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Matt Spiegel of 670AM Chicago Sports Radio vs Salk, Holley AND Jack Edwards

Jun 12, 2013|

We get a little border war going with the host of the McNeil and Spiegel sports radio show in Chicago, Matt Spiegel. Bruins vs Blackhawks, Boston vs Chicago, and a big listening comprehension problem when it comes to Jack Edwards' soliloquy's.

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I mean that's good -- Chicago 25 or 624 it's good. But if we really have to compare. And we were making the comparison thanks to the Chicago -- sports it's -- that's better than Boston. We have some more than a feeling in the can't tell me that's better than Boston or Chicago I think they've Peterson terra. Peterson -- -- blown away by -- -- Thought here's my problem. -- -- -- -- -- Some of them. Tell you what it's a good thing they're not battling -- because that we have a big problems reflect of and video and all -- for her brother you're chasing. I'm chasing your trade. Don't leave now. Don't you. That's Beagle is of SIX SEVENTY The Score in Chicago co host of McNeil and Spiegel and matter although I like you personally. I gotta tell you I got you out right off the bat to start this thing and not just because the Bruins play in the Blackhawks and a party picked the Bruins to win in four and we're not gonna do little stupid dance between rounds though few guys when annual growth this week we handled it that we're above all that. Aren't I I appreciate it yeah actually are gonna go lower than all of that in a moment. -- I wanna know how would you coal out Jack Edwards. First saying that for comparing Gregory Campbell hockey player to. A soldier when he was doing the exact opposite of that. -- -- -- Are you really in different -- that was on our show that that was from our show all. And Jack very specifically was always knew how do you how do you let that air come on what are -- -- aren't you out Munich I had. What -- trip when he transition problem. First a little you know Ed entertaining the air over dramatic cap. You absurd hyperbole. And then -- right out and shoot. A vindictive and Eddie and he'd. Come on you should not let you listen did you listen to it to listen carefully all thank you should we -- -- I'm not -- what we -- -- credit did you I didn't realize at all. And and -- and lampoon it alerts and work. Where people may -- why. Were soldiers may. Maybe that's why they were offended because you would be between your laughingly opponent David and listen. Maybe they don't actually comprehend what he was at what Matt is so clear matters so clear. My -- on now I remember that. And -- Know what I am not -- I don't remember that -- -- -- live don't lied to me. That the quality newspaper go straight up and you are -- passes. How many readers they have now about 75 the -- -- on the media on your golf game well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- The ball. Seriously we. Wouldn't. Let. And then you know what somewhere around two and -- really awkward and -- used to -- I got to take -- I gotta tell you met -- in ulcers and I don't know why anybody can listen to them. Dear Jack Edwards say it's because. It's because of the real soldiers in the real heroes out here that were able to get excited about. A meaningless hockey game -- anybody can with that and think. That he's comparing Gregory Campbell to a real or push it you know Jack who who is the ultimate respect what ever do what ever. Oh. I love looking into colleague and I'm sure -- appreciate impassioned defense bought. Q -- you even go close to that it was completely unnecessary Gregory Campbell -- sports relic and that's not a not why not about let's call it wouldn't. I think that's what he was saying -- as inadequate and putting us and it comes and that was sports heroic and it reminded him of the real heroes out there and because of those real heroes it allows us to get excited about Gregory Campbell but I think you're really saying the opposite of the way you guys took it just honestly I'm not. For forgetting about radio and honestly he really did was saying the opposite of that and -- well the British I mean that's that's different that's you have to pick a little Jagger has put that give anybody and everybody deserves to be compared to someone nasty it's MacBook horrible guy who's just a dirty filthy player are we going to heats. The Chicago Blackhawks with -- in the next couple of days because watching NHL network last night. It felt as if both teams were just playing patty cake with -- each -- in every nice thing they could to kiss up to each other. You know if you are really count that. I had in my mind and impression of the amount of respect for -- organizations and the kings right now and and I'm enjoying that -- -- leader. You're you're sitting up in the -- -- -- it is not a blueprint. You organizations that are incredibly venerable at a comparable -- went through hell were a decade or more and then go to kind of emerged to be what they are now. And win a cup in recent years. Hockey you're you're gonna go hey people I'm sure -- go to hate people and it scripture that helped each portrait it's not really. Don't think Andrew -- glued to pastor and living on the edge of being. Either Eric Cantor is complete check it out you learn. Didn't -- the goalie who is surprisingly in the lineup tonight coach Quenneville is bending. Oh yeah and -- What more would you like to call and paper. Out there are so there's more -- Technology when the Blackhawks aren't even Sheldon platform and play good complete skilled and they you know but I think you -- reacting to -- to grow just at the penguins. -- Mercedes -- -- the exact same mistake that damn miles were made about a week ago from Eddie prickly sandpaper there we've heard out here before I ask you this map. Who's gonna win this series and why only. I'm a black -- -- gonna limit because they were -- similar -- the -- the Bruins -- when he came back against the leaks and that impossible Iowa -- -- down eleven and that should -- and I'm a black -- down 312 Detroit. They are not faced adversity all season you know about this started -- year and their entire -- and they have not faced adversity and they -- and they came -- banking should control -- period they played with a desperation and -- skill level of intensity. That they -- not -- up from since that moment -- They're playing easily the best hockey that it shouldn't play all year including that need to start -- I don't. I don't stop -- -- right now 'cause they they put a tremendous amount -- our ducks it's your deeper into the water you know the secret should absolutely stunning and took her a lot of folks that saw it separate posts in the course of the series and Leon you know happened