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Tim Tebow is a Patriot

Jun 11, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the news of Tim Tebow signing with the Patriots. Dino said that this is classic Belichick tweaking Yahoo's Mike Silver who wrote last month that Bill hated Tebow.

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By a bill is an awesome guy thank you bill three items we begin we have on this very rainy Tuesday morning -- one. That you may not know. One thing you need to know and one thing I think I know. Now the one thing you may not know and it may take us awhile to get by activists. The Red Sox blew leads of six nothing and 86 needed five hours and 24 minutes and fourteen innings to beat Tampa Bay 108 and by the way. There was almost a brawl -- backed about some. We'll get back almost as strong were almost the girl almost right because the collateral has a brawl. All the Red Sox players know lackeys had a good and they said I'm not -- for -- I'm gonna stand here and looked tough and will let this thing play -- put it was all like peaceful. Yeah that may be the case and we'll get back about as well number two the thing you need to know I have in my hot little hand here the mini camp scheduled for Tuesday June 11. 1015 media check in and press box opens 1045. Bill Belichick meets the media. To reveal absolutely nothing about his plans for Tim Tebow and at approximately. 1 PM practice -- and players will be available. -- the field and I say it's a 5050 shot that Tim Tebow is available at approximately 1 o'clock on the field. I was like at 1045. As he will not be would have officially signed stamped. So Belichick yes possible that I've bill passes this out whatever your reason Belichick will say nothing. About it nothing in the ask ask in the ask. Which I think you and I both agree is part of the reason he's here. Belichick has medicine were furious. Telecheck. Is port. On its OTA's rookie camp mandatory camp it's due. He's bored he sat there mcdaniels. Didn't like Tebow Belichick said. -- -- -- -- Good quarterback of course nobody got over it doesn't think he's a good quarterback he doesn't think -- ever be a viable and -- the quarterback Andy doesn't think. Is any better as the -- and then you know -- hands so he says you know what let's do let's let's. It is that he built the -- others Belichick at least circus. To challenge. Channel which takes me nicely to the third item which is one thing I think I know and it is simple as this I will be shocked to my core. If he makes this football team. ESPN's Ed Warner claims and by the way Michael Reese also quotes a source that isn't going to be as an H back it's not going to be -- a tight end it's not going to be as they punt protector. It's not going to be as any of those things it's going to be a quarterback that's the way to wanna use of put about this. If Tim Tebow can't play quarterback for the crappy New York Jets. Behind the even more crappy Mark Sanchez what chance does -- have a learning and being. And flourishing. In a system that is far more complex than the elementary passing game that is the New York Jets the answer is. Zero chance well he can be the third stringer and now you'd never know mercy of -- is gonna. -- whenever an active. Eighties when you'll be active on game day 46 to pocket while the third string quarterback is he's in uniform of the sideline post a third stringer for most team -- now and we did a bronze coughed up. One that we've -- -- metamorphosis took players stringers and yet. Is there me right. Third stringers particularly when they're behind Tom Brady who doesn't miss a lot of games are really significant here is Ed -- talk about his role on this team. Well I don't know whether he signed a multiyear contract I don't know what you know financial terms are. But I was specifically told that he is going to be a quarterback he is not going to be asked to change positions. The plate in the New England Patriots he'll be behind Tom Brady. Bryant Allen on the depth chart. He's spent a lot of time with a guy named Steve Clarkson this offseason working on his mechanics and this stuff you're still thinking about it like when tiger changes his swing. You're gonna put that kind of new swing plot to use the golf analogy into a guy's head and ask him to learn this offense and he remarkably. Inordinately short period of time it's not gonna work here's why I think this -- taken place number of reasons not -- to do a favor for Urban Meyer and -- table. To kind of re ignite his career and say well Bill Belichick -- we approves of that Tim Tebow he can't be that bad I also -- -- laugh at me about this. When the word hate. Comes up around Bill Belichick he reacts vehemently when Tom Jackson famously said they hate their coach we've never seen. Bill Belichick react so strongly Michael Silver in Yahoo! back on March ninth they believe a wireless may may and I. -- month ago month ago that that build double -- hates Tim Tebow as a player and I think maybe it's a 1% maybe it's 2% but I think he takes great joy. Thanks to Michael Silver knows no question is how much I hate -- -- umbrellas not that's not no question not releasing hates them. He said he's not going to New England yes he loves nothing