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Chicago's Tom Shaer on the Cup finals

Jun 12, 2013|

Tom Shaer joined the show to give the guys the Chicago perspective on the series. Tom said that Blackhawks fans have a false sense of security entering the series.

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Welcome back Nelson cal and six what problem did you form a -- talked for couple minutes gonna talk with all due respect Howard Stern all media in Chicago in fact his company is called -- -- media. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD good morning Tommy long time no talk how are different. Our -- do you know what you say let's not carried. Economy Stanley Cup fever has a temper and be loved for those last place cubbies in Chicago. The cubs had 141000. Empty seats not on party unsold tickets plus additional MPC. Through Friday to -- Friday afternoon at Wrigley Field 141000 BC at 9000 of these seats last Thursday I would say you know that back. And they cut their TV ratings are down double digit percentage in the last third two percentage points each of the last few years. I think the Blackhawks are wildly more popular in the cubs right not I never thought I'd see that. It doesn't sound like Theo Eric is going so well up to this point. Null Null or not at all yeah they're very rough go they've they've made some personnel moves to a which. They admitted were mistakes guys they got rid of the shouldn't guys they picked up haven't done well at third base and give a lot of money to Ian Stewart they had to suspend them from. Blasting the front office after the seventh to the minor league. I think because you're going to be fine under Epstein and I and all his guys like right now -- they're probably a year behind they thought they'd. Now I I know that the Bruins in the Blackhawks haven't played each other so the early going on video they don't know exactly what to expect in -- only auger has seen any of the black -- But do you think it's safe to say that the previous opponents. For both of these Stanley Cup final teams the kings. The Blackhawks sort of represent what the Bruins are all about and the penguins for the Bruins sort of represent kind of what the black general about. All ideas are very good comparison I think you're right and end you know take a look at the the type of opponent they were facing that it would it would be a physical game or defense of game that took the Blackhawks. A few games to adjust to what was happening in the Detroit series of -- got eliminated down three games to one. But then they took a look at that next round opponent and did the similarities are very striking effect. The Joel Quenneville hasn't talked much about that though there the other day. At the escape the assistant coach people talking quietly about that in that they're saying that inside the dressing right now. Eight Tommy who are Boston fans gonna hate a couple of days it's. There's been a lot of hate this post season Pittsburgh was Matt Cooke put the Rangers there was quarter -- and a whole bunch of guys in with Toronto Phil Kessel I'm looking at this I'm reading the Chicago Tribune read the sun times. Is really no animosity yet but it's probably common where's it gonna come from. Well that's good question there there are two or three guys who I think really you know pick people up once -- -- I think. Michael how -- maybe. The gators spent some incidents in the previous couple of couples series there's. I don't know there's there's there's one school look but here -- -- a little bit. There's there's one school of thought here that B Blackhawks don't do anything wrong then that's not quite true. They've had a couple of incidents at the height sticking guy takes one of the bases -- you know players suspended when your best players. But overall there haven't really that they don't really have a lot of guys who fit that description may -- one -- two. It's too bad we need we need some of that they don't fight so we're not expecting rightly. -- even get my -- here let me know with a black widow of the Blackhawks fans are gonna hate get hate Marcia and by about 830 tonight. You know. He forgot it yeah it. Guys. They're all talking about it and it could be one or two tough guys the black hawks do have. Big kind of emulate that -- -- about the other isn't the guy in my back. A one of the great lead was you know him. -- made that might not be popular around the NHL but he is popular in the black hawks locker room because frankly -- they they know they need to get like that a little bit. When this series called for. Is -- show off your -- and I think so yeah up and most of the ones. Admiration about it I don't. What did these days through the Internet you've probably seen this story that was written the other day but it was just. I -- don't recommend that the did you get a rule Williams sisters all over this is Gary emulate a lot of what he does he want them to have longer. As -- -- and so he's thinking I have more to learn that I wanna do this and that and pick him OK you've bush budget -- in this series. Who's the most popular black -- who is mr. black -- go to these days. No question about it the captain Jonathan page. -- -- Dictate who's more popular than Cain even though Cain came in with a lot more splash. Jonathan Toews has proven himself more consistent. On -- -- the -- this is Patrick -- first. Consistent year struggle a little bit at times during the play out of them of course he rebounded very very well against the kings that Patrick was huge. But it -- -- -- he really does embody the franchise here. When you look at goaltending obviously Crawford's. Has an unbelievable post season just as good as Rask is there any doubt whatsoever. With this team heading in here that the Crawford the kind of guy that can shut the Bruce now for four games goaltending non issue right. It is not it was in the playoffs right that might as you have I mean both both -- Crawford and every were playing very very well as a tough call to make. But it Crawford's game now he's the guy. And you know it's not like who you know the days when. Year to try to ride a goalie who suddenly is good you know I. This is a case where he Pettigrew into the job he was good during the regular season he's really taken over the play out. He's also done some things he went after a guy who has. I was given the business to caves. And there during one of these recent playoff games and he really scored some points in the locker about that he had to but it really meant a lot of the guys dressing room. So don't Crawford -- -- the game in goal. Everybody has confidence in him with good reason and I think it's going to be great series -- just from a goaltending aspect. It doubly sure I only know what I know about Quenneville based on what I read I don't know the guy but I can tell you this in a couple of these series cloud o'clock flowed out coached -- -- got -- fired the aptly crushed a bile about don't know he's gonna get fired. I guess is that the matchup between the two coaches in the finals is a little more closely than those other two. Probably and they know each other while they played the same junior's team expect Julian succeeded Quenneville as team captain after quibble went -- pro hockey. If they want they'll say is you know again I watch a lot of Bruins medicine and shut out the Jack Edwards by the -- great guy and the your -- does. It just better he just does it take still with a little bit of time and in almost more than in the playoff at Detroit