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Pete Prisco says Tim Tebow can't play

Jun 11, 2013|

The CBS Sports columnist joined the show to discuss Tebow's signing with the Patriots. Prisco said that Tebow "can't play" and that he has trouble learning NFL playbooks.

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Well -- -- all the time. James walker from espn.com. Calls it desperation. Michael Silver from Yahoo! calls that he challenged. And beat us go from CBS sports dot com our pal Pete says. It is arrogance on full display Pete joins us on the AT&T not like AT&T. Forgy LTE good morning mr. -- go -- Oreo. Where -- talked about the arrogance of Bill Belichick and the patriots organization bringing Tim Tebow into New England. Nobody else will take Indian because he's such a distraction he can't play a -- but -- showed them well and there's no distractions in our locker room we have all these starters we are still -- checked nobody could have had any impact from what we -- we -- a lot of work quite well. -- he's a good football player. But isn't hurt but isn't that journalists certain extent in terms of controlling the circus the press conference with built up to 1045. The players walking off the field from the mini camp is at 1 o'clock my guess is this is popular in anyway shape or form resemble the New York Jets holding -- 9000 man march to -- to watch the quality of backup quarterback to a press conference beat. What what happened in New York -- about it. We're having to reach a press conference it's if people still vote. It was thought that they might. You know -- particular group cold we note that that's it. But that's our there's -- control your role in all of COLT -- under that can't be stopped. That people will be distraction no matter what they say what they try to. They tell us why you think Tebow is a dummy. Lot of talk to a lot of people we hear what without where's that plane -- -- the people that played with the and then I talked to a lot of people and just I think. I think there -- some money problems there so all the people in the organization just -- processed the information. You give them play on the sideline and process information he has the respect our north Quebec where respect but at the where the respect because he couldn't get the the place every government by the China got the play. It got the line of scrimmage already look back down at the -- then again he could he could remember what the plan was. He's just not very good at deciphering information and by the time it starts happening so fast that sort of -- you lose his. Focusing Buddhist perspective he has no idea so well all that's why I -- as well. You cannot. Not very good they're leading the sentence because he doesn't work very well well the problem with that. He as so you're basing this on his -- Bork in Denver I assume correct 'cause he didn't get a chance in new York and he was pretty good in college so. We talk about his Denver years. What people what your organization thought he couldn't decide manipulation practices. I mean that's not exactly the most complex thing in the world when you're working as a practice stroke either so -- that it does it in all body of work in technical -- -- -- -- they valor you know and I are starting in close -- come school what I want to come out of school. -- -- -- a lot of big numbers by George double ethnic groups reading in the -- I think he really wasn't forced to read the defects downfield so at all often and there's obviously an issue there. OP you're right -- Repeat -- right at that than Tebow call start calling for him to replace Brady yeah you're right that clearly separately right you do not -- single person thinks that that's gonna happen right. Oh there will be it would let mark my words there will be some people on that Internet -- that will -- -- -- this 1% certain executive -- we're all our. There're people in Denver still think he's playing quarterback to take advantage of it yeah. There you know people who you know who they wouldn't let you think -- you think -- yet but -- -- -- get a distraction doing what Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow. So where's it distracted he got he walked me through -- the distractions for this team. How is Tebow presented to me what's going to -- -- -- But no I'm with -- that some of the -- The distractions crap -- -- -- -- -- -- million dollars each he would all the doctor what is your. You have fourteen felons on the team in the not jump the -- and your change you with that too so I'm with you on the destructive devices that. It's not worth the aggravation. It would -- worth of value in bringing you hit somebody explain that can be understood and I and I wrote all that you saw Ali is back -- -- really. Yet no such as what -- we don't know we can run route you never caught the ball before. Where's the -- if he's so worthless why do you think Belichick and even you and I you know like bill but you have to admit he's a bright coach even you would have. Are let go and football coach and we got to -- some of the -- -- but I I respect bill provocatively is that you might be the best ever. And and so yeah -- perspective from that quote the where's this where blasting -- -- could bring their previous circuit for two weeks three weeks and find out what he has made -- -- But doesn't already know what it is I mean it's. Ask you this do you think there's any element whether 1% 2% 3%. A favored Urban Meyer a favored to Tebow because he likes -- kid -- -- to Michael Silver Yahoo! who said he hates him table and will never bring him in we will bill hates the word -- as when Tom Jackson said they hate their coach and as a shoveled up -- knows. All in my -- up. All of what why not what's the point if you look like if he -- what it would be. Really get a much after the Illinois keep them anyway you got quarterback can't quite -- gently pull back either and by the way what -- -- Protectors person in the last year either. Would he serve any value as a scout team quarterback on a week that they're preparing for a mobile quarterback it's gonna run. A little bit. Nobody in the -- out now while. Not at the lottery can -- local people but you know he's a lottery because every second of Azeri authorities street. I can prepare you for college Burnett technical Perry and Russell Wilson and in the guidance Philly