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Minor Details Ep. 53: Everything you need to know (and some you don't) for Red Sox draft

Jun 6, 2013|

Minor Details previews the 2013 Red Sox draft, with an emphasis on the team's first-round pick (at No. 7 overall, the highest the club has selected since 1993). Featured on the show: Red Sox GM Ben Cherington and Sox amateur scouting director Amiel Sawdaye discuss the Sox' approach and process at No. 7, ESPN draft guru Keith Law evaluates the candidates whom the Sox are focused on at that pick and former major league outfielder Gabe Kapler -- who was taken in the 57th round of the 1995 draft -- discusses the inexact science of the draft and considers whether an NFL-style combine would yield improvements to the process.

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It has arrived. The Major League Baseball draft will take place tonight starting at 7 PM in this year. It's a very very big deal for the red of course the draft is a huge for their attacks every year. Has becomes obvious when one thinks about the impact on the franchise. Of hunger and all stars like Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester. Clay Buchholz as well as future building blocks like the Jackie Bradley of the world and will -- -- carriage -- -- like in the -- not a Brandon Workman Matt Barnes Henry Owens the list goes on. -- this year is different from the ones that -- those guys in the draft the rhetoric disastrous. Year long study in self immolation in 2012. He yielded some measure of a sudden to respect. First there was the landmark trade to dump the payroll strangling contracts. The Carl Crawford Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzales on the Dodgers while also getting an important prospects Alan Webster in ruby -- and return. Secondly there's the matter of the draft -- the worst drug sex isn't nearly half a century a 69 in 93 abomination. Met at the team its highest draft pick in twenty years the number seven overall pick. What exactly does that mean he is retired general manager bench Harrington on the significance of the number seven -- You know as their noses no guarantees -- drafting good players from all parts of the draft but to look at historically. The odds of getting really good player are higher it. So that's relative to hear one time. Well no but there's -- in this draft is it's an opportunity. Choose from a different school. It normally would and appropriate take advantage -- that opportunity. So I don't think it's changed much about our processes just without it more time to. A pool players that we might not adequately fund raisers. Now to my mind to one of the key differences of peaking at number seven as compared to Wear the red sex ordinarily start being able to consider. Amateur talent is the fact that the team is typically presented. With a stark choice between potential ceiling. And probability if you're looking for a potential superstar in the back half of the first round or later you typically have to take someone. Who's at risk of being a flat but the team's first pick of the 2006 draft Jason place represents a really good example of that. The Red Sox saw a potential star with huge draw power. If only he could take a mechanical hitch in his swing he could not he never performed in the minor league struck out a time and he was released without advancing past. Double -- at the start of the 2011 season. Ultimately there are being more probable performers who might lack the ceiling of a superstar but who have value to the organization. In who don't represent the huge risks back in 2003 for instance. When the Red Sox needed to fill up their farm system he needed to highly probable guys mostly out of college into the team elected outfielder David Murphy had a Baylor. He's now with the Rangers as a guy who would almost certainly be ready within at least a few years to be a solid average outfielder in the big league if not a stand up. Now sometimes the Sox have gotten lucky in the either or scenario between the probability in -- Has been replaced with both probability end up side Dustin Pedroia a second round pick in 2004 is perhaps the best evidence of that. He was viewed as a sure fire big leader because he had a great glove and he made a lot of he made contact given those swing was all weird when he is in college. But he didn't necessarily seem to have the -- of anything more than an average everyday player and some people thought may be not more than a utility player. Now obviously Pedroia destroyed those expectations. Emerging as an MVP and perennial all star caliber talent. The guy with certainty -- floor as a Major League regular or Major League something. But who who's up I'd ended up being just enormous a lot taller than him at any -- Still. Well that profile player exist elsewhere in the draft again Pedroia was a second round pick in 2004. It's far more frequent to find those two things mixing together. In the top few picks than elsewhere. The choice isn't quite as dramatic between healing and probability as that might be otherwise. Between those two things here's the way Red Sox amateur scouting director -- Saudi -- it. You know I think when your when your pick it up -- you want to. You do you do look and your situation and hope to never be taken this guy and see if you like have a chance to swing for the fences and but you know typically when you are picking up high and that a lot of these high -- guys are. Some of the guys that have pretty good probability it he talked about. You know whether it's ice core college players guys that typically. He's those with. Now the Red Sox have been working awfully hard and preparing for the struck for almost a full year. Defining -- getting approach in artists in January. Taking pardon the organizational -- meetings and April and now finally descending into the draft war room for the better part of the last week and a half. A lot of work has gone into identifying the players who represented the best bet for the Red Sox again here's Harrington. -- -- -- -- -- Prepared and get. It that it -- what we think is the right order so that. Again that's at the top of the pick as the best -- belt laws -- -- I think our. Are part sales job and his staff job is that. He's done all spring -- these networks are. Really don't -- the last song but it really -- here in January. And it's not just scout players some players -- reports but it's gathering. All sorts of other -- medical. Make that information. Performance. To bring volleys he's -- the mission together. And worse -- the last week ten days poring over all that information trying. -- each name in the right spot. In. Part of the counts. It's got -- got directors to you. He opened two new pieces of information and you arguments. -- be able -- separate. Important and useful is information is color it's from the noise that inevitably. Comes. Can't. Move a guy unnecessarily. Wrong way so that's a real that's a lot users that that's part of on sales Townsend is really. Sounds. Be persistent and diligent and you know killed accurately -- that we can. Without. Without making stuff up that's not there. That's even as we do it and and it's it's important every year and his army says it's so important. I think we've we've it's important event this opportunity and not just seven. Other skeptics. So what might all of that work field. As of the witching hour in which Wednesday transitioned into Thursday in my apologies for being a bit loopy as -- record this. The Red Sox appeared to expect that one of about five or six players might be available to them at the number seven overall pick. To discuss those possibilities here's ESPN's Keith law -- thank you so much for offer being conscious of the hour. Choice as mocked Janet okay very get well -- -- lateral -- that for another that's another conversation. So went into this I. The Red Sox are picking at number seven obviously -- The board is narrowing to a degree I think that their expectation is that their two college talents who at this point are certain not to get them and get -- in its. He'll be. Good to hear whether or not you agree with them. It seems like mark Appel is you know really isn't going to make it past number two with the cubs. And -- in Chris Bryan really probably isn't making it down past the first few takes the power hitting third baseman of yours universe of San Diego agreed. Okay very get -- I think they would have characterized a third guy is being off the list of possibility for them until about the last 48 hours ago when you broke the story. They Jonathan grade the the 100 mile an hour flame thrower from from Oklahoma. Tested