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Doc Emrick, NBC Sports, B's have slight advantage

Jun 12, 2013|

The voice you'll hear throughout the Stanley Cup, Doc Emrick, joins Mut and Merloni to preview the series and discuss why he gives the Bruins a slight advantage against the Blackhawks.

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It gets started tonight on NBC and joining us on the eighteenth the outlines the voice of hockey. On NBC I said early the voice of the Stanley Cup he is Mike doc amber -- like -- here in Boston thanks for the time today. It's got the -- you guys. So you have a visual picture item in the third growth in the quarter. At the end where the Bruins were attacked twice most of the lights are down here except for the advertising they they think they're gonna sell me something here at this hour of the morning and all the -- light. But very serious attempt in the area they're just putting up some decorative banners that say Stanley Cup final and I'm here to watch the Blackhawks gate first the -- and cellphone Dennis Seidenberg and they've been heartened just blocked it and sent closeup. That's the picture and that's not a very exciting when it's not like the level out later on. Doc and I human Basra -- -- the policies and obviously now you've got Stanley Cup you've seen both teams. It's exit of the two best teams in hockey are indeed playing against one another which you have the edge. Yeah I I would say that the case -- and the -- very difficult to call. I know there have been various surveys done I think one very extensive put in -- came out 50% to 49 point 2%. At that point I didn't even ask that the 50% because it becomes. It gets pretty much the way that everyone here is thinking that it's just too tough to call. I remember a similar thing that happens and when we had 48 game season than in 1995. And we went into the final with. Literally a favorite team on and on paper one because New Jersey Devils or not a big scoring team had a good goaltender they played good defense. And the rat race sewer lights out I mean they were the biggest offensive juggernaut going and they'd bang their way through Chicago to get the final and and then New Jersey shut them down and four straight games with a defensive scheme. One of the things that stands for me the wayward toward Boston is the fact they're quite so well defensively in -- difficult against average is now remember the series with Minnesota norm what Detroit. Chicago not bad there either if you wanna put a check mark in one particular category -- I think solidly built to lost its goaltending. And again we have the leading. Goals against average at one time and the other second and the league save percentage is the other guy. And the one guy -- So you can waffles back and forth. It seems to me the way that perhaps has been playing. That's a check mark for the Bruins the defense just cancel out I think the offenses -- Q does that equals the 47 at this point in the year that. That's pretty substantial. Sell all of that is is a long winded answer to your question that this is hard to call but I'm going to be on the watch. You mention the goaltending -- to -- he's been great I'm curious doc how much credit you give a gala Zdeno Chara for that and you've seen a lot of defenseman his size and his ability. How much easier is that make life on to -- Yeah I think pick if you are that that question and Marty Brodeur -- -- -- even years were some of his past because when you have somebody out there that present. That takes care business as well as dot and as well Alice Zdeno Chara. And covers even more distance than god ever hope to just because -- -- rock side. I think I think you're making a very good comparison there and I think you're also be giving appropriate credit to the defense in front of them. Our chart doesn't play exactly -- -- these games are so long and the series are so long. They played pretty close -- just like I think that's where Chicago. So it is an incredibly valuable commodity that. The day old -- always says without goaltending it got no shot and they sure got -- -- -- after a Pittsburgh series were kind of critical of Pittsburgh saying he came into the series -- -- the book and sort of change your style to try to adapt to the Bruins are doing and now I'm hearing. Nick what do bills may be -- net first line around and after having success with Kane Toews together. I feel he split that up he's been doing the exact same thing do you expect them to stick with. A line that worked in game four game five pitcher superstars playing or does he split among. Well I wish we were talking about an hour later than we are only because well we're not seeing the Blackhawks come out and go through their routine. But at this point I have no reason to believe that he's not going to change. And he's not going to change them it strikes me either that's the first Litsch. -- we saw some of that flinch from Pittsburgh as -- said you wonder. And it did just that you know I don't know I. My feeling is that whole idea -- just at this time a year. When they've been going so well together and you know collapsed goal scored was between the two of them more and that that one game I had an overtime so. That's a normal armchair quarterback -- it's a question as you about it. And it's normal armchair quarterback thing for terminator responders like it hit. I wouldn't do it but then again I haven't won a championship as a coach before and haven't been diligently year. Around these parts we give Patrice Bergeron -- a lot of credit because here's a silky award finalist again and get back in and we see what he does day in and day out. Defensively not only offensively you got a chance to see. I Toews and Toews apparently. Dated data Chicago people would -- does the same things Bergeron does can you compare. Those two and their play at the center position. Well they do they go out they go about their job the same way with dedication and consistency. I think in terms of being the guy. To score big goals despite the fact that Cain was the guy -- thought the last one. Back in in their history that James has been the guy with either set up the -- or sport and themselves. And the same and you don't not have to go back and -- -- in the seventh game of the first round in Boston. The Bergeron. Our interface -- contest they're going to be one and two. -- gonna wind up one and two in the entirely. Depend upon the linesman and how many times they drop the puck because they're both. Comparable in the -- their percentage is right around 60%. In terms of the leadership that they have with the game one guy alertness which means absolutely. The other guy does not that