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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 06/07/13

Jun 7, 2013|

Pittsburgh: We will end you!

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And you won't -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. Which -- colleague. Dial 6177793535. Nice city and now Mike. Like the Colombian if maybe. We've solved in the hotly. -- guess serve. Like Debra you by AT&T. Available on your iPhone WEEI live out for your iPhone or android device brought you by ADT official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Most four G coverage in New England get a lot of answer the question questions coming in -- That's 379837. Or the ATQ. Hash tag on Twitter anywhere we have today's air -- provided us with the song they haven't heard you guys. Signal. These things up on the in my. We know scared of Crosby's line they want to exploit those -- Joe's line. I have to -- although -- thought it bitterly cold and in -- crime because it done pretty good fight. Puppet and so -- denying that they had to build their -- want to -- creep -- out and we give that -- funny. The second time they're not saying it's possible. Okay. This morning when I first heard that I was -- And I'm saying that have been and equals. You won't. A ring at all. But. I was -- -- irony I'll bet they grow on its so funny because it's -- and expect a OK then -- and buys a cricket Iraq's third person action from the difference. -- -- -- silky yeah were you taking notes and -- talking about 1979. This morning. I'm 97 uniter who used to learn anything Norman -- you know who was talking about Serena Ocala had problems. Forget 1979. About 2013. If you get nineteen kids to act on -- -- forgot to gifts on Christmas. Trees on. Like Mike Adams says the site. -- panic about but I'd be able. They thought they do wah wah. -- all now about outlook spotted no hard you know we had a triple double there. It doesn't report we have sought from the on the flasher winners and they held LeBron eighteen points out of triple double. Like eighteen rebounds. Eighteen points eighteen rebounds to assist those holding him to eighteen points is something right he had. Eighteen rebounds in tennis this -- a triple double. But if there was a series. Got a question for about the next Celtics coach yet -- human -- -- Pop pop pop. -- What more what weren't you. A human and it still. Hey that this does the Barbie. Bush is great -- -- hit but give it up stop that draft -- said he didn't break any record. Under pressure -- report that gray Powell will always be connected to Bobby Valentine. -- I'm outgrow it failed through improved but I wish one day somebody to walk up -- -- that we expect to -- office space. Got back got the -- And really if your -- I can you feel like. Her favorite in the -- the team Darfur he said he was the Bruins fan at the beginning of the statements are OK but he likes he likes hockey he likes hockey more than me like that's always part of Canadian hockey fan you liking it instigate a right to your team he likes that the Boston Bruins. More than he likes -- -- -- -- Got her book my ovaries from Pacman. Didn't. -- see it look at them now. Around Washington moment I hope to be having Howard Dean tonight during these games and decent effort possible I don't feel like he would you truly commit to guys didn't do what you gotta you gotta go totally go away you get up around fast. It only had 102 if you're gonna truly go Howard. -- know I apologize. About the congress. I get. You prefer. Clark dot -- And doesn't. Yeah we're good critical is that what I equipment at a -- you know no matter -- -- -- stock car business. We're on the side of the order. -- have thought -- -- -- Right now get your lives. If something that this trip through I was Lothian do we know he is the Latvian. Sounds slot him. I was excited for this series because I'd never seen Sidney Crosby play I still haven't. Us I'll bet not read. Keep working on it you have some better stuff tonight I think that salzman song was better than some of these jokes are going to be honest good source osment Jason -- I -- -- -- balloons. Osment was armed with -- -- It's not as possible. Well what can write good good that we had walked straight told me about what do ravaged capital. Now. And the message. Howard Franklin knows Yankee fan -- different. Hey guys yeah Morgan Freeman declined pretty sky box that's been my game. Yes -- -- you know wanna let it one persevered. Which side the Atlantic. Act act. There. Or -- you -- I didn't even like his own joke I thought that was the best nor does his job like that. It's a technical difficulties like there. -- -- don't know and like united states -- war. -- -- that prevent the benefits paid by. But