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Mark Madden of WXDX on the underachieving Penguins

Jun 7, 2013|

Mark joined the show and defended his thoughts on Rask's goaltending ability. Mark said that if the Penguins win tonight the series is definitely going to six games but he does not see it getting past that point.

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It is the fourth and final follower of the fifth and final day that -- -- laminate a rainy Friday anticipating game four at the garden tonight without question the second most demanded. Guest in the history Dennis and Callahan mark Madden joins us on the Yahoo!. Why -- number one mr. skin. Our good call yeah but how about yourself. I know you go to our morning show you act he is excellent and Julia doesn't computer it's all his head mark. Yeah that's a little right now we're at that way -- I want it to any heated Beverly rated enemy yet. Just a little bit ahead of human right record tied at second place with the oil can Boyd yeah yeah you should get along. So now do we have to wait for four -- to win the fourth game because -- to -- -- the last time we spoke but the fact of the matter is to look at is allowed two goals in 215 minutes of -- Still mediocre. Well. Argue that trouble went in the fourth game and -- -- rather reserve judgment he's played very well the goalposts have done very well so. But -- this -- this -- -- -- change. And the club called Julian has gone on coaching and Bob. Bob did better job in the third game. But he waited -- 120 minute to make adjustments he should have been make it after forty -- called bullying has been one step ahead all the time. He called an excellent series. I've got to the lineup change act and -- up important parent back in the parent has played. Very well go to guys I get primary credit to the public just not added into the David great -- he plays such a quiet game. But I mean -- -- We know what he's opened a split second epidemic in the and that he's just amazing. It's the same way Bergeron plays and I think he's played a role in Crosby's disappearance went to a great. I'm Crosby by the federal -- -- disappearance. I think it up. I gotta be honest the penguins as a team. I've not handled adversity well which is -- disturbing pattern. In the black or white copiers. IPod that these -- quite a bit better for the penguins in game three. But still -- bought there's no moral victories. And quite remarkable what I have no points between them earn a combined might as well then. Like Mario LeMieux or used to say what you make the most money you've got to do -- vote of -- god make the most money. Does miles but need to win this game tonight to save his job and if he doesn't win this game. Is it -- to lose in game five would he keep his job. Well I don't know what their standards and as I would not bring them back but I and that the that it is not a -- -- had -- a good job. -- this group put talent. To put together a playoff record -- hat since 2009. It's very disturbing. As I've written several my blogs and columns which might be able that there can check out at WXX dot com. Beat the penguins are -- a long day. -- government play at the moment known. And how big believer in tension within the context to the locker room at a coaching pop band. This tension productive resell. It could handle market attention. Off the ice. You can handle bigger picture on the ice. It clearly in this series in the first two games. The plan would have proven themselves incapable. Of handling major attention on the -- I don't think clown doesn't quite have stop like that I mean the pressure to produce. What the money on the table -- system here a while now they've been dot -- games to not in a playoff series. I'm not David he would -- -- bulked. Should never lose a playoff series I am saying they should never ever be done three games to -- and it happened quite a while now. What's it like it Pittsburgh -- like right now mark or who they blame and whose fault is it or do they just wanna kill. Brad marsh and. Mark had a pretty good player I think everybody here which we. You know against the penguins in the senate and credit for a clearly -- Market and to start the -- played the game winning goal. You're not gonna get that call in the neutral zone in overtime. East team that require played -- the media game with a fair deal. I'm just glad nobody dwelled on that because I am not either. I'm sure when you've been beaten -- Charlie over -- game that could be one individual scapegoat. Lot of talk about the spark operatives but let's not forget about -- fans are in any sitting up -- so. They got the guy's name. Number -- your back your old network and other Colombian security -- cut by the B nauseating. And you're somehow bring about an attachment to him. So that's part of -- I think they don't like our wide share of the blame. But they're rocketing the criticism I expected Bob get a lot of criticism but that's because. That would -- go to duplicate. There's no belief there though Marcus team can do what they -- he did three years ago right I mean everybody knows a series is over. What are the odds of that happening this same team in that tie break point. I could beat I would -- tonight. I couldn't -- the winning game five. It would donate part of the game six back bought that would you repeat by the way what happened. When the public fell behind three games to -- against Philadelphia last season but I think it's more likely -- tonight about what happened god I can be a lot -- by Tuesday. And what tonight is in my mind that I wouldn't you agree with me be an interesting study in human nature and by that mark Madden I mean this we find out we should find out how resolute all competitive how resistant to the embarrassment of being swept. The Pittsburgh Penguins as a personality. Happen to be. Why didn't get to two way street I think what it came up three games to -- -- repetitive that it realize. That the only reason given opponent with a chance. In tonight's game because I think there is the tendency for the Bruins realize I'm not predicting that it could happen and it had to depend -- the battle that much more out. To avoid humiliation. Percent of the game three with a very winnable game and at the time was when that it is hearing again. But here I think this entry it ought to buy including ten straight games at home and not in -- stashed in rather humiliating fashion. The guy from the media should. Tribune review did Asia and go back to back C thinks it can be a whole new penguins team Eddie Lewis guys that you may be seeing the last time tonight. Including Jerome again load Douglas Murray -- do we Brandon Morrow. Eight and that he says Marc-Andre -- Chris. And well absolutely Iginla and -- won't be back they -- want -- Murray they're just slow and disappointing. They can look and abused terribly