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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Pens were "stunned" by Bruins

Jun 4, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to recap the Bruins dominating Game 2 win over the Penguins. He said the Pens were shocked by how strong the Bruins were and thinks Bylsma will go back to Fleury.

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For reliable for the Boston. Blue Jay did a great kid Patrice Bergeron took an onslaught of skill and all the. Now the onslaught continued last night's 61 your final tune nothing series league game three. Set for Boston tomorrow night as -- Brian. On the game last night the first joining us on the ATP hotline. Just heard his voice or body Pierre McGuire NBC sports. Appearance -- nothing the road team has won two games were surprised about a lot of things. What's the biggest surprise to you in these first 2 games penguins bruins' Eastern Conference final. That the Boston Bruins have dominated. One in four games and dominated the second half full one other game they've outscored. Pittsburgh nine wanna pick up the biggest surprise for me. I just watching and on Rasheed being there is watching their defensive domination of the burn. They've been able really. Are shut down the star player to Pittsburg on my side because it. Thought she -- deserve to be in this position may have been about working there's anybody. I don't care -- the biggest district and our -- world. There you know or you can say that your genes in the better team ministers are -- -- has been the better. We are gonna admit I'm shocked of like the panic in the frustration out quickly came about I felt that there was that the end of the second period in game one and -- a post up and earlier I felt like the the -- which came on when the drop the puck in the first period like there were down three nothing and a third. -- -- that they were selling out the offensive zone there was no help defensively at all. You know blog brought that up on a broad church and I'm glad to -- it looks slow entry which your whole heartedly agree with you. The one thing is the frustration that we received during the this year not get rid of that put. -- -- Chicago and a lot stronger record up three games to one to be trade. Nurturing -- especially their star players and also. -- -- Patrick and it found a -- -- Christmas that frustration eventually -- -- the -- and that game and overtime winner -- -- -- dollars you're dying out and you guys can be more radical these nail this thing. I will tell you this initiative on the broadcast in game one and I know a lot of people could go to quote -- announcement earlier. He had made a huge difference in this series so far. The second TV timeout in the second here to game one -- -- on the bench interviewed him he is written into -- game. About their identity about where the play of the public at Yankee treatment centers. There recipe for disaster they keep doing that I mean he was put all the great point out there. After that are now after that interview control and you bet he's totally flipped the switch. Well we're playing -- -- thought they were playing really well. It's amazing you bring up by vanity and -- brings up panic I. You've seen this team play all year the way that they came out that first game like they want to be more physical the year I just think that. Forget panic for a second I think from a mental standpoint they knew the Bruins are physical team report ever reason is that -- -- we're summoning the organization. Their idea was let's try to Matt -- the beginning of the series being physical and I'll let the best way for the penguins to play forget panic but it's not their way. You know what's interesting about -- it is learned that last last year to Philadelphia to try to do the same thing with Philadelphia last year. And they got banged on each -- for a structure with Crosby both for sure it sure looked -- -- the pressure that you would look thank. You know a lot of the banks are right now we sure tried to address perpetually brother Brenden Morrow actually brought in college try to broaden YouTube -- actually brought -- -- coach Larry. Older players chicken -- -- able light situations that there were negative kind of a playoff run. Hasn't worked so far in this round -- see again I look at this level one caveat everybody I did the last chute between Detroit Chicago. And there was so much frustration on the Chicago -- who are unbelievable. They were bolting down before everybody dies in the major role reversed it and eventually won the series. Anything can happen but the battle to really here to be in the position they're getting better went out. Be curious decision your game 30 -- when we goes with in net and and vocal and it's all -- momentum thing flurry doesn't look -- has looked sharp throughout the playoffs but. If flurry is his guy does he try to does -- stick with them to go back -- open your mind. You all -- crack. Weirdest part about that you're here -- her line -- thought that I I'd be surprised you impeccable -- now. I think he's got to try to go with the guys who helped get into areas I mean European at a date common -- and has won a Stanley Cup he has won the world championship it has a lot of Stanley Cup. Obviously worried. -- a very popular teammate he's been in the penguins' organization. 2003. Were overall draft pick -- -- he's been with a lot of these guys accountable. Hardened old player from the group -- up. Will -- of being terrorists in decision but I'd be surprised that they -- the -- -- well. We're talking appear McGwire NBC sports you mentioned frustration for the penguins after two games specifically. Sidney Crosby -- only one time during the year -- did he go back to back games pointless that was back in February just on the first two games of the series. Without registering the point what are the Bruins doing the UC along the ice there. It's been so frustrating to what a guy you called him a top five player you've seen during -- hockey career. All for all treat bird. Your job to get some results we get a lot of memory -- pretty good period Marcia at a normal choose. Sure has been outstanding and think everybody would agree that. On Seidenberg and very attractive they basically enveloped -- and abnormal battle what kind of Trace. I showed video clip -- that montage of all the different. Situation just bought truly put a beating -- It's a lot lately trait was doing a job occasional rounds that are reluctant to good game plan is working really well particularly history. He's not a whole lot of room to move and because of that kind of treated. I was curious your thought he would -- cities up just a Chicago -- turn that thing around. What exactly can you pinpoint one or two things -- Pittsburgh needs to do its largest composure panic not know what what is that they're gonna turn thing around. Personal upturn in the October girl on the eternal racial short true -- shut the -- start winning shot to get wiped out -- -- situation. And it's again it's what I thought he'd get about since the beginning that Jeter took -- -- at that. And fortunately in Ricci Kelli Bergeron Campbell who can always draws in a -- you