positive for overall. And in their now some question some uncertainty about what exactly happened to him in the draft so Keith what exactly happens to him in the draft. I think very little I don't think he falls very four picked out he gets out of the top five text. There is still. A non zero chance she goes first overall. I think that teams are not terribly concerned about the positive test because. Apparently was diagnosed one point -- EDT apparently. The the the answer was that this is not chronic problem and correct that you could just get a prescription get a therapeutic use exemption -- -- -- if he needs to continue. Taking this stuff just nobody seems all that concerned over it could be a tiebreaker for some clubs between Canada -- the it did eventually held off the port that's not really factory. I cannot seek re. Sliding. Too much farther than say that that overall he could go anywhere. Probably with any -- one to five I Q but not getting any further than that continues certainly the math and there isn't. There are not enough players to get you to -- correct. Right yeah -- I think did I think it goes with in the Red Sox or think it's incredibly unlikely but the fact that there's any doubt any discussion of him being available. Really after the first three picks or so I think as a shock to them. Yes I would agree with I think well looked -- a week ago that was. Extremely unlikely to be -- -- on lap like scenarios were -- and went first overall and accomplish great fourth or fifth -- it was shock. So speaking of Colin -- and I get the sense that assuming that gray isn't there are the Red Sox in the Red Sox think that there could be any of five people -- play of different varied degrees of likelihood when they finally gets number seven so we've. Probably rolled out three in -- Bryant in grade. So we're about to rule out calmer because I will tell you I -- he is and it seemed vote. I don't think he gets past Cleveland five if Cleveland takes someone else it's probably because -- and has already been selected he could go first overall and that pushes someone down the Cleveland when they did not expect to get to. There enough so -- Colin Moran the you know they're kind of high probability. That high probability guy out of UNC is likely off the board by the time. They're too many teams that you know including the Astros and maybe. You know who knows maybe -- mean what team wouldn't placate college -- that has sixty walks and 22 strikeouts over the course of his junior season. So then assuming that Moran is off the board then we get kind of down into the nitty gritty now. I'm hearing I've heard Ford named as the as kind of the remainder. Let's start with the biggest risk in all likelihood because he's a high school pitcher. -- Stuart. He he would be someone whom. Who would seemingly potentially be in play. And members have not guarantee of course but what are your thoughts on Stewart. It could go for the overall to the twins if he doesn't go fourteen would be available that Red Sox I do think there's reasonable probability that they teach him if he's there. He's an extremely. School right hander also quarterback prospect committed to Texas sane man. I have personally seen him up to 97 with a plot slider he also has -- curveball changeup both the works in progress is delivery does need some help. I need to get very stiff especially through tips as he tried to rotate to generate more velocity. His arm he's just naturally very very quick. He is a diabetic which is a drawback for some clubs and is probably not -- currently signed because of the commitment. 22 texting him to play football but. It interest is in baseball like I think there's very little doubt here that he is primarily interested in playing baseball and it's the Red Sox. Duke passed on him it's probably more because of that -- track record of school right handers and particularly here again I school right hander does have diabetes and we've had some. Very very minor injuries and mysterious injury that there's been there have been a number of smaller injuries that might get up to deplete retain status. You know this -- a little more risky that we. Right now I think hidden terms if he's kind of one of those guys for whom. You know talent may say one thing in the draft and then you throw in the medical element at the end amendments like okay may be may be that kind of tweaks to board a little bit. Especially when it does come down to a high school pitcher because well. Those guys to get injured. Exactly what -- to be attrition rate is very very high and you have no control over how the pitchers were used as managers have -- college pitchers -- well. And because. Somebody pitchers seem to get hurt during net and caught the injury excess body ages eighteen to 21. We need dressed college tragedy idea as well just like they get -- eatery got through the most difficult period. Just stay healthy. I don't know how much that's true now I think historically the issue with the school pitchers was. The industry would rested but eighteen and then worked in -- -- right. And then at 21 may be dead and not very good to anybody. That's become a lot less true but he backed sleeping with gone very far the other direction where we barely tips and these kids. Is that at least it's keeping -- healthy I don't know that it's making them. It helped them reach their feelings but we're keeping them healthy and that that's better than the scenario we had -- -- -- -- pulse super. Did Jason Isringhausen and Paul Wilson in Chris -- and great alone any technical on a lot of these guys just were killed by overuse. Indeed although the one time that the Red Sox have -- the first round with thought with the Haskell right hander -- Kelly just underwent Tommy John surgery earlier this. It's not over used to that point he was he's an athlete you have beautiful delivery. And he was used very very sparingly -- -- you just don't know. So Stewart would be a fascinating one because the ceiling is huge right it would be. Up I don't want to start yup you can look at him as being number one starter. It's number one sort of fastball he's got the opportunity slider he's got four pitches he's such a good athlete you have to believe you can clean up that delivery needed not to rely strikes -- now. You would be working on cleaning up the delivery to improve the command and control. The next and the next couple of guys in they have to be. In an inter -- because they've been so in. And since they started to be innocent people sort of thinking about the -- thirteen draft attitude -- high school outfielders who live like fifteen minutes from each other there. This city and county unbelievable calling in the Georgia -- -- though they are not actually related hopefully that would be cleared to sit on chairs turning out since. Are extremely dissimilar as players up if you're a frequent Frazier -- decreed -- bat speed. In Austin meadows who is taller more physical better athletes more raw power. -- state center field which I don't think Frazier has -- is -- nowhere near the present hitter. That Frazier is it has not -- -- -- same kind of energy or intensity. That Frazier shows especially games -- to work out guy. And I understand and that has really shown at the Red -- work out which -- was also -- by its. Frazier is gonna look better in gates and at the end of the day their preteens and say. Record -- off -- -- as what happens in the games this is what matters and you can get very badly fooled by a look at work out. That should have actually gotten -- read it a little bit -- my upward because the upside is if they hit tool. Advances. Are clueless but you know you look at other starling who is a tremendous tremendous athlete little limited based on experience. You -- city system and he's looking like huge bust at this rate worries you worries exhaustion at the same kind of guy. I -- you have to bet on guys like that where it got physical with that kind of -- power that kind of athleticism. With a swing isn't trained. And yes I I think that's a guy you wanna bet on meet with a high -- even recognize and you could -- it because it clicks you have store. And Frazier as his size it is his ceiling better than met dozens. Idea that the -- field. High school quarter after he could end up and right is already have more trouble he'd he'd have a plot -- one point it is not. Latest -- the spring. Did that speed is tremendous recognition of off speed is not very good pregnant I understand mr. -- high school hitters sure they've never seen it. Right it is is -- right now. And so for me. His ceiling is quite high is meadows. He might be a better player two days he