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Bruins lose Game 1 of the Cup finals

Jun 13, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Bruins' triple-OT loss in Game 1 of the Cup finals. They agreed that the Bruins missed several opportunities to win the game.

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Plus the unknown just once. Plus. -- Here's a good start. -- okay. Losing in triple overtime after a 112. Minutes of hockey and a 107 shots is certainly bad enough. But the manner in which the bees went down. Makes it far worse blowing not one but true two goal leads the last one by the quake coming in the third period. If not devastating is certainly deflating. Now we know the brewers are a physically tough. Hockey team we're about to find out at the Bruins -- mentally tough hockey team it was there for the taking. And they couldn't do I will -- -- a little opening -- with this. The hawks beat the penguins it's a much tougher -- out that's much tougher burden upon us to take away yeah game was over all but 310 and did not come back from them they don't do with the Blackhawks that last thing anyone thinks. The Bruins were gonna do Blackhawks it is paying ones we know that sold to older. And as you can be more bad news out important -- And I saw a stat that the Bruins last night with a thirteen to blow a multiple goal lead in game one. In in the other two cases Oilers and wings they bull lost the series. Yeah yeah balances. Available it's. Much weight to lose in those videos they've lost by 71. You know you know suffered the injuries he suffered a -- and the pain the bruises. 63 blocked shots between the two teams and so few of them hurt us a few of them left marks. And today tomorrow and all day Saturday will be wondering how. On an important -- wanna buy out the Saturday night's start seems like a better athlete now isn't it -- -- -- now for us they don't know I like Iowa tonight. I'd like the test you know the the the war of attrition like that idea. Because to me it looks like the Bruins have guys who can handle it. God knows -- CC all that much as forty minutes. I don't think that's a big deal because it's -- you know with the big deal if you're close you worried about parents. -- who's hurt who's been in active play 45 minutes -- you -- to put. We're about boy chuck 42 minutes Seidenberg 4836. More than chopper. You're about those guys may be nuts out there because he's a machine -- -- -- about everybody else it's much are you worried about. But I don't think anyone could disagree that it's a much much worse way to go down. Then. Lose and go fight the good news is -- they still haven't. Trailed. Since may haven't trailed since the richer cedars. And on -- game it's over and trail. They have not trailed since the Rangers users with a trailing in the series. No I mean in the game trailing in the game because the game ended -- -- help it's troubling that it at all strip along the true. 012 -- the -- seconds it's over said it's over it's drugs they have not trailed since the range of -- a lot of stuff at Dunkin' -- to get a per bushel. And I innocently I can't -- around that and I would put it -- -- they haven't tried to keep up. You can understand oriented staff and walk out and mind what do you mean and I don't can't get a little loopy this morning now they have not trial is no time in which they trail. If it but I saw the black hawks celebrated into the game but -- so -- we're trailing. No that was the time I saw Andrew sharp drop an F bomb there were trailing -- that's true -- eBay it's it's like we're just greatness. Kashmir -- did not even blink when he said. That takes them. Andrew Shaw with a brilliant beautiful hockey move to just look like -- and out of I don't know. Material LeMieux scored the game winning goal action just standing there. Interviewed in the spotlight. But Pierre McGuire after the game here -- something like that to fill in the blank on the part that we that we out. It's -- prevent. The guys -- deserve this battle. -- the audio sub levels for we knew it wasn't going to be pretty at this point -- told here it was a great shot a great set -- -- it was unbelievable. All the guys we deserved dropped an F bomb right on national college of William and I don't put a lot of kids were probably need to progress. Was. Oh one's with I think it was a mature audience at that point -- you know -- old. And now get texts and calls from my six year old stayed up he's the biggest -- would and first create your bad parent if it was up 150. A bad parent. So we find out if they're mentally tough going forward -- got an awfully tough. There mentally that we might have to physically tough and we find out they're good for me would you say the take away. Is it -- however was written and said at the Chicago and Pittsburgh Chicago is not the Rangers Chicago's pretty good. Chicken is a pretty sure I'm pretty to Dallas team deep team. They have scale. The problem Chicago made mistakes economy was trying to hit with the Bruins only tried to hit with the Bruins. They got down on the trail -- get distracted they have their game when they stop that nonsense they were the better team if you were to say. Off the -- -- who who who a play at home in this case. Two Blackhawks played Padilla -- -- pretty significantly especially the second bit of an amendment to look at the the box the last forty minutes regulation the Bruins had fourteen shots after. The Bruins went up two goals after Lucic is I mean after diluted to nothing. -- they went 31 merger version Iran's power play goal. The Blackhawks coach at the Bruins thirty to their thirty Kenya 323 or -- you of the overtime shots and overtime -- fairly even yeah 1210 and