now. So let's use our imagination where it if if any place does Bill Belichick C. Some some football upside where this guy helps the team in some former fashion -- -- I don't I don't know I don't know where there and you know people say fourth and short -- third short. Great quarterbacks or -- corporate and in the league -- to -- -- to want to take tomorrow. If -- do you imagine -- if you lie on your outside. That's not happening. It is nowhere he can't play -- -- -- -- -- -- of what what what what what what he needed football player was threatening that'll get. Our daughter's there what does that mean we're equipped for what can do. Did you think you think. Josh McDaniels was out of his mind when he took them in the first round. The -- policy that would -- justice in this fire that it just wasn't happy about it but it is there. The horrible why you -- You keep you keep referring to a circus that I don't see Ellis again be a circus environment with this team would this coach for this organization it's not gonna be assert a fireman for couple way to Tivo lawyers just not. You what today. There's already gotten -- get up there from from all. Yeah no it. Right but the last dollar check something you'll say nothing less Tebow something you'll say nothing in the go home. Yeah but I think in the locker room he got as a swarm around. -- that third string quarterback can get a replacement -- they're like yeah if you walk out and telling I've been around vaccine and I was there for a lot of regain it it is no matter what a circus you know by the way. You know exactly gonna stand at a podium I know where it into the game on the third string quarterback and numbers -- -- ball. Because he never last year you look back everything never said -- -- the -- come back up. Or even in even people and every talked and we never except the fact never said anything I'll look I'm here on the back. Egypt beat number eight is big news about ending this great teammate not a great teammate. While he was eight in competing for the job -- New York. He was. You know what it plug in Denver and he really wasn't into it in New York after awhile. Well clearly should've been -- Denver Khamenei was more successful in Norton. Yes Nancy god given that but he if -- look let let display I would doubt that for. But in in May for about four days and talk a lot of people out there. Is it it's laughable they laughed. Do you believe. Ed werder reported that he was told he will be a quarterback that's and these can be kept at quarterback. Do you believe the patriots would make such -- they promise. Now as well adult. To keep what the quarterback yet not chipped. It. Out of the paradigm how the dynamic worked hitting Josh went to bill and sold him on this to bill. Just come up deciding himself and go and run it by Josh and say what do you think when can we -- we make anything out of the skit. Probably a little bit of both. You know people imagine that overcome our people while they have no impact on whatsoever. What kubert didn't make that up -- over but it could -- for a long hard he wouldn't go -- what. Hitters six source inside the the patriot bill that would make it up which is not the way he worked -- You'll probably said that the cast and and and other coaches don't -- -- people are almost afraid to talk about it in the bad way. It it would tell you that the people call it -- the main. Why can't it just like if the the ability to pick up. You know opposite of formations and play everything -- what -- somebody else they've been lighting a lot like Christmas tree and I don't want -- -- -- set -- to get. These justify why why can't people what does anybody not very good at. At picking up what's happening on the football field not a right football player I've heard I think that word yesterday -- all patriots -- -- -- -- like. -- More I'm more hopeful for. It -- final question for me and this -- the question we've been asking all morning as sort of an overview of all this Tebow mania the last 34 years even back to Florida. Did you explain in detail Pete Crisco in full. What the fascination in this country is with. With Tim Tebow. Why is sports -- going wall to wall with a today. Why is he -- -- -- -- calling Stacey James says do we get a set down their for sports center when when threatened training camp opens -- -- three times the amount of media members be there today that would have 52 Tebow not their what's the fascination with people in this country. Well I mean they still live in the Mecca he's both in Jacksonville where he was born and raised there and play well on everything else. It is. Unlike anything I've ever seen but I don't think it had to do with a lot of those. I'll use as they say. He the leader he's a good guy he's a winner and Christian and I felt sick all that have a lot to do white people mania. Has become what it has become and then when people may you continue to grow. As media members. They feed off and where he'll be anybody we -- like extort them for RC yes we're stuck on yesterday -- just -- and and you know. Some of them were different angles and of course months bashing -- put. And at least he didn't want anybody so yeah and I want to -- some -- -- they can figure it says about make a lot of jokes about. Does his religion does is an apologetic. Christianity does that bother UP. Now I don't care you know that's the thing I'll hear about it people try to make the out of these anti Christian diary I have what Japanese food yet on the you know not that it's not like that. It's just who cares if the guys religious who cares if a guy goes home plate that it was -- -- -- while he shows up and worked so -- and I think that the the problem with people maybe they think it is personal it becomes something about it. Religion and him as a person has nothing to do with him as a person by the way nothing whatsoever for all valuation and -- -- Dino Dino kicks ass in naked -- to use these things like the the champ but this and are you stationed we have a -- like a contest a light heavyweights have been naked twister a good us. Oh wait yeah no I don't O'Donnell. I can't. You separate beat Briscoe from CBS sports dot com check it out online good reading -- good at doctor -- the time this morning. Our guys pick here is go to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE.

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