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The Green Street Podcast: Jeff Goodman

Jun 6, 2013|

On this edition of the Green Street Podcast, Ben Rohrbach talks about the NBA Draft with draft guru Jeff Goodman. Jeff gives insight into what some of the Celtics moves on draft day could be and who might be available when they're up on the board.

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Excuse the green street -- What sort of -- and a quarter point. Really do something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem to assume you know oh so like. Right now in between -- left CBS. Two weeks ago and I disparities the end 1970. I have no idea what our world going to be this year which is down. Which -- it was obvious as part of that perhaps so you know I'll I'll talk with lights and you know am I got to know a lot of Bob like trade rumors and select that probably not as I haven't been in in my search as fortunate anywhere whatever -- for reporting. Think it would agreement so. That's spirited race. Yeah I was gonna ask you about the -- and you were supposed to come on last week put up to had a little something going on I guess there. That -- a Little -- Now I'm I'm trying to stay involved to some extent but I'm not nearly as you know collector come by right -- So you don't know exactly what year your -- is with I mean do you know what your plan are. I have no idea what -- -- -- there will be. No and I know I'll be covered our -- well you do EB. Such. -- it would -- stuff. I just you know I don't know all the specifics so I'm on all being what -- -- this year -- last minute. If you stick BM bought some of the Celtics yeah -- us. Yeah. And you started. You started in Boston right. But yeah. You know I live I grew up here so I've got a bunch you know right -- Nadia. With Brad Bird you out there kind of battle there. Absolutely. Well you mentioned the come by and I kind of want to start -- with the come by and you know. What's the atmosphere like there how much does. Or did being there can help with what you do and how much to how how much stock to teams put into that. I mean my take on batteries. Yes if your daughter who's been out all year you're not putting much about him out by this because they're not do -- really much and he. I mean there's there's no you know very little competitive -- on five basketball. A lot of drills. That the biggest thing they get out of it is probably. Accommodation of the medical testing. And some would be you know measurements. And then you know testing -- article are -- speeds up like patent. There are different NBA -- placed different emphasis on things you know lot of guys old school guys are gonna. Go with what they saw in the inning game department of the new school guys. Might go a little bit more based on the numbers. So I think potentially we are if you can make it general -- in all black. You know and all that and I think that's a piece but now from agencies. In announcing overstep our games in person. You know he -- seven years. I'm a -- modular -- complaint yet. -- necessarily. In the com by setting -- shooting over something like that. And you know where the Celtics on that new school old school sort of. Yeah I don't think there's there's schools people try to make about the you know certainly you know there's some younger -- -- value the numbers a little bit more but I think it needs. -- -- Yeah. Ultimately when he gets out do it it's what. He's a value and is now what he sees what he watches him playing games and then uses the work outs when -- -- And in some of the other -- it's kind of like you know it's just another way to assess. You know these kids and character whether it's through interviews. Or order measurements or in -- community in -- three minute run at the end of every Celtics worked out -- -- that -- -- and you remember who think the record the match. Somebody might beat it. But I'm sure you know -- by -- some purposes it was in this -- -- -- terror re completely. -- there are kept -- Or that the guy who -- and you know again I think it's a little bit everything but I think. There -- -- warning him -- well I think the bulk of it's still it's what he sees when he watts is simply. -- -- And that you know before -- sabbatical hero. Were you hearing anything on the Celtics in terms of who they were looking at and and that they might be interest hasn't. Well I mean its part to they would them right now which is we we don't know the secure. If if our arrangement certainly I think he goes by the response remarked about it is that's where -- You know that they've got a lot of question marks -- to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- backup point -- I think in need a little bit everything's so. But you know I can seem like -- -- like getting shorter. The point guard from Germany. Action about what -- in a little bit of Rondo in him. You know him in many different samples give amnesty to be up -- system. He's got some you know a little bit of red flags from what I'm told. As far as personality is concerned and that sort of ball a little bit as -- most -- decisions. You know. It's -- -- -- is obviously. The war and what people from the