as well I don't want. And there's no way there's no -- there's not a place in the country don't care if the population is above 1000. Population about 1000 and Mikey to back the openness they are good looking women. Everywhere. In the United States of America everywhere. Even made. Even Maine yes. It was great to hear. I applaud the quick if you want to about what that is the place they. Of course that the World Cup program celebrating. That'll be truthful because. -- -- -- And the message. Get on that he can make that audio video is Corey if you haven't seen the video is it that FaceBook is like WEEI of of little -- Maloney. Aged and that -- good jolly a single and turning it into a home run they really get a good job -- now that the production. And -- -- you look like a Major League lawyers and it was one ends and he said 19801981. Very funny it is funny stuff. I don't know why exactly it was Bob they do work but it doesn't do -- lot -- About -- it. Wanted to ask the wives -- -- -- why. -- -- -- some of that -- -- what essentially because of upon without cool whip cool quit quit don't you mean cool whip. Still cool whip cool -- to quit cool whip complete and -- message. And you loved it so what does -- does Hillary get any of that a real thing. Their wheelchair. -- wheelchair he. Can we play and we finished off tonight we play we played Jack's -- to the hooters or more times we posture our Mikey did you hear that early. This is right if -- -- tonight relate to I thought you might do all right that is that is Mike -- brought to -- AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins closed. Four G coverage in the New England let's answer the question. It's time or answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. It out and brought you by heiress restoration specialist security property your facilities manager or insurance pro. Call they are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place that -- 774611111. Or go to AA -- serve dot com -- -- what's going on them first. Foremost the the great news last night of course came from Miami -- losing was Greg was -- it was awesome -- the field right. The red shirt and light is David Ortiz hit and they walked off with pre registered a Chapter Eleven times before you know more performance sorties that this is this is being -- it was pretty righteousness is this is big and the officials got a ride on that go to Parker shot they got it right in the whole game. We waving widely read why do you hate the heat more on what's yours well let's just LeBron well yes -- whole -- will result pieced together you know. It's definitely a Miami as a place. -- Number I'm not really you know senate Democrats -- -- for a few days now is mostly a -- -- -- restraint in Miami refuted. Reports. A judge everything by Alan QB stranded there right now. It's the only guy -- or answer the question Mikey -- -- -- it ever -- a report in the studio liked what's the code and as the big defender WE yeah rusty GIS he used to be. Kind of once he resides got a tilt it machine. Once had once so bad weeks melted. Through the class now earlier John Elway -- analyst yeah no way to AM I was doing his post game show possible they were dying in the room I'm like what capacity. Eighteenth with the novels there's now asserting that old. Wade that is. That is no way he -- -- -- friend -- group received the work here is Griffith yes I don't buy it. That's a surprise to the -- oh okay. They all the water goes through a membranes recycle. The most it's the most XP you're telling me the files both data through the talent to me -- knows -- how it happened. Sure he walked in there and a sneaky he do the bubble -- he's the only two years ago. So explode and there there is no code no co parent happens all the time the next question for a while no -- -- It's the question at what -- that unacceptable forgot to Wear it backwards baseball when he nine. How does that work habits well guess what he's not with the SEC. East it depends on what you do. Twenty after doing what you're doing your person and what you're doing something -- term program that it where they look in his underwear that look at a look. My goal earlier nickel 26. Yeah it's like a few years at a college. Industry isolated its people whether it backwards. It at work. -- regards as a looked at nine but the pictures there where crooked. And weird next question. There love about the multi million -- trying to set themselves okay. Alvarez. If -- the guy that Fernando Rodney definitely I think -- just got this thing that is the thing. Jerks can Crosby described realize that you cannot grow beard. It seems that. And received his whole face lips and bad mustache right now look at our original here's David Crosby looked