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Barry Pederson on the Bruins' Game 1 loss

Jun 13, 2013|

Barry joined the show to discuss the team's tough triple-overtime loss in Chicago. He said the Bruins had many chances to win and steal Game 1.

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Denis and tell -- -- our conversation with Barry Petersen is brought to you by Cumberland farms Berry joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. A hope to -- Fast buried -- talking to us at this hour. Yeah I know one thing out throughout the wind and after the productivity level took a big get this morning. And Dunkin' -- a sell a lot of -- shot I can tell you about as well amen hey hey girl what's more devastating eight triple overtime loss -- a double deflection in the 112 minute or 71 beat down we're not even competitive with the other team. Normally -- always the overtime because it had a boat for five to one you're probably Bentley. -- -- preparing for the next game right there with with that he would have that extra day off I think is going to be huge for these guys. The gain came as advertised very rarely -- sporting event kind of get to that -- but this is because the last night. The Bruins in the previous. Three round had the advantage of that third and fourth line positions without Gregory Campbell he can really see that that hurt a little bit last night. And Chicago to meet third fourth line with a different makers throughout that game proved popular line can handle papers have been occasional problem. Back to totally dominated that you create you -- she obviously. But they're gonna need more about third or plaque. So obviously Chicago is different from Pittsburgh in terms of their depth that we also draw the conclusion that Chicago is a better more resilient team the Pittsburgh. Yeah I did manage the puck a little bit better there -- better in the -- and they're not gonna give you anything you have to work for. But with that being said he's the Bruins had complete control that hockey game early in the third with that 31 lead and you know people like speaker talking a lot of -- deflection the bad break pick up but to be the turning point the hockey game. Was the giveaway by -- -- his -- -- and that's that's what we'll play the rookie mistake under pressure that you have. Did your side -- wide open you've really got to carry it up or make up play. As we're taught as youngsters to wrote your rocky career this one play you don't make your own and not -- site. If not that that he was the one that really change things. Do you think that is enough to get the rookie bench to Willa. A couple of make a move feared I don't know I Marcos -- -- and. I don't I don't think so like I think that you know we got to pick -- out of for a word which was look to you guys gonna play the way you play it. And that don't be afraid of making mistakes that -- kind of pulled back a little bit on that site I'm I'm not so sure that wasn't because they had the lead or trying to protect a little bit more would. The veteran defenseman -- not because they really need him. He brings that element of speed and hop -- to the lineup I think he helped -- power players. Well -- how about -- important important is out. And abducted -- leaders are declared a mile is here over his shoulder. We call it -- just a shoulder to shoulder. What do you do do you put -- that does Sagan go to the first line does gaga move up to the first line. No I I think you put Vegas they're like big show last night about the sake of throughout the game look pretty darn good even before it moved out of the -- -- got to compete level was better I thought he was creating opportunities -- -- the body ball. In play. What they've been taught to -- to define the question he's gonna have to love plot and have the answers how can he get -- the life out of the third line because you cut it. If you say that I -- -- and sport there's solid. I defensively but the way Chicago's playing we saw last night Sean Foley could -- in the Kruger and sought. They have or. Very competent line so you're not -- -- -- I mean normally -- -- -- of these situations he kind of -- okay the third fourth line I have to look at deceptively first you can't hurt me. Well he may have to go a little bit outside the boundary trying to find some offense so we may have to go and get caught. Or go to Byrd who maybe he doesn't trot is much is thought of it offensively but he may have to get those kids get to try to maybe get pressure leg and if you bought them from somewhere. Perry is it worrisome. Not necessarily to you but the quote and the Bruins that that Chicago won this game and didn't get huge contribution from their superstars Toews and Kane and sharp to some extent. No I think the bigger worry concern was that you had this game and you you've -- -- give it away again he had that 31 lead. -- publicly the other camp that second period when they had that five on three to four report back to back. The Bruins penalty killing -- drug charge -- -- we're just but not at all. That's 5130. Shot Seidenberg blocking -- Bergeron doing what he does so well Willie when he -- not getting the puck down. But they had complete control took the crowd of the game at three to wanna be allowed them to get back in -- You think five on three in the two forum -- that the two a shorthanded situations. Put the brewers -- the defensive mode as opposed to attacking the second part of that question is did the penguins folding their tents. When the Bruins had them down two goals serve the Bruins badly with the Bruins -- well Pittsburgh folded maybe Chicago will as well we can take our our foot off the pedal. Nobody's second question first no I don't think so I think that was again more of the situation where they had complete control. And again I don't think it was the three what was it that back I think it was more the emotional. Let down after the giveaway it was three to look like -- in any kind of sat back a little bit but. Your power -- question I really thought. That was the situation where. The same thing kind of happened at Pittsburgh one of the games where they had three power plays and rotate. Your -- out of the game because you're relying so much on Chara Seidenberg and Bergeron. Maybe Kelly upright depending killer you're up at the players it ought to say because they're not in the world and not attacking took a little while for the Bruins. We kind of get back in the in the quality and that's why it's so important when you have a five on three to take advantage of that you could really hurt. Hewlett as a team if you are not accept line and they weren't successful in that kind of Chicago a lot of things a little bit so. I what would concern you if -- quote and -- the game to a lot of guys played a lot of minutes I know I don't charity does this all the time when you look at it. And Andrew Ference playing 45 minutes 56 ships blocked eight shots and Seidenberg and boy checked and all these guys -- over forty minutes and yarder. 41 yoga played 34 minutes I U of -- gonna have to adjust and and find ways to the not to leave these guys out that -- they got nothing. I don't think so Jerry they think that -- people like look at I don't of the sheet front you can look at Chicago sheet I'm sure their top guys play that many minutes. And it's different if -- of the regular season have a problem because the senior players probably fresher than you are that's the situation where both these teams later at all alchemy. We can't sit there what can I gave last night at Volvo playoff hockey is that I mean that was one of the just. Udall will also -- -- -- -- in this witnesses did a great it was just call up after the second overtime we'll start again Saturday and see what happens intent physical hockey. The mean the war bigger concern for applauded going to be very important. He's got to find a replacement for him. Offensively. And also the political. Element that he brought to that line was -- in Milan set that. Physical -- he's gonna have to get democracy from Tyler and then he's gonna have to find somewhere in that third and fourth line he can no longer just look at them. From okay go out and don't get scored again now I need the market because that got the match Chicago's depth up front. Ever suspected it -- tells I was second to get in front of the net to go in those dirty places. And Sega and just just not in his nature ages doesn't do it. I thought he did a lot Ninth Ward here in -- exit utilities get that they cut you don't look a lot -- all the playoff run do. We talk about the size of Lucci should Horton and their physical presence but crazy last night was very typical and throughout the playoffs. One of the guys that that part of the net the ball has been David -- -- and he's not a big guy but you don't have to go the dirty areas to do what I think -- -- that's rubbing off. On -- -- get the depth -- both Sagan and yarder. We are supposed to get last night -- a -- Thought that the court reviewed -- thought what an opportunity that he had over time. Where you all looked at too much time normally that happen a great play from -- You're gonna either -- deflect it forced off -- -- it quickly. Yet to what kind of think he thought Crawford was coming across the it would go on -- -- -- made -- great play deceptively. But you know it just playoff spot yet find -- -- than it did they got the ball these he'd been evident today off. I'm sure dog -- stared at the ceiling fan all night long thinking about that our LA and I and I and I am wondering. It if it's -- lesser goaltender if it's not a guy who's been stop and everything you've shot against him I know we don't think and all this is Crawford and I have to do something special. But the guy has been sort of mediocre coach just go with the basic like ma might he subconsciously set I've got to do something special to beat this guy. I think the bigger problem there is that in order to play golf cart that the worst thing you could do was start -- right. When you have that much time he knew