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50 reasons Chicago is better than Boston? 48 reasons to call BS.

Jun 12, 2013|

We dissect the Chicago sports column comparing Boston to Chicago and call BS on 95% of the columnists assertions.

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I'll take the Bruins informant Chicago. Is sometimes attribute. To be the Tribune but it's -- -- each side -- dot com is the name of the lips came up with fifty. Reasons -- Chicago was better. And lost. Now that the royalties that -- Shaughnessy when -- -- -- that works with the Shaughnessy is is profiting off about half way. But they get theories starting. Good some bad some of them are what the rest of the best one or asked one. -- one it's I think number one as we didn't sign oh. And each group the one quarterback in the league almost everyone universally despised. Jay Cutler. Hate Jay Cutler. Is he the most disliked quarter on the maybe Ben Roethlisberger there everybody -- it Jay Cutler. The way they mean -- Tim Tebow waited at quarterback like Moses. I mean there were about should not be bragging about quarterbacks. Nothing close to where football coach. Personally that guides come from the CFO yet again it -- -- -- I mean let's all relax in Chicago on number six. Our National League team didn't leave us more as the number. Writer. No. I remember. Fifty. Rarely if it brought Europe and younger and can call you young -- if you remembered the Boston Braves leaving town know it. Number ten Chicago never gave Bobby Valentine. I think about number six. Our gangsters cooler Al Capone had styled stuff of countless Hollywood movies. Marty ball or routed on other gangsters and went for sixteen years the department. And beginning opinion. And I'm with -- But still pretty good move number nine -- got to give it to me Syria Jordan was better remembered. Oh. And arguably given this into Wrigley Field hasn't yet become the un repentant pit of commerce and capitalism that that is become. Under the current regime just shot it is stupid and it's better it is a better part I've been to both love but mainly is there's no I don't know -- -- this the stupidest one about eleven. -- ridiculous. Eleven Chicago is known for delicious. Native deep dish pizza. One deep dish -- Austin. Bought into the deep dish pizza it's loosely resembles -- -- not -- finished. -- -- with deep dish pizza and pizza season with a little bit it's just -- little the club and on Chinese made it's basically -- deep dish pizza is no different speeds on her. Well he soaked the -- in all in the deep dish it's. A problem with that and their deepest beats you despise. It is the next line which. Boston is known for having pizza that's not as good as New York. Repeat that. No if you think about Boston on Wednesday that ironies Boston -- -- not -- I'm not saying that amount of -- could beat them Boston. Thing. -- calling card for Boston. To vote. Well because that might happen establishment usually that's -- come down. The week's big being number thirteen stupid nobody here associate themselves they'd -- of even being here shows ignorance that was really really -- Number eighteen. Match it is an -- super fans being inspired by Belichick and stated it ever. This. And are less money overrated bit dark. Rouge. Overrated bit and I humiliated disagrees because it Jimmy Fallon I'll take Fallon Rachel -- do in the Boston couple at Fenway Park over the super fans now. -- -- That prettiest game we thank you know those eight are wrong I think you know that. You -- purposely taking equipment money to prove it is not the first to acumen. As a -- -- While that part was appropriate buffer zone is -- New York you can try to associate himself with Austin. Stupid movies -- it would so I despise. OK fine we won't play anymore you win Andy you're the one in the controls you've got to you've got to Howard plays stuff that's funny or not you win -- -- giant is against Boston as it is not that wasn't sure what it was an homage. Going to get ultimately what's that. Chicago you don't have to go to another state defined for medium bar -- They went on now especially nightlife now. And states there are many states left of -- open forum I Bjork it's very few New York. Chicago Vegas maybe two warlords and I don't know of any other cities that -- while I'm in this sort of before big party cities late at that and they in turn around and rip it to the -- -- Boston shuts down it may not yet their item about it. How does that true how is it possible that the -- it's probably the worst thing. I can think of the worst thing about the city of in the weather violent weather is worse in Chicago. It is the fact that the -- -- that as a stupid. It makes no sense or Chicago workers as where's the Bosnia -- -- Chicago's weather is more story here on these little humid in the summer and it is freezing cold. Freezing cold in October Chicago there weather is absolutely worse than it is here. Now on his bizarre zombie nation is no Chelsea daggers oh. Obligation as we knows what the Bruins play when they score a goal the whole goal -- and it zombie nation everybody's excited Rick weather will with the end. Zombie nation is great. What is Chelsea dagger. And as you were you were all over this earlier what is Chelsea dagger. Music to. You. That's Chelsea dagger is what -- what they play when they score and it's basically. It's a beer commercial. Originated and still like Emerson -- You know things stand but it was known for the games like this what they play underscore how excited could you possibly be -- this playing in the background they've played this. No wonder sound dated the united center for game five. What they play after they -- It's very midwest of them isn't it. This sounds like the music from that movie road trip for -- road trip to Europe. You -- Europe trip the chicken that super hot are now let's not bring about what movie is really funny move -- like a robot thing -- far ahead as with the domination. A couple of other -- -- this I don't agree with at all Chicago's on an easy to navigate grid system Boston's streets are nonsensical collection level -- -- good. If you don't how to get around get out I'm totally in favor of the nonsensical questionable Port Authority. Theo Epstein is ours now stands to -- suit but. Okay. How's that working out it was dinner for what it was an error was a -- doesn't make any sense. Right and he's done what there. At the -- Who high draft picks. Well he's gone acquired some of the people that he'd previously treated in order to get Adrian Gonzales a 36 now 36 existing one. I don't read through here right 35 was what's nor'easter anyway you'll you'll you'll but number 36. We sent Michael -- back to you -- wrong man do you get involved in this. All manner. Called me out. It out. Okay there where we're what -- -- worse off than them because they got review when they got back to states that got me out of -- Britain you know people knew you -- to their likening it really and I guess I mean in practice seriously amendment argument that many people don't talk about -- via number one reason like Columbus. Well I've been back here was twelve years ago right there for how long. I the first column I wrote there -- was in October of 2010. It was it was the bears game compared David to grow. More -- -- -- to October -- Jim Miller was the quarterback. On -- dropped in. -- around -- head coach again that's October 01 when did you come back here. December. Oh what the ones you lasted two months and there are two -- not direct effect on the -- paper yet registered absolutely not. -- -- -- It was a it was a great experience living in Chicago. Adams is over rated as the reason for taking goes acre revolution or three -- any topic on him and then they'll block your plate while frost has below. Bill Buckner played well for us. There was part of the reason it's in that situation as we know we think it's actually blame him for the loss in 1980 signature stupid as you know home -- -- -- you get Sam Adams get it anywhere in the country. He's -- -- you know. -- Distorts and yet. Here. Professionally -- -- -- back to Boston at the right time -- came back in December 2000. And they came back from Chicago. Rules about Chicago. The patriots have been five Super Bowls but one theory Red Sox two World Series won both obviously Celtics to NBA finals 11. Bruins to a Stanley Cup finals won one and according to you order but the sweep their way to another when. That's eleven big stage opportunities. Seventh seven titles. Possibly eight. If you're right but you but Chicago's better. Please the final one number fifty both of -- are above -- rivalries of New York it's time to get a new -- started respect -- Boston let's do this that -- Chicago we will go there and talk with a host to rip Jack Edwards -- following. W media.

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