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Daniel Nava's two run homer wins it for the Red Sox at the Trop

Jun 12, 2013|

Daniel Nava, once again our player of the game, spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien tonight after the Red Sox win the rubber game of this Rays series 2-1.

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Our thanks Jack Daniel wants regular -- decided this what you're blasted his third inning you had a couple of very interesting and long. Battles with Chris archer their rookie pitcher. Yeah you know yet we both know I mean you know and obviously we know -- got some good stuff and good fastball change of the slider and you're trying to grind -- that have sometimes. We have a long a ballot that she pitches in you know -- You mean for -- -- -- -- made mistakes so. Just two strikes out trying to Norman Justin -- -- like that. Daniel bullet in your ninth home run of the season the next at bat he got -- striking out. And then he came very in immediately off the mound they did that little something transpires there between you and him. Nothing was said I think he's just it was emotional in six spot for him -- so yeah I understand that obviously. -- in the next few. See that happen that whether it's so examine it's party game but. You know I'm sure that if you can do it again it probably wouldn't when you've done that you know I'm I'm not about Sony or not I don't think he is just you know -- get in the minute that you mode so happens. -- -- cover is ahead with his hands after you go home and yeah that's that's what I mean I mean is he just seems like you know uses in the game as he should be you know he wants to win and obviously want to win it just happens I don't look into it too much I mean he made it. He made pitch and he got me outside. It happens. Daniel at this season you're having is starting to get a lot of attention and -- the ESPN crew the other night was touting you is it. Potential all star is anything like that crept into your consciousness at this point this season. No not really it's not. I think this -- -- season happened there was nothing that was on now on my radar and even now it's. It's not about the all slaves about what we would do on the field and get those tightly and get those wins anyway we can't think that's what matters so if it happens. You know was. I'd be excited but you know I feel very blessed to be on a plane and be part of this team's clubhouse -- I've thought it was a very impressive that Joseph Maddon showed disrespect for you brought in the left hander to turn you around they're worried about cheating red handed. William -- he's got a good arm and okay. He -- a good challenge for me to. You turn around like that in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then eulogy goaded to celebrate and they get a flight coming up the ball the way you look at where that that series against the Orioles should be very interesting showdown. This should be mean aliases there's. There's no he really walk over and say you know we got on the bag and Orioles definitely earned a -- we don't think that you know we're going there this. Have have them just roll over so it should be good series in. Four game set you know we'll see what happens Daniel thanks very much fuel regulations aren't you guys think you guys going Daniel motto the homer -- went into the wind for the Red Sox they are seven and two. The rays that are now five behind red sex evident to against the rays in the Yankees are re losing -- nothing to. The -- athletics on a home run by over Brandon Moss job.

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