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3rd Man Out Ep. 6: Mut's back ... but for how long?

Jun 12, 2013|

After a brief hiatus, the dream team is back together doing what they do best. It's Kirk and Mut talking about Mad Men, Mut's Twitter game and all of life's great mysteries. Watch out for bad words, kids.

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Third ahead with a beats third man out I have me which occurred minutes did not know. One WEEI dot com. We're back it's been a few weeks. It's been a few weeks here -- here. States -- a few weeks it was just as podcasts would come together we decide means. The oil in the most I think the podcasts and inspires the most loyalty. This podcast the yes like any other people getting tweet stately well they'll look at how good good days. Great chemistry between you two match beans that now with these hockey puck. Inside baseball to -- with bill. -- -- sport for they don't tightly despite the size sort of feature a feature that was. It. They wanted to -- assault. Meeting with him on Friday timber it is EU sell it and higher up right mediator in digital. And necessary people's. From my. -- It's news for that -- I disagree I'll bring back. I think probably hit that. It's a bad move by -- series -- -- professional and if you wanted to talk about those on the -- Rick tuchman want everything's in place that should be name is podcaster there. Everything's and you really be typical Kirk and hand to come up with a real good game third now decide through. You're finishing. Through a terrible that is when he strikes which analysts. -- it's approaching -- wanna -- cup finals which New York's about it usher injure show on how he might impact the series you've been. Off the year talk about that's -- match on -- year and all hockey all the time when you. Supple but today we should say recording this. It it's Wednesday morning and one tonight 730 game win tonight and looking Gerry Callahan. And John Dennis is they talked Stephen Dodd zeal Stephen writer Steven does he does -- About Tim Tebow and I said I -- much for a couple of minutes used to in his notes object -- -- your the talk last week's mad men which has been now. Matt is I think kicked up last couple weeks. You had two great twist opinion the last episode. You had Bob Benson the mysterious Bob Benson finally gets in my view is hitting -- Campbell. Campbell ethics intrigued by -- -- It didn't knock it away vote down the leg that's it will reactor right at the goes up its analog products that are here that's -- -- -- the Campbell rubs flexible that. Game and he was not in -- -- yet pocket or rob Campbell players that -- -- kind of backed talk about what's his mom. And I think Bob -- lover who is. Campbell's mom passed. Nurse it's converts every soap opera music like that. Disgusted Campbell upset now cables like we'll get him -- the real twist obviously is at the very end. Sally Draper goes upstairs it's all the keys -- after The Sopranos -- -- super great character -- Alec Adori Carmine sun times -- Is the -- goes upstairs and c.'s Don Draper (%expletive) hell out of out of I'm turning. -- name is. It's because of that mess is Cynthia. Mixing Ecstasy this to other but Sally she's a bad things somebody else Alley -- married to Megan. -- things she sprints away. Don tries to fix things too late dogs like slowly even more fallen apart we're finally seeing real legacy amendment people's lives -- Let's start with Draper that you mentioned him last he wasn't. Forty Katie was comforting her well. -- you paying attention did not explain this -- He -- spread eagle on the bed no problem for that's called comforting. And I that's Thomas are using it instead of sex it's not comforting from now right. Sally Draper now holds every ounce of power in the show to credible. Every -- single. I think it's gonna happen next two episodes the final two revolves around one question. What does Alec tell what does he signaled he's not sure nothing in the -- preview but the nice thing by saying. It's about head to head Betty called on -- say it's about Sally and so the left wondering now between now next Sunday night. Easy get it it is she gonna tell. A friend Sheila tell the issue got to tell -- -- tell. Meg glad she holds out hope Clinton comes here in the mix maybe she uses is she comforts clinically cup comforts her invisible odorless and starts a process earlier. She holds all the power Draper is (%expletive) beyond belief you know she's gonna tell you tell us on the war. The guy is a fight in the war the -- The -- they try to go to war the -- public Mitchell yet -- -- -- -- but you know obviously it's a good thing portrait. This one's marriage. It's gonna be a good thing it's good think for the show because gonna be out of the marriage is out of that apartment making keeps the apartment and start next season on us again. Draper a complete and utter mess which is a good thing it's like -- by -- anymore. I did now. Did you think its part that last scene where the doctor is thanking him Mitchell's there Sally was gonna go. What you nicest guys have a crush on. I'm gonna forget about all this there was a piece it's -- to forgive a gap because she got Mitchell has he -- -- lot of this thing so Draper amassed Campbell. Many hand -- come home how many nights no differently able to raise brand -- you for an empty -- razor blade razor Brenda Campbell. Is the lowest character on the show filled with quote here locally people I love the -- my favorite character maybe ever so. Right now is Mamas lost that he has no relation -- -- brother no relation to his wife. No relation to this kid the one woman he really loves Peggy Olson -- -- and what was some -- He just got hit -- by a guy who works that was all confused sexually goes back and it should apart. Again cereal but yet Davis about the guard shot. -- box against the wall aggressive overseas and so far. Bat and almost to be as I watch him more mores but Pete Campbell it released pass from -- from Draper. It normally -- Obama on now I like seeing double -- CP now -- He terrible to pay off the cyber. Aside birds have changed the season for me as they progress of the season gone -- -- I -- the 9210 now I have him. I keep predicting back -- for now I'm not sure what the hell happened she wasn't an episode the mom thinks Aggies Trudy. Which is a great scene there repeated his drivers are dead yet about the as a kid that didn't happen and and I had to set up where two episodes what does Campbell -- -- life. What is what is Bob Benson do now does that become a bigger a factor you said people here at the visa FBI agent. Again to Switzerland