outside look at as one solid. Dot that you know you know what it's healthy he comes back. -- -- you don't know. -- -- If you get a -- like shorter and it turns out to be. You know what top five or ten point normally. It would allow them to trade rod did not have to get up early part backwards and there issue -- when they try to. Yeah like the clippers have with. Paul and Bledsoe kind of. Right right I mean I don't know I can't Altera let's don't be culpable there's probably -- You know we've seen -- yet -- in the eighteen point guard in the league today as them all our ports are well you know we. You can development and the fact of the matter is that we saw last year. I mean you don't have a backup point guard you can't go. It's technically. And that I guess Schroeder's again -- weird that he would have a promise from the so ethics and then it's -- -- that they didn't have that. Always. You know admit to approximately. I would never got a bit of promise so they did have a and in my. I think somebody certainly. Gave him probably somewhere in the top forty bridge. Because for him not to work out of Chicago or do anything when he went there it was a little surprised went so well that summit and that's. You know community upon him you know what you put out well in the stock rises where it. A lot of incredibly hectic around go into the summit and and -- squarely in the Mercer and without you know check it out it's Smart move. Yeah exactly. I wonder if will be there -- no number sixteen and. Yet you're not I mean honestly he might not mean right now. And to be honest if if I was -- I've looked at either him or change larger sixteen depending on who else is there and that's an interest in part of this strap this like. Who else is going to be on the board at six things that you maybe didn't expect. Yeah and that I think -- one near final mock dress receive BSE heads. Probably butchered ton of these names but Rudy go bear. So. And you know what what does he bring to the tool. Yet to be honest I would take it to the this. I know Danny loves life he loved life and -- bear out that. He worked out but. The problem with -- this and he -- scored all right now really inserting a project I don't know they'll take a from what I'm hearing is not continued at all little bit again he can be I got presents shot blocking. Ability to run or finished. But right now he's so far away physically from making any sort of impact I think it's the MB level that. I can see it all wears a lot of people maybe in the lottery yeah I can see it all it's only the first route potentially is because again. You know he he measured out. I think the longest. Maybe wingspan and history. While but he's -- -- -- about his vertical is like -- not which is. Very soaked parts of the same. Dirt herpes does not agree out so much a blank but you don't -- but it is long would it. Which it does appear to and he and he's got no offense in whatsoever since how do you take dialect that even out and execute it. -- got to move up from Pittsburgh. That year. -- really an indictment this year thank you losers because he was getting adjusted to the American game. You know. And he was not thinking too much but he's gate he's strong he's athletic more skilled people -- place are. Dot. At the end it will probably rise up because again set in order -- potential and usually those aren't -- All right and so it. We got to go bear Schroeder and that the Croatian kid Dario it's -- -- is at and I'm. Of those the kind of top three foreign guys of people. Is there anybody else out there that people wouldn't really have seen you know playing at the college level. This is certainly -- there's another kid -- from Russia. Really skilled -- skilled wing. Who can really shoot 011 India doctor -- -- a little bit electrocuted erratic. Shoot some ball. But he has a really really good feel as well. So I think he's got -- -- in -- could sneak in the south Swanee. And the strap goes but again. It's giving -- Tuesday and I think it probably picked out. For the most part -- if you're still got that are ago I just have no idea what order that we know knows so well. Is gonna go probably walk and kids from ever to put it out you're lucky you know then you're gonna have a group vote than actors in the peace and so mortem will be sent back on more. Trade Burke -- ordering -- -- and it particularly people. -- -- Cody Zeller. That Michael -- williams' response -- Hamilton mask yeah. But those probably the next group and that's probably what eight or nine guys. And then you've got the next year and a decoding celebrate in -- first that group stock in the pack and CJ McCollum. There's a kid that I think could be treatment for the Celtics of peace such sixteen. He played at Lehigh. Shooter out of a little bit in the boldest step -- In terms of these between -- guard not a great athlete. Is not a good shooters curry. I don't think that's what the court vision of curry well but he better defender out all arms some cult could be I think -- isn't something different. As a fart that like any agrees almost like -- opposite problem of so called king part. Some. So I guess. Assuming that the Celtics have interest in Schroeder and