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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 06/12/13

Jun 12, 2013|

Four topics that are off our beaten path today. Soccer player attacks dog, who replaced Doc Rivers, managers brawl in baseball and more.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- Fun cleaning. Mean. Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. Don't worry about. If Doc Rivers were actually lead the Celtics. Who would you want to replace duck. Well there's three big names off the green games showed up on Twitter today -- edges professionals but that it -- I am not younger and that's the Greek god down that route. The three names I ask you. Larry Bird. Jeff Van Gundy. And he didn't think it was literally out and got lost for Danny Ainge. All right so you say you say Denny name's Jeff Van Gundy and who else. All the provost Larry Bird. You there -- There it is narrator. Larry Bird wouldn't do it it is that's kind of messed up his legacy like if you -- Boston. And wanna do that it's like ray Bork and I went oh thanks but no thanks Jeff Van Gundy is a great. Analyst. -- The great analysts although last night he would put everybody in Obama and hall of fame you -- probably velvet coats its coast there's been all of everybody's thirtieth. -- -- -- in all of these great Ellis and Danny Ainge was very good coach. But Danny Ainge. Is that right coach for this team right general manager for the team after it -- you don't like I got a guy the guy from Pomona you know coach in the hawks not from Pomona -- -- Here's a guy he's a Celtics. And he was on a team full of coaches look at the 1986. Celtics. -- and it didn't coach would look at bird. He was a coach DJ coach for a while. -- the -- change -- was a coach and so was. Rick Carlisle. -- -- Rick Carlisle is right now he's just ripped it coach who has made his mistakes. He has been he's been jumped on an Indiana he's -- job done and Detroit. Dallas got himself -- championship. He's been through it a few times the guy is one of the top x.s and -- men in the league. Bring him he -- and all x.s and -- aren't important they are very and other non life -- to be able to get the respect of your team after that you can hire somebody for -- and knows whatever you have Brian Scalabrine can be the next coach failed XP respected them whatever you have. Here with the rest are couples are gonna be Scott -- to go back to the 86 Celtics at least make -- Scott went about the other thing. Stand -- before. It. -- -- tell you confidence you'll get to a power. Put another infamy six wells Bill Walton I think Walton. I'll -- it won't for the second sign me up but -- was horrible. He wants the coach he's the only Bruin team in the ever given. Last night in LA the Dodgers and Diamondbacks engaged in other hot lap -- retirements that are very high. I usually do I held it in that -- elaborate not here I think it's absolutely -- Arts and -- last night LA the Dodgers and Diamondbacks engaged in a fantastic. World. Which is BOB deal. Japan Ian Kennedy for fifty games. If -- game 58 through at a guy's head in not only that. Did you see you watch his reaction that this is this the thing that really bothers that really bothers me OK you've got to hit a guy. And then OK you've got to deal with the consequences that's one thing what Ian Kennedy after he throws at that -- keep ahead. They allows himself to be protected. By -- other Diamondbacks. In the middle that. So that's I think that is outrageous. -- the -- of fifty games don't with a 100% I I you know I like violence I like fighting in baseball you know problems good benches clearing brawl but don't throw people's heads. -- people below the shoulders hit him in the butt hit him in the back him in the leg gets but two things one don't throw people's heads ever and to. If you miss you don't get a second shot -- you'll get the throw behind somebody and then try to hit the -- here -- picture your shot you missed but I was watching using gas and ran through all of the Red Sox -- beatings over the years trying to -- must've thrown at -- 25 times. Finally member Trot Nixon threw the bat back Ryan -- And it opened it -- coming here to pitch for a little while but come on what to throw at somebody you don't get to try to gain if you. You know I used to blame you said you kind of like the chaos of baseball it's. This is why don't like baseball fights it's never fair -- like it in hockey. Okay if if you're fighting in -- -- that baby probably. It's a fair fight you have. I didn't -- these insects coming from all over the place they're going I was somebody. And then out there for guys behind you who jumped viewing or grab your neck which would have locked. Baseball fights just to