can put covered leader and he can win drugs so. I'll play it's going to be important turnover ratio gonna be really important. And somehow someway to Pittsburgh if you're -- -- and you got to find a way to generate more power play opportunities. If you're not moving your feet you're not dominating the plot is not trying a lot of penalties and that are not doing either of those two thanks so they need to get back in the partly but. -- management journal -- turn -- ratio a huge attribute are -- and again -- structure. They have been the better team they have been really well coached and they deserve to be where there ought to not put in the years. Andy Berkeley -- what he always talks about the will to win and it teams will win but you guys did a good job at it in in Milbury between periods last night showing that. They Pittsburgh didn't have that early on I don't wanna use the word quit. But did you feel late -- game that they sort of said you know what we don't have this let's let's pack -- in try to get him in game three -- I think they were gone more than -- I think they were actually done they took a huge. Rate prostrate in the face. And they did not respond to Marcia outscored the start that came in the first shot on goal and -- scored the last minute. You know what the quick snapshot. Which quick straight up and beyond belief and I think that -- -- on top of the first period they had no response in the second period there was not there. And that they're they're actually now permanent. I really think that opening play of the game where Crosby as a plucked out over there. -- and -- a -- race which were realized all shocked that any more than any -- the trick where I think they were actually stunned and shocked. It's hit it -- like you guys are shocked you know every Eddie -- document forty putting but let me get that fifth goal with six go to doctors -- -- it's another goal -- Does though beautiful pass beautiful goal boy -- a beautiful shot you've got to -- stunt it was well travelled from from into Boston now. You know -- I'm like I've known -- control on and watch them growing. Wouldn't surprise that they did with the Rangers obviously what period was due to problems stuff of legend. There's a heart there their social there's. There's a -- trashing I think I told you guys just after the trousers clearly bought and strong when you -- where there Gretchen she's the -- -- strong. Sweater and the doorway of the structure Atlantic the began locked by that every day. Additional ought to be suitable picture here that he bought about where to represent the city -- Boston. At a ball -- particularly games there watching games there's a lot of these like emotion matters a lot arts sport and there's a lot to be suitable -- strong. Here two years ago the Bruins at least in the cup run seems that we were just here we flip on. The on the microphones here at 10 o'clock news Tim Thomas Tim Thomas for the first hour is slop around it was flashy it was she was outstanding. Took arrest meanwhile isn't exactly flashy doesn't exactly flop around all the time seems like he's always in position he's quiet. It probably doesn't get enough credit so that we talk but everybody else he's been outstanding as well. Del marsh and in my interview with a shift to -- that I asserted against the Euro. He was really -- -- game one he was a beauty had to be handed to you did make some pitches early on but. I would agree with you you know -- the biggest thing achieved anchor -- able we showed the wind -- Hillary flopped around all over that we showed how stable. And how structured draft isn't actually in the biggest difference -- could really -- structured and really solid ball. Go back to Saturday night for sect because we we talked to couple times heading into the big game itself and and Matt -- came up and he told a great story. About -- -- now Mac cook and -- got to be different. -- the air the hit on Adam aquae it was classic predator Mac cook I hated every second of it it's why I think a lot of us in this area have a hard time believing. He's changed your expanded thoughts on that hit in the NHL. Get it right or wrong by not suspending him additionally after kicked out of that game for game two. Well I didn't electric initiative that the -- -- like -- -- I showed what he did to Marc Savard. And we had to replay -- and I was worried that some like that would happen and so they're not a lot of TV crews are gonna have that recall ability like our guys it's a good on them. I didn't like it may have been like to play and I thought it -- back kind of penalty flag came I didn't think supplemental discipline current active militia quote Giuliani said the same thing. Didn't battle it needed to be suspension America in particular. But again due to double -- shortcut you know you don't like ticket that you put on -- cook. On the Quaid the Pittsburgh didn't like it Marcia and put online. I am here I'd like Gideon are thought it was it was right at that level. Now that was right there and I didn't like that it either most of -- trying to -- Is there would control a mile per kilowatt relative bad debt and so. Anyways no suspension -- do you think everybody's kind of click on double secret probation on another one of those would be particular suspension. Yes I did a great job of just bringing the attention of the Bruins stick play defensively I thought game one that I carried over in game two. And it's been I think a big difference defensively of kind of breaking up those say 101 moves are trying to beat defenseman they've been great that. You know -- an unbelievable watched -- grow as a defensive core and whether Johnny boy checkered Dennis Seidenberg. Young Cory Kruger when he was in their -- cal last year -- and our parents they all do the same thing they've played tremendous one on one defense. They have very active stick in on a blocked shot and it's kind of setup to look forward now if you watched the fort down there get in the lane they're doing a great job chop block and they're they're they're forcing most -- so. It's been on the watch the extreme the ball and the young ones you'll -- It all comes from -- start return and mature and return to start Bergeron out front. And -- Bergeron front they're just a tremendously -- -- they're very well let. Air is always great stuff we'll forcing you here in Boston for game three tomorrow night travel staples C at the garden. I think come visiting with you guys on Thursday in the. We also look at all love that officials -- beautiful we didn't officially gone that's going to be all these forward to that. I can't wait mentally you're sort of visibility guys picked up perhaps now (%expletive) -- tomorrow. Not here McGwire NBC sports joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT speeds. Of the ten times faster in the three -- ATT everything possible to -- did you know that Thursday I knew there was some chance and a week Joey pistol a surprise you guys cleared up. And it was shot a shot I'm not here and you guys make big decisions that well. Cut an ordinary yesterday I don't know where you are -- by TC yesterday TC -- ST CO gala they -- consolidated Dan good.

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