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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Jun 12, 2013|

We check in with the Sox skipper for our weekly visit to check in on the Sox. We touch on Jon Lester's worst start of the season and also some of Joe Maddon's comments on John Lackey's teammates not liking him.

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-- Chicago paper. As listed fifty reasons why they think Chicago is better than Boston. Really any good ones number 36. Is a doozy. It's a -- ought to look at this list played it fifteen minutes alcoholic WEEI apologize for being just a little bit late David John Farrell. Joining us right now be the AT&T -- brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire in celebrity cruises. John in your. To start -- showed they really talking about the Red Sox talking about the game last night talking about. Jon Lester in and looking at these numbers from the last five starts they are nothing. Like the first nine starts what has happened to Jon Lester of the last few weeks. You know I think -- -- in last night's game probably sums. Some sort of five starts that would talked about period and the inconsistencies to go to the spot in the strike zone Serb. Either establish a certain that bad or did the actual pitch in the calculated to execute a strike. That was more evident in the first and -- and but I think any it's any of us have seen John. -- -- can sit down and will be some things with him here today you are there are some basics are. If he's got to get back to. In particularly that that's been told -- stops also glove side or into a right hander down a little lefty that locks his delivery and alarmed and really to field his hand. To execute all of the other pitches for strikes more consistently so well. In a nutshell that's the one thing that we continue to strive out here and in the review -- last -- came on. John are you confident that he's completely healthy. I am yes I hit endlessly talking to a million ever -- report coming out of every game. Following. Do what he goes -- media -- starts additional digital needs as far as any kind of keep stretching. Health wise everything there. -- we we were trying to figure out why a guy with his kind of stuff and track record would struggle in the three reasons we could come up with would be either a injury. -- mechanics or C mentality. -- his mentality at least from from a distance from our vantage point has seemed to be OK so you're saying it's it's just mechanical. Well really it's almost impossible to. Completely separate out the number two or three that you just outlined -- just when guys -- -- delivery he's confident when he's not. He's not a compliment and I think last night there was clearly clearly via a combination of those two because little uncertainty. On -- -- to -- part of the plate he could go to to get strike with any kind of consistency till oh yeah first it starts with delivery. But secondly there's some there's a metal components of that that they almost force an apparent. Anyone when can you pick that up a man I know sometimes guys say I had in the bullpen and I just knew. It was going to be great night or the flip side. I never had problems -- Michael because -- watching him -- in Japan before the game you know you can camping charitable funds were on the field. So from the dugout view you can see that air ball charge you -- ball pitchers getting loose. And sitting there in the dugout watching John he was all on the glove as each pitcher definition to look into the intended area. And then all the genuine you know into the start of the game. And the bullpen that was -- warming up was not taken in the game and and that's where the real frustration for the pitcher comes in is that. You know it was happening there and get something inside this has not allowed to happen and it starts to snowball isn't the case last month. You said you spoke with him today I would imagine as a manager you don't wanna panic every time -- your pitcher your specialty guy at the top your rotation has one bad starter to bad starts you don't want them. Jump a year or nervous or thinking that you're going to be down -- the -- after every start but after five it sounds like you've had a conversation with them out of that conversation go. Well actually it was one John and myself. And going back to some of the key is that we used to in past. Experience and John in getting back to the basics and the strengths. -- regardless of how long guy he's been in the big leagues you know their strengths are what they are that's the identity of the given player in the and you gotta get back to reinforce those and sometimes you can -- from them. Like slightly really an example Kim dripping from what districts typically are. It's who you -- matters established his fastball to the certain side of the plate and most all other pitchers begin to work off of that so. I don't think he -- so you give yourself a chance to do just that and continued excuse game plan from there are so. We went back talked about some things he's done in the bullpen the past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there's a reason to believe that we've got to get back how much -- not productive on the potential for those first my source. Tyler switch gears and talk about at third base and shortstop are Nebraska you early in the season about middle Brooks who's struggling a bit and it was a federal and you say he's our third baseman. -- is is that his job as a bull about no Britain will little -- still get their basement. He has he's -- their rights and as mentioned what's his return to us. Jose is gonna get some reps at third base he did last night and that two more it's as he's able to have. You know. Compiled last night. And I think it's important that we can can get. Iglesias in the mix and -- and will do so the blue -- he is our basement and and and views. He was taken elections because of injury and yet the performance was what it was a year ago. And used more than that and finding his way we have and have a hot guy in the Iglesias. And make sure we do get him on the field to -- a certain number turns than a week. -- is that a tough situation -- and -- a couple times a week for a guy who. And I gotta I gotta admit I didn't see it coming from Iglesias the guy was the other way saying he should go back triple -- awhile ago but. I didn't over 400 is it tough. To keep them on the bench even. Three times a week. As hot as he. It. Yeah it can't be here and I think that the point is that we're getting little part of the season more people would start hitting some some hot weather when we get out of an adult and we didn't Baltimore. 