series was a disaster for awhile. Before they turn around and not just because they -- to run at one. Did they do better but it was how they were winning what who's doing that light changes because there's some -- -- -- -- and had the last line change and it was a little surprising when he was doing. And also the work in the neutral zone improved much much more as the series went there are adjustments that were made. And I thought it a little odd that an experienced coach who won the Stanley Cup three years ago played in the league he's an outstanding coach joke but the the question about it. I thought did a little odd that it took that -- to make those adjustments once they did so. Happening is Brian Beckel the Blackhawks below -- teach. -- -- hidden -- out his name a Little League record volume that's true. I some games they'll write similar games you know this just out of nowhere well. Right -- that that in the great discovery of this playoff run for the Blackhawks and everybody you have to have somebody come up to do something. I don't care what sport it is somebody you don't expect that usually the way it goes because of a well coached team. And as are the kings -- Darryl Sutter. Or as word of the red wings as are the Bruins they're going to find a way to shut down certain guys that just the way it is and that's what happens in any -- of any series except baseball I guess would be that doesn't play that bigger role. And end. For him to come up now and -- -- -- this secret weapon it's been huge you know the Blackhawks. They made their -- this year I'm going at least three lines deep in their third line hasn't really done that much spread -- hasn't played as well in the playoffs. And hasn't been as effective anyway as he was in the regular season and the earlier playoff -- That's a big deal for them so pickle has really come out of nowhere has been a great story. It does everybody in Chicago Tom is there one thing this is a done deal that the Blackhawks are gonna win this one. Yes that's a big mistake cut pigment they. Again look abroad resolved almost lost against rod Wright is a great comeback the you know the the Blackhawks had to do would have a greater scale -- down 31. And games. You know people here have very short memories and you know I can't explain -- -- -- -- original six franchises maybe it's because they don't play each other about that -- in their different conferences and that of course. The us -- -- out this year you didn't play of the people just don't seem to understand what the Boston Bruins are all about. And and I like John the Baptist walking around -- trying to help people -- -- spread the word but these guys in that this is not like any team you faced in this playoff series it caught it look look at what they cannot be shut other teams down. And then you also have an intangible the these the tradition of the franchise what hockey means out there there -- a lot of Johnny come lately to the party here. And they don't quite -- if anybody should be. Arrogant overconfident it's the bruins' all the whole I think the Blackhawks have more star talent. Then the Bruins have so maybe people here hanging their hat on the start -- to deliver advanced and the Blackhawks are great idea Bruins -- great as a team. I'd like to Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans -- -- and their hats on their star power. Bingo yeah pretty big -- these similarities right there. And I don't know that I'm tired I never thought I'd see it Gary hockey is huge in Chicago. And this is very reason this is not like the Bruins when they packed the garden before Bobby your. And even after be -- -- -- you years. And they had -- teams that disappointed or even you know is in the prior what did that take years before the -- there were some struggles right. This is not. Like it wasn't like that here it was much. Worse. Who would obviate it was bad it was worse on the -- But often they weren't selling nobody -- they were watching on TV the home games -- even televised that the owner was an idiot. I'm I'm telling you you walked on the streets now regular season. And you see people wearing black -- sweaters Blackhawk at the barge -- packed. One of the local beer companies as a as a program where they give videos and audio and giveaways to the -- -- these viewing parties. It is resolved very very new so people are Gideon there's Stanley Cup that was one here at three years ago but prior to -- seven forget about it and close. They picked a good time to do with the two baseball teams stink rose has been hurt the bears a -- -- and it's been a good time for them the story jump in and take over the city. Right which they did not do in the years after Michael Jordan retired the bulls. Worse they're so well run by Reinsdorf and his people a big market while they sold all their tickets -- -- in the TV ratings were okay. But there was no cause because they weren't going -- after Jordan during those years the Blackhawks had some good teams. And anyone -- they led the league in attendance but they never really stepped into the void in terms of popularity because of television. And marketing and all the things that they never. Ever did they only had about twelve people working in the entire front office so -- take advantage of that now they are they're very aggressive. If you the other teams and how do marketing partnerships. Where the Blackhawks they go to the black boxes say hey can we do something during our baseball seasons are our football season. And have your guys come to our games and do promotions and have Lola let's -- joint sponsorship thing that the tomato and their I've never -- like it here. It's on file this question her morbid curiosity I know the Blackhawks generally don't fight that one of these games get out of hand and it comes to that who's the one guy and the Blackhawks is gonna probably end up Shawn Thornton. I'm I'm just gonna go out on the limb and say probably the to the guy you wouldn't even think of an estate Jamal Myers. I I gotta you've been there's some things and I've heard of things were sitting in the room and that wouldn't surprise me. And finally I heard somebody say an idol -- is hyperbole or not. But nobody sits down at the united center for all three periods just not true is it. That's ridiculous -- -- verbally. That's hyperbole what does happen is there the National Anthem. They stand up and cheer loudly from the first note to the last yet and that it when I first got here I thought that was kind of rude. But now I think it's it's pretty cool and you know. -- -- the edge over remain really do get Jim Cornelius and expand that but he -- this just like -- and noble when he says gave proof through the night at our flag was still. There as he says was still there want to -- those -- -- that's one of the great gestures in the history of sport among non players. -- -- -- I'm actually gonna see if he'll change that now and it could be at the suggestion figures -- deal we could create a major controversy here. And that overshadow the series in the black boxes put in the back door doesn't matter how good a defensive club the Bruins are. His name -- -- share there is nothing he doesn't know about sports and Chicago Tom good catch up with him able catch -- -- -- down the road as this thing plays itself out of the -- of six -- seven we'll talk again. My pleasure you know February -- -- Denis and tell him on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TE.

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