seven for the Bruins 810 and six for the Blackhawks Bruins actually out shot. -- in the three overtimes. Outs -- overtime as pretty good. But second third year after the the Chicago black -- -- -- and everybody liked the you know trying to strangers and -- plainly the Blackhawks they were the better table that. Exemplifies the difference between Quenneville and -- -- would not made that change I'm sure the Blackhawks didn't take it upon themselves say -- trying to hit. And the outplay a heavy game like the Bruins is working -- sure at a certain point Wendell said we gotta get back to Chicago Blackhawks kind of hockey team made the adjustment something -- and never did out. And I mean. It's it's fun and exciting I enjoyed it I'm sure a lot of fans enjoyed it. If you the black collection thank and look at what we do and here in what do we do when trying to play their game and improve our -- let's just play when they get away from that he could see their skill. And you could see that focused focused Actuate folksonomy. It's it's macho guy knows John -- real approved of it. It didn't seek it you see why you can't play like the Rangers play all Yale law and you can't block every shot all year long I mean there's a shelf like there's. Uses certain risk involved in in in planned that way in the pro Annika play that way its in its cup. Buy it right right. You can play that way for 48 games or eighty games of regular season it takes its -- and Hillary's seat with -- Gregory Campbell. You saw it would Bergeron. -- block shots when it really matters but you want Bergeron do and what he did last night. Laying out or in jail but blocking a shot shot shot yeah. All yearlong January Ryan Callahan and and so now. Like not just -- -- a -- spots like the finals of the Stanley Cup run a place to do that it was good strategy they don't they know and god knows that blocked a lot of shots and frustrated. The Blackhawks but you got the sense that they couldn't -- forever I -- think. They get better chances in overtime the Bruins yeah they definitely -- -- I have ninth and -- has had the best chance whole game in you know record twelve minute game there wasn't a better scoring chance and dog opens his -- talk about that. Well it is never easy to lose a game when you're here in the third overtime period but -- right does not you don't. I like her first period. A second period was okay until those three penalties on kind of gave them momentum and then took it away from us but -- You don't I thought that in overtime we got better. Have we had so little stronger we as a great looks we had -- great opportunity we used in Merriam and eventually. Because somebody's gonna score a goal here as fatigue sets him. I did identify a similarity between the penguins and Blackhawks this was hard to do. Like Pittsburgh Penguins the Blackhawks big stars. Weren't the -- force in this game the role players -- It was -- and it was shot it was Kruger froehlich it was sought. Those are the guys that made the difference a bad side not to say for the Bruins yet guys are stars ever -- -- -- -- final right -- are still wait. And maybe they -- and the thing and they never shall play probably not as I doubted. But did you think. The team like the payments home then you know. We couldn't do that we couldn't we couldn't hold you know play that. Hard for that long I think I don't present watching that game and saying -- the way it seems like he thinks is in the white let me get a break like him off turn -- The outlets that's how every little thing like -- and it's true they -- get a -- shore still a dominant they go do it games scored only two goals. It is a strange game and win in the park goes -- of -- skate -- sand. That's the first unlucky break outs -- -- win since the -- the Maple Leafs and the second was the double deflection for the game -- out a lot of substance that -- draws up. Some skill involved they practice -- And the Blackhawks at that one and and the announces the mature scorned you know. You via our collection as a goal I mean how would you how would you hello how do you see. God bless the replays as we -- a problem. To confirm -- but you know I'm always amazed that would your McGuire sees from that spot despite a double check. Does he see that acknowledgment -- his whole life but -- but an. And not only that the speed with which you already knows that we talk -- well obviously we talk about columns where all the time doing an -- football and as soon as the play is over columns before the -- even begin rice -- I want you to watch this that and the other. And I just watched it on the on the widescreen and I had -- at. But since he's bright and he's always right. I think this is more difficult to -- -- -- I'd much more he's not watching on a monitor he's obviously doubt there it is yet he's he's not -- for this -- currencies right there and and pierce says I want you to watch what happens here -- -- -- because this is going to be a deflection in this guy's gonna -- well -- Monitor there he's got to you know but it doesn't Centre -- says the stories you read it though former coach. And player he knows the game if he really don't benches in those who does he hear things secret so I think is a million guys who have been resonating wouldn't be able do Dario if he's Smart -- he's -- -- absorbent and a did a good job last night the I think today. And tomorrow. And the next day. The guys who gonna take a beating our our -- -- geek in broader Krueger again you know distinguish between two or not there's -- burger crew got. I think the good news if your Bruins -- is that -- just keeps on his ass off yeah absolutely. Not even -- -- was bound to happen and -- some bad breaks some