you know and -- -- corporate law is what is it is an -- -- that's the other -- -- -- -- -- government against it. Somewhere that's what she's it's with them. Her mom she it is what it. She -- to her sister correct correct erase the child wears the moms and ask which we didn't think Peggy don't exist -- life does select that cut it cut characters out for long periods of time where. Where can Costco banned for two weeks I thought we summed it -- it was an accident that drug drug episode mean Larry Craig what are your favorite characters. As part of the Arctic California so. Get the stupid on top down he looked at the Eckerd drug scene there at that party when he did that sort of -- episodes away just just. Sparks does nothing after that will be watching the news. -- Accenture again HBO the -- -- -- -- -- and bloodied and on Sunday night HBO. I'm committed to watch shall killing Alex girl born and watched the first seasons. Should watch and nothing now. Else that in the summertime in two -- yeah it's maybe finals series lectures. I did that went one card reform idea that the one I I completely. Indulge in the -- my wife which -- this thing in in the delivery on the night where she sleep there. Kindle while watching episodes the wired she's like we're dedicated to all morning watching you usually for not only foresee that water break that put the early in the washing with water -- -- -- -- -- -- on that it is to to the teachers together slept in that room. Good dad good husband stayed there. Will be -- episodes the wire. Well. I -- That's a good husband as you didn't go home when your wife had yet to stay that -- the entire that -- the skip the next point six months next week. Those are really yeah it's fast too quick too fast so what's on the watch and where else. And all you got to 101000 to -- Honestly. You said to bring up the gut that act act surprised and got the 101000. It's the does that sort and arts. Its architect -- -- it's finally hash tag and -- got there. One thing the one person who congratulated me to acts and kept gay guy on. Them so I was artwork -- doubles -- to respond. You know you're due -- one. Easy because of not following the listeners or in rat people that are actor meet with you see only that -- with seat back and forth. You buy that for whatever reason respond people were talking about the short talk about something I've Tweeter you. Respond most people want to play -- the funny thing weeks ago when we chat chat on our show when Chad wrote that thing fired. It just raised the Eagles this. To be fair -- gave two different options DA agreed to -- Marty gave smaller and two potential. Options to host the mid day show with Fiat SP series before we get stupid. This is really concerned personally you think I'm going. Work everyday. My heart had offered its list in this business right away in the place you know that more than I've seen it in reducing my elders can lose his job tomorrow. Probably not he -- which which job. We -- on TV -- re full time jobs does that you're tired of positions they cut us off three cent sure so -- view that that every single thing that's part of what you sign up for when you -- you are replaceable. On so I don't. I read the stuff from -- -- very good reporter I believe he's not make towards up against the wall Stalin stuff. It can be a million people and indeed it could be digging inner. Dot likely gets under your under you were trying to find some answers. I've had I've had answers given you actually trying to find out answers. It's it's part -- -- just -- would be good radio host. I think it -- don't listen to every day but I mean there are -- and importantly. To Miami. To recover from it. About immigrants and that. I'll pick him up and it was about his flag just to be hacked but those guys did the whole -- you talked about your that's good with the likes to ignore that some people you can. Did you credit. I'm not sure which is next to prevent. The couple months of next funny thing we do on a Shelby and a couple of months will be next Friday actually channel and you on Friday. What's gonna ask you though it was going to be. I think those are two really good options too talented talented most of -- never seen me. My -- never brought up morris' replacement I think you shot down huh. Many of the rumors of of different places you can I I've heard rumors all sorts equipment in -- music head back out different places on the station. -- different places and other. It's out -- companies here and I've read and heard the -- I've not read much. On your -- it's got -- producer came and I sites making the cut off some point you gotta get back on here like where it's got to showed. -- -- -- -- Record means. I don't happen he's got a job union years. As far as I know we're on the year -- dot Cambrex point favorites I hope that a broad picture perfect Scioscia. No no it's accurate to -- just mentioned that -- on the Jones can -- -- ocean anymore about guests we -- more god -- -- and while I chose particularly can gradually taking the mantle on you guys had accounted last week 27 GAAP. Although I've gait week for shield is overly critical Jerry Kelly couldn't be more sarcastic about -- he gets on the station. You guys now have 45 guests a day and Jerry asks every single question -- bags those things are among other among the record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean you're talking to it's it's better no gas or -- -- mad dog Russo gets to -- which yesterday laws. The hundredth anniversary celebration of the -- the a birthday party for Vince Lombardi on his radio show celebrated hundredth birthday by getting people regarding one bar it's also a passionate on that shield that actually your other. Every assaults such passion about a output good guests if you were charged this morning show which legal guest every single. Prior to three golf guests were from now because I know is it's different Boston's if I didn't play jokes my national show both -- all of this US open which of the four guys with guys like not -- bad shape Mary's how much what the weather. Whether you know who has this weakens your thing. When US open on the horse racing your Google like Lee Westwood. Real prediction Westwood it's good to -- amendment protection. As -- here one of the one of the big either. Ted or someone hit -- higher up in that company believes by the end of the season and the split all the sudden doesn't. Might not make those who might come back court set up next season. Situation start combined anymore. -- because we -- -- Campbell -- house it's my prediction. The road show.

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