leads anyway. They come out that even just like this series I'm just thrilled that we're all going to get to see these two guys go against one another. Probably line against line but maybe not. And we're going to get to see two tremendous defenseman Gonchar on one side and keep on the other. Does another comparison of a couple guys and share will be talked about throughout this series it's. Two guys and Brad Marchand Andrew Shaw I think both fan bases will learn to hate each of them. Reports also and a would you agree. -- out and then the 28 other cities they like to have them on their teeth. Not necessarily because the character but that's part of what they bring but they both are skilled players -- probably a little more skilled around the net and Shaw. But both of them have this ability to get under the others -- We were talking about this and and there are any Bruins fans who are fifty years later older may be all -- -- players. They would hearken back to the fact that in in the game that was played a quarter century ago. The guys who aware specialist at badgering other players -- around. What we had at that time -- guys that drop the gloves and lots of them so this is the new in my mind this is the new. Add young players that you have that -- scoring ability but also have to be a factor. The guys that were the big heavyweights. The Terry O'Reilly of the world. That role no longer occurs we went from eighty fights in the playoffs in the late eighties out there where were down about it hasn't -- and seven of those occurred in one game. A long time ago it seems involved in Montreal and Ottawa. -- a lot of talk around here about the original six match -- first we've had and a long time what does it mean to use somebody's called games. At the highest levels that we get -- would be six in the finals this year. It's just a little extra romance it would be like having their Red Sox and the Yankees in the in the out playoff to determine who gets into the World Series -- just as a whole lot of luster because. Even though it's never happened before and that's largely because of the lack of -- success that the franchises that back in the in the 50s40. Are they never wound up hitting each other in the days of the original six which was 1942 it is 67. And then we wound up with different divisions that separate center just never happened. But the fact that it is too great old teams from long ago where there're at least four or five now generations of fans who will watch them play. That means an awful lot I I think one of the things that are collapsed or people at who has to pick up a photograph of Chicago coliseum. Maybe I am steep too much history that for a three -- the black hawks played their before the stadium was built. And we're going to try to get some footage ever Matthews because that place is still operating under in three years. After the Bruins played their first game and the fact that it's still have the right here. Much of the year is pretty impressive to me. But the whole notion of having. The skilled players and the matchup players that you've been talking about for the last ten minutes. And that the ball -- one place and to have the history on top of that it's just like having extra frosting -- indicate it's just magnificent. Well and in my follow up was as a viewer at home dock for those watching and NB CNBC sports shall we expect that the broadcast will tie in to. Not just the stadium you talked about but the history of these two and -- fact they are original six will that be part of the big story line for NBC during the series. That'll be part of it but it will probably not a if we wind up with dramatic in that we have in the Pittsburgh series. There's an awful lot that we have -- in the truck and never gets on. And we we may well finally collected because we say gee there's going to be an occasion that this'll work and -- make sure that we get it and we had several shots up while they all want to -- played in in the in the previous round. We had them or and we had -- the CEO and and it it never got on because there just wasn't time. You come -- this in your briefcase you come with the idea that you have and then you get to the event and the game dictates something else. The worst thing that we could do that viewers would be to go with the stuff we brought. Because it would probably be counter to reacting to what the game has delivering. If what 11 in the third you can be guaranteed that not much of historical stuff is gonna get a lot because the game will mean too much at that point. But we really enjoy that part of it ourselves. And we like having it nearby just in case work. I think one of the obligations that we have this shared history with what prior generation because when you go to game at TD garden. You'll see little kids actually some of them being held by their parents watching the game but. But they're wearing their black and gold in some cases there's jerseys and some cases it's jerseys bearing the name and number of guys. That that retired forty years ago. That's pretty impressed you immediately see the same thing here should. I confirm my thoughts about this anti has ties to Chicago Pierre with ties -- New England coached at bats and so. -- in charge of the restaurants in Chicago and Pierre will take -- restaurants in Boston doc is that fair. I'd say that pretty area that that's exactly right you know a lot of spots here and and -- certainly knows nothing like the back of his and you you put your apartment or finger on the pulse of the operation here. We are great fans that they give broadcast. Doc we appear on weekly with us and -- been a good friend as well we thank you for taken. A couple of minutes we are sure he'll have a great series hope it's a long one and look for a talk me down the road. Well you get what you get in life I think it you guys have always been that way it without sin and we you know one year when you're giving to people like get a lot back and maybe that's why you don't have many troubles getting gaps on your -- such as -- people. And the anthem singers will all be wearing big rings in both cities. And my question is where they got to put recycling that one I'm gonna have a secondary by the end the disparity. And be sure they'll finest waffle I will. I hit it. Doctor Becky somewhat accurate time we appreciated the voice of the NHL and NBC the voice of the Stanley Cup. Ideas Mike doc camera on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G it is AT&T. Rethink possible. We get your thoughts on this series 617779. 793 -- the phone number Chris Cook of Chicago Tribune in the 1 o'clock hour game want your calls.

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