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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Lester, Iglesias, and the Dodgers/DBacks brawl

Jun 12, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss all things baseball including Lester's mechanical problems, the play of Jose Iglesias, and the brawl between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks.

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-- but buster only on his weekly spot what -- good -- talked to buster. We've been talking about Jon Lester here buster from first and nine starts to his last five starts. Pick your scouts talk about this guy what happened where all the sudden the 27 ERA. Is now 869. I think it was going and that ran in the Red Sox really think he's got the mechanically and that we can interest thing. When we had a conversation. -- John -- before we did Sunday night game dead that ten days ago. He was fair lead at circumspect when he was talking about buckled and he talked about Lester -- he made. Sort of the these references to -- his mechanics and I think you know what -- concern is that. The tried to draw but his arm back a little bit -- get a little bit extra and that's when he begins to lose it and I know that you know going forward what their plan is with them. He can get him back to doing what he was doing in spring training early part of this year. And standing tall on the rubber and throwing downhill but -- Have felt all along dead he's someone tend to drift in and out of the mechanics they think that's what's going on right now -- -- Yeah you know and I think it's one of Carroll's biggest challenge right now right -- -- it can't be changed mindset. And you all are now you're -- June Annie got you know maybe black Q1 point yell out the not a catch the ball you Lester kind of falling into some mechanical issues in Buchholz is. Health is a concerns of some of the things we're worried about starting to come on a little bit and throw -- the -- some of these things in the but. On the good things from their perspective it's not like there's a team that looks like it's ready your personal way. I mean every team is having the lead very -- and I think. You know from the -- perspective they get they have to get that part of it squared away and needs you have confidence I think for sure. That. You know Lester certainly I think probably going into the year you bigger concern was -- -- -- still haven't been demonstrated early Q that he had. Buckled as well. I'm curious that the buckle thing decade constantly pops up. It is the physical problems and I've said this all along I don't think that he's ever obligated to tell us. Exactly what's going on but at the same time I don't think we have to take at face value what you're telling the absolute truth and you just wonder. With -- sort of coming in gig going with the physical issue is something more there. They sign Stephen Drew the Red Sox did to plug that one year gap shortstop but I guess it was a wait and CC two places to be their maybe they thought Bogart and Iglesias. -- is unbelievable he's only got 74 at bats but he's now sit for 46. Or thereabouts -- how did you think that they handle back keeping him here. As a guy's gonna play every three or four days for drew and or middle Brooks as economic utility guy plus for this infield. He's earned it. And and I know that there were some people read such organization thought that he can hit that I told together story get the story that at the Yankees thought that he was going to be. -- utility player people within the Red Sox organization telling me they -- going to be more like an Alex Gonzales. -- you with some pop. He's been better than that you know that happens. You know it's it's why guys serve. In the fourteenth fifteenth round draft pick and they extended the big leagues. It -- you know a guy -- league the reason why a guy like Michael -- can be picked in the middle of the first round last year and they have an impact within a year. That sometimes players get better he's gotten better he's earned the right to be up. You know and then my friend Peter Gammons wrote wrote a column last week I thought it was exactly right that in 2013. Would know Greenpeace. -- -- more medical information and this sport in general was getting younger and younger and younger. And more and more EC teams reliance flexibility on younger rosters. Oakland certainly doing that text is doing a ballot pro -- we'll continue to do it after he can they get back. In keeping the -- in the big leagues and moving him around can only be good -- because that way you know a guy who birdied it banged up pretty day out get a day off. Buster I think -- little books I think at some point will figure this out I think he's got a big month ahead of him but. If he continues to kind of struggled the plate I mean is is Jose Iglesias the option at third base and you see this organization looking elsewhere. Well I think guys know that they actually believe that Mel Brooks is that you they've been sorted out and figured out and he's gonna hit. But I do think that at some point during the course of the season we've seen this with the Dodgers this year with politte. The way it goes from being okay you got your chance to do we're gonna start looking at other guys and because Wrigley it's a great piece he's played well. At some point if Mel Brooks doesn't hit and they will try a great seat to that position where they'll move. It gives somebody else who shot but I do you think that you probably go from waiting and waiting and waiting to deciding you're -- you try alternatives. If the records holds here fourteen -- or 500 -- the trading deadline Boston Red Sox will not be sellers they'll be buyers and nick kfar wrote today. Or had a couple of I waiters baseball talent people say that they should be concerned about Andrew Bailey do you think we get to. The trading deadline nick closer and and and a bullpen might be something the Red Sox are interested in the second half in the playoff -- I'm sure they're going to be interested in that they're going to be a lot of teams finished in it but. He talked in the general manager they think the pitching this market this summer guys can be absolutely. Atrocious. Terrible. Days you know where you there might be a couple of guys do you know might be presented -- -- -- the small market mid market teams that we've