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The Stanley Cup finals begin tonight

Jun 12, 2013|

The guys opened the show getting ready for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. Gerry said he would be shocked if the Bruins got blown out at any point in the series.

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I spent a considerable amount of time last evening. Discussing the Bruins Blackhawks and by the way are you -- this is an original six matchup tonight beginning tonight in Chicago I'm not sure about that -- yeah it is I I spent considerable time speaking with anonymous but yet well renowned National Hockey League expert. I would deferring to -- is expertise about hockey Stan -- pocket again now what is there wasn't Stan I'm marketed to allow markets and -- kind of got you know that I am Marcus and -- pentagon was at his hospital -- your visit that at that and an a and you and they came in and caught it with a hello when my dad. -- up on a post a lot of ethnicity -- your discomfort that. Yeah they can I -- explain to me how this thing goes starting tonight Chicago -- -- to explain to me might erupt that much. Explain to me like them a five Euro now I got it. He says it's not about the Bruins this account. -- Chicago's ability to to move the puck -- their speed it's not about the penalty kill a percentage it's not about how. Their first line. Translates against the Bruins first line here's what he said. You tell me which goal series more closely resembles -- four or Rask to the point we've seen thus far. I'll tell you that the Stanley Cup champion now that's about the best let me break it down for you as a five year old whichever goaltender resembles the -- that we had so far. Wins the cup like that. Ideally I'd like that in aggregate active Tebow that's I. It's it's so true that -- -- nothing matters that bright Rask. -- took a tumble. Assistance that was yeah anything else Rask is spectacular. Again if -- used policy like if these Rask like from exactly what Thomas like from two years ago. -- matter absolutely not again we talk about everything else we breakdown of Bloomingdale's and we talk about all the aforementioned. First line second line defensive pairings you know who skates who hits harder. Nothing matters as we saw on the last series. If Rask is off the charts good again now we can't look into his eyes we can hear the tone and -- Asks voice to determine if he is ready for the challenge tonight in game one. And I think technically I'm still the same goalie. Just with more more experience. Few when you play a lot -- games in the season that you gain that confidence level that. You feel more and more comfortable in the -- and you know do too much. Sound scared not at all now not all just like the last series remarkably composed remarkably calm -- -- biggest heart rate jumps up at all maybe it does. No it's almost -- of the breakaway but for the most part. The guy has got the demeanor you want in year playoff goalie that's why I think. Everybody's pick of the Bruins that's what everybody around -- so confident you just can't imagine him slip and fallen again literally or figured. And the reason it's however the reason is difficult if you were going on which goaltender. Theory to determine who's gonna win the cup. The numbers are virtually identical are they not running what they have both done to this point. Virtually identical which coincidentally the ball for the finals -- always play great funny -- -- words final funny how that work must be some correlation yet -- is more impressive as he did against the most good point are you -- did it. Hit it came up two goals Googlers have game you do not get better than that Tim Thomas didn't play better than that no one's ever again Dryden never played better that. Statistically. How do you talk to Eagles and -- and have games against the best off I guess one would topic now because there's art department we're gonna (%expletive) off good and I -- and all in -- -- -- -- discussion. What about the psychological aspect of this and how does this work. -- do you think any part of Tuukka Rask success against the Pittsburgh Penguins with all due respect to how brilliant he once -- That there was this and so it was probably not the right word but. And instability. By the Pittsburgh over offense and their ability to score thirteen goals in the final two games report they met the Bruins. And they came in with a sense of overconfidence but a sense of we had. We've bad I'm wondering to what extent based on this remarkable. Performance against the Pittsburgh Penguins the Bruins not consciously unconsciously or subconsciously think. We are on a roll we almost can't lose based on how good we were against the vaunted Pittsburgh Penguins that's the psychological yeah I let down in an editor -- Elegant elect on the Stanley Cup finals of one thing at -- that penguins thing. I don't church group that a TV game one for Pittsburgh feeling invincible but I would be felt invincible last three games no and -- is still great -- that's how -- -- -- shots and they got their shots they had their chances maybe -- as many as that little bit right as they got -- while he had opportunities. And you know what else. Rest is getting too much credit he has speakers the defense grammys along the defense. And I almost feel like that's. A constant. You know picture is still going to be six and long and tough and Bergeron is going to be a pain in the -- on their plate and the people of that ice you know whether. Say again scores or martian scores -- And it's like the post season performance and like to -- that rich or. And that's kind of not made it pretty -- we're not sure if that's gonna happen tonight we'd do. -- -- are still going to be 69 in tough as nails yes. When he shows up an -- rank yes that's that's kind of a constant that's why it feels like. -- great and agree. Position maybe essential large situation like this with a goaltender so so evenly matched in the teams seem to be so evenly matched if you can identify the X-Factor. And that is the one guy that just kind of blows out of nowhere to shows up out of nowhere. Sort of by his by himself or takes the series or takes over the series and that will tell you the -- would be you know unlikely hero as -- Talk about overconfidence. And it has no bearing on this will want him pretend it does but. Everybody's part in the