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Extra Innings Podcast with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien

Jun 12, 2013|

This week, Joe & Dave tackle the hot-button topic of PED's. They also discuss Dustin Pedroia's extraordinary leadership & contribution to the Red Sox, Tom Brunansky's 1990 catch... and the possibility of a Stephen Drew dealing?

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Welcome to extra innings and -- -- lately in order column I'm sure. Boy it really has been exciting -- it's been such a unique season I was just in John Farrell's office a few moments ago when. Before we started taping the managers show. We were talking about the number of times where aired the day after. A great Red Sox win like the fourteen inning game against Tampa Bay. The walk offs the -- -- five of those already we've been in the office just talking about these these signposts along the way. -- can you remember recent Red Sox season and I don't remember 07 being quite like this obviously all four was very much like this. With a Red Sox had the signature wins these wins that really sized up the character of the ballclub so many of them. While serving in 07 we have the mothers day miracle and there are viewers like that. 86. We had does some of those miraculous wins I remember Rick Ross over the Angels dropping a pop up to the Red Sox playing with a walk an extra innings. And magical things and when you have some of these victories such as the Red Sox have had a game in Tampa Bay with able to lead and then got out of the bases loaded no logjam and all the little things that have happened to come from behind victories. Didn't see it. It really shows that there's a certain magical quality about this team and if they can keep. The pitchers healthy especially the starters and of course without saying Dustin Pedroia at a heart and soul. This club could go a long long way. So Dustin Pedroia putting up all sorts of numbers all sorts of offensive numbers you can't get a model lineup even though the Red Sox are looking for a way to rest them once in awhile. 331. Right now has a chance at a batting title because he's in that that batting average on right now but it. In so many ways he influences. The team and particularly when it comes to. I find his defense every single night you can point to a play and say. Both Pedroia doesn't make that play in the hole. Then the next guy coming up would double down the line is gonna score because he would have been on base but because it's Pedroia is the guy isn't even on first base he had nothing to worry about. I know further the talking with the pitchers on a Red Sox they feel. With him there. It's the ultimate safety net the plays are absolutely going to be made you know I think twice about it where as anybody else at that position you're gonna have to think twice maybe three times. And he always makes the best play with the game on the line that is what is so special about Dustin Pedroia at the awareness. The reaction. -- it's all. Natural but it's game by a tremendous baseball intelligence as well as physical and mental ability. Well the play that he made for example on the -- full bunt. That was -- play that Pedroia and Mike -- had talked about before it ever happen. And realizing the full was probably -- truck trying to drop down a bunt that scenario. They were both ready for when you go back and look at the replay. A full just beginning to drop the bat down hasn't squared -- around yet he's dragon and anyway. Pedroia is already in full stride went full makes contact in the direction of home plate. I don't know how many -- second baseman -- Roberto Alomar was like that. How many other second baseman or are bad instinct. I think that's a great comparison Roberta or Alomar. Dustin Pedroia guys who have the tremendous baseball intelligence the instincts and are not afraid. To make moves like that it to our fearless because they have such great confidence in not only their ability but in the thought process that goes into it. You really does in -- last year it boggled my mind a little bit when I listened to. As certain callers on talk radio parading Dustin Pedroia they were all over peavy and it didn't last all season long but it was. Shortly after the comment where and I think peavy would love to take it back to be good where he may become an above Bobby Valentine has not the way we do things here maybe they do that. In Japan and and if there's one moment that it like back out of his red sex career it might be that one having said that. I think people some people really piled on on Pedroia for whatever reason. And you know he he kind of slink back a little bit his personality. Became something different he wasn't quite as as outspoken and then and that borderline cocky this that we we love in him so much. And I think it's set him back a little bit and in some people's minds and I never really understood that because he never stopped playing as hard as he always did every single play met life and death to him. And in isn't that what we wanna teach your kids to play like if you're gonna play a sport. Give it everything you have the way -- Pedroia it was no question about it and expansion realize you were watching something -- you may never -- again. And we hope that continues to last he's durable. He is a small guy you never know or how long it's going to continue but I would think care over the way he plays the game loves the game it's gonna be awhile but. Just don't that's as John Pereira said a couple of days ago to a center -- you never take these kids for. Grant the and