it's too chaotic. It's uncontained knows baseball -- a real person wingers now it's just. People or hang out if it encourages a culture of a cheap shot and sucker punches. And it all kinds of of all kinds of bitchy stuff to fight the good fight just reflect on. History. Last nine game three of the NBA finals Danny Green hit 73 pointers and ended up with a total of 27 points he's leading the series in points per game. Who would -- the best break out performance on the big stage until late. You go first but only because you can't -- when. There's one answered this question. Our best performance on the breakout performance breakout performers on the big stage. It would have to be homeboy from Washington attempts net. Number 200 yards at 200 plus yards in the Super Bowl exactly when I have president. How could not beat him if he will Ray Smith. It's -- cardinals. It was the -- as to what 204. Yards and two touchdowns. In Super Bowl 22 -- to a 42 to ten victory. Over the Broncos are 2005 he was arrested for allegedly trying to sell cocaine. To an undercover police. They're like okay that Odom for U Temps and before that. Super Bowl he had 29 rushes for 126. Yards. Not prepared for 202 probably guy and Larry Brown with the cowboys. Head of all the picks if the Steelers went to a particularly out feelers. -- remember being much of a player with a much of a player got a contract that are not Michael Vick or. Yeah I wonder why mythical figure but Timothy Smith is the only answer that question right because you're gonna have. That was the amusement Jimmy Smith. -- -- their running back wasn't it wasn't it Joseph -- his brother was the regular running back wasn't I think people or Washington was at least on that team -- -- he was a regular running back advocate pat rigs. That's not right. One of those teams had pat leagues as a running back with pat -- Gerald Gerald Gerald -- look at -- I think a pat Regan -- the old Bruins go OK art art that's. My senior moment you're off to a -- George Rogers was -- and he was I don't remember all of that at that time in 87. Here's the leading running back I'm never -- in ninety days I don't believe him just -- 613 -- now impossible. Ahmadinejad ignores them. You probably don't even about it I don't -- the other teams that -- was still in school due to Joseph Morse is little brother yeah. What should your doctor mr. France out of over the page 8789. In the Redskins would a few times that it possibly is one of those teams I thought it was about one would want in my life and went in 91 it was -- On any of those winning and that's true eight and 89 and then in 1990 yards on the patriot. You've got these department Russert it was very short they have to mention him every time to get up there Herschel Walker part of the printers and your browser -- With that Terry didn't catch Herschel Walker from line -- that great moment to operate alone -- on the AT&T question of the day in one of the most bizarre videos I've ever seen an Argentinean soccer player. Dog by the neck and threw it against affect anger issues -- They'll hold on to they need to read the question properly. It is not abuse our video to nauseating that he not -- if you watch this video you like -- to watch it pockets. I was sick to my stomach watching it's awful. Like it though wasn't as bad as some of the Mike Vick stuff but all the stories that came out. What they were doing those dogs in terms of dog fighting but we never actually saw videos of what those guys were doing. It's just soul. It's just awful Obama will make you do that you would make a dog overall picks it up. Wrote a few feet he throws it like working in the air it's not like that aside. It was like like what he called hammer throw things -- discus with -- -- around and throw it. He whipped this dog through the air that's the guy who's got some real issues we've got some deep. Dean -- finally we're not a curse on the air but I -- -- I don't know that I can confident now -- I can't. Describe my feelings this person without cursing on just gonna not say anything but he is. That's about as bad as -- are almost vomited so. This is reprehensible. Human being in your inner core yeah got. To a dog hitting me. It would have been another component of piloting them but they like cholera like a snake like I guess yeah we -- we got -- the cat. We choked out of it can't draw particular telecasts of the -- no I don't intimacy. It was a -- restaurants. Nearly for a horse fairly well horse if he could do that to a horse I -- -- -- -- If they do if he could do that two wars are -- you love animals. -- today's for for how did you saw that you know I didn't nauseated wasn't nervous -- really was sick.

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