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Bobby Orr this Bruins team better than the cup winner

Jun 6, 2013|

The great Bobby Orr joined the show to discuss the teams big double OT win in game 3. Bobby was in a great mood this morning as his client Nathan Horton continues his great postseason.

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We begin our number two Dennis and Callahan with the easiest trivia question of all time what do Mohammad Ali. Michael to Jordan Jack Nicklaus. Babe Ruth and Bobby your all -- common. -- that's an easy one -- get it I would say they're probably the greatest of all time exactly Bobby Orr joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Robert how are you. You've seen a lot of hockey over the years would you agree the last night qualifies as -- is that classic. It. Seeing I mean you go back to a drawn -- series. And is this this is the same team that -- what that they do the. What did they do we're gonna ask you that Bobby. Absolutely amazingly. You know they didn't play gradient strong within minutes the last game it's unbelievable comeback. It's a little better history is this series. And there are. They're playing as well loudly that it allowed them and they. They're completely dominated Pittsburgh and if you look at it's Frontline bill. Crosby field and it's zero. There'll there'll points. Overall. It is unbelievable. Where. When the big guys against their big. In the brewing guys there that are supposed to score scoring. Duke as the number -- such -- this this I don't know I don't know what happened is that the got a load of the coatings double play. Aside. Duke aside can do one technically how they've scored two goals and 250 minutes. What liberal is done to keep them the Pittsburgh Penguins were popular. Obviously I mean going into the series. Is that Donald -- of the defense. Offense that it didn't and -- had to give Pittsburgh a little. The list of office that. Like god it's it's just the same -- playing unbelievable hockey there there. There and and -- -- officers as well while the Bruins are applicable. They're all over the like giving him any true. And when they get those chances to become -- for the it's it's a team effort. -- -- right order urgency as it. Was a -- did last night I mean. I mean they're reporting management broke one right he's. Obviously was obtained but he he happening now that the team that's extremely. Of we wouldn't. We -- what was that me and others like and this famous comic character and character. You know Bobbie it's -- the point now I'd be surprised if they don't win it all be surprised if they don't end up with a cup and in a couple of weeks. You feel the same way does this look like a couple hundred. I mean -- excellently detonate the way they're playing right now I mean LA or Chicago in. The biggest series of me going and as sensitive to simply take a lot to build site guys yeah I knew this via. It. After three and other famous. -- -- I mean if you're going to win I mean he. If your if your defense to play you played that your scores you score after score I mean -- Pittsburgh. -- historic there he's not playing very volatile does not playing well. Others they should it be that everybody. On the -- team. Top to bottom are doing what they're supposed to -- it. And I -- -- I mean I like the other against anybody being mean I think about it they were lovely it is the way they're playing right now I think they're better they're better team or. What is the most impressive aspect of their game in your mind seen since since game seven of Toronto. I mean the most surprising is that the guys that the use every -- -- this posted. Mean velocity has seen -- -- -- about scoring and did that because Cara I think it was a big guy I think is -- is best director and play. I mean those -- against the Pittsburgh it took it in services. Terrible play so their defense -- I mean there there move in the part documentary mean if they're playing with. Solid game. Changing everyone's doing their job. The key to your job that's what's happening and I. I don't know. But it's not too quickly here but get this sort overlook policy. They're -- play -- -- you know looking as if they get to the finals should. Chicago LA. I I I I can see it and not. If they're playing better now they weren't 2011 is Rask playing better now than Thomas was in 2000 -- at least at that level. I think he's -- that level yet absolutely have what I think going into the play out to. You know with Thomas -- Two it was well put in the position of putting the position is that to yes. You know two years ago we talked to ray Bork and I think we asked you about this before he said to us. The Chara is a better defensive defensemen and either he was. You wore -- no question. That that the no question I mean not -- I mean the two games go back injury -- what -- do in Pittsburgh it was. -- was. Reach you know plays against those big guys but he's. Much better defense of these as I. Really