bruins' public last series when everybody was not from The Herald. That's one guy -- two papers everybody in the globe and everybody else in The Herald and nine out of twelve and ESPN and everybody. On the streets you know even the most cynical these streets of Chicago well look at Scott paper what happened last what happened two weeks ago. Everybody picked the penguins including people in Boston including reporters via Austin including any objective. -- It's. -- if your Blackhawks follower chronicler yours yours there. You're not gonna think Chicago's Sears where you're what's open the regular season they just beat them and -- five games. That was not nearly as impressive as the -- and his war and win over Pittsburgh if you were watching every game the Bruins against Pittsburgh you have your doubts well -- look like. I have the team of this however the the the Blackhawks calling card while the Bruins as we knocked off Walcott and Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins they're gonna say we got enough pucks past Jonathan Quick. -- the spasm that can score two goals a game. Kings of the end time penguins the -- Can't score that's why I'm glad the kings didn't advance some at least has some star qualities star. Stars on the on the black here's where we add the obligatory congratulatory comments from the Bruins Bergeron to the great black -- opposition that is going to be provided tonight in game one. Yeah I mean they're. Were we respect them a lot we know they're great team did it's so annoying here and I wanna. Close skills from a also defensively you know that -- turns his transition game is. It's great so you know we there I was their best effort I know every time going to be. Going up against them so it's about dating game at a time and and not looking too far ahead as we know you know it's it's a long road even though it's only seven games. You're talking to the chimps are not paying attention -- that last element to goaltending aside all -- of the things aside maybe the difference at least two evenly matched teams that seem like the perfect fit to go against one another in the Stanley Cup finals. Is the team that provides the unexpected hero one guy who seizes control -- unexpected guy that we know Bergeron gonna do his thing. -- is going to be a pain in the ass and probably score some goals or as well the defense will continue to play well probably provide some offense all fenced. Both raskin Crawford will will do their thing limit the goals what about which team provides the -- now. Never saw that -- call the other -- qualify for the -- experts say can qualify and be scored well -- well there's a great what -- you count now 'cause he's right he's talent Johnny boy chuck -- or through a second would beat my guy I don't expect expects they gonna take control this year is shocked -- -- gets sick or get sick of the difference in the air -- shots I should have more show. Than any Bruin players out and and we ought to help but he is that's not shocking. But I want to what the odds. You know doesn't think the Bruins -- gonna win the oddsmakers. -- which is unbelievable when you look at that you've gotten from the all the the Bruins amendment that Harold. Breakdown the globe's special section ESP and politics. Overwhelmingly. Favor the Bruins. Not the oddsmakers. To meet the Cairo on buddy -- early yeah emailed. Curtis. Posts and it was -- for Kyra that was stories to -- such as well yeah yeah. We get a different different guy all checked with the house that you realized his Shapiro likes the Blackhawks. Minus 150 that's a pretty big spread it is. Relaunch is plus 132. At a -- to make a buck thirty if you like a minute hand. We have thoughts on everything. Wanna wanna -- few sure. Who will win the Conn -- -- guess it right now -- Crocker right to our progress is the favorite. Sure it's big margin 74 rescue 94. Next next next. -- -- -- -- -- capture followed by eight top posts and -- And and pickle. And then Chara and Bergeron and shock personally at fifteen to one or twenty don't want to do is vet -- -- -- martian and 21 Duncan -- 25 to one. And yeah army yarder and Jonathan -- -- Fifty. To one now the techsters McCall and they cheer you deal is not an original six team. This stuff but -- -- -- unexpected hero. He's warm up. He's -- -- it elevated his game against it thinks that he wouldn't be still standing by now because he's yet and yet very slow on that first -- who said. It's gonna be pretty by the finals and better. Good. You can bet on you know how many games it goes a broad suite. Fourteen no one. Owens a lot of people think -- six that's nineteen for Chicago sweep 91. And the total games total goals. Where will the games I mean where -- the series being decided will there be a five minute fighting major in the finals. Yes minus 2150 plus 195. I told -- before the Blackhawks don't get no fights right the minute literally their. Near the bottom of the league in fighting majors during the year. And they don't really have a good and they don't have a guy and -- strong -- that damage on port tough guy. Mind if some of their NHL players that the -- tough guys. That -- borrowers should give you a euphemism for lagoon for group India enforcer is much employ more special fighter is important authorities not by force. But. -- Player props. David crate -- fourth round points first against the Blackhawks over under for -- gold over. Four points for -- -- might have that tonight could have ways and plan and -- on sports city arena point. On Monday its eyes and under you see any signs other that I know we put a lot of rubber on the young goaltender. He's about to. Be on the snake bitten tests and have all these. One on ones will score more points -- she verses Cain port verses hosts march and that person shop. Lucic -- Beckel. They -- fight -- -- genetic. Tests and Bergeron and verses Jonathan code jam. Younger. Where's. The 21 chart that's even evened -- goals scored the most points. But. Their -- probably ended up back -- imaginable and here's how you know things are going well for the Bruins. If they were to lose tonight 41. I'd be shocked shocked to my war. I don't even remember what it looks like them to get. There heads -- what you -- I wouldn't be I wouldn't be worried. They lost 41 whose game one tonight. Now. From -- which scared. I'd be scared I would I would be concerned but right weren't scared as war