and perhaps -- bears in terms of the the length as you said I'm assuming that they're kind of tuned in on the international level the Iranian India. Where they stand on the. Yeah I think I -- You -- to be tuned in yet international level on the -- just because it's week to its top and there's you know. 56 as a result slot the first round. On the international level so. You know they go over there a lot. You know between got injured I'm done -- one used in Austin. I don't know how often any change went over but that you're they're cute militants in. The more than with them that they're scattered their outfits and a lot scenes compared spot in elected Cleveland. Cleveland delicate look at twelve guys within their Scott Edwards is in open up like five bowl it's more of tight knit group. And they all kind of want to cover. There are on everybody and they can get together and obviously and they'll all there. But I I think rather than have a eleven or twelve horses. They likely war but bourses. That -- seen all these guys are in most civil. And that was a kind of you know compared. Rather than. You know I would regional scout who's only seen. Compared necessarily that Matt -- respond in the west through you know Otto Porter -- you know it was from the big east. It's -- -- what -- -- your ball it's hard to try to you know compare. It to at least different regions. So I think that's an advantage and I think they feel like they're out by out in such small. And it's. The Celtics probably wanna take the best available guy but it seems like from the guys that they're working out in the pre draft work out some. You know -- look you know a lot of bigs a lot of point guards. So I guess who. Who do you see as the best available. -- best available point guards that might be there in the middle -- first round. I mean I think you're going to be looking again you know be you might be looking at even Adams whose troops spot. -- -- a decent formally. Reserved for the -- you know for your Kitty -- Olympic. Yeah -- short arms are telling -- that's not on the -- generally likes. Let it slogans I guess you know. Outrage shortage a year ago -- an unbelievable season educating kids. Skilled these probably easy is straight or Antony. Not a rebound -- -- that is of four and that particular you might -- some two guards in the or some some. Educated all well Oprah's got to keep -- Is all of a computer that he puts in the war well. He put it torture the last couple years. It didn't put up eye popping numbers and the game wasn't great but there's a guy you I think I'll look at. At peace there sixteen. And then you know you got quirky -- In a long way from local. For a -- and just got better and better and better each year go to turn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- looking at Adams -- we've got a realistic I don't think Alex what is going to be in the board at that point very guilty or aren't. So there was a big that I think will be in the equation. At the end there and then you know -- artistic and it is so Opel. Potentially could be there. Traffic other wings it would you know terrorist. Could be intriguing then because again Scott I -- really really shoot the ball Allen -- There's a little bit like think it is all what -- product out all really shoot it. And then a point guard again you know you talk about. You know the guys that are going to be -- I record straight burst on I think -- Michael Carter Williams off the forward. And then it be ancient -- -- in my column is he on the board is combo guard chain Larkin. Shorter. Those are probably three point guards that I think could be on the board for them at that spot that -- all barrier entry for victories -- Markets -- really small. But he's really really really quick and more. Explosive. The people thought you know change -- Barry Larkin. Yup I think they've had amendment that. When he wants a choice I think. He came in in a group -- no -- like bill press -- He and couple other guys now. I -- it looked pretty yet. He's he's a guy that. Maybe tickets aren't -- well artwork I'm were contraction in market and if you progresses. We got Rondo -- a chip it and you you know you got. You know Larkin. Jeff Green you know soldier reluctant can be a really cute you know first pick up the bench. Knows earlier. I don't know he's ever materialize and important to be honest I think. You know again. He's just you know he is what is so protectorate and that its board but. You know I don't know economic impact. Levels so you know. I don't you know they keep going to imminent. Every different direction and it wouldn't shock me -- they -- they could take any position yeah yeah most if you look at sixteen. This is what they clearly need. -- but it Celtics are like OK if cage appears come back. Let's say -- etc. and I am long so where he Derek. You might as well anyway just drop the best player available to yourself was -- that we can get. Number but number two guy and our team in their -- that's what we think we comply. You know could you not -- star in your problematic binding remember. You're probably. Obviously it you can get -- god it's like. You know 88 and number Arctic -- shots in order something