sent the ball that deep ball the rest of the season when I picked to be a better performer public Frazier. I think -- floor is also very very low key -- -- because. -- and I did -- -- in terms of approach script as -- at bat speed. And he's probably not getting a lot of value on defense in all things being equal you'd rather at the center -- last. Right I think that's a fair description awesome -- -- a 5050 chance to stand senator. Clint crater probably had a 2% change statements. So the most likely I think -- you know in terms of most boards we've we've already covered the top seven. I've heard one other name associated with the potential Red Sox take at that number seven spot. In that Ryan panic the right hander out of Arkansas. Do you think that he remains in play for the Red Sox at number seven teams. After coming off of what was I think a disappointing junior year how do you view his draft stock in his prospect status. I have heard him associated with the Red Sox I think it deep into the Red Sox one of my mock -- an early one yes and he's still connected to them. However I think they're gonna find that they've got a better option on the board. She fits with their recent drafting philosophy especially under on -- -- day and who is tends to be conservative especially with the First Act. Like to get one early certain guy. In the bank. And then open it up into excellent. Higher upside but the potentially or Florida I've dedicated to -- as a potential top five pick. I have seen him up to 97 he hit 99 spring. His breaking stuff sister and a complete mystery as to -- more good slider to a lot and a lot of bats this year he struggled with the slighted and it -- that has really helped change it to work in progress. It's not the most conventional delivery you've ever seen. To -- I probably would not consider him with the other three guys that we discussed and I think the Red Sox will probably end up. Thinking back saying yes we like to take the state for college guy in India would get one in the bank. Before we get rolling with the rescue players however is ecstatic really worth the 77 pick a pick in the draft. It's 78 if you really worth that. Mean it probably. Need to do better than the opportunity cost probably too. So if it you then peaking at the number seven spot where the Red Sox have not picked in twenty years and where they hope not to pick for another twenty years. And probably are going to pick it -- next year certainly. And if could you -- say you know use a swing for the fences and if you bring in miss. That's part of the deal or you know or is the concert or do you. It doesn't stand XR to look better in in May be having a more secure floor. For me but it it's easy for me say this money outside not get fired for it take -- high upside guy who and at the -- by. That's how I would draft -- scouting director. Amateur draft I would draft for upside Abbott to communicate via particulates in the world by the police -- first got a couple years ago which couldn't could not hit. At all so the tools were the other four tools were tremendously great athlete is an awesome kid. He couldn't handle you don't take those guys you don't -- the pitcher with -- hundred as a terrible delivery you know -- the digital honored at a breaking. There's certain things that I wanna have in place before I'm going to consider high upside guy with first -- But we're talking here about guys with enough present ability. War enough physical schools. Right now that you're not just wish casting our players to become worthy of the first and if you take an -- that -- typical story. It doesn't work out. The cost of doing business and -- -- hope that Bryant applying a consistent philosophy that you believe -- over the course of three to five drafts that those mistakes or at the ill fortune will -- Anyone else who who's kind of on your radar is a potential sucks picker do you think too -- that basically defines it. The only other one I've heard at all analyst Alex Gonzales at Oral Roberts and Chichi. I think the idea was that they could take him very tight deal he would aid I think he would take a balloon flight Beale air. He is an extreme ground ball -- who was 1993 with a plug cutter. Pretty good feel -- works really well. Fields his position pretty well that he's only a social athlete is number -- -- really strong he's gonna re well analytically. I don't know if they do that I don't know of state is the benefit is there if -- -- a half a million herself apply here and expect. Is that quality improved quality at that second round pick in now. To make up for what you may -- lost with the first text I don't -- and I haven't heard that is much recently been noted they get a lot of due diligence on him. In mid may at a point win. It's surprised meeting here at the level of work that they were doing on him thinking he's between he's gonna go between protection -- probably shouldn't be spending any resources on him at all. Keep this has been great I urge you to get that but trust on that you can get like five minutes of sleep before we up for a start. Hearing from you again tomorrow. Four or before they find me passed out on the chair here and yes can -- At least the green room I hope that their -- or something I see. Her again. Are things ESPN's Keith law for joining us so that kind of the nuts and bolts would the people who the Red Sox are probably going to be. Thinking about at that number seven overall pick. OK so those are the that's the specifics but let's take one final step back as we kind of get towards the end of the show. What of the fascinating things about the draft is the fact that even at number seven. Even as we say the players have greater probability than they might at the back into the draft even as they still have that big ceiling. The slightly diminished apparent uncertainty. Really doesn't do that much to diminish the uncertainty remember Mike. Hall of Famer someone who probably deserves to be in there at least based on career performance. Was drafted in the 62 round. There have been MVPs and future hall of famers were taken. With the number seven overall pick when to Wear the Red Sox are selecting -- here but they're also been planning a -- at that spot as well. Part of the problem is that the venues where players are being evaluated in the competitive environments are so confusing. The apples to apples comparisons that don't really exist necessarily or at least they're really challenging when you're talking about. The kinds of people who really talented players are playing against sometimes. So towards haven't stepped back and reflect on this while the difficult thing that is the draft. Here's former Red Sox outfielder Gabe Kepler to discuss his own experience as a 57. Round draft he. Who went on to enjoy a much longer Major League career that a lot of guys were taken in the first round of of of his year. Joined up a special draft day edition of minor details by Gabe Kepler did -- so much for joining and you know I didn't think for sharing this this fascination and in a very odd process. Yeah Alex you know where what you and I had talked you know about different things that work -- on your mind. And on -- in -- you brought up. The idea that perhaps we should a Major League Baseball umpire I was I was are. Ball along in the process thinking through it in and just the fact that you hear about -- -- I appreciate your your willingness to talk talk through. Before we jump into that so I think that it's interesting to step back and think about the draft more broadly and it's because the the idea of the combined of the combined. Get -- you know how you compare people -- a more scientific aspect of the process but it's inherently un scientific process you yourself for a 57 round draft pick. Who not only you know not only reach the majors but enjoyed a baseball career that -- That spanned more than a decade and what were your thought about as you were in in college you know in terms. But what did it mean to be a quote unquote draft prospect did you think that you were draft prospect ends. Being drafted in the 57 round what's that mean to you in terms of your player development. Our request and I think the stupid thing to your ears to step -- but the mind of of a nineteen year old from Southern California. Out in nineteen year old I would leave you -- -- to prop so. My understanding was that if you got wrapped it at all. You were thrown into a pool of -- Which which you've competed on an even playing field in other words. If you got drafted in the last round you were on the same playing field we got adjusted doctor Gupta with the first pickle barrel if I was better than him