he was wide open and he got a -- -- have a great -- from -- If you didn't have time to think I'll guarantee he could -- the lack that if that happens hard enough or didn't stop it and release them immediately. But he had so much time that they keep going OK -- wide open I could see Crawford common. He's just slide all the way brought I would say it to my back can't have an empty net and he did that. Get -- play but that Alitalia because of that time he was able to get back and help out defensively but the worst thing to -- there that happened was he had too much time to think. You know I know you guys practice players I mean -- practice. Reflections of tea and a puck in front of the net giver practice double the pleasure to sit there. But hadn't. Is that the civil personally don't want -- -- of popular -- anyway these guys shoot to hard nowadays. Gregory Campbell -- unfortunately. But you definitely practiced. -- -- as you know you've been around the wrinkle out. -- but the situation where they have got to. Would you look at that deflection -- in a company that -- pat have to be hard and not sure -- have to look at the replay the once hard enough. But again the problem what he was so wide open he started -- at the start to have option one option two option three and start thanks. We've made the point earlier that no basketball coach Doc Rivers -- Gregg Popovich has ever said in the post game press conference all had the ball bounced a different way we would've won that game and yet that is so much the nature of hockey and I'm wondering -- at what point. In a in a professional hockey player's career -- -- -- -- or shooters and whatever. Does that -- Relinquishing the idea that that things don't go as planned you can drop things up they don't always happen or rarely happen and that that this is without question the most frustrating game on the face of the year. They have really opened with a typically gave a mistake that is the lucky -- it goes up somewhat but not someone skate -- and it. It never -- we have -- pretty liberal court if you overtime goals. But I'm sure if you look back at that -- the Rangers at trial they all felt that they were maybe a bouncer to wait. A poster to -- -- from from beating the Bruins are given but you know a more -- run. One of the strength of this team ever since Claude Julien has been -- -- resiliency. You know what just when you think things aren't going their way throughout the season they go on the road. They get themselves collectively. Focused again they play good solid team defense. And away they go one of the things that they can always draw on. When European -- kind of maybe not get your bounces for this team -- very simple you just go back to your your game plan which is solid team defense protect the -- And don't worry about the opposite of Saudi will look after itself about what they gotta do. That's easier said than done especially the Stanley Cup finals where are obviously the attention the pressure is that it's -- Even though -- gave up four did he look any different to you in game one against Chicago they did in the the fourth game for instance and Pittsburgh. No I thought he looks solid wrote I I thought Crawford -- very hard look at me like he was kind of fighting the puck a little bit. Right but took a look like he was totally under control emotionally. I've been kept Baltimore any gold like big -- Crawford. Maybe probably wish he had -- is second one back it went off on. That last shot but -- I thought both goaltenders were for the most part we're so all of a -- there's supposed to do which is give their team a chance to win. But a question Barry what will close overriding message would be between now and Saturday night. Well first look at re hydrated get to look to get they get the rest of look at yourself and be ready. But the biggest thing for him it's going to be what the strength has been of this club which is put the game behind you. And -- worry about what we can control. We know we can play with these guys and that was pretty obvious we went to their building to opt out of environment we handle that we had the deep. We've now got to get the production from the third fourth -- somehow and we can compete with these guys. And what will quit bill's message be to his hawks. Be ready early because I thought that the -- kind of took it to them a little bit picked up a little bit wild for them to get into it. But I think. He's probably going to be expecting a little bit more from see him from paper -- hospital or to devote -- -- but I absolutely or sell their old political play peerless. He could be a little bit more from sharp as well what his start but boy he's got a huge huge production for his third fourth part. As always Barry -- good stuff we appreciate or talked a letter. Read about but it got exactly Barry Petersen -- Tennessee to LM on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Our conversation with Barry is brought to you by Cumberland farms.

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