like that you -- that. At them anywhere anywhere and mr. like -- honestly from one to sixteen. -- so I think they -- -- it felt good about somebody's texting be the position would not matter at all. Mr. bets on the economic I could be there at sixteen I wouldn't touch. Yeah it was just well that's funny because the next question I had for Veoh is. You know the the NFL is has -- the care actor guys that fall I think Bill Simmons called somebody call them the we'd guys. Is there. It is he tech guy is there is there's somebody out there that could fall. You know like -- like an impact -- could fall down the first draft like that first round. I -- a bad guy would bolster its flag and in -- and -- other great things sort of got we wrote some CDS. About your out -- still icicle. About how he's got a couple financial advisors and and and yet the age discrepancy. You got the power being. You know -- -- shout every possible chance seeking to. I -- I sit from -- -- buyers should -- epic -- of -- and most of the year this year then now. And while most people -- a lot of water to what. And I just I don't get it actually is a guy who. Clearly was physically ahead of everybody else. And was able local power but he doesn't agree collateral awkwardness -- great shooters are great -- And is awaiting you better be one if not more than that one of those those you know. Characteristic. Could be they're sixteen and and it is not -- sodomy and hours Celtics personal. A -- later was another kid. That's going to be very interesting to see where you know she's -- -- And yet from -- never played Providence is eligible this year. Talented kid domestic players on the he really scored about what exactly I -- from the war. But like I pretzels. You know he's got plenty of issues. Former coaches to not allow them. I want saw him in. -- -- return -- back to back I believe. Q -- old or twelve with -- Well so you know disparities. In most of you know and the ball. Iron into the ground and doesn't move it well not yet has she grown up for the last six months and probably maybe. He's got a lot of required but then again you know you look at -- into what he's done. And it's -- ever probably years -- -- being shocked when he went with JaJuan Johnson -- E'Twaun Moore because they were due to the highest character kids. On the board and that's not that's certainly what it means normally -- and look at how that turned out now well. I was actually it's gonna ask you about that to -- those guys were four year players and I think. It seemed like they were trying to get. Guys that could play at least contribute something right away and they figured maybe these guys you know having for years and their vote could help out but. Clearly that wasn't the case although E'Twaun Moore wasn't too this past year but. Nobody you know towards Soledad I mean the problem is. You know I think. Some of the best players are guys that are you know duplicate you know Steve and Jack something like that. -- -- it's -- -- player but so many red flag and epic Sony -- Forty Q how do you balance is -- war is problems and -- but there are regulatory. Is he worked its problems to be first round -- I would take him at 31. Right by strapping 31 I would regulate or glamorize you I would not guarantee them for two years it million plots. I'd just be wary buyers and MB GM until an -- but it here are you guaranteeing them you know 400 grand. For a year or two it's their. You have those guys that bounced around my -- a -- means -- easily was like that very. Yes yes -- them Majorly you know. Marijuana problems while things are not not that he's a lot of them yeah. -- -- -- That -- -- Paula is there anyone like Solyndra type that. You know as. Kind of an injury red flag that could drop. Injury and obviously noses -- right now that they try to figure out to -- got hurting mr. sub where you're Irish or whatever it yeah. And now yen. -- in any school to. -- what's in place to remember what was. It was as nick can't remember -- this damage there was Meehan partially history -- is -- as a few people a little bit here but. Other than that I would today. In topic out slow and injuries that seriously. I would let out and get out of about five it's normally I just think seventies still. Like -- if somehow our slight drop alike and it's well. On the Celtics some trade them to move up again. You know I don't know what you got to trade that's the problem. Plus I think he's so big Ukrainian if you can really score -- lucky didn't have a point guard at Maryland. They're not what you import hard enough but again. I just think there are permanent art like at seven feet that's skill. Any run support for new lows well also I. He be -- -- I'd certainly looked. Other injuries. And actually in my columns are then. Com. -- Franklin will be five not a approach it to -- got a major injury like. You know that -- -- out that there is a major issue like soldier. Or Perry Jones last year and he went through that. Now. Then -- -- you know it on kind of opposite we we see big name guys. You know like Adam Morrison's and and Jim -- for debts that always. Get drafted and fizzle out as there you know as is Mason calmly guy like that