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Reliving the Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup run against Vancouver

Jun 12, 2013|

To help get Bruins fans ready and excited for the Stanley Cup finals, Mut & Merloni listen to a montage from the Bruins' historic victory in Vancouver just two years ago.

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The state boys welcome. Tonight so far. It's. You know we've usually you're in their -- You know for a lot of guys from around the -- -- -- everywhere. Your book club for. We'll go out to grocery bill. So you're shaking your head you'd think the group to get away with stuff I was so mark shot. Where it's -- -- the puck was covered these before the look for somebody found dead you'll. Knock them down -- kid with a club -- intensity right. Not just over -- off. Background regardless BC Daniels getting what -- But you look. Up to -- -- push back. That neither the board that are bill -- the cops and we're gonna look at you guys think these are champions. I mean we are lucky to have these men and it is on our team. Didn't -- -- -- it's one game big but he went from now I think the shall not as admiral. I didn't saying news I'm taking. Them. There's -- -- -- our offensive forestry there. 12345. Or six or seven punches to the face today and you sitting in history there. Quick in my head it. With. We do. I've been obvious tires -- sincerest so are there anyway and one nicely at the -- -- so. That's where this I didn't realize it was my job to -- his tires. And on I guess I have to apologize for that. The series started going away. You play against them but that's weird right he had wouldn't let -- -- the great American. They're very they're well we're both big with the very you know. I hit double -- there's there's the fact that you can't novel part without beautiful down there are capable spoke with the -- -- And I have to say that I would get out of ten players on my team who had -- that have that character. -- man that. Like -- mark's comment to go around and partly on the night. He just really got my blood boiling away he was saying that you know they don't have to fight. Stanley Cup this that these I think that's just I. Kendrick sitting line. There were under the -- Hopefully years ago. Popular night 37 WEP I'd take you back. What it was like. Last time Bruins won a cup how emotional -- beginning tonight reminder that. Game one against Vancouver after this talk of. Pocketed eight Vancouver -- up there in the great. Northwest they grow weed smoke weed they hang out -- to our -- throw that enable burn things down. First period game one. I stick to Chara and the period. -- spite Bergeron I was the first twenty minutes of that series and it was on. And just as it'll happen again tonight someone like her eager thinking today is like Friday really get that if elected. It's Friday because they just -- you know it's big night tonight enough Billick the week is over it's time to just settle in for the weekend as the game. Game 11098. Fired up right now who wins. Oh yes what. Guess what day it is not anybody. Julie and guess what -- it is dot com I know you can hear me Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike -- days Mike. Back listening guess what today it's. -- -- I felt happier folks who saved hundreds of dollars which got. I'd say happier than I am on Wednesday -- Unhappy. Era fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more era we have development management and -- much much much. Jolie Pitt Jolie today Jolie. Jolie you know what today is -- what's today Jolie and today. Well David -- I kind of noticed him -- I didn't elect it was front walking around the office saying that conscious dialect it's a good laugh. Oh. Boy it is. To -- Does that make you -- that's what. What about my boys -- -- or Obama ocean does that the laugh at the days of. Its -- notes Wednesday. Game one I can't wait now wait what six -- six. Last on the Bruins once beacon of Vancouver. I was public fourth millionaire. Cited in that time was great the wedding ceremony what you Ngo and it is always was at the invitation never did you guys didn't get the invite no I never got my bad. Look at -- Africa that one Red Sox at that time 3926. What are what are they now forty and two point six. About that close those records are now you know what happened two years you know had two years ago a second producer. Michael Berger who left for the Bruins who the guy had a great job here did a great job loss. Then got a great -- the Bruins -- now working their front office back with the Bruins won a couple of Michael Berg was our second producer order it was in the house. On its mid and he's doing weekends in no idea idea -- been an extraordinary thing. He'd say something like I'm sure Michael Jordan the best player ever I vowed to debate me on at 617779. 7937 looked load up those phony approach got you stored up at 3 o'clock in the morning get ready for morning Imus one of those two. That's for sure. That guy that's -- Tim Tebow was a bronco which he still was couple years ago this time she still was. And aggression still fat to. Which works out pretty well that's. Your family like Jesse -- that mr. McNamee was was nice mikes all you still in Seattle owner of the Hollywood. Google and it was months at that point good old days and thought it was on Seattle. Emeril listened assault on the way home from Vancouver that we did not we it's all gone around you and -- like you Marshall couple couple times it was good to us. NFL lockout was looming right we a lot lower word there would be a football concerned once -- Stanley Cup you -- did you know Jerry sandusky was two years ago and is that. For vehicle in the cup it's. No -- a lot of respect for Joseph Paterno two years ago at the -- deny. Joseph Austin nice job their -- that's Sergio couple recruiting violation both. Graphical game six rule out alternative. Yet against the -- they just lost one of the bank to get ready for game six. Now back in it again back in it. -- love hockey ass up and well weeks of texture says much wedding was the best. The beer in the dance -- the best wedding either been -- for a -- that Tony Marshall hurdle got it was there that he marsh in a great time. The way. You guys would agree kind of you -- shall. Lot of stuff with different 2000. And a lot more hair back there and this area. Texas at what was billion laid. We confirm that though. Doping confirm that Siena Def miniature it seems more frequent as the two years ago I don't know what's going on there like it was more frequent occurrence. -- and surely talk about Bruins and -- your phone calls at 6177. And and I happened on. That -- was out. Listen you stole reflect on you make sure. I'm like huge room and on I'm -- -- black -- All look the Blackhawks curled up in my opinion. Uniform and sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- But out here brought to land op hi hey are they -- you're now we are able. I. In Marshall no more stupid out how elaborate -- -- be key in this series driving he's he's a guy that I you have to count up for scoring Scott I agree -- the Bruins are gonna win this series. Keep them out of the penalty box let him get on the board and help up that offense and outline absolutely. Absolutely but I'm I'm I'm road trip abroad but are there a moment. It's it's going to be epic series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they go up there and get their Baird barn doors blown off and Rask looks awful and you go all. The -- we saw the first three rounds doesn't exist anymore. And maybe that the line -- still isn't one bad game you gonna say that like you did doesn't exist anymore well I was saying if I'm. Either way I think we've learned one thing about these playoffs. One game doesn't tell you a whole lot. So I think if -- either way at the Bruins win bigger lose big. You should -- okay game to a Saturday and let's sort of -- -- after that awful one game. You can't really make any big indication Miley thing would be getting most Bruins fans would be. The one that they what's concerning the most the Bruins they'll be Rask really -- a bad game and.

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