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Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli with Salk and Holley

Jun 11, 2013|

We talk to Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli the day before the open of the Stanley Cup finals to check in on the mindstate of the team going in to game one, and also what may go down this off-season for your Boston Bruins.

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-- -- WEEI of course answer the question coming up here about 1520 minutes he got a question text us at 37937. Even better. Use the hash tag ETQ. On Twitter. Get asked that way we will answer all of your questions just a few minutes of fifteen minutes from now right now though as promised. Peter surely general manager of your Boston Bruins headed to gain won -- Stanley Cup final tomorrow night in Chicago when he joins us. Be the AT&T hotline good mood Peter you're you're you're back in the cup. Yet yet now it's -- good at least here but you're at this stage so. I'm happy today. So it gets me get -- you can. What were your expectations you're heading into that -- we talked to you before. Before the Rangers series you go on to beat the Rangers in five and now you're supposed to play the invincible all powerful. Offensive juggernaut of the Pittsburgh Penguins what -- -- -- your expectations heading into that series. Well it was I think what got lost in translation a little bit weird looks a lot of people is. We actually played them pretty good during the year. I think people just tend to look at their results and obviously the results business so that's where they should look but. We we're we're pretty good first seven of nine periods and correctly and it could really have certainly had a chance and so. There they are terrific team during the year and they showed their firepower in that. And both series actually it's isn't against. Auto so. You know I was a little cautious but I say you know I figured that -- we put up a good fight. Especially after the way we played against the Rangers. I'm sure -- gonna to a series you go into a series thinking my team's gonna win. Like -- that's not a surprise that you want but are you surprised at how you did it that was. One of one of the more complete breakdowns. That I've seen in new England sports. I was yeah I was I was surprised Adam. And the you know but for one game there up close. The industry not to game the score really wasn't his ticket -- the game. So. I don't know I don't know what to -- elect -- -- they had a lot of firepower. Policy it -- it was terrific. And are defending and all three zones. What stock that was outstanding in and mean chair was lights out that way. And I think they're neutral zone which doesn't get publicized electors are really exciting plane in which -- -- but. As -- -- terrific against a real counter fast team. Atom and even defending in the offensive zone which is hard to do. But it's when the puck is turned over in you -- successful on the -- -- -- That's where your back pressured him back checking stared starts and if you look at -- if you look at how we clear rebalance. We're able to clear rebounds to their. Very well and I and we integrate back check and so really that -- real textbook series and everything like everything went great force. You mention -- you're in Ottawa when he was there and he was paired up with bread and then you had a we're pretty eyes shut down defensive pairing there what to look too great defenseman I'm wondering. Is are the responsibilities. Of Chara greater now than they were in Ottawa no he was great Gary's been great here put. Is -- different. Well he's better now anyway -- So he's taken on -- assume more responsibility. I'm just turner calls. We hit some good deed in Ottawa like including Wade Redden and -- was -- -- -- was good and so we have that pretty solid the and we have a good deal now in Boston atom but he just got better he's gotten more and and you know -- for someone who's. 3536. You know at some point you start like throwing him. And he I haven't seen yet what -- easy and you know the easy you're really go look closely at these these non glorious plays -- defense plays -- that he doesn't have the park when he just. Closes guys awfully close world class players are. On a regular basis his corner of the dieters is after the -- at the zone. Is effective effectively. Nonexistent for the offensive team and that's how I signed him. In this series against Pittsburgh so. Es he's he's he's been getting better and getting smarter. Well as good as -- -- we talked note Peter surely hear Bruins general manager of salt and holly WEEI as good as he is maybe he has. Opposite as a player would be to recruit you mentioned the depth that you -- at defense now on this team I can't watch -- get enough on completely obsessed with watching and can you may be. Relayed this story again of how he ended company Bruins uniform how you were able to get them. And and reasonably what what was running through your mind when you realized he was gonna have to play in the ranger series really for the first time. Sure. So -- strapped go to a couple of years ago at least get them quite closely we we interview them. You know a couple of times. Our our local scaled -- skilled Scott FitzGerald really liked him. Am. You know in the end but you know what small. And he -- on our list any respect right there