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Ryan Dempster on the season so far

Jun 11, 2013|

Ryan joined the show to discuss the teams recent great play and the 40-25 record. Ryan told the guys that he was using the bathroom when the benches emptied last night in Tampa.

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While back doesn't Callahan 67775790. Recently get your political but first we topped with Red Sox starting pitcher. Ryan Dempster Ryan joins us on the AT&T AT&T forgy LPG -- or get up early and -- after a long long night Ryan how aria. I'm Erica. Apple like -- in five hours and play four minutes when you know you're not going to be involved it's got to sit there and -- knows what took too long non. -- Did it picnic picnic. At the glory. I mean that's -- baseball it's you know. Any extreme to -- to get boring you're always you know three outs away from European oversaw. You know those -- -- for -- last night news. Because because verbally -- has kept plugging away and and go out there and -- -- -- -- -- -- those are those are tough ones to win in resort that we got. Where are you available last. Sure. I was I was around our local or what I don't know. -- -- -- You know we talked humans spring training up about the yet the culture -- the clubhouse and all the Red Sox meet this concerted effort in the offseason to bring in guys who were great teammates as -- as good ballplayers -- -- could possibly be. And frankly we talked you about this is spring training a lot of people rolled their -- and that it's fine to put good people in the clubhouse but -- of people who were were good ball players to win games. Forty and 25 you're on pace for like 99 wins even the most optimistic Red Sox player Ryan see this coming. Yeah probably and our team and we -- office from day one we were early ardent free trading and a and we feel very don't -- to -- to a -- -- really well on. You know we're scored tolerance. And order or consent. So we just want to keep going out there and you'll we're doing to win series that's the most foreign that you're gonna go to Watkins. Peaks and valleys throughout the year and we're up to a good start -- to get fit in and or if you go out there and and what this all Arden. And hopefully our goal but it it being get a chance when a series. Before you entered in the locker room out of Fort Myers the clubhouse for the first time. Did you ever heard of Daniel -- Yet. There are pretty a pretty big baseball and so of throw leak put them. You know it's it's really it's also for for naught without an element and don't have that opportunity. However I know you're story that's -- guys -- -- and get that chance. The that's what it takes in you know. Could easily -- then got that opportunity finally it never really stepped up to a but it -- -- -- on his door and you'll but it. Welcome to in this a -- braces -- use. You know this opportunity for him to get out there -- he's gotten -- -- -- -- that that's you know it shows you that sometimes you know. All the scouting in the world then and it'll measure tools and this guy's got that you can't get this. Our community can't measure our guys are we going to do try to get there and and see they're. You know ensure proper -- a really great guy and he's worked really hard -- he's he -- ultra. BI looking at numbers to share Ryan and and huge jump ball real -- strikeouts its way it's up for future highest I think for five years per nine innings it was home runs I think it's in Europe pace right now. -- -- -- have been this season any particular reason for either one of those. Like it's that sometimes things come in bunches you know I don't think industry co conspirator circa we give me your post on this thing you know. Restrictions you go through were. -- Garrett C extremists a lot some -- -- -- some. Out of Sweden missed a lot of also -- -- -- over the that's a lot so. Try to cut those down but at the same time. -- Solo home runs donors via. You know when it. We have an offense like this this score a lot of runs need to speak -- I mean -- after guys you see here is were awarded by a lot of soccer market but he people on. Those those are gonna happen you know obviously wanted to give a -- you what you have also been in the ballpark. I'm an -- -- more committed just couldn't either. We're -- -- Ryan Dempster Red Sox starter are you the number two Canadian born MLB strikeout leader. -- And so how far behind you know how far behind. A Ferguson Jenkins are you. Let alone but only a long way. You know it all its debt though our soldiers -- that I won't be -- You know what for did maker he had his. This pretty meeting and but it just it just be mentioned in that same breath as it is. Pretty special and you know just truly humbled in the -- and fuels and number so. Well we're a long way to go and -- can just block island which is the most important number that's wins in -- trying to go after -- you're working your chances you. They tried and true theories about run support why it happens why doesn't have the last time I checked in this may have changed it's been a weaker tool goes incite checked of the starting changes dramatically it has -- -- honestly yes well over the week over the weekend it did but give any theories about the given -- run support during the course of the year or even a career. Are not necessarily mean. Know your your team look there yeah that's one thing and sometimes. I shortly. You'll see is an issue that -- the park -- You know I've pitched you know you know we don't score a lot of runs or biscuit kitchen -- score -- -- -- score a lot. We're eighteen to 25 guys we're trying to win that date it matter who's pitching. You know there's no bias -- I think sometimes if anything you know you'll see you were guided regular court -- guards tried to party score runs for these wanna cut. On you know but I think you know ultimately it is -- It's just -- -- warriors start lessons and Abigail pitches you. Right -- like you you might wanna write this down Ferguson Jenkins has 3192. Career strikeouts Europe's second place breathing down his neck with 2001. So you need 111191. To catcher Brian. And apple bought another ten years. -- You spent nine years in Chicago you spent a couple of