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Barry Pederson of NESN on game four tonight

Jun 7, 2013|

Barry joined the show to help preview game 4 tonight at the Garden. Barry told the guys that while the penguins showed heart in game three the series is over.

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Our conversation a Barry Petersen is brought to you by Cumberland farms Berry joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Four GLT good morning distributors an -- ago. I'm well guys I don't. I think it's going to be tough to Pittsburgh I think we kind of bounced back after that type of law to look at only a lot it was totally lose -- double overtime. I think it poured their most -- obviously played a lot better than they had the two previous games and only the broad has played as well as they did. In the two previous but I do think that second period was kind of the opportunity for Pittsburgh climb back in that series they had three straight power place. And were unsuccessful and for the Bruins to come out of there in that situation and you're kind of carried over into the overtimes. If you're either one of these locker rooms Barry and I know a lot more goes into it then motivating factors and psychology is goaltending it's breaks his power plays penalty kill all those kinds of things. But if it just comes down to one or two motivating factors what's -- bigger and bigger motivating factor for for a team. Winning in four and putting your feet up for a while waiting for her next opponent or not being humiliated. If you're in the penguins' dressing room and losing in four straight. Playing not being humiliated is going to be a much more driving force deployed they always say you'll be elimination game is always the most typical is that he doesn't want to lose. And the other side of his is that he that you -- has somebody down just human nature kind of let up a little bit but I'm hoping. From the -- stamp went with what they've been through a lot still a little while here is they've learned their lessons on many fronts. And her hopefully not let this team up because I've. I think the biggest surprise to me is not how well the Bruins are playing good I have time. Been around this team adopted Claude Julian -- system and -- all the good players they really have. But it's how poorly the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing and how artists think they are with their game and how they continue to sit in this. Game plan of for some reason they must've watched the Vancouver series of plot that result the Bruins don't. For the cowardly bit. Bicker over Iraq to work not to let that happen to us we're not going to be intimidated and they're just running around like chickens with their heads cut off physically and they're not making any place. While what do you think happens without Campbell we do know takes his spot and they do they still go to four lines are they had them get try to get more out of the top three. Yeah I'd -- I don't know what good do you haven't heard anything but what I would expect him to probably try to do is be moved. IA up to that third line with Kelly had Sagan. Probably bring in -- divisions or corroborate big -- was because they think the coach has more trusted him defensively. Any plays more fourth line type of role that -- -- need to move Petallides better. I think other coach trusts him their defensively and on -- thought -- takes an epic face up legally can trust him in his own and that of course which are important sort that he'll try and played that way it'll plug it more but three -- rotation but. You'll probably see this fourth let others -- a lot more than you did the last game after recipe was unfortunately out again. Campbell's replacement aside how significant is his lost in in the various phases of the game in which he excels. It's big it's big because you know we collect -- going into the playoffs. If you if you have a strength and would you rather have a power player penalty killing and by far away we -- the last two winners of the Stanley Cup abroad. And LA we remember how dreadful -- power plays work but. Their penalty killing and their goaltending were exceptional but it doesn't give an offensive team any life whatsoever so they're really gonna Miss America. They had missed about a character player he's one of those guys that they're like sharks forward in the director of the teammates just. Admire and respect what they do on a regular basis that's one -- of people just to remember him as a a great role players except for the Eagles they'll -- -- penalties. He does the little things that the coach really need that he could trust them to go up there at poppy scored against but it -- games throughout the regular season when it's 31 the Bruins are value. And you need. He needs some type of momentum change while he had shot or go out there and do what -- have to do to try to engage somebody a lot of times. We all know with QB he's gonna grab somebody bigger than him and he thinks what for the team and guys really appreciate. -- he worked hard I mean now everyone respects and admires him and knows what kind of player is but it was a report we had to work harder. And maybe do more the dirty work because of who we is because of who is father is argue that there was ever a point like that. Utterly I think here but I think he's well past that I you know I think you have to remember with him -- he was on a different team he'd probably be a third media in the second line center so -- He respects and understands his role. I think most importantly with that four line in the third line you have to have the coaches trust. Going into the series ago when it was popular vote -- -- -- apparently -- they needed more out of them. Now all the sudden it's quiet in line because it not been scored against from your third or fourth line the important thing is to go out there. Do what you have to do mitigated -- two lions a breeder but you'll not get scored against it and if you wanna get the -- Talk about real quick B minus player. Two players -- wanna talk about you the perfect got to ask about it talk about Bergeron and and preachy here. And they've both somehow played very very very important roles on this hockey team but somehow some way they do it and in a quiet way what it's a skill set to -- she has. There that makes him so effective beside the fact the -- the occasion in the postseason. Well I think both of them first of all do what all organizations and coaches and -- especially Claude that the demand which is they play very well away from the puck obviously. With Bergeron you're gonna have a silky winner. Last year he's gonna be right up there I would be surprised -- got to win it again this year cricket could be his