in our last round and we decided to go what's different player. Which happens. What you know generally and we need to get down to the bottom of the list you you know here. You're you're Leary of the smaller players is just the way it goes historically. But we talked to the territory and we told them you know we're gonna follow you closely and he had been captain already as a sophomore. And he's captain again as as they as a junior so and in his first three years and he was a normal age freshman which is. Certainly get unheard of in College Hockey. So he's terrific terrific leadership qualities in the lead to start following them. And and sort college free agent stats start following them is dark and Sweeney was very instrumental and following human. And then re relating to a because as a smaller type defense and so. We ended up. We ended up signing him and and he just terrific. Terrific kid than. A tremendous character. And as you currencies thanks very heavy on the -- and so when it came time for him to play. Because we had these injuries that would I was very worried. He's had a terrific second half in in Providence and -- just knocking on the door so it was only a matter of time and and I think if course pretty rookie that's in the second round of the classic issue tend to worry a little bit but -- I knew that he was acquitted himself pretty well. You know -- had a funny line after the Eastern Conference finals after you guys won. He set up and fired five times here so I don't I don't really pay attention to you all the speculation in the commentary in the media. But now there has been a great deal of it and that there was a space forward in 2010. After that series with the flyers. What your conversations. Like. With code after that I'm sure it ticket takes a lot. A look at the big picture and two on cancel all the noise and say this is our vision this is our coach in in this is how we're gonna get through this a tough time in our franchise. Well do you rate your race and and it was about embracing the challenge and a new record was the guy to. Leadership there -- just knowing. He's very focused any -- sort of players any rolls up his sleeves and work hard. It's very tactical can be very tactical him. And you know like he's like back if you wanna go back to -- that's like there I couldn't think of anyone else that I wanted to. And to lead the troops so to speak and it's factoring into all that signal that we -- had a very good core. So you don't wanna throw the baby it was about slaughter and that's that's how I approached him. Of course we we've learned samaritan and use it became more battle tested. And make some tweaks personalize and you know we won the cup that in the next yourself. And then of course again guys this is that this is market that we live in and when there's a little bit of a stumble like people get up and our -- it's easy -- I can tell you receive either -- -- -- hard to replace someone. And and you know he's he's one of the top two -- two coaches in the league and he showed the ability evolved to adjust. And -- dot. I thought that district series yet there that successors to think if you dissect the conceit and number of various Wear clothes made from -- expect quick switch is. To the game -- matchups. I've side is is neutral on -- popular and the new console was fantastic. I thought we were prepared. He's an even keel guy so I think you know he's so I'm. I am -- I'm the biggest supporter and and he's because -- cities on the top surgical seasonally. Why I think the last time your all of us she said as long as you were here -- was going to be here and and I wonder if there's a sense of vindication for you because a lot I was on the wrong side of this. I was one of the guys looking at exploded throughout that Toronto series and sand. You know wondering what what his future was going to be after watching him against the Rangers and even more so -- against Pittsburgh it. All the qualities that people seem to object to about clothes seem to come up. In a positive way the patient you mentioned the system you mention it must've felt someone indicating for you. It yet or you know like it's got -- indication like I have this is common to vote because firefighters suspend the factors. And and that eventually -- to get carried defending him but I will continue to defend our rights say that I mean like I I wish people can see this stuff and you're making. Some good comments on the lake. Like I think maybe it's because we're we're grounded defensively that's where foundation is. And and sometimes that can be you know they can and that's not far away -- hockey so I think sometimes. There's there's a group of people that. That that don't like their style but we we try and play hard that we that we built team to play hard and to come to work and it took. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- vote in the team color which if I was an outstanding common and reflected a lot of what we're approach so. Close to answer that also. Tell us what the creativity that you're gonna have to deal with. Are coming up fairly soon after the after the final you've got the cap going down you've got to corral Oscar situation you have to deal with -- to deal with Nathan Horton. I -- of other free agents. How to creatively keep the guys who were part of the core of your team. Well we needed it went -- -- we'll have to do it again there's going to be some hard decisions. And it's it's not sometimes not but to make those decisions but. And the guys you know there with the appliance IQ you wanna keep everybody but we won't be able to and then. There's two different ways to address that Adam. But you know the the creativity side of that is it or practical I would in the field. And that's of course it will take so but it is -- -- everywhere it's gonna have to deal with. Lord of the captain. And I think you'll go back up the following year but this this year will be a tough one. Well it's interesting happen to be playing Chicago now on the Stanley Cup finals the team that won a few years ago and then did deal their goalie right in the in the following season and now is back. Where they differing goalie how important is Tuukka. To the future the Boston Bruins. He's important he's he's grown up so this particular system. I mean by that is timing learned that we play in these very important and I hope to get in time than that. You know but nothing's guaranteed inflation. And know what I mean I think the world the -- couldn't. His play has been terrific this playoffs and and you know we we would hope to get upside. I'll move before we talked -- before he played in the rangers' series necessary you you talked about the teams being mirror images of each other and didn't turn out that way you guys that really overwhelmed him in that series. This way you look at Chicago in Boston to the top teams in the league. Two great coaches two strong defensive teams are there any similarities. Between you guys or do you see any distinctions between you and the Blackhawks. Well. I think I think the -- the I know jewel Quenneville the coach and he does have. Some -- defensive underpinnings are closed so that there is there is saying you know mind your own band type of approach. That they employed. You know their team is is that Israel's. Counter team's strong carotene the speed. Their. And that can he -- person is the we're doing is. These guys the Levys particularly risky move the puck. And so they're they're fast team and that. Therefore exert our -- impact close districts. But they're they're strong and they too late players. You know it got posted whose real strong player. McCain in case they get very world class players and they got some size so. If they got a bit of everything that's why they were the number one team in the league. And the goaltending it's good it's. Be it big instruct -- blocker you scored a couple of so there's there's very little different district Arafat's. A little bigger. And maybe you know maybe a little deeper -- Because some think that's a really good talent. And they handle the visit -- leave your team. Well you know that's -- really have to play and we have to. Playing straight lines and that doesn't mean. Not being creative offensively really what I see that it's like a boat the four seconds to put checking. And so getting pucks in certain spots. Either direction dumping them in treating. Those odd -- situations where you can in -- can check somebody. That's that's how we have to play and that's how we have to be. You watch these games almost as if I mean there's no general manager -- to be done right now right I mean that you're not you're not in. You watch these games almost like one of -- Well we we just finished two weeks or week and a half of pro and amateur meetings while you're playing -- that this last series so. I'm taking a bit of rest actually the next. They accuse silly silly yes a little bit of in the -- over the game plan of course I would like to play him. And we you know we kind of -- afterwards. And in exchange ideas so you watch it. -- not like a fan but as as a -- seeing areas where it may be could have been put in the next game plan or not. It if you know what it's great to be in the cup final at such. It's such a tough. Wrote -- -- can't hear and and you know you want to enjoy the moment and that's what people told to -- under two years ago enjoy the moment. You know you look you're a look back in -- -- did enjoy the moment so we're lucky we get to do it again two years later. Well enjoy at this time we hope to see you enjoying a moment actually holding that cup in the next week or so thanks so much for being with us we appreciate it. Are they others Peter Shirley Bruins general manager joining us via the AT&T hotline. Analysts at the GM would be so involved in terms of game planning and thinking about the next game and and almost not acting as an assistant coach from another advisor for Claude -- don't know that. Did you know that I didn't know you think Danny Ainge doesn't shore yet. -- think that's what doc is quote unquote sick of looking at this -- are about I think if you have -- public and cold and and and surely have been together for a long time -- I think. If excuse me good neutral to appear tomorrow -- emotional interview a very emotional very emotional for him when he said about the cup and in doing a moment. Maybe pick some things in my own mind that. I think if you have a healthy partnership that's the weight jokes. Are getting into the practice. When when doctors there in. They talk all the time. So I think that. That's normal way if your questions next 37937. If you want to tax them or the hash tag ETQ on Twitter salt and -- and WE yeah.

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