in my mind. That meant. Hey I outperformed and so therefore I would get every opportunity not know that to be dropped in the 57 round essentially meant that -- -- roster though. And that everything would have to break back right from -- up the opportunity. You play Major League Baseball and -- -- -- and that that I got a lot of breaks along the way and some but it did better luck and good but I also. Busted my. Every step of the way and so when the high profile -- Had a -- -- issue and was off the field for a couple of days and I was inserted into the wind up I was able to so. Circling back to the question. What we what was my mindset as it relates to drop I didn't know when he -- But immediately when you get inserted in view this group about which recognizes your not on the same -- guys got it in and -- I mean you've had the experience of managing guys that the single -- level and you know I think that it's it's no real secret that there is. You know that there is prospect status conferred upon people. And you know and organizational. Leash so to speak that that typically greater for those. Who are who -- entrusted with hundreds of thousands not millions of dollars in bonuses as opposed to. You're drafted -- at a point where I think about half of the teams that killed off with the draft they had stopped thinking or prospects that were available. That's. That torture is torture and you know what I didn't care I was so happy to be playing professional baseball I was so happy to -- -- And part of that group. And so water and flattered that it really didn't matter. But -- -- the -- to go higher figure dropped to the morgue money it invested in view the more opportunity -- an -- no guarantee. Which are gonna play Major League Baseball or that your gonna perform what you do plated baseball but what that is it just gives you a much longer. And without longer leash -- more proper. For that reason I love I love stories like yours I love stories like Daniel -- were you to where there's a defiance of the idea that you noted there were -- Major League Baseball industry. Assumed at one point that there were more than a thousand players who should be taken ahead of you in a draft. And then you kind of leap frog hole you know in your you know LeapFrog 15100 players so in order to in order to enjoy a long Major League career. Very cool. Yeah and it is in fact it is it just speaks to sort of defeat of the opposition which is that the draft is just not and got -- -- baseball is one of the most difficult thing to do look no further back at the Boston red box and and Dustin. Gloria. You who ever said that Dustin Pedroia was going to be a superstar baseball player and MVP of the American -- Ball they suit maker called it nobody -- was willing to vote was willing to bet because with the guys that was. You know under five foot ten. You know not super to be strong or -- book game. But you -- have the ability to put the fat part of the bat on the ball taken aggressive swing and how some sort of wild make. It made him believe that would Mike Mussina or order. Randy Johnson or wherever it was across the field from our beat him play against Randy. It was better than that got. I'm that you cannot measures that no matter what we do we're talking in the conversation -- talk. About a calm -- -- Which you know no calm my measure heart and soul and guts and determination. Grit and passion that a guy like -- -- or even a guy like revenue. That's interesting because in my mind that was the point to become buying Davis is in parts. To address the players' physical tools but it also gives kind of one stop shopping where. Where a number of members of an organization all one. -- it down with players and have that kind of make up question you get the opportunity. To meet -- into you know and into debt some of that until I realized that it's wildly incomplete but some sense of about a -- drive to become great it in defiance of his of his of his skeptics -- So when we talk about to come -- and for baseball or when we talk about one for football for that matter. You know what. What is the purpose of a come by and why isn't there one in Major League Baseball. But it sort of first question is what is the -- the -- -- And I think the purpose of the NFL com might specifically is to measure. Let it to them you've got -- organization -- team. More of over direct line to make good call on top players so they want to say the guy's going to bench press 225. Pounds. 25 or third time that's indicative of the fact that he put in work in the weight -- that maybe that is a big if -- If you can lead -- -- You know twelve feet we know he had ore body explode the so essentially what he's running -- -- he's going to yield -- more apple it. Jobs -- great distance in the -- we don't yet overall body explode the and on and on and on -- just the idea is to gather as much data as possible to make an informed decision which is why. It's so crazy that in baseball. You know basically a Mecca of data acquisition. Yeah. No comparative analysis that's one of the things that people bemoan especially in the high school context right in which. You know typically you may have a guy who you're trying to figure out okay he has monstrous raw power. Again 75 mile an hour to eighty mile an hour fastballs. If you've never seen this kid. Hitting a ninety mile an hour fastball which ultimately in order to be successful he's going to have to do now you know some of the physical stuff maybe you can get some kind of gauge of it but. You know but in terms of how it plays in games. In those in those isolated settings you know that those that very the level of competition. Can vary so widely that it it is so difficult to make an apples to apples comparison to my mind. Yeah -- think we're talking on on the eve of the Major League Baseball throughout the execute it. And tomorrow doubt. After -- after giving their reports two organizations organizations are gonna make their selection to choose. From a group of high school -- across the country -- I'd go up. -- you know to your point about a player of basing at 75 mile an hour fastball and are being able to predict whether back I can actually -- -- -- about all those high school players that the top level. Differs greatly from school to school to count the count. City to city and therefore making no predictions about how -- know what's gonna happen when it in the rookie ball and every player is throwing in the high eighties. -- low nineties and and applause. When in fact they've really been facing players that have been throwing in the low eighties and I'd these. And you know on the on the pitcher's side. These kids these. Actual the DEP where report not physically mature and -- what they get away with when they brought the ball over the middle of the plate it's it's a certain difficult. Which is why. You know and immeasurable anything that we can come up with a -- but the bettors that some of the guys makes sense that with with a higher on topic is pretty valuable. When you think about a combined for baseball in the country you know we're used to seeing the the NFL where. You know there they have drills of course that are that are sports Pacific you know run around turn touched the ball by -- precisely. But they also have the raw physical skills what's your vertical leap. You know what's your what's your long jump etc. etc. how many times how many reps can you you know you throw up 300 pounds that sort of thing. And you know how valuable is it would it would it would come to baseball how valuable with the pure physical assessment be. In how different would it be in terms of an eighteen year old high school kid. Person at 21 year old college kid because at least in the NFL you're drawing all from the same demographic pool. You grade point and I think it's still have to sort of compare apples to apples in the sense that you don't want to it is strap to drop up to consider that you -- It doesn't mean you've got the same physical maturity -- -- eighteen or 25 year old but you have to sort of give them all they cut if you wanna and he said that of what you're dealing with so in baseball. We run it sixty yards for right. -- range anywhere from that the vote sixes which is blazing about those. 