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Chris Kuc, Chicago Tribune, Blackhawks in seven

Jun 12, 2013|

Chicago Tribune write Chris Kuc joins Mut and Merloni to give a Chicago perspective of the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals and discusses why he thinks the Blackhawks will win in seven games.

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I joining us on the eighteenth the hot while an apparently good cellphones spot we appreciate it is Chris Cook Chicago Tribune. Covers all things Blackhawks he joins us in preparation for game one hey Chris Mike and Louis Boston power you. -- appreciate taken a few minutes let's start with the last couple days of practice for the Blackhawks there apparently. Taken Toews and Kane off the same line and split those up how surprised. Are you that that looks like to be the line combination for this game one tonight. And I'm very surprised that somebody to -- electrical -- -- done throughout their careers really -- the separate. Those players that obviously it opens up a line who keeps -- way. Are you know is one of the top checking lines away from one of those guys so that you biggest surprise although that was the only -- that really let. Really well against -- in the last series but I think that when the want to avoid charting a devoid Bergeron got like that on that was terrible -- My question -- -- work so well we've got Patrick Kane finally in gauged here in the post season and had a big game to watch. Why would you make the adjustment while and she just waited out wide just before even dropped the puck. Well network -- before when they're split up I think it's really create more balanced but I think that you want police help one -- -- -- -- can't score and purification together but that. All along you know the window and looked in dire straight Hewitt could factor into a period of Patrick Sharp the other and that line that -- -- But it's something you've been want to do -- -- -- -- it up and how to act that if things get out of hand or that looks like Atlanta working. Go public metric here it is controlled everything in -- -- -- -- would be better at it again together. -- that's not a big surprise what about the lineup it appears that that they're gonna go -- -- to the bench they're gonna go polling. On that fourth line is that a surprising move for game one. That is surprisingly yes hello to Oakland will be doing against the red in the red wings series. He just not exclude the -- of the consultant according out. You know because stalwart supporters -- but a player like -- other -- learned that he. In that respect -- when he played 678 minute dvd could be up -- eight. I think he's not able to get into the flow -- -- -- -- -- typical women appear so -- Bullock I'm no closer look lineup and he's the guy who obviously the Blackhawks have or probably not the typical -- kind of guy. A -- to heal our development people about their. Into the note had little or Klein put that it does provide up and so you don't have a look at Republican that along the -- prevent against Austin. Maybe take that into a political very want regrettable but. He did -- against the -- -- president Robert really got to jump out of it. You know that's Marcum played better there in the series but also and has got to look around -- from going quite and outflank. It Ellison is giving its officers and bush everybody's when they're evaluating this series and looking at a pretty even match and everyone is forced to break it down right edge edge Bruins and Blackhawks. You have this look at Europe breakdown recede defense to give the adds to the Blackhawks. And given what the Bruins just did the penguins and that pairing of Chara Seidenberg. You still go Blackhawks. You know I do and I you know I don't I don't forget to them as a clear cut winner in -- what one of those things and you know I'm I didn't want to use the old you practically you know. I get one of the pick a winner of that -- in the black thought there it'll go. Three different occurring and I understand exactly what triggered the -- penguins accurately what they're able to shut down you know. You know those guys it's amazing that there -- Revenue neutral zone was able lyric people people -- that I duplicate electoral defeat for the consulate that kind of what went that way. Did you think when you go into a cup final maybe only -- comparing to let me. You can particular product that then they'll right now so I'm mad -- the equipment group but especially after what -- did. You know against the against the penguins but I just think that -- like a two minute they're in it because what you -- getting a little I mean obviously the arrest has been amazing and -- have been very -- Blackhawks expect little or certainly are up. You gave the Bruins a slight edge were talking to Chris Cook Chicago urged -- helping Bruins and Blackhawks Bruins slight edge in the goaltending how tough was back given. -- good Crawford has been with the 174 goals against in the same percentage of 935 so for. Anybody with regret what he -- -- -- series against the Portland that I would've gone. You know against court applicants Crawford not standing up particularly from them but that the -- from -- to stealing game than you know it's completely shut down the penguins often. And you know when we get Rebecca Quick Malkin and Crosby apple does. Somebody's going right there are so again typical political already cigarettes is playing at a level right now. You know -- Chicago and twenty cent in opinion between men and basically won a couple of Blackhawk together goalie who's very good defense and -- scoring. Not a formula tournament. What's the general feeling a vote Crawford and -- last year in bounce that first round looking. In 893 save percentage this year he's been. A lot better he's been outstanding in the post season but what is the difference in your mind it -- other still doubts from what you saw from him last year. Yeah I mean there were -- at the start of the season when going into body or -- than any. When you look into the gulf and in an epic court proper as a result those out he's been this consistent. Terrific all season long. Count on one hand the amount of games that he really didn't bring it every single night I think it is more focused than I've ever seen in my technically sound very good big goal he. -- -- -- -- cold obviously