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Bruins-Blackhawks 'Enemy' promo

Jun 12, 2013|

in this promo, we TRY to make it sound like these two teams are hated rivals ... but the teams are not cooperating.

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We respect the law and -- a great team that so here feel good hatred growing up. OK I was going big Boston Bruins fans come on -- in a field day trade both -- Are very deserving of being hair taken from many of these two teams are no more. We know each other for many years from back home as a great player. Guys. When you've -- Cyril told a London knights don't fool you these two teams -- really wanna kill -- Why I I think we're very aware that it's it's going to be -- -- series we've we've kind of toughest team we've faced so far beyond just like gays and big time enemies going headed monster in in Chicago. -- -- A hard game they go to and that's it puts the puck into the net hard player.

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