is there it. Who who's out there that you know -- you would be wary of. It -- -- its audience -- until beat your beat Iowa operational role Electric's culture now. They're different players but I think -- -- at first they got the page. Come in give me energy rebound the ball get -- actual on the court and it can do that I I think it's a former of these so all you the guys that I would worry about. It took me get that big guy like. Probably got the widest range right now. Of like what he could do with the next level ethnic and abuse and -- -- some think he's Larry Johnson. Others as you know who knows what he's gonna do at the next level that -- can they gallop along with them act more naked eyes upside. Or or -- -- figure -- at all where like you know throw it deep well. You know he's gonna debate you know he's gonna play art you know these types are there. He's got a little bit like Mike Gilbert in his game and in the sense that again they're competing every possession -- the most you'll -- the world. God that I would worry about. That will go -- political that I worry about till eleven. He's he's scares me a little it's not a great -- again doesn't short arms and played in the in the WCC it's a lot of -- five inches shorter than him. Well you know I'd like a lot of people are talking about sharp Tomas and our state. I did think he's he's going to be helped escort and it slow no matter what he's not -- up but he. These kind of between -- position lies but I just think he'll be at they can really score the basketball. No matter what an honor that -- out. -- the -- I don't. See it I don't know it's. That -- Trey Burke click a top five pick in the MBA and a I don't know right now maybe I was just jaded -- seeing him in that. -- -- terror watch the Syracuse Michigan game and you apps and. There's not curry and and you know what. I don't think he's going to be it's going to be solid and tipping point -- knows how to play. He can run pick and -- he can shoot it. Capacity not a great athlete you better perhaps reporters -- up. And that so he said that I mean act against. Everyone feels this isn't a deep draft and off that thing how many out. -- -- It's not bad in -- it out the problem is you're no. There's no yet not seek out normally are I think like the all stars yeah that's a master says it single I have. On the field so that that's the biggest differences here. I think you're using -- why not think. You know in the forties and thirties. This at your own mortality about a year ago two years ago what you know it's really more the top ten picks and you put -- -- there are all about saint. Yes is no guy that's like that franchise altering player. No I I don't see it -- year. It's going to be a number Water -- player on his team in the next I figured out there will be somebody who mergers. That we didn't expect I mean look at all your partner. But they'll -- -- but it's like looking out. Well you know microwaves. Could be a great point guard and -- Yeah. If you actually he was on the podcast last week using it in -- news in the eyes skin. -- I know him every pretty well over the over the last years so. Yes that's Allan Armitage rich guy right after they -- Temple in December when a little Christmas. And not so I was spotted in the pot a it was a diary. Yeah it's drugs also been really good actually -- actually a lot about it really out there. She did I've met other Israeli insightful. Yeah yes she's super cool she's that so I got in touch with Michael -- -- Are up for you what that's one of the good things about my -- she's tougher than it looks physically. Yeah but I you know what is -- -- -- accountable. There's not he's not get away with anything they've been with this -- -- their father would. Move. -- Like camel. And so. I feel like Damian Miller last year was a guy who just kept climbing and climbing up the drafts. I -- I hadn't really known about him and to and so I checked about what senator as his name's. And then -- MacKenzie unanimous rookie of the year. Is there anything that the who's climbing up like is there anybody climbing up the draft this year like that. You know -- -- orders I would armored you know -- Carter because he fit the new breed or court. You know about apple either. You know Westbrook Rondo Derrick Rose -- no I'm not going to be them -- You know I think he's -- for those -- even Adams responded because again. He's very athletic in Madrid expert but you see him outside of that what he does not to worry about -- -- -- just don't play. -- it is helpful is another wonders on the subject are from Georgia -- earlier so. I think those are three it took me. They have all -- -- An end in addition to see where it and they'll. Yeah and it's you mentioned that you know. If there's a guy there at twelve the Celtics shoes think about. Trying to trip is. Well the good news on their yet dependent -- Immediate you've got -- Michael Carolina slipped out landings within. I'm not trading up gets about our motor -- -- clinic or if you make birdies no I'm not. I like -- tell apart but he used to create I mean Nike. He's not -- can be much different injured soldier. Yeah you don't see it do you see a lot of movement this