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The Doc is in? Maybe not. Is Doc Rivers' tenure with the Celtics over?

Jun 12, 2013|

We discuss the news that Doc Rivers may "need a change" and may no longer want to coach the Celtics.

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Well doc is always such work coaching is very very -- I mean every year when -- as you know he's had a goal and sort of recharge. And ask himself that question -- something that a passionate about it wanna continue doing but. I understand that and we sort of give him time unwind and relax. And after a couple of -- 82 of the golf course he's come back. That was Danny -- on our show a few weeks ago today Chris Broussard ESPN reporting a source says to him talk loves coaching. He loves coaching in Boston. But he feels that may be time for a change. This doc really feels if it's time free changeover -- Bruins coming up here. In fifteen minutes get -- actor -- calls about point 61777979837. As we get ready for game one tonight in Chicago. The Blackhawks are already. Cowering in fear will tell you why in fifteen minutes but Michael what is really going on is this just leverage is -- legit is their smoke and fire what is happening. Why is Doc Rivers. Letting it leak that it may be time for each. I don't buy the leverage thing at all. He's got a great contract. And I think he has been around the NBA long enough to know that change happens when your when your stars are north of thirty and especially in his case. He's got two stars nor the 35. You can you can ask for one more year you can hope for one more year with your group but the reality is that most NBA general managers are looking to move on. Now they don't want the team to get to hold on their watch they wanna start making changes for the future so I don't think leverage the part of it I really think. It is just taking it is taking longer than usual. To recharge. And the question is what he's thinking about why it's taking longer to recharge is -- me. Is a family thing where he he wants to spend more time in Orlando his family has not moved here. I've grown children. Most of them aren't going to -- in the NBA you've gone. One in high school. A couple others have graduated from college. Just wanna spend more time at home. Isn't just looking at its business. And how. Coaches -- just tossed aside without thought coach of the year was fired George -- This year. -- -- -- What is it is -- is mean. Really if you try to come to terms with no AG and -- maybe he's gotten information back ever still the one immediately exit. Not be linked. Either Michael. Either you're right either he justice it's impossible for him to make a decision the shirt -- just about worn out from this past season in the last few years and out the possibility. -- this house to be related to personnel in some way. Whether he's trying to use leverage in order to get the personally wants why what -- are what does -- have to be -- don't think I don't want the other either either to what you said there. That he's just -- Ports related to personality someway that that he has I don't I'm with I don't think that you -- ancient problem with -- each other. I don't think these days like -- working with change. But either he's tired and justice insure that he wants to come back or he's upset war or trying to leverage personnel in some way. Either easy as one to coach somebody or doesn't want to be around for aid rebuilding process or really does want to coach somebody. I mean I I. Why else would discuss. Write this while for a while okay. That's a different story while it does come out. Because everybody's trying to get that story first. NBA reporters. At the finals. Doc Rivers -- -- is the big coaching name a lot of teams. Vacancies -- loved opera Doc Rivers and everybody's trying to figure out what's going on that's the story would come out. There's also possibility that story could be true. Maybe. Possibly. Could there's nothing definitive right now so. Either -- they may -- maybe this is maybe we talked about this the other day. Maybe this is a media driven story right now. I saw one report where the fans this or you know Boston Celtics fans are going crazy I don't get that since the Celtics fans going crazy. The sense that. If if if you're here in town after covering the Celtics their first thought is I'm gonna get beat on the story. I wanna be able to get the story first so it comes up all the time because you're protecting your turf. But in terms of your your a year to the national guy and get your average temperature average Celtics -- going crazy -- the sense you're going crazy. Won't know that I saw this week come across from from the ESPN account and I thought. That instantly would have blown up and people everywhere would have been reporting on it and it and they didn't so maybe it doesn't mean that much. Maybe you can read the the last sentence a little bit differently he feels it may be time for a change. Maybe it doesn't mean that he wants to change maybe he feels like the Celtics would benefit from a change. I'm I'm again -- I -- -- I don't know I don't know why this quote would come up to -- to come up with what might be the best reason. Is it possible on -- -- -- the question you know as much about the Celtics as anyone I know. Is is it possible that he thinks the team might benefit from just having a new voice. Well I guess it's possible but then the next question is what team is what's the game. I'm a new league year starts on