months in Boston you gonna tell us that you're Bruins fan as you as the finals begin a unit. They get a lot of -- say -- room for the Boston Bruins. I'd split -- hockey. Looking forward -- to a great Stanley Cup two original six teams and they can't it wait. -- we get a chance Monday night to go to game three which should be really -- and you know I've -- watched -- and does little you know my black and white TV in my bedroom. My parents still maternity yup me put it -- all the bombers door. Rick while -- -- candidates -- -- charitable -- he's cute you know where's. I'm super excited for the city of -- perceived struggle. What do what -- cool statement. Graduate we will Maple Leafs fan and if so were you. Ready like jump out of window game seven. Now autonomy from the army -- were close. -- -- you don't -- for the Canucks obviously grew up outside of a commercial. You know and just stood just grow pot and then like a little balky power. Or sticker books -- You know just just always looked at amused as you know I was gave credence cutie too I appreciate -- Heatley capital -- Kind of guaranteeing their meal like that. You know artists to super excited when you think -- becoming an and look forward to. As as the Vancouver fan you you also think Longo sucks. A lot of people in Vancouver do. Yeah that. Yeah that's funny next year when he took pity you purposely try to -- -- consider -- Or it. Threat from -- under the bus that went between his legs and that it -- opt out so well -- about it via a look at these. Lease price statements hotel rooms -- can tell us wacky choices on the black. That's he's got a really good job there. You know you gotta remember they came within one goal winning the Stanley Cup -- if we heard. Sort of like look the other way it's article at a grateful years. Right Lackey choice on purpose -- you could tell us he's nobody else is listen. Yeah my -- was an error man that would screen you know what it would promote. What -- Those of you got it does. What that. Does a guy who -- you're kind of experience been in league as long as you have. Is that on orders from a manager pitching coach cars up to you when you get a guy. Today I I don't see never out of the managers of anything that someone I think. And I don't I don't think yesterday was on purpose although I didn't see so I don't know these guys. All I've I've -- guys back I think you know sometimes you know the wet field what that is great. That that's our late if you broke it sits on the black away that guy smoked it felt immediately over the plate and -- make -- mistake over the plate and you hated that church of course and take it it's deuce court will order of the but if I don't pitch well I wanna throw at you and you'd go -- -- -- drive it get away tells me that year. Your little cultural matters sometimes. You know put the ball inside just keep your plate back when you do that I'm gonna missile visits if somebody. You know at Harvard who has some real purpose. On the street sort I'm just for the purpose of not being afraid to miss it. Speaking of which if Walt said judge the mound would you ever taken on the challenge of would you have run the other way is not very fast anymore you could out Rodham. -- he wasn't in the -- now. What it means -- can you can see me out there it's actually has little chance to get the chance. Cut cut cut cut. It just glared idea -- that you knew was just went on in his -- I heard that I was just ready to -- get the next guy out so. That happens. That she beat them on purpose. -- is is Tampa's Hernandez obligated to -- somebody in your lineup tonight. Our our idea you think so you think it'll happen. I don't think so I think it will disclose internal another ball game mean you know whatever app you're always -- -- -- be -- this team. Because there's spikes or about 6 o'clock in case began serving game early puberty so dirty so. You know the citizens of a group of guys in and are we ready for whatever whatever comes up today. If they told you tonight or next start that you could no longer flooding your glove like that. With that screw you all up would you be able to find the plate if you couldn't do that. -- -- -- I would just popping up and -- instead of which he this. A -- got you got to back up plan if that it. So bad and the back up back up plan but I can't tell your problem because that would be too much scattered. How many years have you been doing the flutter in the little glove thing. It is late sixties and -- ordering. Any carpal stuff tunnel syndrome as a result of that wrist action. I think wherever you are sick of it and it didn't it now or so I was gonna say next time he pitched six season glove -- you know -- I don't have to be a baseball -- yeah yeah. I'm that I am -- late. To have some sort of like nervous too but still have them play every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are now -- too much respect -- for both teams to do there Ryan thanks for getting up early after a long long night down -- we appreciate the conversational talk did on the road. You gotta go how to get there are riding joy gave three if you get their 6177797937. Your phone call. There's a baseball player yet and I'm not too by not to doesn't mean if if I'm Ryan Dempster I thought this at the beginning of the year to -- his ass -- for a couple of -- got no support yeah. At a lowly IRA was picked him but to strike out strike out and was losing games I've -- -- could be like you -- you -- supplies -- -- he just takes it in -- in new. At the beginning turnaround typically he would give up seven or not seven give up for five runs and win -- he knew it would equal vote. That's why after fifteen years he was a 500 I think he was one game. Over 500 -- -- this year. Always 500 exactly up fifteen years in the league was 500 he knew it would even out ZIRA right now -- full force carriers for 34. So -- -- -- know where -- Demps is gonna and a -- knows so he doesn't let himself it. Caught up in the data de -- roller coaster. Minutia we will look take a break we come back we'll take some phone calls bill Kevin Jim and Michael talk with you it's it's our -- Kevin from Bristol, Rhode Island and buzzer beaters as well.

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