more. Weakens too weak a word he likes likes nothing more than Shelvin and in the face that's right of arrogant NFL reporters who think they know -- Yahoo!'s Michael Silver respond -- we just talked about. Well it's tough to argue with a guy who's willing to sign a guy I can I can't. I can't go with the Belichick -- some it's a thin line between love and -- apparently but look. Don't object is obviously very very Smart person and if anybody can figure out ways to try to maximize Tim Tebow that a full potential at this point. I think it's them we've seen a lot of creativity with a tight end and with the evolution of that offense. So that hardball good I'm glad Tebow get another chip which those -- Point of the original column. -- glad he's getting close against duke -- -- -- sure he said Belichick hates shoving you know love shoving reporters based approved Iran's right. This Tebow thing is what you give me five other examples. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing does nothing do with on field stuff that's on fuel movies there's another spot. I might call us already know what is at anfield. We signed it's all right -- move. -- on he'll feel you can be serious -- what are you gonna play. You tell me it's not possible to be a special teams guy for -- call all our special teams that's exactly so. -- publish a great idea this would use them. In place of gras. Blocking on the end on extra points actually -- -- show that I would use that word effort to address -- aren't all of us that thought by Sergio Cabrera was Sergio Brown Sergio Brown well that's -- use -- But if it -- Tim Tebow was in the Heisman winner if you weren't the the the most famous infamous guy in the NFL right to bring him just because we can play yes. I would sign a guy in the off season is that they play so they are they guys offseason because they think he can play knows he can you like you can play. -- no idea the idea I -- like I wrote I know he's terrible quarterback you'll never plays snap the quarterback of the patriots ever that's not accurate at werder. There's more so he's here he's not here to be headquarters and ability. Sign guys for the reasons not Tim Tebow and outside Tim Tebow because they think he'd be a good putt. Do you think there's anybody. I'll I'll walk the streets and street free agent that would be better what you -- example. -- at the end on a field goal or an extra point and didn't well solid -- yes they're just excited anybody better running down the field that they can attack the Clinton people out on the street is appreciate I don't -- -- -- -- it does -- look at the athlete -- has occurred after I never did -- I've never been more sure everything in my life this is not a football -- We have no proof. I'm sorry what did you more sure some kind of moral short anything -- -- tired like Tyler I'm even more or shorten your bank blocked on the island at even more. Shortly when you signed a contract here yes even more shore when you agreed to bring Kirk on the show yes a preacher I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure I guess that caused the jump in depth and you -- I don't know I'd like to you as usual I'll play the moderate here please. The diplomat. He knows right it. If this were just some guy off the street it was a mediocre quarterback Matt is wrong it could Rahman and have heart and all -- good attitude and a good attitude. What you would give the time of day when Brigham and this Tim Tebow and posters generic. Lousy player crashed right with a bill I guess some potential to protect the quarterback play H. He wouldn't be here. It is not possible in this world Tim Tebow play some sort of role with Hernandez and gronkowski -- -- -- attest it's -- or did he wouldn't it is possible -- Eric. Who were Jim Jensen. Circuit night out at their headquarters said he wouldn't be here Edwards said you know it is doctors multi year content we all know it's gonna be one year contract with basically no guaranteed money. I mean to commute fourth year better like to bet he won't be on this roster opening day -- I think it's a pretty good a yes no I'm a month -- that brought roster or third quarterback on the roster of third quarterback. It doesn't matter right right and he can still tweak the world it's not just tweaking that -- might just it's tweaking the New York Jets. It's the world I mean it's bill Belichick's and you idiots don't. Coach I cannot nobody else can you show yet and and and I'll give credit. Well he -- whatever the demand which is arguably his Bill Belichick Brent but this is. A move us out of boredom although it is it that is just saying you know. It's too you know let's let's -- -- its Josh McDaniels is tweeted get a puppy -- materials like community is committed -- and please please please. Please get a pop I swear Arctic air mile train them I'll take a not applicable -- I won't outplayed us. And he says. Election do that sun. One mess on the rug and he's got a I believe it I would say oh to exit dump on the rug. He's. Got to get on the -- well listen I think they do that and run I think he's an honest -- and nervous. I think there's a better chance that he goes through this mini camp and is gone. And he'll last through the off season gets to training camp and makes