tough plays. But there wasn't one of the now on the -- this before boarding up. Four -- portable TVQ the little game just about postwar goals or more who speaks to what exactly none of them were soft these. And humid. Fifteen and saves. Fifty nines and 63 shot 59 saves 23 for Rask 23 of those came in overtime. Yeah we have to -- were up 31 in the third and then. Terrible turnover it takes just second goal and then tough falsely -- -- -- -- -- gave it away so putted better or not. -- because a crew got to get dated April crude under the laws but. What he says got to play better what could be done. What could Rask have done better the only goal in the entire game that -- categorized as somewhat soft with the sex and and Lucic goal yes rob. Eric Crawford was spectacular he radios and Crawford's better than primary -- better than near the best it's individual saving -- the entire plan -- people who -- a deadly -- yes yes that was Thomas -- -- -- each and you know and -- play. On dog and -- think. You know -- He looked. He he I think it does yoga I mean he could spread -- -- -- federal and Iran is it. Appears to be terrific athlete but he also looks clutched and he looked comfortable in the different. He looked he looked like he enjoyed this moment like grass so I do think that the good -- is -- -- his ass off your Bruins fan. The bad news is so -- Crawford Crawford is up. Up for the task he now has a better. Goals against average and Rask in the post season and a better record than Rask in the policies here's -- post game. Grows great media -- this scenario made several. All alone plays and saves and had some odd man breaks and he's real -- looks -- -- -- was great on the -- challenged him. A lot of blogs have been that a lot of bouncing pucks in traffic and then they only goes well. Think caught -- went to bed last night or this morning -- Thinking we shall complacency there at -- nothing we thought we had them we thought these -- the penguins at 31 we thought we had them we thought they -- of the penguins was their complacency that's what happened -- a -- -- take their foot off the -- I think they'd like -- I think paid yet I think it's a -- turned into a rookie you know group doesn't make that -- dumps that somewhere else and their 31 the Bruins win that game as a filter -- but it sort of wonder -- one moment of time talking about -- way to -- of course nevertheless. I don't think so a minute think they continue to hit in the -- blocked shots and then -- forty shots and a and both goals were were good plays by the Blackhawks -- Was just being -- you know we said this. And we talked about Barry Petersen won't be falsely he came out from behind his own net right across the goal crease one day it scares fearless and we said. Also his fearless. What that was was crude being crude he's fearless and guys don't generally make that kind of pass but he doesn't think. You know make that there will -- it and think yeah right and let's make the careful play and make safe play he thinks. I'll Wear on a roll here I'm calm feel on that I'm gonna goal ultimately ice -- get any get burned because he's played against -- really good team. And and you know it'll probably be opened up a sparks next game is red and there double get them demoted is written healthy. Yeah it's gonna do you think he's okay it'll do. -- -- and now it's the be questions you know today. The first question and Julie Ogilvy who know what -- bigger group via ground and and as we just heard Rask from under the bus so I think is. At least this goal is not happy may meals teammates unhappy with -- that was in his only bad play. You know he he looked he struggled all night I wouldn't be surprised me god knows they could use. I'll let these bodies and yet he has offense but I -- -- ferrets were -- -- -- Who's like mom that's -- balls he ammonia right and that is it all worked out. What about partner how to skate the Flexilis what about that was was that his fault of course now. I don't think he's Archos Kiefer Krugman yeah -- was keep the group already for group. Yeah I'm I'm already move away from crude many of them but that as a consideration for the -- about what what why did. Why did Julian go to Ference instead of what he had parkas and the -- he likes the deadly to our experience and my decision periods compared the number guys. And park koskie played a lot in that whatever still -- years. Because he's. And he trusts him I think he trusts him more than -- he played more than crew. I would be surprised when that was -- I believe it's fourteenth. Professional hockey ops are a big league hockey NHL hockey game fourteenth. So I don't know he is a minus two he made that play in the news on the ice right from the Rask for the game winner yet. And he played only nineteen and half minutes. Barely enough to bench for a game to game in twelve minutes. Our guys forty played ten minutes it was a minus one he'll he'll be ready UB the only guys heading today you know they'll be important. Written. -- cow ski. Iran and Campbell -- and -- Pandolfo. And ended up. Are 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. Barry Petersen will join us in the 8 o'clock hour we haven't invitation as we always do in the -- important who joins us every single morning after Bruins game. If I'm him -- get the puck to a -- -- like the three of us but he may he may not so we'll see if John which happened time to talk to -- -- final five giveaway thousand dollars fault lines are open what you think to -- up to the end. Are your hopes dashed are they physically tough yes they are are they mentally tough probably they are. We're gonna find out Saturday night.

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