the same level and I watched it. Heard a guy here on the radio say Bruins in four. Well it was very. He was very you know this guy wanted to object over situations where -- misinterpret -- currently -- there was serious season for. Put it on the ball high as someone in your city would say Matt you can put it on the ball. Well I didn't read my partnership I thought I'd -- -- options or I mean you know. This sort of exploded the -- among -- of this thinkers among us now very simple it. Don't know not a. -- am a fan it's about what you just said. Hey I think what the Bruins came back from the Bruins also came back from the dead as you mentioned and did so for me much more deceased to position than the Blackhawks did being down two goals of the minute and a half left is worse than being down three to one teams come back from 31 in games all the time in seven games. Our hands but in your -- -- -- the Blackhawks. You know the black -- three or arguably for the top sixteen players. Sure why they skirt or the why are they acting -- why is Joel Quenneville changing his lineup to fit the bruins' style as opposed to just doing his thing when you're the best team you know he get the deal. Not worry about the other team just doing your thing. You couldn't be more we ripped a while they torrent as head coach he's been perfect in all -- series. Well -- tomorrow there's this earthquake splitting up -- -- and Patrick -- in the lunar Sheikh Doctor King was nowhere you woke up about two games ago. And played some of the best hockey it was like the last two games. There was a story and look at you and what you know hockey pick it up one -- -- could change it all back here again -- on a -- so we're hoping that case it just. -- a lot of respect for top shoulder and glad all of Boston and then about one and I have great album. Chicago. Become the first like six workers before Peterson chair tipped and then this terrible. Most. Clinton pop and we can't ignore that -- -- I'm not gonna I know if you open but but you were the first person Chicago record straight up on and that damn good well. Let's say that the -- well understand whoever wrote the first -- Telesis it would return for this out when I was there are many many moons ago. -- Chicago's sports on line was that wing of that of the Tribune that was the Tribune online what is it now that the sun times. What this won't know what what -- -- at Chicago's -- yeah yeah he's -- -- Chicago -- sports -- whatever it is what is Chicago Chicago I think in fairly new publication that you a lot of to a pretty good work actually you know I think you're working on arms to other entity managed -- modern media you know the -- can afford to pay people. Tribune can portray people -- yeah. -- -- While others and whoever wrote this. Has terrible taste in music because. And number 441. Chicago is better than -- say neither of us should be particularly proud but we had to pick between -- we picked Chicago over Boston. Love Chicago why are you not proud Chicago's great band so of Boston what the person talking about. They don't know you'll -- while we've been waiting that. What you -- your W you know edited out in an institution. In your count. But eventually you get tired of it. You know you get our -- start making fun of it and Chicago the -- gets a bad rap witnessed how great because. They can run but eventually started doing pot hole and now it's hard to say I'm sorry and we all turned out to radio very. The one from Karate Kid two. They are not the greatest love of all whatever it is that's terrible Peterson all of that is worse than Boston singing Amanda pay -- public before we let you go here Matt Spiegel Wailea coast McNeil and Spiegel. On 670 AM the score in Chicago I thought you should hear this since you guys did so much on Jack Edwards and his his great treat us. This was the -- follow up that Jack did we talked to him the day he wrote that first one and he was actually broadcast entity from the core voters. In in West Springfield, Massachusetts this was Jack's followup piece with the right like -- -- and smile and steamy in wecht in Connecticut River valley I drones. Not that long -- that hard I am from Texas but tonight is ruled nonetheless. I would not be to want to -- my task. -- -- -- -- -- -- What was that just we'll -- Paradise. Nestled in the warm plausible Bruins fans. The room sobbing with excitement was Ecstasy to be surrounded by computing. The rule book the delicious cinch with this subdue violence. It would shoot him. The spheres of influence of these moments in these magnificent. Round -- live in memory everlasting. She got its bursting with -- sucked into the center of Mike and asthma oracle memory. It was not just an hour salt and -- locations sponsored by by. These are scenes that in the waning moments of my existence. -- flesh out flash before my -- -- Now. And for a TI's go take Allen back in and bring it to bring it to the people in Chicago keep ripping -- if -- that. Came out that's definitely using his powers for entertainment. I'm glad -- got that far more palatable only Obama had twice during that one as opposed to be exported god all right first Chris thank you that we appreciate it good to talk to -- Debit card -- to catch -- will be out next week what can torture to a cheaper -- Our sounds good there's Matt Spiegel joins us there via the AT&T hotline from Chicago 67 the the score that you buying it. Are you I mean I didn't even our violent are you buying that his argument about the Chicago Blackhawks. -- up to prepare for the Bruins they are admitting we're not as good as you. Right off the bat singling them by a -- after game one kind of -- -- The only thing they're not doing is is is whining and crying but Mike and I -- they're fully capable of it but I doubt it will see that. We did what against Detroit they've done yet and -- got a little physical and you don't think we'll hear it -- I mean are -- -- your bosses Duncan Keith. I think we will -- the more excited I'm absolutely. -- for tonight. Bruins platform that was attacked hate this the city it was it Matt Spiegel. Know that it as an -- Now do you hate that guy we have to get their time with on the phone as it did did did you hit him for not understanding Jack's point to -- program. That's an educational. And just but you know you hate to distract help. As a as a citizen you wanna help. Six -- 777979837. I think Bruins and for tonight. And I say it proudly and especially after hearing the Quenneville is changing his lineup to get more sandpaper. Stolen term from -- prickly. The they're getting more sandpaper to their line of the deal with the big bad tough Boston Bruins. What say you Bruins spent 61777979837. Salt and -- WEEI.

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