even if I can if you put your mind to promote big perimeter. It is what Campbell did the valor you showed dupers teammates -- that the big that they raised their game they after that. To oh actually I mean. Statement that it would look at the truth that Pittsburgh lineup. In and and though is that -- times during my game last even for a mean. That -- not until the power -- eagle. Think about it a twelfth right that power plays W it's it's incredible what they're doing and when Lincoln was certain. And in and in. Tried to stand up and and tried to stay in the play him there were blowing it -- can upload their -- it was awful conflict so. As but he did was incredible certainly gave -- -- -- fans appreciated. -- Is it possible we have overrated Crosby because you know coming in the greatest player in the game today. I I don't think I'm on my -- guys I don't think -- -- -- -- I think he's had a tough time. You know from the concussion to the broken John. Let's let's let's let's not go there I mean. Again you know we're gonna talk about. Popular what you're talking about I don't I don't agree with at all what can be overrated in this very much doing that a president -- Let's let us what was once you do. They're they're not giving 11 inch. You wanna play tough. You know if the reported there. Had a there's every player that's supposed to. Whenever the players practiced. That players is is playing well it's it's it's this wonderful we'll watch and -- defense. While. Because we -- very -- Here to your groups are present need to -- yes we do when you and I hearsay that was so she heard -- take a short I think it right now. Is it what. Does he want -- back to Boston next year. He loved Boston. Well there's definitely see it but what a but he does these things of that here. It loves the players. Now -- again let's let slip a little. You know it's a double edged sword with -- with Gordon and crew chief for that matter they look great. Why don't they look great all the time what. What it would have been if they gotta do it -- You wanna go to war with those guys look at their playoff record I mean I think. They're going to. -- overseas and they're going to have. They're gonna score goals but if you go back and look at the a look at their playoff in the playoff -- mean look what they've -- well this. And I think that these guys these are guys that. You know when you get it about -- series. Mocking there there's there's livable there and you look at their one and two of the story -- And that's that's what you want to if you look at both those players -- pretty good. The old adage defense wins championships applied this team that seems like the best of the good -- -- your hockey guy John. A group that the absolutely I mean it. I mean look at the Bergeron checking yes and underscored. A that's special but it pretty good. You know it's a hockey coach front month -- the key to hockey. Is the ability of your best players to operate in small spaces and when you play the Bruins this Bruins team though space is getting even smaller. It's well and giving them they're like. And given him an inch into. It's really really nice there's there's there's all and I and I go back. Watching miniature grocers would. Be shortened. And which do you play with with its feet but what did you -- -- But they've they've answered the -- later they're playing. -- the big question is. If Chicago advances. This'll be to those of -- to former teams. With which got which team you root for that and that. Cute cute yeah you can't even -- -- -- but but I'll -- you -- could you. You guys or. You have any pictures of yourself and -- -- -- I don't know one can be. On the wall home now now -- beautiful. Rogers I don't have -- -- on the wall but I had wannabe. True. If you're frustrated -- this morning looking for game. The next game what are you telling yourself -- So myself we're not gonna fidelity and they're not mean -- that that final game for any team is normally. I mean. The first play better last night and they -- first two games. You know they had their chances of who it was would have 53 shots and think yeah we'll leave them in favor it very well but again. And had a couple close relative couple also and also leave so that they're not gonna get nominees that I gonna -- there's. They won't. Were you in the building last night. Where did it did it take you back to a seventy and 72 do you feel that same kind of energy raining down on that team is built on yours. I we've got to do great the building I -- I I I can. I could sit there. We pretty. Relaxed about the game. About the Bruins. And I love to see the success but I don't problems. Bobby thanks of the time good cash and up with the. Gentlemen good luck with Lanny today. Was what Lanny last night or debating with you this morning. Elena Clarkson called him a little bit that's yeah. And you look forward to being it is so nice guys thanks Bob you talked down the road.

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