well excuse discreet but. There was electric focus regular -- goal when they really got the gun battle of the equipment CP has been from opening puck drop away. -- opening night. He took an American focus I think that the difference yet -- argued that it like like a little little early to let the need to focus on every shot. Every credit that you really revealed that brought you. You talk about momentum the Bruins you know were able to come back in game seven against Toronto Chris and they they've been electric a different team sensed watching this Blackhawk group. And they had a similar feeling down 31 of Detroit to come back to win that series something click. When you watched them play against Detroit to get in -- turn this thing relevant. Absolutely. You know they're obviously the black community so our record was. Let the regular season but when we did lose in -- rather -- and -- look -- on. -- -- -- not with -- suddenly clicked and that you know in this series you're gonna get Patrick he's going to get out and you're going. Criminal court a big goal and he realized that there was some variant and ever since they've. More back and beat the replica -- it -- they know that the Internet but the unit of one of -- -- who don't think -- happened going. They realized that got second -- -- you don't get out of it going to look at any Republican on practical and terrific both look at the one that period of the guys who. If we get -- and I just think as you go along here you went -- finals because they're looking at he's. He start but also because -- was horrible. You know we mentioned day. Did -- for this post season elbow will to win and when I look at these two teams and not so sure that there's a -- glaring weakness even Pittsburgh is great is they are we talked about the defenseman some of their play and is there one and we look at the Bruins team is that something that that you attacked if you Chicago in your mind. You know that the marketing and obviously you're pretty dispute Chicago. You know the -- error that the elliptical black art and beat them that they're accurate or that over the hawks. I'm you know everyone decrepit and cigarette he talked about that. -- -- that put you wanna do repeat our goaltender or not all of the glaring weaknesses on either you -- it is tricky matchup usually get about one thing and we certainly. People duplicate -- power play you know like a poster that all season long and the Bruins. About the difficulty. You know especially on the -- it is with the power was particularly. I the -- Blackhawks -- talk about singletary but the fact that -- it up partly going to the black acrylic ilk in the league all week long. The Olympic appearances there and that we can make it a little bit and -- to a group. You know what that with a got past the penguins in 41 of the reasons look back on it was that the Bruins -- physical with the penguins and beat him along the boards are Baltic. Grind those two top lines down a Pittsburgh if that starts to become the case earlier this year he's Chris who that the Blackhawk players most likely to respond. Physically and try to -- fight but fight back against that crime down approach the Bruins. Certainly a guy like Brian Nichols -- big body he's been able to director you know from the front. Brent Hebert of the guy who bombed the Clinton -- the body can relate delighted he has 200 are gonna get a lot of you who saw it Google -- -- player. An independent can elect mark on I think he's going to be guys that repent and you know important that octave which could add up with guys like that. The with a couple guys do and people on the court mostly people on during the post season. But it cannot respect for the for the broad people get on their skin he's been given an educator. But again people peaking too -- between the whistle which is nice hot you'll you know. Some new -- really go after homeland but he's not but I don't see that and all up to order a hole about Duncan he beat you have no way. Because I think the guy lost his cool and despite the pork barrel at pebble where there are more skilled player. Secret compartment they're going to you control the -- -- fun. You know both teams have good penalty kills as Bruins fans -- -- is really made a difference I think on their their power play but for the most part we still wanna throw open their mouth only watches the talk about Chicago's partly because they have been successful as well. It's incredibly. I'm that you can't figure out why and look at that look where that brought there conferences Patrick -- records are there in Oakland Duncan -- -- altered the and you probably cannot be used that well. They're gonna score -- coming -- but they don't and you know sometimes they don't want to be the opposite to what you sent you want the Blackhawks haven't had. The thriller Erica the buffalo after the when he sent in the up these and what ignited heated front and create traffic the right to do it wouldn't stop. -- -- not -- -- big -- of out of there a lot you know Apollo I want stunned by the quick look over -- have a lot of the power play. I'm so if you -- or at least you're gonna stop and let the wanted to repeal reflect on our plate. Not having a guy who can create Havoc in front practical guy who can that -- equally. But they don't want guys can go to put on the other hand like a little room to park regret those still players. Bucky eager -- -- that the clock where every year that the scenario that. Britain at Chicago republic here going why can't dispute Gordon certainly -- you to be a look at a couple of minutes here are like you don't get too many of them in the final. My guess they may Jamaica prediction for the paper -- -- -- the series Chris. They did that we make predictions and ultimately because the caveat there's outlook expecting to be black seven don't let that they refer to heal our. But like I did -- the Blackhawks don't pick pick a particular appear like the year and I do think that. -- event to be to be adequate computer game seven here at the United Center part of the crowd with -- -- black -- program but we're gonna pop. A Chris great breakdown appreciate the time here today enjoy game one and -- for the series. Record record here great insight from Chris -- Chicago Tribune AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible.

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