July 1. Moratorium until about July ninth. The draft is on June 27. There are a lot of changes between now in in July ninth. And will be looking at it it will pull appears to be here on July ninth. Well Kevin Garnett. Whoa -- Courtney Lee was Jason Terry. Will Rajon Rondo is so much uncertainty. Maybe I wouldn't I would be surprised if he said the team needs a new voice because -- -- mature -- team. The Chicago Blackhawks are already playing into the Bruins hands by the way we'll tell you -- coming up in ten minutes first or call 61777979837. Dan in a car hi -- -- guess what's going on then. My outlook not a lot but -- softball question that -- yeah yeah. It's an odd anyway. It is if you don't you think any team where you can -- there. It's an apple for an NBA championship but it just one piece away like a coach like Doc Rivers didn't it would take on it Doc Rivers. After the repeating over and an Apple Stock. They've put your address ABC that it can get out your contract bought an equivalent of what you got the -- and Rachel thank. All right I think thought -- don't think -- they can do it. -- they can try to do it but then there's the issue of the Celtics. And is his contract with the with the city's got three years got 21 million dollars left in the contract to teams and ask for permission. The clippers and the nets they've both been swatted down -- -- remember Danny -- and we asked him these questions on our show about a trade he says this. Wait I'm. So he was not exactly interest than in doing any of those rumors. He also was very specific about his relationship with -- -- You know you'd have to ask doc what he thinks but. What I think is that I think have the best coach in the NBA. And I'm not the least bit tired of hearing his voice. And we have a great relationship from what I feel and what I. Perceive. And so I have no idea where that's coming from but it's certainly not coming from. My -- -- so he likes working with doc and he thinks dark legs were with him but you'd have to ask -- Try to -- -- well good luck. Because you're not talking that talk unless what unless you're talking to the sources told Chris Broussard -- that he feels that may be time for change Dave is in New Hampshire -- -- It was a day. -- Is that entirely possible that are really that strong that dark earth isn't talking about salt is part about the team -- concentrated there -- all. The Lebanese. Because see that maybe he's in the position. To dictate frustrated trying to get admitted -- is that -- -- -- Belichick he went out there loaded out. And everybody else is not picking up money yet but sooner or later your luck you're right we got a bunch of thirty year old wasn't pretty five year old. We're going up against 2223 year old guys -- it -- Okay -- -- his messages he doesn't want the team that he has -- he wants to get younger he's trying to effect any change. And if it is that your read on it that he's trying to say. By not committing that are absolutely coming back to turn to Danny Ainge. Get younger that he doesn't want to come back you know what Garnett pierce combo that got to me that's a little that's a little too confusing knowledge and -- all you have to do is -- -- canyon through it and I think we need to get younger. You know -- that you don't have to do. It is just -- is that a possibility. That he's getting introspective enough and not a retrospective and the look about it you know and you know what. They made it up a little bit of a -- -- the younger now. -- heart -- Draper I guess I guess it's possible bit. Oh who knows knows what's happening in -- any -- out here is. I guess I'm like hasn't legitimacy because if you take away yet. Everything but the quote right if you just read the quote. He loves coaching in Boston but he feels it may be time for a change. And that -- is not he loves coaching the Boston but he feels he may want to coach somewhere else or he feels he may wanna go do something else. To say it may be time for change that could just mean the players that are there around that could mean management around could mean a lot of things. He opened my I I like thinking outside the box I don't know exactly what -- means. But I like the thinking. I like him trying to figure out Patrick in New Hampshire high Patrick. Hey now I think -- kind of -- Doc Rivers let me get it to -- Brett Favre. Will he stay won't east day. You know I I could see that there's probably a better job -- -- -- not there any kind to get out of that contract. But it too wishy washy. For me and I really think that he's sending you can end -- -- it like if he was -- Well. There may be other jobs out there we know there are other jobs out there and they would like to have Doc Rivers. But I don't think they're gonna wait. Unless unless you think that some team has a secret agreement already -- Doc Rivers -- -- gonna wait until last possible second for the Celtics to cave. But I don't think it's a Brett Favre situation for a couple of reasons. The Celtics have allowed him to do this as far as I know they haven't given a deadline to guard -- Are outlandish. And going and then. You've gotten killed July 1. -- let us know by July 1. What's going on or we just gonna forced your hand -- give you you've got to come back here got a fiery or whatever. They have a date they've allowed in this space daddy ain't -- that clip we played a few minutes ago. Allowed to go out and play golf and shooters ninety twos and then get ready get come back and get ready to the coach this team. I