year or do you think people dislike it. Whoever we get from this range to the strangest going to be comparable so there's no sense in us. Yeah I think bigotry I think he sees people straight out of Austria I really do -- badgers shot is so much stronger. Now. I mean all these particular company measures freshman. And remember you -- and public -- that are eleven guys. We decided to come back but art market Smart Oklahoma State. That are awarded the first router that's the area Roberts and it -- -- -- Michigan State. So he got all those guys they came back plus a really strong freshman class led by anger -- -- should be in -- more important country you know. And then nature -- we will orders auto. And Jabar well -- Do you think Jabari will come at -- come out next series sees. On the snow yeah I LL -- -- -- like -- typical one and done guy to be -- like. He's seen it in facility that is not a great up to no chocolate can do everything. -- What many here -- future years and I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah and it was dead was trying to say that he uses stale for years -- They're they're kind of I'll echo what you know you. It's like they've -- -- question to ask. Never out after it gets eliminated. Up from -- so what are worried about it -- -- -- a color back in a chain market this year you know. -- -- You know you're asking it not been against -- I think they're lighting this thing don't bother asking because you're not getting -- a real and it's curtains made. It's they're leaving that doctor -- on dot. Yeah. That I will say Jabari is a different kid he's sort out I'm. In Chicago and he was like -- I mean. -- I never -- that Letzing intellect that he. Ali totally -- yeah very mature. Very Smart. You know and in. You know out that they were -- it is to restore that they're so you know -- so let's be honest like. Coach -- if it works secret yet another year kid you know you're out partners let's say 1213 fourteen game. Was deprived expected here's. They're Rodney heard there are still pretty here at their pursuit shall ma is going good stroke until averaged forty index yeah. So averages 1214. Inning game. You know court victories and sailor -- was a loaded draft. Come back you know can't ever poignant next year if you can be stop great spot that. The you know he's kind of like him like a Paul Pierce trade them in -- and body type and. These interviews we're like out Ira -- you -- I keep his passes. Are all always. We are always very much -- contested score. Without -- you know that but there -- similar bodies say are similar like rock great athletes but they know how to play. And so you mentioned. Ricky lead over the is another kind of local guy northeastern Johnson's lead the Celtics had a man I don't know. He is using is that kind of a courtesy call from a low through local guy Ayers there are some series and -- -- They do that all -- they're bringing in you know basically. Ukrainian out of -- six bringing a lot of times book bring it like for heavy hitters. And then just adding in the real Achilles have that this is he's a regular couple bodies -- Our justice and I just. At the stability out until it out -- -- you know. You know you can get him in summary cancels some you know sometimes you bring him in at just about -- is local so it's not the only. You know overseas -- That prodding and probably just you know. Or another body at the airport. -- Put in terms of I guess guys that can be around and you you mentioned that the depth at thirty to forty. -- guys that can be around in the second round the Celtics don't have a second round pick this year but it or even guys that could be. Undrafted is there anyone that he would keep and I down. Secular kind of -- hurt murky but I impartial -- I've accomplished first game it's march as a freshman. He's six etiquette you a lot of the ball and in perfect base -- form. -- not -- coming you know I'm not -- tight. -- you know can fill a role like. It -- me. You gotta have a need for I mean that's the key is you've got underneath for that type -- positions are. You know he's I character -- You know not not the -- kid but he's gotten proper over the years. And in China struggle -- first top leaders of Florida and it was early in the last two so. Those pick and pop. -- good shooter upward arc where the against anybody in this in this clocked in terms to shoot the ball you know and and again he should step. You have. Is his dead the coach at saint mark's. Now it is. Their coach's remarks. Just left before mustered the -- spotter report a low right way. It's played -- PC -- feet and the brother ballots -- music it was a redshirt freshman pastor played a little bit and the youngest son. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So he's going to be the biggest civil law and both Brothers and stormy here at about that it. Like. Communicate to ridiculous two -- over a six battery powered aren't. While. That down there there are. And we'll thank you I really appreciate you coming and an improbable is it any it is -- -- -- Yeah outrageous. -- will do invest a lot with the new gig will be are excited to see it.

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