6263. Two Major -- -- which is right around seven point oh to a real slow guys who might run 74. It's actually not the best measurement for based -- fact. Thirty yards after being much more applicable given you know hold the first -- -- straight line. If you're gonna run anything over thirty yards. It makes sense to run at any right to open if if you can. Can picture of block anything over thirty yards you sort of want right like like a diamond -- -- baseball. Four you know from from one out -- out -- position to another. You know you have to sort of Hillary to a baseball field verses a straight line. The other the other idea that was apartment by shuttle which sort of measures -- change of direction speed highlights are due to. Maintain control your body through rapid change the speed and direction. You that you might grow at a bench -- four for baseball players just to view -- trained up it's not a test of strength. But just sort of -- -- are they doing their homework in the offices are doing their homework. Off the field what other things pop into your mind as relates to what would you wanted to be batting practice ground ball they think a month review. To meet game I think that the most I really do things that. You know fundamentally you do really need to see you -- do you really need to see batters against kind of other draft two ball competition pitchers against. Potential draft will competition -- think that I always remember about the Red Sox. After the draft they would be able to convene. -- this work out at Fenway Park. India would bring him a number of their draftees primarily the high school ones in it was really important for them. When they were trying to figure out how much money they were how far they were willing to go on bonus values. That it was it was important for them to see a midwest kid. Be able to throw a baseball against you know against a second round draft pick rather than you know rather than facing. You know the other the other kids who were kind of side who are kind of coming up the farm for. You know for for their high school competitions so to me I think the game settings is so important and that's. To that missing more than anything else when it comes to when it comes to the baseball draft just comparable competition less so in college but. Certainly in high school and you know beyond that. -- beyond that you know you you kind of envisioned this in areas where it's almost like. Like shortcuts that they haven't Latin America where -- -- a judge arm strength of pitchers -- able to see what kind of velocity they have and if your eyes trained enough you know. Then you know then went when their kind of performing in front of a in front of a proposed out you concede. How they're a sponsor that quote unquote pressure situation which is meaningful. But you would get a pretty good read. Well at least a meaningful read. Of stuff albeit and in a in a bit of a vacuum. And then you could it again maybe again on those top hitters just in simulated games circumstance I would think. Yeah I love that idea that you might issue where -- simulated game situation is that we we already have I mean. In -- way it needed to do it's it's it's a great idea but it it. Certainly not a even playing field. Comfortable sort of track double situation we use so many variables to -- so. You know -- the -- to putter from the midwest permanent -- second round pick there's a million variables that -- Get very far. In evaluating him against somebody else because I can't put somebody up in that we did -- situation which is why. A calm behind him he. Is is so -- and right but you know and maybe you know we did not get a little bit more clever -- are are measured but maybe it. It's measuring the speed off the back in in in in the -- situation with the key to getting off the tee. And the exact same set of circumstances the same the same bat a brand new baseball every time -- measure the velocity. Off the bat eccentric doctor. I just think what you get into the game situation bode well maybe that's what's going on every -- article appeared sure that goes on in all of the showcases. That. That's part party. Right up are really -- didn't -- what the next product is good. Right well yes I do think that when it gets to the measurement of physical tools you know it into you know how do you measure are answering I mean I presume we had to come by and you would also be able to get. More detailed medical's which would completely change the process one thing that blows my mind is -- where on the eve of the draft as you pointed out. And teams are still scrambling in order to find out find out the medical's of you know of kind of topped 200 prospects Richard just now. Being made available to me. You know how on earth can you conduct and -- you have a sound decision making process about this very important decision. When only at the last second that you're getting this this medical this medical data -- But most of the teams have already done their makeup work for sure buy dot. It it the last minute nature of it to me is astounding. Yeah you know at a pep pepper is a really good point so might my next question would be Baidu dot. So is it because. An agent of a high profile player doesn't want that medical information to get out and to follow up on that. Does that mean if you did happen if he'd -- physical tools sort of calm minded baseball. That an agent like Scott Boras or an agent an agency like CA which they rate their -- break right now. My guy's not going to that event and then that would. Round you know three to seventeen. That actually show up. The physical tool called so I guess my question is are the agents protect game. The players from being expo. Yeah I had the same thought kind of you might you might end up in a situation where you had a where you have the -- that worked out by school in the kind of -- and the kind of most prominent draft. Draftees being protected by it but there Scott -- or whether by the -- all used to seeing those you know college -- -- at University of Florida pro day you know. Where they parachute and everyone in -- you know there the quarterbacks who don't bother to throw it to come by and that sort of thing so. Yes there would I think that you would eat the same. Interest in protective -- I think that you might have you might have more willingness by agents and players to kind of play ball if there were. You might in some cases if there were if there were public questions about their health that they were trying to and -- -- and they had been shut down in March but they felt like they were throwing well. You know by mid April or late may or you know mid may hear something. Then it might be you know a the decision about whether or not participate might ultimately be taken as its own indicator about a player's medical expose. These sort of how it's done in Indians go to guy chips. Is it skipped yet so I'll bite you thought you automatically start to wonder what's going on -- -- keeping. You know what what's what's at stake here. -- sort of the question that they. That we would start out you relate to baseball -- -- feature -- About some of the the forty yard dash time so. Chris Johnson. Ran for Q4. Deion Sanders that it had like a close to verifiable I'm fortunate ones. And then I've ever reports of four point one Utah for vote -- in. In 1987. If you're going to predict player. Would perform great in those sort of measurable. Physical tool evaluation. Where the guy that would jump out for -- in need it right now. Well because -- because I find him to be. The most remarkable -- let athletic build and Bo Jackson. Mike -- -- on a baseball field that is Mike -- for me would be just. Are unbelievable to watch and in a combine edit. Because of the the the physical you know no one should be that -- hung in that fast and in debt and have that much power and everything he does that the users. So extraordinary to watch IA I -- what envy those who were in Southern California gets him night in night out. Looks like a football player to targeted to build in the way you run -- He looked like a physical. Physical specimen. What about Josh Hamilton and it is probably back to those. You know late night these days. When which -- -- with a one line with a good one -- went. He was 11 right ahead of Beckett there was -- had -- Josh Beckett there was this really interesting interesting debate about the two Josh -- and Dan Jennings who's now while he's now an assistant GM. With the Marlins was you know kind of spend. These months weighing these two extraordinary talents one of the best offense that one of the best hitters he'd ever seen in high school. And probably the greatest right handed high school right hander who's been seen in a number of years to -- it was basically a no hitter every timeout for for spring high school. And it was described as kind of being a win win you know two potential. Hall of fame talent in in their own right when they were drafted both of -- -- gone on to exceptional careers but their entry into professional baseball is Purdue with -- much