by -- my. You know he has to play with Crosby it never happened. About city -- without enough to keep up -- -- about what looked like a key evidence of that out. You give up -- -- -- -- produce solid prospects. To make a 530 goal -- third line right wing that it's horrible. Horrible man management and for that alone I would consider getting rid of the involved but I think outside got called complete backed up. I don't make himself affordability gets a three year deal letting the ball would be in the general manager of court. Cripple tank I think they can only afford to keep either what or market. Under the cap. And Balkan brought himself to be a much better playoff performer Chris what time which at the -- what -- been very lab. At -- I mean. But while he power play guy you guidance in the evidence to that big campaign advancement. Seven billion a year and can't help but are you just can't do that that's bad money management appointment or goes. I think a part of the ways and a fresh start would be best for both parties. You talk -- -- they'd trade warrior by about maybe they buyout Paul. But why optometry degree mark has been -- superior military and the organizational presence back there who eat up a lot of minutes why would you adopt a guy who would have produced in the playoff. You concede the tanks talent and ability mean he's not getting that done but neither is Crosby and I don't think the gonna dump him. I mean you could see his talent he just. On opposite. Crosby and -- could have done well look for in the playoffs cripple tank has been a lot of all the time. Don't forget about it or not what -- -- wanna copy was in the our defense stand. So I'm part of my choosing between -- and what I do I want to see them get quick look -- no I do not. But come about the fighting it than it would between the total I think that could become pretty -- Is there a chance this deteriorates if the pens are down. A couple of goals in the third period and that on the road is it gonna get nasty do they don't have that in them. There's always that chance I don't think so well. Politics so I hope not I I -- -- a -- under any circumstance. I don't think so maybe -- local. It could -- at the -- -- -- -- -- because under suspension for his new team for next year. But -- he's got Matt -- MacBook. Is perceived by a lot of people and I thought it would it first -- have a good play out of these happen. Don't grip could -- the penalty kill. And he's been a good short tracker. To get durable in the light. Pocket any port on the top three lines he perceived to be having a good playoff ticket durable. What he's taken a lot of -- the -- what you well -- -- MacBook. I've got to say he won't help another came. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is miles to stick with the cone but no matter what happens tonight. I didn't go to Leo yeah I -- that -- I wanted to brought. Duration of the started game three I thought there -- the bigger upside. Before it could not possibly played that well what to watch welcome played poker with -- You chlorine is gone after this year regardless -- he'd be back next year. I think if they were planned on keeping him he would have got back in the net at some point although I thought it was a bit unfair that they -- start of the game three. Because he played so poorly in a relief for one game -- You know I -- -- that would apply. -- they -- got three. -- when he came in the Arctic wind I don't like you would do what I want him although the archrival advocate for -- want to creep. Give us some bad goals I thought I'll talk bad -- -- opportune time I'll say is a mediocre goalie. You know. I think he would now be really would rather have for next year Rask -- flurry. Who don't want this. We're raster raster flurry next year you're GA began either want your team come on mark they really -- -- in a -- ground -- I guess that's exact he's performance corrective. I can't believe people up there or -- you've got all the great unwashed out there who believe me every bit as ignorant the great -- on -- -- I can't believe they wanna hear -- -- so badly after the great goalie I can't believe I'm that important. Which just goes to show you the people who bought as well to be a bit -- in your intellectual Xavier. Legally the great. Quite well that ignited quite well why why need to validate that. Does not a validation of objective -- -- did you -- I think -- export -- -- -- you know I don't know what you got sick of the mad that board I think -- -- patrolled by anonymous morons. I'm here on the -- what did I conspired to corrupt. The play well. I guarantee you can correct that not even know who I am. I could walk after the fact that brought -- And you know it it that it stopped. What are you guys aren't. Those same people wouldn't -- I say or somebody says I think the broad sweeping all you just jinxed them now that's it they can't with the lights and you said they're gonna win. What you got you got a bit at that I think at the walk and I have maybe longer has -- I sixteen years he's ballpark. I have such market contempt for the audience. -- didn't report it would nicer to. Audible about that. But I think you know that football I don't know maybe that's gays are right so act so -- Bruins tonight game four final question. You know it's really point blip or because the ball back we talked about. If you may need that -- out of Portland. I -- that bit you know. Maybe what the -- what it. I assume that you agreed that would advocate actually witnessed here right OK I think the penguins moving forward. And making some of the opposite of I think they shorten. I think would be -- -- good piece slap. I think they're swept. The decision about the medical painfully obvious. I think if they win two games and by the way it went tonight do we -- -- I think they would lose this series in six games. That would enable management that they well you know with a break here and -- there let's face it appeared that not -- about breaks and bounces. It'll probably lied about being overwhelmed in the first two games because at no humility. And then the -- kind of get what you're not after that. He is the second most Amanda guest in our show's history W. Topic you know in stocks there's no I could not that you're -- I could -- okay but let's face it. OK if something bad could -- Unless Hillary has on our air and just just let. Lose a -- the Kennedys and admitted he was smoking dope at the time. And -- ugly dogs even racist that weight on the N word and it was it was a fascinating twenty minutes and I didn't -- what do we got here brought bet. No no no no -- still -- you're you're our guys so. -- I don't I don't already know. Mark Matt thanks -- -- all the budget cycle -- -- -- -- YouTube mark -- doesn't Alabama on the AT&T. Hotline eight ET -- GLT.

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