better. Here's the one thing about his -- -- Crosby your column pretty -- you know now inoperative then what are your pretty pretty pretty you know we call the pretty -- but he -- -- the equivalent. Next question guys how did you meet your wives. At a bar at a bar she's working you picture of Michael -- your. House. So you have all your wife is working at a bar yet -- a bartender waitress able widgets yes there again you know and you came in or bar yet. And you managed be very friend go home they're -- it well and that map that. One I had to work in the slow long process on this thing but you know within four -- -- was he buried up to within four model -- courtship from IKEA. -- alcohol. Playing her cell -- They do -- -- answers yes see didn't come to the glass he came to the drop ceiling -- that two rooms are connected by approximately looking up. There it is all. We've. Far struggled down heat rise -- is or isn't. When evidence it's so intense. Feeling about it start to drift back what went out -- -- -- yeah it got patted. I got a hybrid there covered. -- still get an answer question hunters -- went to college of my life we did not -- college and then the night the patriots won their first Super Bowl February. Third 2002. Right we were both very very drunk aunts and -- later another place in Westwood. And California there is no way he -- -- Started making a drunken stupor to explore his wife's name is not going to always welcomes New Year's Eve party. Similar for the New Year's Eve party do you deny -- On the cheek. And can I -- -- better better on the 1030 and thirty and 35. Now is trying to hang around for that gets a little. But I thought it was ambiguous enough with -- -- to -- to get a little little help. Give me the rest stories but it is fifty at the I was right so why were you intrigued by just having a little bit like you want more -- -- intrigued by more than the kids whose entry. Next question. Apparently it's diffusion not as most of the difference. Well if you can look at look at up and I don't listen well -- you feel self consciously to capture off of the beach element. There's -- nipple horseshoes and next question. -- change everything. -- Provincetown. -- ball here. Vanity goes. Jerks any chance the Celtics Becky run the brawn in December 2014 explores questions that are right there whereas luck yet uncalled for a -- home run in slow pitch softball. My -- the other night and pulled them mainly for one measly. A little bit. -- actually hit the ball out of power to you today restoring your -- the big -- is you did you Riley you're not to view due to drink apps that. Don't drink it's probably too serious American electorate what you gotta say look at yourself. Medium pimping that just went off. Our moral and no fat that I am I yet especially that the image you're you know our rivalries in the softball -- that your biggest rival and better all the right attempted time I don't -- time -- -- -- -- right now they are -- men softball they can run backwards -- everyone -- Let's turn things over to Mikey -- coming up here -- justice four big hours Mike down. Yeah well. Hours in the rain out theater baby love to hear it no games tonight for the Red Sox -- double -- tomorrow if you're watching on Sunday I hope you'll tune in during the middle innings 45645. NCA -- and Jim Rice. Dawn hours they'll be the third man in the -- Gonzalez becoming a smell a bit coming from and try to be nice trying to. Just try to be -- a little nervous about it try to be nice to do I'll do my best. I promise I'll do my best to try to be night he related Time Warner's and -- not related to Tom Warner. I'd -- I'd make a joke but I still actually wanna be invited to plug that it's a so Mike Adams coming up next we'll be back Monday hopefully talking about the broom and sweep by then we will leave you with Jack Edwards beautiful homage. To the cougars in whispering in treatment. -- and violence he -- -- in Connecticut River valley I drone. That long not that hard I am serious but I ruled nonetheless. I would not be to want to -- my task. Park ahead Yonder and -- -- -- actions and was that just Julio. Paradise. Nestled in the warm plausible Bruins fans. The room sobbing with excitement was Ecstasy to be surrounded by the beauty the rule book. The delicious and swiftness of new violence. -- This year's of the influence of these moments in these magnificent. Round -- live in memory everlasting. Peace. She godless bursting with -- sucked into the center of Mike and asthma oracle memory. It was not just an hour salt and volume locations sponsored by by. These are scenes that in the waning moments of my existence. -- flesh out flash before my eyes. -- Now. And forums.

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