hype that it was almost. Impossible for them to live up to it. You know it's funny is that specifically goes cute guys and it would network just sort of circling back -- you the call my question. One guy I think with standout at call on any other democratic draft debate on it. You -- Josh Beckett and you put him through -- latter's but it thirty yard dash of vertical we've got Jimmy. What's with the numbers that you've put up and then Josh Hamilton the other point throughout the -- player might have been integrated. The greatest -- school baseball player we have is time might have you know sort of lit up goes. Goes. Those type of movie. -- adjusting to mediate for that -- because baseball is built fuel related it's so intricate. And just so different than a physical or football basketball. You might not be able to do. -- -- much information that it's valuable relevant. Except that with -- like Becky you've got to figure that you know. But I am by a mechanical analysis is becoming increasingly prominent in Major League Baseball circles. The opportunity to take a bunch of a bunch of elite pitching talent. And do things like to see you know to see how their delivery worked in you know in kind of super slow Mo not just the cameras that -- typically carry but you know. Put them up to all of those you know to all of those cool little like cool little dots while they're throwing him. You know you can also quickly turned into it into you know into some kind of video game right now all of a sudden all the draftees will be in the in the video game -- -- but it could you could you kind of spin they were capable of generating on. On their fastballs on their curve balls like have very precise measurements that told you okay yes this is what's -- of a baseball is like. -- this means that the guy has the capacity for breaking ball as opposed to when your you know. Maybe it's a loopy thing and it's tough to tell exactly whether or not it's it's really a breaking ball or whether or not it does look like one because of the setting. At some point -- are we going to be able to you predict. Everything goes on in sports are we moving to a place where we're going to predict the number of ways that. Into the -- and we we took place. Where were going to predict. Bill. Players' ability to produce -- a baseball field or any athletic field for that matter are we going in that direction. I'm thrilled to say not even close to my mind like my mind has been blown by so many things printed and somewhat short samples this year but. You know they just taking it from the Red Sox perspective. Seeing a guy like Jose -- he has come up and hit 450 for the better part of a couple of you know of of a month. Combined when he hit 200 in AAA. Has defied. Anything rational but I can I cannot. I cannot understand and I cannot wrap my head around it. Especially because the nature of those hit has been very much luck dependent you know it -- the twelve hopper into the 56 hole. He he has that you know he has seemingly a dozen of those this year and you can't predict that wears the same the same balls were going straight -- the third baseman or the shortstop. When he was in AAA. A guy like a James Loney has been the end of last year with the Red Sox. I -- I would never would have envisioned him being one of the best hitters in the American League through the first two months of thought of this season I recognize that here's a guy. With considerable skill but. Over the course of the of them you know month plus that I saw him. He wasn't exhibiting that on a regular base is in so. The the capacity to surprise you look at guys who who you look at the Jose but she says of the world. You look at the David Ortiz of the world. There is a reason why. Why scouting and player valuation remains such a drastic. Area for competitive advantage among different teams to my mind. I think he answers is actually simple and I think it's simple it always goes back to simple -- And no matter how big we think our example is it's never quite big -- No it. You know you think about that the period of struggle for James -- -- -- you know obviously you out of your -- there with the Dodgers. Struggled struggled with the red -- what was gonna happen it's your right but. If you think about that simple side in the context of Major League career. Not that it and then you think about his age. And it becomes a little bit more clear that there was still you know much more in the tank in May be situations played into -- well -- were. Matchup and now guys use is is really important factor here. And Iglesias was it was a pretty small couple I mean it in in in the larger -- of their reproductive Dustin Pedroia is start. Involved in an hour but I had a prior to cover -- of never forget this but I had a friend call me. Alex Cora should be. You appoint a debate that and as you know Pedroia. You know Monday. Alex Cora was hitting 400 and -- drew is hitting -- in 200. Right right and and obviously it but it got quite that simple but -- small but. But you know -- -- you can you can bring up Jackie Bradley. Spring training. And and how the people were disputes captivated by its story and fortunately we never remember how small -- And and you can eat but you can be it small simple. Because like you said earlier in the conversation there's so much on the block on all that competent way. That opportunity in. Consideration. That the more you can now look at baseball the Dutch shell and look it over a long period are the better you are making good prediction. But even taking a sample size into account I think that we have to always give people we we have to give people credit for the possibility of adapting and changing over time. People prospect you know in baseball or in other aspects of life and I think that it is I personally like to give people the benefit of the doubt about their ability. To adapt and you know a guy like Jose Batista. You know there was a pretty large sample size. He fundamentally Alter the mechanics of his way you know of -- he was creating this incredible. You know he secret -- this incredible timing mechanism that subsequently also involved. A really interesting change his wing pat. -- it meant that any time he was to make contact with the ball. It started creeping clout. There rhetoric did you -- literally change the trajectory of the ball off the -- out. You know where we're -- at one point the support. All the good so many more line drives not you actually. Although ball but it strikes well in the air space straight. Generally speaking there in the direction of of the short report of the ballpark not the use of the -- the ball out all over the place but. Your right it was a fundamental change made you know they bought that I'd go back -- You know my own ups and downs in my career and I remember. Adopting and adopting -- Time you know making changes that I thought were gonna pay dividends. That did not been in the mechanic that might sway. And then like dealing 2008 when -- I -- play that I think back to dominate and really -- idea ultimate. Obviously I never thought about the of the guys that you mention -- but certainly I I can vouch for. The ability to adapt and make adjustments and we do you wanna give players the credibly or rather than. Speculating on on what it might chip out if it got me. Great mechanically to. So getting back to the come by in question you know do you think did it do you think that baseball could ever have comparable utility. From a combined to way to what exist in. In football and you know if that was. -- why why hasn't that model translated to. Baseball or for that matter really to basketball where I guess you have some work out. Before drafts but again it's organized on the kind of team by team -- rather than a league wide base. The easy part of the question that -- you answer is why a baseball. Not but dot com and I think the answer to that question because. Baseball. Is generally resistant to change. And and at the blanket statement I would say that baseball is scared of change. Because we are so concerned about upsetting traditionalists and in baseball is an area where things are done because the way they've always been done. People are really right. Are getting a guy hurt just just as an example like oh we don't wanna bring players to a umpire because what if they get hurt. So -- sort of keep it dark about it that the -- side but when really bright people get into a room. And and they design a program like electric car by inference since they would do it right in it would work but I think the direct answer your question because it. Baseball resistant to change inherently. One thing that was suggested