful in doing and he has an option because of the depth that he has. And its -- position in the speed the talent. But post was he was the best player in the second period you know -- -- -- he was involved you know we set up the side -- Any and all kinds of shots and chances and he looked great he's feeling you think you Smart and you think he's. He's more talented -- you think that he likes to play in the post season but the Bruins for the most part did a great job on those pop and talented guys. And then you get it to the next line up you know the next match up the match with a Bruins lost a hockey game that's when they lost it on the scoreboard and that's when they have to be better. And if they're not gonna get better in that area it's going to be an uphill battle. Have you given any thought what you would do with those final two lines the pairings and Jordan -- on is in the game and all falls in name. You hear free the sweet I see why not free the suites -- part eureka where there well we knew where would you say the fourth line together. Well not but at -- Soderbergh struggled in his in regular season play -- he has no idea firsthand -- Stanley Cup final play and you are artists are based analyst in Chicago you -- -- -- -- it's my last option right there's -- -- sixteenth I think the next -- up the next evident I think as much -- -- like -- and awful and in what he could bring the lineup is going to be jointly run you know his youth it is. His ability to win battles along the wall size is willing to get to the front of the net. You know maybe he is an off wing guy war or if you -- -- IA -- that. Fourth line and -- -- middle third line position maybe to -- Ron on the fourth line with Kelly and on. It all depends on on. How you want your line to line up against Chicago but no matter who would. They simply need to be better they have to be better and I'm not asking them to score goals or not. I'm NASA not to get scored upon -- not allow Chicago -- generate momentum has spent a lot of time in the wrong Joan could be on your heels expectant would be even or better. Competitive fitted to the ebb and flow of the game and be effective -- galaxy by -- there in line unison. Any time is changing game -- going scene in minutes in though he's not out there that mix and match and he doesn't call him play so. Yeah I know he loves to roll four lines and I know he loves depth and it was a great success. But I almost feel like load up on three if you get an F -- that's gonna play severing -- occupied it's more rice. And and I don't know how they felt about -- of -- game last night certainly had an opportunity. In overtime and backhand do you get a stake in the it was pretty good place by a jury about a stealth plug on its gonna bury down. But that being said are you satisfied with in the third unit or would you slide into the fourth he noted that the FIA book Ron you know with heavily what is that but. You know those are the things they get two days to figure out you know what kind of lineup it's in the best they change defense does to recruit -- -- -- make it changed there. The day who's gonna replace Porter -- not available. And then what other adjustments that we made in -- would be more effective against Chicago's. You know. The grunt players don't speak -- apparently by. I like that third Lambert I had not thought about that maps and Boston he joined the conversation map we have. It in from Brockton. That's Hazmat bosses are bought them but. That's okay. But I wanted to stated in India -- -- -- to Iraq played out an outstanding game. He's considering where he had to -- a report she had a little double reflect it that young Eagles Eagles -- -- in -- RYL. He explained meant. And my second point is these are talking about that the chalkboard. I would like that he -- gotten more. A -- chew on or more because of its experience. Out there EE heat one cup he battles he is on the -- he won't know. Yeah I you know I think I always feel bad shots on when we get into these situations yet to really good opportunities in overtime. In a little behind the back pass by high -- and now what he collected he thought about getting the shot. And then it was the diving play again bio do we edit kind of hit comfortable little -- made a good move to get outside of the try to slide it back through the legs going I was going off that far post. Then get a second opportunity come and on the right wing wasn't really clear 211 but he had time and space to get her out faceoff dot. Pretty good opportunity always feel bad for a guy like that she'd always -- energy. You know he's gets up and offer. He does the job on the bench when he knows he seeding doesn't let him affect him personally he's all team and he's you know. He's got the guys back -- encouraging and all that stuff but it's always a difficult decision for a coach you know -- a role in that fourth line role playing guy. When it's one play -- gonna determine the end of the sake let's try -- in Boston this time I think we at bat in their -- We're -- are we meant. -- Brick by air and I would think that echoed tech -- a little bit right I mean there. I'm Arctic air but not as educated as one so I can learn a lot not just from picked up on think he's saying that night. The question we wanted this was the long alliance you know got to -- a bit -- the center and in the first period but it. They made a joke but I was actually thinking what exactly do indicate that part of the question. In the other part won't origin is that it never happened where where I shutter purposely got talked out of -- -- circle -- jungle and last night. Yeah but that they -- think that because you know it honestly it's a step -- and -- -- -- Up to date pick up and up at banks are total. Are important and I got it up -- and the other -- -- -- and then -- that like yeah I -- that I was -- in the same thing. Among the most common time our ars situation where the Bruins certainly will do that is. If it's an icing and now a lot of times it off -- just an offensive czar or defense to zone in this case a face off for Boston. Claude Julien regardless of you know first period second period third period score of the game he's gonna have to sentiment on the guys who have -- Bergeron out their own. Kelly apparently what however he wants to do it. But if he doesn't have that luxury which in most cases is an -- when you just have you know in normal line on the ice. Just in order to catch your breath and slow things down it's almost like a -- timeout you have a -- go in there. Just jumping down automatically and hope to get waved out because you don't wanna be taken off the jazz are winning it slightly diminished if it's not the sentiment. But it and the Bruins are one of the best faceoff teams in the league if not the best faceoff team Italy where they wanna talk about regular season post season so. They have a system they have a plan and that's part of that plan does -- happen a lot but from time to time it's just to get the breather. What you're cinnamon regroup get mentally ready for the faceoff so -- is it that's that's the strategy guide. They're a little more quick question I have is that -- it to me ordered. You know it was he that I hear that they beat -- and yelling pretty that a couple times and just the army. Or was it from the black art stand on. Clothes on I think you'll agree that it's kind of like -- -- -- -- screaming don't you know the word on your offer you know public. Yeah there's a lot of communication that goes on I'll be able to verbally and non verbally between players and officials officials act as a team as well in the making -- some of that some of the audio I heard was you don't watch you lie -- his boys. I mean what would -- three too many men -- now on the ice telling calls. You know I mean we've seen huge sheet as best you -- -- on line change tonight did beat or two or try to create numbers going when you have puck possession. And -- both teams were were guilty of too many men on the ice last night Bruins unfortunately could take advantage of their opportunities. At a critical time when it could put the game away with a promptly caught -- post -- I got a one timer from the top of the circle and in the redirected a shot by China -- the post so. The amazing what we could be talking about today at at the score big and prefers we continue to. Through last night's game and Danny -- someone NASA last night breaking it down entity we are out early hours of the forties here with us in studio 617. 77979837. AT&T text like 37. 93 several last -- about the carry over effect in the boys this morning talking about how it's now a must win game for the Bruins -- and I don't disagree. I don't agree for game two last brick and get your phone calls and your next.

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