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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 06/06/13

Jun 6, 2013|

Sidney's got 99 problems.

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Do you want -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice sitting -- and now my job to wake up until Monday you know moderate basis maybe -- enough way to solve -- holly yeah. Am like up front you buy AT&T. WE five available on your iPhone or your android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider in the Boston Bruins at -- four G coverage in New England it's the question. Right after Mike -- there was true because of the sheer volume. Of people texting and try to -- the Bruins tickets please if you have a question turned to Twitter. I'm at salt WEEI he's Michael asked Paul -- read and better use the hash tag eighteen Q. Hash tag ATQ. Branch of the questions here questions that I got a group here they have mostly arts degree ATQ. Hash tag ETQ anyway we got that. -- different verdict read about being in the -- Genesis steroid scandals -- Dennis Becker was. Evidence it would exactly but it did anything that we. Their own language yes -- spending a lot of -- More like. And that message. Big X. Uses the HGH to stay young -- because I think it's the paradigm Jay and I am that just from our records. You know Walt Frazier Pete Hernandez is what I have actor Isaiah -- earlier this is a year compared with the other point. You'll -- should you stretch. Yes to her sister had. -- I got -- it would feel like better. Mortgage Greg Norman in the -- Which broke this story. Goal. And -- Or -- marquis -- things are telling Mike Adams and shells or go see. I like your friend during his -- in the team. Anybody else find it ironic that. The good work and I went that way today. And -- that man. Here. With. -- and in the crease heavily from Finland where it's been shaking pay -- since 1987. And two kilo. And -- penguins. There Kremlin. Didn't like near the north forest. They do enough time compared with the himself or they have no current. They have no -- wasn't prevalent and I've never heard of North -- playing when maybe that happened but Finland seems about as far away from the north pulled from the when the thing which as you could possibly get. Well he's the data from these negative -- -- so. Don't mess with -- aren't as little wherever it's -- could come penguins contribution matter. That the Bruins really have too many men and that's what it is just seen as painless as he. Yes. -- -- -- -- I was on my knees -- both hands over my face like a scared little girl for both overtime periods. Does that make me lesser of a man. Course -- you more of a man that's how you watch a game like that's kind of intensity overtime game double overtime but he -- -- Gasoline Bergeron scored I definitely pumped my fist. Hit my dog who woke up my very very pregnant girlfriend she was not. It's okay she wasn't happy but does -- put a ring on that I was not Alfredsson and -- -- sixty woke her up. She's probably serve throughout wears them. For some craving the right of the sudden craving a twelve 1215 pay my my wife fortunately she's pregnant not really have those crazy cravings or anything. Which one of the bigger ones -- -- can get is they have a craving for play. For clay like it doesn't it you're supposed to see your doctor if your wife. Ever at any point during her pregnancy -- made of -- over a called play once do you come away. What and it's like oh play yeah they like become consumed with the idea of eating -- -- enough iron in their diet or something in their brain tells them to eat clay. That's our disgust I never experienced record that your wife. -- -- -- did not go to recently -- talking about it is that you really wanted some -- you know what I read in the -- ice cream and pickles spicy food I have heard quite a bit today. By 00 -- probably more important it is. My own world yes why you picked the wrong. -- tap tap tap tap tap into the message. And do. -- you've got a body like that. What game last night I take it was very purple heart that Jack wanted to get that but I watch the game propaganda. And the concept of the jacket is great army ranger jacket is cool. Glad to Rask is a normal guy as close call -- normal. To -- after that game. I don't you happy that your team won the brother got to do to get that army Rangers jacket. -- -- do what I did that gave out -- had a great game. Had a brother get a jacket. -- took -- rest -- that jacket after that he just how the -- pretty recently advocated again. Can you get do you will be reaping jacket winner. Probably if it's a jacket who -- Once the -- -- I was gonna say what would you have given to Campbell he wasn't gonna Wear that jacket. Should there been something for him like a warrior mouse battle like that animal you have to start inventing things for everybody in the gains in Japanese that many heroes. I thought I would like what it's about. Was that -- -- -- -- will be good friend bill stated that and don't create an idiot. And -- being accurate it. There was virtually every major it combine it. Meter ran like -- dear that didn't sit upright running style and Hillary coming always cross in the old Detroit stadium. Or Gregory Campbell will miss the remainder of the -- after being diagnosed. You have to handle. You know why outbreak why -- get out example. Why hot. That was played very solid good thank Pat White baseball players -- at an act. And -- we hate baseball players but I was thinking about Jacoby and how it I just you know you feel bad for -- has barrel saying yesterday Michael you know this a legitimate injury. It's gonna keep them out for a little while the data is gonna play tonight. And then to unfairly be compared to victory camera and the heroism last night it's tough tough break for Ellsbury. Garbage got I'm -- What they want and -- message. Yeah hey I'd say it is owed -- at least. I have -- life. And message from this guy is gonna happen bears are. You know probably everywhere it goes into a -- begging you. Everywhere goes drew went to a break we'll break -- Not bad. About to redirect whatever that was early -- compared to rabbit showcase. I was trying to beat Giuliani smile I was trying to tell you -- -- -- -- -- or your teases Ali that you got to do if the united auto adult. But I thought you should you