the opening day roster I don't because they know we can do exactly what he can do so you think he brought it meant just for fun for training camps here they think this is this -- such a controlled environment and they can control this this the media circus I'm pretty sure a couple of media people gonna show up on -- 1045. Does that -- thirty. And -- can control this for three or four days and bill can get his little bounce out of this right you can quicksilver can -- the world he can say look at me on the one -- of -- 32 NFL coaches who can handle the Tim Tebow circus that won't be a circus and can be -- I ask -- this in the by the way do tell a little favor and do Josh McDaniels a little -- -- first round draft -- wasn't as. It is a headline is there's just no good just open your favorite numbering a giant for three days in training camp and -- that'll be built great does that well here's what -- if he picks it up on the rug is gone if he's good puppy. If he's good dog he goes outside because -- keep a woman and he sleeps in his little spot right east race. Right. It's possible. I possibly you -- check is ridiculous though there's Edward god bless him he got the scoop it looks Smart. Mike -- looks stupid right. Various contention that he's been promised he's a quarterback is lucrative capsule -- telecheck. Slash Josh McDaniels -- if -- only to corporate we missed the -- was a serious football writers reporters have been talking about. Can't arena league -- -- coaching go to coach somewhere selling shoes of Florsheim. -- fox sports is a college football analyst. A team might go to TV you know fallen. So whoever's footsteps with the handsome guy Jesse Palmer being -- ports up and keep it wasn't go. He was gonna go to Philippines in certain -- orphans I mean he was not circuit does broke. Orphans in the fox or area as it will go circumcised. Today today cracked yet if they needed. Adventure god bless me that that's a thing he is we all agree I mean you're a cynic your godless Heath and I do agree that. His heart is in the right after that playoff game at fox for a few years ago I went downstairs after block by unity but the players they go down by the field there were a bunch of its 3040 kids went to -- Tebow Tebow was in middle of you know cameras. Laughing joking signing stuff he circumcised and you -- -- you just gotta give and giveaways one start while Boston but he seemed Italy's -- just awesome you've read about Tebow and you get that little tingles -- spot that the girl -- -- prominent cancer took prompt. He just say hi he got dressed up the picked erupt went to the prom dance -- -- all night. A -- -- that's affiliate your apartment you utilization while you see them Dario spoke. Is the real thing and it's going to be a pleasure to watch him he's not as much of the Euro as. Jason Collins but he is a hero -- we're in -- anyway that at that at one time. Consecutively. He is the worst that there is in the NFL and that the best players in effect and anyone with any kind of heart is rooting for -- Why can't be total cynic like like like -- Just dump on the guy for being you guys -- crap. I'm that you he'll dump him -- -- -- the field that was sermons in the church but it's silly but I have no problem and I applaud his right to do it set the blocked. But there's no way back to the point that -- tournament there's no way in hell Belichick. Or just routine or anybody. Any NFL coach is gonna bring -- -- we promise. Your quarterback any NFL scout would tell you that the patriots passing. Offense under Tom Brady is as layered and as deep and in fact revealed to us after I think -- Cameron and his rookie year. That that while they're doing well keep in mind they only know the first playbook as well in the first playbook is that will there be three. We've scratched the surface of number two. So this is this is probably. 75%. More difficult to understand in the elementary jets' passing game right which Tebow never got and by the way I don't know about Tebow -- -- -- and well les that probably that he never got the jets' passing game the whole the and I did you not -- forget I have -- -- on the -- of stuff -- -- somebody talked to a number of coaches that said you can -- it's the it's the unspoken this unspoken truth that most people think he does not have a guy -- -- as Pete Rezko. That's his crusade of the to advance the the rap on Tebow that is a dummy and he's right that saying that and I don't believe I don't believe that he. Couldn't figure out the you know offense he can't run well he can't get rid of the ball quickly. He doesn't want to take a risk control pick as we saw when he play and then -- throat and rose up because he doesn't didn't wanna have that interception he's not. Going to be good NFL quarterback ever and good NFL passer ever which brings into question why he's here. I mean there's a lot of roles -- in the the read option is trendy right right so you have a good read option practice quarterback -- a good read -- scout -- -- there's a job for him and I don't know how many lefty quarterbacks are gonna play a particular good left handed scout team quarterback what you and that Frisco and James walker these other guys are -- -- to James walker too is that is that that. But he saying