don't think I don't think that's gonna happen I don't think they're gonna allow him to dictate the situation I think it. If he does decide to leave that they got as a replacement in mind. And then it's probably somebody in house. Downward about it they think that make it they think that if he does decide that he's out they won't -- to be made that they keep going with the same system wouldn't -- Smart well lately every Smart though it would be if you were if you were taken this thing down to the studs that you were going to rebuild I don't know that it's -- are gonna bring back -- -- -- I don't think it makes sense at that point -- if you're at your girls. I might leave. I might leave it happens every night I'm not sure. I can't even get a -- the blasts that are not a notion nightly they issued -- -- -- -- I'm 90% sure where they're arguably other 10% chance that I might lead. Replacements are gonna get about a right now it is not going to be Golan you know it always it is definitely got -- because we're not gonna be beavers either promises not going to be anybody that I talk to you about. Common problem or your Celtics calls Lotta people with ideas on what -- is trying to say. When he says he feels it may be time for -- change according to Chris Broussard -- 61777979837. Plus your Bruins calls and why the Blackhawks are already afraid of the Bruins and having. Alcohol WE yeah. When it comes down to is that you know he's contemplating whether or not -- want to do that and also a much more severe head coach. Actually you -- -- you -- -- your job repeatedly. He -- wants to have some progress challenging he just needed or it doesn't mean it's it's like any. I think -- upscale Washington. Eighteenth -- Tex -- -- daily leaked the story because he wants -- to confirm he's coming back publicly. -- only confirm that he's coming back like atmosphere like any leaks. Out. To pushed up the push to election trying to smoke him out yet. I had an element that's the -- I don't know what you get it is like and make my own decision to move on somebody and they'll get the best versions. How many other people -- a version a lot of aren't I never heard any that's the clash and ever and not the answer to go to some details to them colored. Or opt out. Don't come together. Job now now mr. development like fifth with -- -- that's our bottom all. All of them you were the one continued to the -- you get back to Celtics calls or six or 77797937. And Bruins as well good news if you're Bruins fan and we talked about this. In the last series I thought that files -- panicked a little bit when he changed his lineup after game one and decided he was gonna try to be physical enough. To handle the Bruins will Joel Quenneville isn't even waiting. Until after game one loss he is starting before game one and trying to get more physical this from the Chicago Tribune today bruiser. Brandon ball -- will enter the line -- the top two lines spreading out the scoring ability to create matchup issues for the Bruins. Ball it remain on the fourth line with Kruger and for a leak with Victor -- -- the imminent scratch. For game one not only is he going to split up Kane and Toews who were playing very well together to try to keep one of the Callaway -- -- while they were playing better. Miami accounted for Patrick for Patrick Kane. In in in the final games then clearly they were doing something right Dave's got one goal -- -- and certain other guys up and certainly he set up -- though. You're gonna try to break those guys up to keep one away from Charles how are already trying to be physical the play with a once again that's your best game if he has one goal. At the end of this year's heat and add to a total. I don't think they're gonna win the series about that after going on them. So they need him to school -- setting the people please -- scored. You do you appreciate or approve of what a -- Quenneville was like cricket coach Andy. And we actually saw that the Pittsburgh series. So. It must be something he saw the Bruins doing in Pittsburgh doing against the Bruins we were not do that they do it different way. This I don't because in the past and both trying to do with the same -- it's not a panic move I think but he's got different personnel to think about it there are. If you've got more. You've got more two way players in Chicago when you do Pittsburgh. Yes. Yet Pittsburgh at one way because they're not they can take you would think that -- we've seen the best way to beat the Bruins has been with speed right nobody's giving them a bigger problem. Then Toronto -- don't have a teams are still have a right now what you're you're trying to gain more toughness and trying to put a tough guy in your lineup the -- you know why he worked for -- when he decided to pick a little fight with Chara and with a -- and asked why we try to don't talk -- but that's silly that there does not but that was not -- don't have to -- -- that was up there this is simple. The poke the -- -- you don't poke the bear. -- it doesn't help you against the Bruins try to get offer try to get faster it is much speed as you get into the lineup and hope that works. Offers not help anybody beat the Bruins out. There's somebody out -- the Bruins that I don't know about. -- -- To a week ago. As -- -- not yet I haven't seen your idea of doing when that happens let me know it's 1777979837. Kevin -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How does that concept worked with dark if you decide not the -- -- get the sit