to me and talking with in front office executives about this. There's that some teams might actually see competitive advantage -- they believe in their doubts in their value later. I've been in their ability for instance to track medical's order -- makeup. Or even just -- physical skill. Then they might prefer not to have a kind of nationalized system in which in which everyone was able to see the same thing in the same setting. To meet personally. I think that's not because. I think that you know that the idea that you would have a competitive advantage still means that in all likelihood. The amount of data that's available he was less than it could be. So your decision making process should still improve. With just the other layer of information and whether or not others does as well -- to me. As an industry baseball should want to make better across the board decisions especially given the price of free agency. You know that if the advent of you know 150 million dollar long term contracts that sort of thing. With all of their with all their danger to me. If I'm baseball I'm try to do everything I can to get the best amateur talent into the game. Both because that's you know that's those are the players -- going to be the up and coming stars in many respects and if I'm if I'm the owners in the decision makers those are the guys were going to be saving me. A ton of money on various parts of the roster so that you can that maybe make investments in the veterans. We're going to cost you more money. Right -- you're you're all for one of what's best for baseball is what's best for everybody in baseball and I get and I also think. That been good about you readers will still shot I don't have or if you get all the great players in the courtroom to go to liters of tests. Those those folks those those organization that a competitive advantage. When those when those players are not in -- they will still have a competitive advantage in their in their detective work. In their value in their valuation work. And it in their data acquisition. So I don't think that in fact I think I probably -- -- -- don't don't even have a better competitive advantage because -- -- more. I think fit for a come for the purposes of a come by and so it didn't take all year you would probably need to have it be a limited segments of players so let's say the scouting bureau identifies. The top 100 to 200 guys. In in a given year's draft and then you have that opportunity with those biggest money investment in the draft to compare and contrast. In your case when -- when you think back to yourself as a -- What what team have seen and understood about you as a result of of being exposed to that kind of environment. That they didn't know that did you know that obviously they did not realize when you were on the board in the 57 round. Yet you know what I think I would I would perform very well -- I think that would. Appalled by it would you be a competitive advantage vs a guy that we -- and actually gifted baseball player which I was not. I was actually a good athlete. I had the ability to adapt to. Situation there in that goes those shovel that I mentioned and in the broad jump in the furcal beat I'd I would perform well in fact. My organization at the time the tigers. People the protests in the minor league and they were they were mandatory players that actually would not take the vertical test whether or not to the six yard dash that. -- brought those those words don't work mandatory and I did perform well. The big issue worked for me in the remote drop in the -- it's -- round. But that was in the very naturally gifted baseball. So you know when I got on the baseball field my actions. Work smooth easy all odds JD true. Orders some of the other you know really beautiful we -- -- Major League Baseball Bryce -- that's such. But when it came down just might my physical and athletic ability I was I would idle -- I think I would perform well. And in terms of but in terms of your experience of of stepping back and you have the opportunity to. To look at prospects both you know when you're for instance when you're on rehab assignment. As a Major League Baseball player you get a check and -- different levels of baseball players. You had a chance to -- as I said to manager at the level single which is a fascinating one by the way I mean. Every level of organized baseball is fascinating in its own way but as the entry point to full season baseball where guys are supposed to be able to start. You know just learning it oh yeah -- -- -- and approach to being a professional. How did that had putted in from from that vantage point. What did you learn about the relationship between. Between the drafts as a as an -- of mechanism hands. What an actual prospect looked like. Recruited question that it did so it's just because. The players that I was around during that time period and even the players that that we all now. You you try to evaluate them on an even playing field that you say well you know you're the first round pick. And -- a player that was drafted later in the drop. All that the exhibit its drop in the third round. Yeah actually run better he's a little bit more fluid impact the baseball little bit better and you know what he's a little sharper off the field. But we still you know we still pay more attention. To that first drop it. I personally would just wanna go on my eyes and rollout draft that at the I want I want to trust my instincts on what a Major League Baseball player book flights. It's laid back guy looked at a Major League Baseball player -- that -- does not look but the Major League Baseball player with out. The bias of having dropped out in my in my back pocket. If you a lot of players do and obviously you spend all a lot of your time WEB. And writing about. The Red Sox prospects in all the way through the system so what have you with. You know well I I do spend a lot of time writing about my don't get a chance to see them as much that were once so I don't think so I'm basing my judgment. On stats and I recognize how very very limited that is when you're talking about a single -- guy who's in Greenville. You know it can be almost irrelevant I always try to account for age age I think is so important in terms of figuring out you know play because baseball is is. He's such a mind game it's not just the ability to have those physical tools but at the ability to apply to over the course of a long season. The guys were on the who are on the kind of fast track and a learning curve -- that's always a great you know to me that always says okay. That that's kind of an immediate dividing line for. You know this guy is in a prospect that is what this guy is not yet no prospect status. If you say below the league average age in performing at a league average level or above. That tells me that he's you know he's got the mental process in the physical skill. To compete but. Getting your point of trusting one's eyes when my favorite conversations about that was actually with Craig Breslow to spring. -- talking about the nature of the market for left handed pitchers. And you know he said well. Cover that cover the nameplate you know let's just let's just throw that out the window. Not even not even a matter -- draft status -- You know and let you know let's just look at that career -- you know Craig Breslow. Has become one of the most consisted left handed pitchers in the game someone who has won the healthiest perennially. In the game and someone who you know every year was working with you know with roughly a three -- are better. His statistics compared favorably in many ways to that of a guy like -- Jeremy Affeldt. Nonetheless Jeremy Affeldt is a guy who was in line for kind of a three. Or twenty million dollar contract and Craig Breslow meanwhile was thrilled to get. His first ever multi year contract offer of his life in getting a two year deal that was you know that was I wanna it was like eight -- half something like that. In so to me you know even looking at those obvious operators. There's there's no simple mechanism because you know there is such a complex game. Did it doesn't necessarily do you know that doesn't mess I just reflect physical -- And it's pitchers in -- you you agree up front load apple. I don't think it had anything you're draft status and it had everything to do with that. It's been if you if you look at if you look at fell in -- you look at Brett -- blowing you. You don't want animal is is the lions and and the other animal you know is is is the German -- about that they're not that. The German -- not great but doesn't stack up well against the line. And so even