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Having trouble staying awake after Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals?

Jun 13, 2013|

Check out this 5 Hour Energy ad parody to help keep you awake and employed.

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You know what 1 o'clock in the morning feels like ranked sleeping. Tired and pissed off because you just watch the Bruins lose a five hour game one of the Stanley Cup final in the next day when your work you're dragging your tired. Your boss is writing you what's the solution to a post game one Stanley Cup hangover of easy. Mix -- and for local five -- energy -- -- energy from stable -- and plus full throttle go -- Joseph monster energy drink mountain UN DX new if you read my read under Rick good rock star -- we'll still be in venom venom that still doesn't work. Watching that Bruins game is about to cost you your job. You can always turn some Coke breakfast with the SEC this emotional hurt us what hopefully Kenny came when go aggressive baseball card does go to their like he does he's of those mobile demo video and whatever you need to do to get through to -- Do it because this was just -- one. Of the Stanley Cup final.

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