88 and he is. Being in the mix whether it's giving -- a day off which would start and coming he's gonna need a day -- -- soon put it. It might not be the flyers -- two days a week that you know he played while he was here one little books was out so. It's a balance in ours are well aware of everyone being here in the presence of others and they know that there's going to be some. Time for middle books that he's got a day off hurt or two week. So does that charge and that's our challenge is to balance all that and keep the -- as possible attitude. Are you -- he he understands it. You know he's he's he's he's fully on board with what's been outlined. And I know we're we're now dates where you into this this arrangement. And like you said that's the situation a constant communication with him and and knowing when he's going to be in the lineup we've got to. We've got to string of right handed starters -- face all the way to the ball washers. But there'll be games against some left handed starters -- I think. I -- he would be a shortstop as well and that's something big bounce and Stephen. At shortstop position. John Farrell is with -- says he is every Wednesday brought you by -- bella insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises you guys had a when we caught a benches clearing push the benches clearing meeting and it wasn't quite a brawl the real punches thrown -- but. A little combo -- -- now aren't on Allen was legit that was that was he Kennedy kept their -- people's heads. Funny how that lead to a brawl but after after that game your counterpart Tampa Joseph Maddon. Made a comment that struck us both is on a play it for you real quick. -- Teammate. But right there he'll get one of his own players hurt so I I really did sense among the group of Red Sox that they were totally not into that moment. Because they knew it was inappropriate to hit met on purpose. And furthermore because one of them can get hurt so that's being that team as far as I'm concerned in the past he's always good teammate. That was really bad moments and tonight was John Lackey being a bad teammate. Not a lot more -- one I don't. Think you can look him would it intent no one knows internal coastal argument person's mind. I didn't take any exception to that's real -- in the power being dropped at home plate either so I didn't make much of the situation on either side of it. Wanting John was trying to create some movie -- to recapture the outside parliament -- I and Percival will throw -- in -- -- in off the plate to do just that so. You know we get some -- that are an exchange. You know I think you're on -- you know. Joseph and -- have but a preexisting relationship when they go back Q are the Angels and they were there together I can't speak about I don't know what took place -- but. John Lackey is very good team and for our concerns. What do we take a hypothetical world where he did do it on purpose and and he did throw out would that be being a bad team. Hypothetical. You know it's hard to answer questions on hypotheticals put -- again I don't think he's intent. It to the -- that was made. And -- what do what do you think of Madden talking about your team. Talking about. John Lackey being a good team they -- bad team. Well I mean there are certainly can control of what he -- -- I I have no idea what goes on with the -- -- my focus is not with them. Put Miami on the 25 -- we have here I believe that takes a lot of my time most if not all my time. I'm focusing on our guys so. You know people say things as English. Art and -- you alluded to it earlier we all saw at this Diamondbacks. Dodgers wrong that was a real brawl. Do you have a sense we've talked about it unwritten rules of baseball. You went to a series or do you even go. Into an inning. Knowing that the other team as perturbed in your guys are gonna be thrown out is that something you just instinctively. I know is coming. I think there might be some situations in the inside of a game that raises millions had a little bit. You know how that is done I mean Japan so much on May -- history that might be there and you know. We're talking about a event that took place last night put I don't know there are things that led up. With security so the course of a season or in previous years. But I know the one thing that gets people irate is learn it it's a different I feel like you don't want I've got a common here. And that's kind of the game that happens and the traditional. From the rib cage on down I think that's acceptable in the game once you start your bumper on the shoulder and head area that's where some exceptions start to get taken. And I think that's what triggers things even more so. What's the most memorable when you've been in. Everybody's been a draw about you. Well I don't blame to be and one -- we're we're playing against the Blue Jays -- and it happened to be bald my golfing so I think they've eliminated ball right now around Major League Baseball for good reason. Ended up being a brawl and we're at a scrum very much like. The one last night in LA. Don't be on the -- -- dug out there's you published a key players it's. It in the all the punches being thrown beer Republicans were up against Stanton actually you know hears about. You know for 500 baseballs coming out of the stands and it was raining baseball with a group of certain players and it was. It was a memorable one in addition to what we let up to a morality argument the bench clearing the punch was thrown to -- there was there was Cordova can produce a British -- not on. Throw baseballs -- you don't know if you're happy you're sad who knows. Time housework. Mohegan -- dinner with John -- contest today's question for the manager comes from the -- -- -- and Charlestown Massachusetts. And she wants to know the Red Sox have the longest average game time in the majors do you ever try to speed of the temple of pitchers or players. And I think you're some some some data shows that we screwed up a couple of guys it's particularly our starters are with the amount of time taken between coaches put. The one thing that's a product the reason for the all Laker games you look at the type of hitters have made and were willing to take pictures we saw a lot of pitches off. It causes a lot of pitches to be thrown against us nightly. It also leads the pitching changes. And when you're when you score the most runs in the game. There's going to be some longer innings and and that's a product of -- that type of gators in the offense so we do that. John Ferrell joins as every single Wednesday we always appreciate brought you by -- bell insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises John thanks so much to talk to next week. Are -- there's John -- forget for being selected Nicole. Has when he midweek overnight stay at Mohegan Sun which is now eligible to in the end of the season grand prize Michael. An overnight stay and dinner -- John Ferrell and the salt and Holley show at Mohegan Sun. Well overnight thing you could WEEI dot com slash Mohegan every week. To submit your question for the manager did a jumper brought you by Mohegan Sun Boston bet you didn't know. The Mohegan Sun at three unique casino under that 325. Table game 6000 slot and the 42 table poker increase your moment and he -- so hard to impress and had 6000 slots -- is right up -- you had 42 poker tour not that you're into the -- not not at all. John -- there and and I'm still little confused as to how you can keep Jose Iglesias out of the lineup every time the guys in their teams do something positive but it sounds as if you'll see more of him. In the next couple of in the next couple days of all the right handers but not tonight the lineup tonight Ellsbury now the Pedroia. Ortiz Napoli Clark Saltalamacchia middle Brooks and then Stephen Drew in there as well -- it's a situation right now where I'm sure he's getting a lot of stories get a lot of props right now from a automatically -- -- from middle Brooks. Because you stand with them. But he OU remember that's these managers and coaches always reserve the right to change their minds. Of middle Brooks continues to. Ghosts of 200. The sickly season. Coming up next there are fifteen reasons according to a Chicago paper why Chicago is better than Boston really why Michael -- is on that list next on WEEI.

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