I and I'm proud that most Red Sox fans I would say the vast majority. The Red Sox fans do not take him for granted they do understand that it's something special light as you and I'll watch him every night we're really the lucky ones. And get a chance to detail what he does out there and I hope we capture it effectively what we're looking at a guy we're looking at a player who is in the you know first third or maybe a bit beyond that of a hall of fame caliber career. And if he continues to stay healthy relatively easy is playing with a torn ligament in his thumb right now I don't know how he's doing that especially this level would -- keeps stay healthy enough. He's gonna put up tremendous numbers for a second baseman. That the Red Sox are going to have one day look back -- go hey that was one of the most special performances and a career of -- And the intangibles of being a winner no question about let's get to some of -- to weights. Joseph from your vantage point the press box that -- -- catch that -- 1990 -- the White Sox to win the yeah. Division where I was not in the press box I was in the manager's box right next to the dark out. Waiting to go on the field for post game interviews in the celebration when -- -- -- and hit the ball so I didn't see it either and almost to the TV cameras didn't see it. I'm actually Tim McClellan the umpires Saudia hasn't called yet but we know that. He is a slow indicator but it is what a 23 years later in ninety you know but I think there -- no question and he did catch the ball and it was just so unusual to see as Ian -- one like that and that it was a special moment in Red Sox history all all. What happened in Oakland. Of course it. It was right very brief and that necessarily painless because it was a four game sweep -- it -- ever so quickly. Well is another one. It in this question is about Stephen Drew do you think Stephen Drew is dealt by the trade deadline with the Sox eat some cash so that -- Can play shortstop all that that is not gonna come down a money issue. As Stephen Drew is not breaking the bank and Iglesias is going to be the shortstop next season I think what determines whether or not Iglesias starts platoon in there. At shortstop or maybe even out right takes over that position. Is whether or not drew continues to struggle with the bad he struck out four times in the game against Tampa Bay strikeouts erupt. He needs to get better used to get on base more frequently because Iglesias. Is a better defensive shortstop. It and having said that I will also say that Stephen Drew has been much better defensively than we thought he would be. He's been much more consistent he makes every play he gets to. He's done that all season long. He has he has he's made all the plays especially you have -- game on the line situations and of course at. English is gonna play a lot of third base as well will motor Brooks has been here there or else -- be playing more and more there. -- and second base you know as John -- tries to find a way to get Pedroia out of the lineup for five minutes. Well there's nobody else the door right now other than making these little work. That will be interesting to see how that it develops a PE -- ever completely. Clean up to -- mean of course it's been in the news that they were in their Ryan brawn. I think they're making efforts to clean up the game. But look at the NFL. Those guys in that 66300. Pounds running 4640s. And naturally and they stay one step ahead of the curve. Doesn't that amaze you that there's not nearly the hue and cry in the controversy. In the the indignant responses. Around football players. That there are around baseball wise baseball held in a different light and under different spotlight in the NFL source. And held a higher standard and I think. In this case the record books as something into this sacred records. Like a home run record them and some of the others that. What -- -- all time record for touchdown passes in a career off the topic it does anybody know that. Mean what's the record for field goals and a career or in -- season. I didn't even know what the record for yards passing unit in the season is who knows that -- guy putting those self confident are you -- think Dan Marino or you might think Tom Brady yet now that they're. He has veteran status but they got the look -- -- but everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say. 7147155661. Those numbers resonate with sports fans. In ways that NFL or football numbers do not. That's not to defend baseball I think baseball's cleaner now than it's been in over a decade. S in probably longer than that I think back to the bonds era and Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in the game as far cleaner. That it was I just this is just the eye test there are a lot fewer guys using PEDs and used to. But this next step with this list of twenties. And how many of those may get banned for a year for 400 games I should say. Miss it as effectively as season when you when you factor in rehab time and how soon a guy can come back after that. That's a a gargantuan amount of money loss in come loss that's got to be a giant deterrent. I would think so I heard a great -- or so from. One person in uniform saying maybe where they should do is when somebody is have found that to accused -- ET's. Not only should they be suspended. But -- -- Jimmy boy they should go back to making the minimum salary the next year really make it -- that would really be a great to -- -- that's it for this session of extra innings we'll do it again sound.

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