you know just about Egypt to be nuts to take him Brady off the field to mr. Tebow what will not least pockets never ever ever gonna happen this ever talk about the -- we know Crisco and we have -- succumbed to get a feel like. Yeah he's good crazy we -- we know we know Crisco. But James walker whoever he is is going to solve patriot nation even more the press go yeah he says. The signing of Tim Tebow off the scrappy isn't the answer to new England's offensive woes. If anything it shows an unexpected sign of desperation. For New England offense searching for answers. System put it bluntly New England is not good enough to win the Super Bowl. And he points out that this is a sign that it's all over for Bill Belichick and Brady knowing. -- this innocence he says this is yet another sign that new England's run of Super Bowl appearances and NFL dominance is coming to and that's fine if you believe that. How is this a sign of that is starting quarterback yeah. -- -- Brady is he replacing Wes Welker. Is this you know starting like slot and I are wider. How does that excite you you don't have to like Belichick and a lot of guys don't Tebow at a lot of guys don't -- a lot of Doug godless he'd been in the media like manhandled present Tebow he's the sight of them not accurate but publicists crime that it's all over. Can you explain stuff to do with it and and where the -- -- woes another. Just a good point scored quite such -- how many NFL teams would like. The patriots offensive will -- -- -- -- laughable they're starting receivers and Wes Welker in nine and Brandon -- -- -- -- -- is that five's Amalia Hernandez is coming off shoulder surgery -- -- three saying -- up awfully good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If this column he just hates the papers he's opened this is. The beginning of the end of August which is fun but now it's how was how do you the signing of a third string quarterback Cory -- back -- punt protector. How does that I was -- a -- it's all over -- And the headlines in the content are all over the place as you said James walker says headlines with Tim Tebow patriot show desperation. Eight Crisco senior NFL columnist for CBS sports. Patriots arrogance on full display with him -- Islamic nation as this -- Tim Tebow are -- -- the patriots put the quarterback -- a perfect position Michael -- says no big top. Ian Foxborough let's go to break but I think one of the silliest thing I've read all asked people about the city 45 about halfway through his -- he says the ball. I go back to my first two points -- a check and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer are good friends Ebola like -- -- enough said there. As for the patriots arrogance this reeks of it. They'll show other teams again that distractions don't matter into England Tebow maybe a cult figure but it won't be an issue in their locker -- -- -- up to this point and Benny says the following. But that -- long before the evil cult starts calling for him to replace Brady. Don't laugh it's coming I'll go Tim Tebow isn't calling for Tim Tebow replaced Tom Brady. I said this until the top of an interception and people -- chanting Tebow people -- the -- -- when he -- on the market. Last year said this over and over again in the places that made the most sense -- Green Day. New England Orleans the Orleans you know places quarterback that had great starting quarterbacks -- you just remove that element that there is no QB controversy. There's no pressure. On the starter. That was the biggest mistake the jets -- it was bringing him in there and put the pressure on the quarterback who can handle right you know creating a quarterback controversy he's not good enough to be in the discussion with any decent starting quarterback in the NFL thought it was a light a fire -- Sanchez and it backfired it got worse it got worse worse bad coaching you know bad media environment for him everything about it was wrong. Including the fact that gives them not to get objectives that have to do that right here you have a guy who controls the media you have a quarterback that absolutely does not feel any threat at all. Some other -- another guy. Wrote this morning -- to. That this was gonna (%expletive) off Tom Brady. How how is. How's Brady Wes Welker leaving just off -- -- that it may be true right about how does Tebow as a third -- liberal agrees he's nice -- actual fact I think. Already that's like the fact that today when he walks off the field nobody will be chasing him and I'll be facing her -- I think he likes the fact -- -- 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. We got a lot of show for you today. Stephen A Smith to -- absolutely ballistic. Ochocinco. Double play that for you and double talk to Stephen A Smith live at 725. Ryan Dempster league in the Red Sox starting pitching in back all the pitchers in strike -- joins us in the 9 o'clock I'll be in the game last may he did not I don't think -- -- -- only -- fell asleep before the fourteenth inning. And home Roscoe joins us at 845. Will also here from Damien Woody Herman Edwards Heath Evans and Darren Sharper are arguing about. Tim Tebow and Brian Billick as well your phone calls next 61777979237.

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