seen such. A shift in how people teams do you closers and relievers and what their actual value is. That I you wonder if that you know the team like the Red Sox presented with the and I'm in -- just but just call it. You know the little Maloney the right handed reliever from team -- He's available. You know whether or not the -- that you're going to be willing to pay the price they just not going to be that many guys out there. And and I think the Red Sox given their experience to be Eric Gagne and others -- probably be the first and say you know what. Will just try other options from within series it is not going to be that many guys that I know like for example there's been a lot of speculation that Papelbon. First -- we don't know the Phillies are gonna sell -- makes eleven million dollars a year after a huge price tag. Especially this time and I think that people generally speaking and let your name is Mariano Rivera. They're not assuming you're going to be older you repeat your success from year -- year. Buster Daniel nominee is fourth in the American League you know fearless and an average fourth and OPS number one in on base tied for third in RBIs. He's not on the all star ballot. But doesn't deserve to be on the team. If he continues that those that -- those numbers there's no question about it now you guys know that he's going to be swimming upstream against that the pure volume of players of the -- cycle at the all star game. You would assume that Buchholz probably is gonna have an excellent shot to beat you -- Pedroia is gonna have an excellent chance to be there. It David Ortiz because of who is you know that's gonna play a factor. And I you know cover Joseph Torre for four years when he was picking all stars and it was hard guys. They're the guys he'd wanna put on the team. But this rule if you know having one guy and he came in and what position you had. Those were all huge factors. I hope it doesn't work against them but there's a chance that a man. We what are some of the unwritten rules of baseball the other day with Lackey and Matt Joyce and -- might not be over tonight this series wraps up Red Sox and Tampa buster. Last night was wildly interest in Arizona and the Dodgers and I know you wrote about some of these unwritten rules today I'll lead you went by asking how many games you think Ian Kennedy is gonna get on baseball starts. Handing them their suspensions for throwing at they had as Zack Greinke. He'll get the maximum number based on precedent and now they're comfortable -- that I know that they've been trying to. Pushed that number higher as time goes on but the union of course -- the power to fight back. I think you'll get between six and eight games because it I know the feeling -- -- and a feeling people with a baseball it looked. We understand there's going to be retaliation -- got to stay away from the head. Andy Kennedy clearly made a mistake they are. It's -- a -- it is I can tell you that he told of -- teammates. Afterward that he was just throwing the ball as hard as he could and Nate got away from and they didn't. You know -- -- knowing Kennedy I really don't think he intended to hit him in the head but he got to be careful. When you do and that kind of thing and that's why I think he's gonna get. It's such a high price and it's the reason why the Dodgers are so angry in on the other -- I can tell you the Diamondbacks are furious because in this in Alou you can speak to that. Well and we got hit I think a dynamic knew that probably somebody who's gonna get hit in return especially with Greinke on the mound. But Miguel Montero was at the plate he took three or four shots Adam and they were upset because they felt like you know like one of the unwritten rule that you don't want shot. And if you miss that guy. In terms of retaliation that on the pitcher doesn't have to be at Kenyatta. Got some guys you know some. He -- some bids fair carnival games where you get to take forced shots at him but that's. What it -- Greinke did and I think that's why the Diamondbacks were so upset about what happened last night. But says when asked about the young pitcher in this league right now because everybody seems like it's coming up it's been drafted a year ago on the between walked and it's Jackson Cole last night and cost manager seems to be the impact of young arms you keep talking about. Where the game his goal and it's in that these kids are spending. One year as far as arms go one year two years and then was seen in the big leagues. Yeah I think part of the reason why and and they are obviously myriad reasons why I mean the -- better nutrition and it is I think the sport in general was going on here but I really believe that I -- think there's a greater awareness because the television. And because the people are exposed to the game at a much younger age. You know when I meaning growing up in Vermont we have a television you know fight at a baseball prospect that would have no concept. About playing the game but when he talked to players now -- Matt Harvey before he joined the Mets because of watching Roger Clemens. -- he knows about a lot he differential why it's important developed three of four pitches and hit some sense of how to use them. And that's why we've looked at -- young players that played with a guy that you watched to the player who can influence on you. And -- I can't say for sure this is the reason but I think it's an important reason because they just exposed. Too high and a competition. In the way that they would have been 1015 years ago. And I think players used to you know that have had much. Better education and how the games played in the used to. Buster great stuff is always appreciate the time we'll talk the next week. Pastoral leave ESPN joins us here on the -- how loud buster joins us. He's brought you -- friends at Toyota of Nashua goes to the boys record three Bob Draper the entire cast of characters. At their all new Toyota natural megaplex an ongoing spring saving sales event. Come see what the buzz is all about by a arrest restoration specialist. And by -- space 61777979837. The phone a great TP text -- 37. 9837 I want to clarify. Comment made about Jon Lester. -- your phone calls another Doc Rivers update from Chris Broussard the check in with Chris Cook the Tribune Chicago 1 o'clock -- --

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