and now I wouldn't. Would -- the panic button. No I don't know I wouldn't depend on the penguins. Averaging per game in the playoffs 33 and a quarter for Portland seven point seven and it was three some quality of racism and the Bruins are five and one on the road in the playoffs scoring. A 3.4 three goals against per game allowing just one point 86 right there are not scared. The play on the road here's the thing that they lose tonight the -- yeah. Game two they have to win because -- an old argument against Pittsburgh with former from Pittsburgh expect -- to brewers are going to be the Blackhawks four to five times I don't think. They -- -- -- to win game -- they'll become the all important pivotal pivotal game to all of port. Yeah slick in the NBA finals to game four is pivotal. When you say -- war from Miami yeah because if they go down to about three to one. It would be the first time since January 10 that they didn't avenge a loss right it'll be devastating if they lose the pivotal game four I think last night -- game three and lost an aunt and taking a page from Magic Johnson I think San Antonio now has the -- Epic. Yet Magic Johnson the secret of the box score he said that that LeBron intending great game when he scored eighteen points in game -- idea. Well he scored fifteen in game three does he think he had a great game pretty good match at a pretty good he scored. Fifteen -- at eleven boards magic that's a double double -- had a great game. Magic missed seven of 21 for fifteen points or -- point -- magic while LeBron or four points in the first. His plus minus I've never seen this for player of his his stature minus 32 yes and look at look at Bob. 832. Minus 29 that the two almost. -- LeBron James this is Michael sure on that do show stars Jerry can make a point two minus 3220. Not super stock curious. Not the best plus minus -- a bitter Celtic fan. Ray Allen played nineteen minutes you know minus 21. Can expect. -- even possible by the way every single person who played for the spurs from Tim Duncan all the way down to. Tracy McGrady. Were in the plus column a single minus on a single minus out there by the way. Want to point this out and just because they know how to move their feet were brought James and Dwyane Wade played 73 minutes left. And committed public spying for at least your. Zero files well now Mikey and -- -- goal yes because LeBron sock he lost he was awful. He has people touting him that day and the assert himself right exert his will original course absurd idea. You know files Magic Johnson turned the page on his analytical skills last night after being. -- -- -- Or doing nothing but reading the box score he thought he would get into more esoteric areas like him it's it's not you know in minutes played -- plus minus rebounds and all sorts of magic magic went out and be the real nature of the NBA talking about this look -- we talk about bad body language I didn't like -- body language of the heat. If you haven't liked -- -- no no they they haven't seen by the world champions to me in this whole series. And so if they come out with that same body language they don't get beat again on thirst. Well now body like these guys have bad body guessing that I had to lose and I as a player you know -- -- -- was the tough part it was a great victory was how he Pat Riley were. Where you know. Step blocks that I had eggs that he -- -- -- and he's no -- now -- the -- people honestly if -- the bad body language it is amazing how resilient. I believe them and avenged every loss since January 10 and and they've beaten this trend in every one -- lot that's for much like five months five months. Five months this is not. -- back to back and they have come back when in the second game. And beat this illness every time -- generally when Bre X game after a loss might like one. Let's simplify the rest of the series just like a simplified Rask vs -- Crawford will tell you who's gonna win the Stanley Cup finals but the key to the series is the -- -- the series is what's on paper. Tony Parker's MR I on his hamstring today that's the key 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. BC football coach Steve a does deal would join us in the in the 7 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he -- a lot about you spent a lot of time with people recruited teeple. -- share our pal from Chicago. Will help us up you gave -- to -- Blackhawks and Bruins give away a 1000 dollars around 9 o'clock. 61777979. Receptacle 2000 -- such a -- Tebow -- Attractive is that possible that much of the -- but he answered fifteen questions about. Tim Tebow is remarkable the information when I know we I. Guys thought he was in the stonewalled the press and his name is wrong. He said this first right he did say his last name and we we have the bet on whether it's smile he -- he did he did smile he made one little -- Hell via what was the equipment and it'll gas. Peninsula has been telling this why would reporter. From New Hampshire a political reporting from New Hampshire but I'm here -- the economists say. Coach because coupled jetliner political reporter for the New Hampshire and I'm here I'm here what are you. Did you expect to get an answer Belichick -- what the dirty just look what I think it was a female reporter it's at what position he's gonna play that's the best question and and and he looked at her and if looks could kill she'd -- I I had daggers I would ask one question about adjustments simple easy going to be a quarterback. Is he can be -- I think you know I've -- talked enough about them he would answered but isn't that what everyone that kind of what you wanna know it makes a difference -- do what's best for the -- say that about any question exactly and only does it every question. And am I guess some people find that pain and argue. I told you would -- performance art performance I agree I don't I disagree I know a ticket takes integrates talent. To do what he did shortness joins -- explicit -- definite it's entertaining to me from reporter's perspective you'd see them searching to ask question after question in the going there and they're going in there knowing. You get nothing but they have to ask the question as someone wrote and I forget who was and I wish I could because like giving credit what he did yesterday. Was Kryptonite to Tebow -- will be right.

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