out a year. Yes. That's right I mean it's a contract they have as he can't coach anywhere anywhere else unless they give him permission coach somewhere. Now if he decides he doesn't want to come back. It's how long to hit the sit out the remainder of the contract. Well how does he say he decides he doesn't wanna come back. What does that moment. Like he -- I wanna retire. Like coaching history that they aren't monitored the army does become -- -- it. I didn't like you could take a year off for something in that area Rob -- my job my ticket porno or take another job. And he's saying leave the Celtics lead the Celtics four year. Sit it out and then come back and twenty. Fourteen. And coach another team. I guess that's a possibility but he wants to coach this year. I just not there yet they've stuck I'll let him do let's -- -- they have a meeting of the minds and they're so close -- -- And doctor so close maybe talk about it. And Danny says okay or your referendum that's what you wanted to do in -- and help to have -- -- if you wanna be somewhere else will allow this team permission talked. Bruins and four and I feel even better about a Michael -- -- the Bruins in four after after reading from earlier today. That -- Quenneville has already -- acting already worried about how to handle the Bruins already admitting it. That the Bruins at the better team that he's got to be the one to juggle his lineup to deal with them authorities don't close not doing that that -- sticking with what your work. If the -- admit we don't know what -- gonna do for game one of the series tonight. You think Quenneville actually thinks. Would this move he's making this move because the Bruins -- the better team. Why else would you make a change language you're if you -- -- -- why did you change if you're doing what you're doing is already obvious isn't it well. If what you're doing is working well why would you make achieve what you what you -- the dare he make -- and tell you what you did work against this is intelligence. If if you a dug up from him not for me about it from his his his view of it. The Bruins are not the LA kings the Bruins are not the Detroit red red wings though. What what works against Detroit Los Angeles is not necessarily gonna work -- the Bruins. And he's adapting to the style of play there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you haven't seen anyone else do in the playoffs we -- have an answer for this. So we're gonna answer do you think the Bruins are better than the Blackhawks. I picked him in seven games that you think the Bruins are better team in the Blackhawks -- that's me but I'm not the coach of the Blackhawks. So I'm not I don't and thank god -- -- I'm not paid to come up with which schemes while they were just slow -- any team in the National Hockey League I think the Bruins. Better than the Blackhawks I think they're playing better hockey right now right if you were to start drawing up. If you worded to placate them right if we -- to do once twice three shoot bucked up and start picking teams you might take on paper. More Blackhawks that you would take Bruins I don't know but it would probably be pretty close. I just think they're getting the Bruins at the wrong time I think with the Bruins came back from was it was literally coming back from the dead in this final couple of minutes. Against our Toronto and since then they've lost one game because Tuukka Rask fell down. That's it other that Michael Vick played nearly flawless hockey since then 6177797937. Bruins and for Spencer in Wilmington. I spent. I agree completely I haven't read the article you can't make an adjustment that is what they're doing -- Iraq. Why would they -- them. The past two offensive players in the world but work against you why would you consider breaking up eight and whatever. -- Yeah okay gated caves that we keep considerate to did you did you get a spark out of it and Spencer I gotta tell you. I'd love to see the Bruins when the theories that the QB great for New England great for -- around great for business. I would be shocked. I I would be a totally shocked if the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks before the series started. Said to himself even subconsciously we're scared I'm scared of the Boston -- I just don't. I just don't think that's happening I'm that is that the that the fantasy there's no way. That he has scared right now or anybody on that team is scared of. First of music and the Bruins is afraid of the black. And how they both somebody both Amare are excited and a little and also a little nervous about the opportunity. You know like game one. Whining after the first. Right. You practical and it was gonna go play if they. Included. Whatever she the point that is not compared to what. These guys. That's right that is right but I don't think it scared blah they're certainly they're they're something. Because maybe it's not the year meaning that electric powering in their chairs and afraid to go out there and take on the big bad Bruins. But certainly they are reacting before the Bruins are -- in the stare down between the two teams. Joel Quenneville was the first one to -- so what does that mean for the series 6177797937. Your thoughts on game one now about three hours away plus of course Doc Rivers why does he say what is the source say he feels that may be time -- -- -- Big Five o'clock hour for -- to the question jerk in just under an arsenal -- WEEI.

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