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Larry Lucchino on the state of the Sox

Jun 6, 2013|

Larry joined the show to discuss the first place Red Sox. He told the guys it is difficult to compare the toughness of a baseball player versus that of a hockey player.

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Our number three Dennis and Callahan Sean portal join us at 905. Larry Lucchino coming right up the front office report. Is brought to you by Salem waterfront hotel the marina and by celebrity cruises that morning Larry how -- Hey good morning. And the -- and new England sports and just. I did not. Yeah I try to stay out for the first overtime met for the first after the advertisement that was that I can take. Good. My daughters stayed open it into consideration. Any studies done or theories about whether other teams in town. A success helps or hurts you. -- -- that actually quite the. Quite a lot of thought and given that by sports senior stepped. And it's so delighted to kids as you might expect doesn't think that we we help each other by creating a yet. Climate that the fans can enjoy identify listen. And one team's success spills over to another. And then of course there's the polar opposite which says we compete with each other for and and and -- and and it's and not. Not a good thing I -- put myself in the first camp I think people enjoyed sports get the exhilaration that victory -- sensitive pride. Enjoyed it this -- at the ballpark in the arena. And spillover from from Swansea into another Sinaloa. Now we are. We're happy for the -- success and I'm kind of startling about it to be. Between Dubai carrier IQ players and so your body or on this morning and got that sounds -- drinking -- Asia -- Drinking -- well -- -- game we -- to. Those exit -- occupy there. It -- keep -- -- it did not get the the way you say that. What makes you think he's soft and a delicate spoke around a little bit -- all bark and bite. Soft did you. -- joy do you buy into the comparison of hockey player a vs baseball player and toughness and get back on the field. I do actually have by and the toughness of hockey players although I think there -- a lot of talk baseball players up there. To be sure but there's some there's something in the culture. Hockey. That -- it encourages it to a game by game player by player. And I think it's a really admirable. Everything. -- do you wait we talked earlier about Ellsbury and get the updates and tells me and Victor Reno who are still out -- and the number that they gave it was -- gave the 80% to you know the it was a federal Reno -- said eight they wanted to be over 80%. -- healthy order of 80%. There is that sound right to you or would you Larry I think that that's a little being a little too cautious. You know that says it is individual questions to be cured and -- protect him but different sports here there is a kind of precision and the net. The baseball. There requires. One type of physical and athletic skill. And there's and another two to football or hockey which we which of course among other things so he may be able to perform. Days in one sport and perhaps start to perform and another with the same kind of injury. I see in the paper this morning that -- the DL may be considered for Ellsbury is that a possibility. Are -- the same thing and and yes it's very it that's our medical decision -- so the timing decision. But I do think that the dismissal of forethought and. By temper problem. Yeah they 13 of the way through the season actually little more than that Hoosier MVP not named Clay Buchholz. Boy that's hard to say because is that teams come together so well so many different elements of contributed so well. But doesn't force me Nancy that. He got against. Dustin Pedroia. Tremendous amount of credit playing at every game -- -- He contributes. On the defensively offensively. As debate speechwriter as a guy who sets the sets the tone for the club policy and it in many ways David Ortiz is hard to overlooked it and yet important performance so -- -- for shorter period of time. I hate to have to vote to vote on that adversely I don't have to. Pedroia has a hockey mentality does he not to put -- sport. Yeah he does seem to play baseball and football player hockey player's mentality that that's true. And the it does set the tone and the other guys -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well. And that way as well Johnny -- comes to mind that's for sure victory you know what they've never seen -- law heated water entering. Have you hold that you don't have any guys on the bio Genesis list. No not any formal sense. There's still an ongoing investigations so. I think as they do reaching conclusions about where is that the publicly because commodity. Of Florida did not have any players. Name the -- sucks that I connections. Is this ultimately good or bad for baseball. And all the publicity is not good but but what's going on the investigation by -- -- It's there's that element of both in there I don't mean to be actively got them both sides of this issue but -- I mean it's unfortunate that there is this scandal. That's. Obvious it's the world but it does demonstrated kinda continuing. Determination on baseball's part time to work. -- it not a very excited for something different there is. Be deep problems solved there. The commissioner and the players association are determined to sort of come down hard. And two and to deal with this is these issues and in a forthright way. And I think the message that it was sent to other players is that. This is for real guys that it -- these guys liked -- anymore you know -- done on both try to stalled peace dubbed Yahoo! is gonna try to cheat the system. But the start to demonstrate to -- shot -- in any good cop and punished as severely I think that is a positive thing for baseball. And end. When when this all on full it all unfolds. We've do you think we're looking at a whole bunch hundred game suspensions this could be bigger than Balco correct. I don't know I -- I don't know because this that they so much of what I've heard it's been restricted to newspapers increased -- based on a it's something that because is still ongoing investigation. The understandably reluctant to say here's where here's where we are. But I do think they've -- involved in the number of players allegedly involved. Does give it a certain size and magnitude that -- That would have reverberations I think. In some of those quite positive and in terms of -- the enforcement aspect to demonstrate. Larry does the A-Rod contract in fiasco fall into the category of some the best deals you ever -- -- didn't do. Yes thinking about that yet and they did in many ways. -- want to take that position because of that links time remaining on a contract different northern regions. The you know we were we were pretty eager hand. 0304. To win we came so close you know Portland 92 games in in in our first year that we've Austin barked in that -- Aaron -- to peck debacle. It goes through group determined to do whatever we could increase their payrolls significantly. We were looking everywhere for a talent ticket helpless -- -- -- over the top. And so we we had a we had a real. Keen interest. And A-Rod and his contributions -- But now -- -- we -- more than ten years later and it does. Look very different today it'll deter any obligations that the Yankees have that contract. And these circumstances that they are itself. Shall we say these days it's. It does look like now we -- right direction. In your estimation what do you think the yankees' chances of voiding that contract will be if they wanna go that direction Blair says they're gonna try real hard to do that. I don't know if China to -- by labor lawyers have to -- and there's an argument -- it is it says if the it's collective bargaining agreement provides for the protection of the clubs in terms instructed. Batters the club can't go out and seek its own individual. Remedy for drug related matters and it's a collectively bargained. A system that does that governs all solo you know I get about the total labor lawyer. To know if such a principal holder there are exceptions so that did not apply here but. Stationary menu and I hear you and your favorite does sports lawyers have been a more informed opinion. Hey let's -- sports metrics questioned up. You put stock in the run differential is is that a useful metric in your mind because your third in Major League Baseball. Yet something we talked about for years here I think it in terms of runs scored I think we -- legal legally -- and scored. And at least they were there and just so I know we're we're a program which topic -- You know it's so that we focus on at the start of the year and hasn't gold that we -- for. -- is and keeps us. Metrics firm and mind. Larry thanks for the time that it is successfully talked down the road what is -- -- this Iraqi -- socially good okay well well well. Which which couple all the -- who were denied. -- seriously retired players yes. That's -- to -- we ask Jackie Bradley junior we ask the people that ball not available on the day off video don't stay up on Monday after their day off after their nail art here after their dale that they -- get this -- -- Luigi Trenton event. OK guys thanks very much on the front -- reporters brought to you by the sale of waterfront hotel and arena and -- -- cruises.

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