have a corner I was trying to -- its YouTube did I was trying to give it back to. And water and no hope no kidding. Those might -- -- by AT&T. -- wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. The most four G coverage in nearly. It's. Time for answer the question generic answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Basic. Campbell had Campbell crutches last. Auditing the count our Erskine. -- -- Has the right the right vibe for what he did last night at the question brought to buy heiress restoration specialists. If you are property or facilities manager or an insurance pro call heiress to injury having disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or a game -- Mike. Now. I think I've ever done has been that much opportunity treatment there was a great answer romance was -- Playoff hockey anyway I love it is just safer guy your age to watch a game like that. My age you know like -- Your brain is saying you know what to make sure your -- OK it was. Up. Until that don't backhand. In me that I feel you know I like you'll wanna make sure you know that's just -- -- confucius says my salt he still. Now young men think old men are fools capital then you know -- -- the Rodrigo. But definitely if you killed or use -- -- -- -- -- books students just. While. If I don't know in both of them yes you do. What's more likely for you guys finishing a bottle of wine or finishing a six pack of beer in one sitting alone. In suburban there. How does -- Or why I think alone in the year unit drinking a loan to keep you were you -- program bottled -- and you would expect -- which -- more likely for you see I can imagine sitting down at his drinking six Beers somebody I'm myself that's not something. -- a drink six Beers people summary I could see drinking -- -- all want us. What was going on -- your life history can bottle line -- so dinner. Under -- general -- -- -- it wants to bring it up next hour of video got to drink it up the bottle -- little -- triple. Jerks. Her -- after party you we've played amazing speed -- out all night you make steak and eggs in the morning or would you throw them -- God neither. -- it does or does it distract from laughing soaker in the morning if you -- it needs you like. It hasn't been doing this for long term and close -- bachelor for salon. If if -- cost in the morning there's like let's not elect over the morning at 7 o'clock o'clock. I don't register as a board at stake in the year you open here in our unit. More flies in the net flies coach -- -- next question -- who -- Equaled I don't even think about it is I don't even think I figure that's enough -- time. Jerks bloody sock or Campbell's performance last night. So a lot of stuff with meetings yet on what -- that man. Yeah I got to go to place off referred the entire situation. You need the decision to go do it Campbell just kind of reacted hockey player he's expected to be that class in the bloody sock situation. They were down in the theories nails yet -- have it -- they must win and workers to win. How far into game four -- cook realized that this team has done it's time for him to do something stupid to reject. Second minutes exactly he must now applicants last that was hilarious. When when -- was electrocuted Adam down. Cooked up on these guys -- just got -- Michael pop. I'd like that's rough around his neck that is one reason martian. -- there as moral discrete tall man. How does one know caller of the story out here are here it. So he'd give something away that something you do it was oh man or his wife is EU carbon as the daughter would be moral even more who's at ten and really. Wasn't as Eric Carmen was zero -- -- that. Art buyers Energy Department but -- Google if you Google that. -- government who will keep you carpet or shall shall see if he's Guy Carbonneau does that make her like girl moral. Only you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What aides. Is it just too much. For -- have appears at -- One as a woman as a man as a man -- woman there's no way to moment forever any. Repairs and -- that great -- that part of my point. For me personally -- the aged 35 -- -- appears to UD 35. But I but I will say. It depends on your professional. Musician. Sixty. It's different. The matter. You can put an -- Father's Day passes when you're sick when -- -- -- -- your radio host the united thirty I think like 2527. Even that seems a bit much of what I did not in likened. Actor or creative field like that are you not the creative field Mike -- Really you're not -- We show what are we can even do we show up when we talk about sports need to get more creative -- I was on my brother and created some really good about myself -- I -- a creative treatment I don't know -- again you union. A key carbonneau -- I wanna talk about Baghdad. And guys who is perfect for him Michael's usually work for a present day what are you fill your time with three kids re talking about in a married. That those that do not answer marriage shouldn't -- as a bonus art final question before we turn over to Mikey. Would you rather elect a grown man's nose. Or I don't know or elected Romans are. No no he'd rather on you for asking that now. That you now we know now that you're not doing. Question that he -- the other question is should ever gonna have to dive after dive into today I don't. -- Yes overlooking the wood stoves and look at them hands so rather -- that the diet and you only commands -- the guys that wanted to -- -- your life would never -- destroyed -- Oh I hope I will do anything to fight you to make you make meet cute don't care I'd rather than here if it gets a bonus question for -- -- -- yes. We still feel good about letting -- to -- in the second round of the Bruins draft I have. I don't know I have charm right. -- charted your Bergeron. Not a Bergeron took somebody preaching. Pre party for -- and say yeah. I -- not exactly and -- -- charm doesn't matter in 42 minutes we got jar and open. You are are. Mean you're one army aren't. Mike Adams coming up next stick around for him got the daily planet yet. And it's ice ball baseball tonight. Will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock and working on it against him -- his work so be very happy. Talk to this kind of -- -- trying to be anti secrecy which do. -- Did you.

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