defensive skill is extraordinarily underrated when he's playing his game. He's the type of -- because -- in their line right now it's like OK who's the best -- -- the other team we wanna play against them because they know they're playing a lot I want a lot of ice time well. But I wanna shut this slide down we wanna go out there we wanna be a difference maker. Its -- away from the pocket sets them up so well. And they play defensively without given -- the fact that -- you to -- he's the ice so well he has the ability to kind of slow the game down a little bit. He's got those Twin Towers. On either side of -- that are very physical but backed up the defense that creates some space format allowed to do his magic. And both of them like to pressure you concede they thrive on it they enjoy it and have fun. I don't think there would be a lot of debate that the best all around hockey player on this team -- Bergeron -- -- -- -- yeah -- -- OK so let me ask you this if if if you're if you're breaking down his game have been -- to ask -- this what does he not do well I know when he didn't -- here but if you can pick out one little chink in his -- -- that fight. Who -- can't fight. Well what does he not do as well he does all the other things. You know maybe just that those scoring I don't mean a lot of eighty -- schedule maybe just his offense a little bit in the gold -- that's really nitpicking to me right. It's called -- because he does the little things that you needed and to your earlier porch on the key that he doesn't -- quietly look at the leadership. And how these guys go about their business with Chara and Bergeron -- -- they're very humble very quiet guy you look at the trouble I think it. Pittsburgh did a lot of that started from game one led by you know -- captain Crosby with all the complaining and whining instead of you know -- you voted focusing on the things are gonna -- to win hockey games. Does files but live and die with bloke who no matter what happens tonight. Yeah I think so I think it off I think it also sends a message that Marc-Andre Fleury may not be -- disorganization yeah there was ever an opportunity to me. That you're gonna put him in it was going to be a lot gave him for them could not have that confidence in him I think that means. It has priced ticket you'll probably be gone sometime over the summer. And if this evolves into I don't know a 51 Bruin lead in the third business desist degenerate into chaos. I don't know about chaos but as we all know when when you get these situations there's some grudges and some players that -- wanna take advantage of some situations depending on past history and so forth as we all know that -- But he -- Could be but I think the referees will be on top of that as they usually are not allowed these types of things is to. Cast during get that situation this is the -- if you're abroad you have an opportunity especially -- up about to go out there and not give this Pittsburgh team any hope because. Even though they haven't played well we've also out -- you know it with each evolving period commode afterward that okay that's that this will be the period -- gonna get a goal and they haven't. And a lot of -- of course only -- draft but it's the bruins' attention to detail defensively I -- -- complete extraordinarily well last game. Crosby to me was not nearly as. As visible as he needs to be self opposite would happen. -- would you go Brad marsh and would be as good a player he didn't do. A little dirty things like stick in his leg out when -- skates by or whatever the slew footing and a little. -- things is that part of his game that we just have to accept. Yeah you want except some of the things the slew footing is one thing you can't accept -- -- talked about that I think he's done a better job at that. The other day with Kuhn its I didn't even though we stuck Lagos that only he knew that everybody knows that the -- was going fast enough. Like in the neutral zone where you're sticking your leg to get hurt. He's got to play on the edge that his personality. You create a little bit the -- to get him motivated. He gets other people offered their game. I think -- maybe the only. Negative part about it from his -- -- Adobe gets the respect around the league how good he actually has he has -- late great hockey player. With good speed he Bergeron playing all kinds of important situations -- the goal they scored. And his release would -- -- Utley has game in the early all the playoff when he was struggling obviously. Step -- would get him and he was so intensity was you elegant and so much pressure was not a that was -- because -- the puck exploding into. Almost seem like four pox but now all of a sudden he has his confidence back and he has great speed and has great vision and a great release. A lot of people believe if the penguins win this game four tonight and go back to Pittsburgh they will win game five and it will be a whole new ball game you buy into that theory -- Yeah I could see something like that happy if that was to occur but I guess that's what you're the broad you don't want to let that happen at but as we've seen him. -- around the playoffs for a long time is eliminating game elimination game is the most difficult to win for the reasons we mentioned earlier but if you were are. If you didn't win but I know I'd be surprised to see a game six now actually not. And -- that theory be part and parcel of what -- tells these guys of the nexus and -- before they take the ice tonight. -- -- -- -- to map I think I again with what the Bruins have experienced. Doesn't take much to go back to that Ronald is in big guys we know we were a complete control at 31. And then we were lucky game seven one of the greatest comebacks we -- know occurred. To get to that level -- we got an opportunity now let's take advantage of -- we have a good hockey club we don't want a wake up look at this as fast as we can't. Are you working poston and pre imposed. No I won't be about Billy and -- be doing a great job tonight and I should be exciting over -- which is up -- hockey during this conversation OK guys have a go what very. Peterson doesn't -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible conversation -- Barry Petersen is brought to you. Like Cumberland farms -- -- -- It. No that's it that's but it. Ago. Free ticket Friday yes that is be the might caller right now. At 67931. -- 9372. And a pair of tickets to see Boston take on Los Angeles at Fenway. Tonight WE got up three chances 32 in Boston baseball tickets every Friday all season long. 6179310937. Right now to win brought to you by town fair tire 99 restaurant and your FM home for Boston baseball Sports Radio. 93 point seven WEEI FM.

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