though the German shepherd is is quite capable of but forms so. And for you know taking care of it's. So why in the just looks physically impose I think Jeremy -- -- is you know be a strong athletic. Hard. And then eventually you know was was pretty successful so effective rebel number -- well again. I thought that is interest people with more urgency is that people still the law. The line and they still ought to -- on the mound in and out and I didn't see as big a piece on the mound and in -- of -- airport. I'm willing to throw more money here. I mentioned to a study based on the job based on on -- form on the Foreman ability appeared in whether or not that plays into status Major League Baseball. You know I felt certainly you know had a you know if if Craig Breslow is not a clean -- one wonders if if the view of him -- -- -- difference. Opened their you know what -- is that sort of -- -- -- I think it appears is that you're pretty you know it's like extreme expert you're pretty extreme. But but I think there's -- there I remember. Randy Smith who was the general commander of the Detroit Tigers went out organization. Said that he load if you what you what you would doubt he -- to look up in the stand and look the girlfriend. The player that you would doubt it because she felt like is that there was over its. And out of the knock out girlfriend then that player was inherently Albany and not meant that -- -- four -- -- And and you ignited in an anecdote but it's good example. For you know what what GMC we all have a personal bias and and and in whatever that is it did -- and its impact I think the Jeremy I felt electric Rezko. Offered for I think. The good evaluate are they take everything. That is not quantifiable. A baseball field and it brought out the window of the bad ones they let their bicycle over. And to me when it comes to to come by and it gets back to the idea that weren't enough they -- an era and an age where -- league baseball people embrace information. They they do what they can't figure out what's useful and what noise in two separate the two the more information that -- more information available the better. So you know I think could anything to the idea of of a combine of of ways of addressing some of the questions that evaluate or might have that they might not be able to address. He came -- kind of limited windows. The one day that they have in the middle of in the middle of of the panhandle put something. I think that it would be really interesting if they could start addressing them. In some kind of a unified way. I need to -- -- it it would be exciting like Hewitt talked about what's good for for the game what's good for baseball you as we. Wore a truly international sport and a sport that is lifted up by the media and and tweeted about visitors in the social media world the more content the better and let's face it a calm -- in a Major League Baseball -- -- would be really cool call. If you just took -- the best amateur players in the country and and let them take about practicing got the right -- You know you double you double a lot of fun doing attitude -- Upright harper prospered without them physically compete in -- like -- view with the NFL com by you have to. You cool television -- that -- good for the team. It's a great point think about a -- and like how he became a YouTube sensation before any of the organizations. That have a chance to work him out but he just had this ridiculous work out video where he was like you know where it was like. Throwing up 500 pounds with like two guys sitting on his -- -- something in all of a sudden he became the hottest commodity in not in the offseason last year. Our content -- king and you know epic -- -- -- good -- well I'm here to god it did. You got that little mania thing going in Los Angeles that the only -- a couple of days apart of that out to do with with his athleticism and -- in uniform well. Take. It is that this actually in the articulate that far but it -- take you got plead that you would have been like doing at a public put you. He's gotten ridiculously tight short break. And and they they totally exposed them like animals and they probably do the same thing in baseball. And just you know exploit its sport players. But at the end of the day again good contest. You know really really reasonable share of all the up and clip and it would be good for the sport derivative -- OK so here's here's the counter argument at all thrown out and made this might be an interesting note to finish on but. Wouldn't that create like as as it doesn't NFL. This is the only time when you see these guys without their helmets on without their pads on so this is the human this is the human exposure to them. Does it create with that create a fetish is -- of musicality to the point where you know where you would start to where I come by and setting might focus too much on -- players. Raw physical strength. Rather than what he actually does on a baseball field I mean if a guy runs if a guy is Tom Brady you know the equivalent of a Tom Brady and look you know looks dumping here in the middle of his come -- pitcher does -- become more difficult to draft him where his where his on field Gil. Just he should go. Why don't make it more entertaining. Seriously if you think about it the body. I'd that we have been made it and you could go back in history and picked out economic and it's it's really difficult to name my name because you don't wanna make anybody feel bad but there -- some really funny. You know there's only -- -- out there. Are more than there aren't football and football you want to call. Pretty much every dot -- is for physically gifted even the big goal line and they've moved their bodies around really well in baseball we simply don't I mean they're there to be comedic element to it. That's expense. We just like we talked about Alex. The -- field of value waiters and the organization that were a little bit sharper and little bit better and were able to roll out. You know what maybe made double -- Both the one that would -- and the organization that were too caught up. And all he doesn't look good doesn't he doesn't move well and opened and he chose not to drop their paid on -- on my those organizations would offer. And and so that's why they you know the calm -- is it is in no brainer win win at some point from it. All right well actually wrap up on this question are you going to watch the draft tomorrow. I want to rapidly. I I you know have a lot going on Bob and I will find a way through to watch every moment would argue. Yeah well premiere -- you know for me this is this is like Super Bowl so I -- in IA I get totally carried away with. With the insane. You know over the top -- about a player at the moment of his being drafted and I say that about. About virtually all forty rounds of of the draft. I well I will pay attention to the very bitter end and figure out everything I can about these people. But yeah I Ivan I find it to be. Utterly fascinating to figure out what they're supposed to be what -- told they are. And then over time to have this you know this kind of idealized image that is it slowly take definition into real players. In that in my mind services such incredible reminder. Of how difficult sport baseball is in how you know kind of getting back to that question how will we ever be able to -- predict anything in my answer being no. Getting back to how how difficult how much it defies what we think players are in -- you know how. In that ninety in that died in that draft in which -- went in the 57 round looking at the number of guys who never played a game in the major leagues were taken in the first round you know is it. Utterly fascinating for me to see that full arc starting with that moment. Yeah I don't at all LB view. Only Hewitt. If you remember one thing tomorrow or what's in the drop this Tom Brady is -- The couple have been seriously. What got a drop it in the sixth round -- -- awful. In in the call by that relate to the the forty yard. It's just it's got the coolest thing about it if you'd have to watch it before you have to watch every round yet. These -- forty. Yeah but you have to block off forty rounds because you don't know who's going to be operate. And that's the beautiful thing about sports is it -- it always keeps it can't wait for tomorrow. Good stuff thanks so much for joining Dave really appreciated. It. Okay that's all for this morning but check back tonight. As after the draft will be offering as much information as you can possibly stand. About the draft as it unfolds thanks for listening everybody.

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