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Barry Pederson of NESN on the Bruins big game 2 win

Jun 4, 2013|

Barry said that Nathan Horton's play has been superb and that Rask has not skipped a beat. He added that he is surprised at how poorly the Penguins have played in the first two games.

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Two down. Two wins back to Boston. Eric Peterson joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- how are you good morning guys a little bit shocked to what I do with -- let's just say that that's racist -- that's exactly where I wanted to go my first question besides the 61 final score what shocked you the most about the nature last night's game to -- Powell bill prepared the Pittsburgh Penguins looked at the right from the opening face off a volley game to repeat more that says if what they have -- days off to prepare. They watch the Vancouver series with the the year the Bruins when the company said to themselves will look we're not gonna let them vote yes also took a lot. Let's make sure the weeks are running around. And it did be physical to show that -- not to be pushed around but the can be completely forgot to play their game and work hard do the little things -- and of course when you have. Are bad -- pity that also breaks the spirit so they are not heading in the right direction say the least. So is that it over oversimplification. To say Pittsburgh desire to hit the Bruins. As much as they possibly can. Is is taking them away from their offense and actually making it easier for the Bruins to play defense. Yeah I think thought that it brought to the ones that have had the puck possession of me and they have. I can -- out of the you know two games in Pittsburgh I can't think of a shift where they had sustained pressure. On the Bruins and Iran where you can you predicament vice -- the Bruins have been all over. Pittsburgh there ended -- but what you kind of expected going into this series especially. In Pittsburg. I don't think they got to the wrong. Start in game one where they may look rattled they looked like they were very fragile. Whining and complaining about called even yesterday you could see that -- -- things -- side they were jumping all over the line and that the linesman made mistakes and they look like they're not focused and they're looking at the wrong thing consider themselves. What did you think of us Sidney Crosby before the series and and for these two games -- what do you think of him now. There. While he's I would put people via multiple from the same categorized when you're talking about these two to me you're talking with the two best players -- national popular. Right now more by not talking the world when you sit there you look now. You're talking to a few players that have lost their direction it looked like here they're on focused. There are I think setting bad examples for their teammates in the sense that they're not working hard. I don't do hard enough we saw a lot that a number of applied by the situation where they had chances to a stop. Do the little things that you need to do to win championships so they've lost their focus to their direction. They've got to get that back that they're the ones that the team is going to be looking to hear game three to kind of help turn things around -- Think happens tomorrow night I know -- none of us knows a god knows we don't know would no one sock who would happen last and no one saw that come and what do you think is common tomorrow night. I have no clue I mean I I was there watch a -- I don't know what you guys but. Every time the Bruins went up one nothing to look at a Pittsburgh gonna come right guys you better be able to occupy Europe to happen. Boy you better they'll hold different attacks because this looks ejected dark don't count Pittsburgh out now I can count them all up to the first goal. So I I don't know what to X. How would you -- I've begun to think that first goal is key and actually end it because they -- just not that good front runners I don't think and but they've shown they will quit they can quit. Bros -- up one or two goals. Are we talk about a sweeping. Well I think the other problem here is to is that. You can't underestimate. What bad goaltending goes to the human spirit on the ice -- and it -- out the other side what rafts bolt getting it done for the Bruins to wrote the year throughout the playoffs. Whenever they'd make a mistake. The Bruins they feel that -- there. To back them up now Pittsburgh in that mindset of a little bit vicious little negative loop that if they make a mistake it's in the back of the -- For my money the more shocking aspect was I expected to see a lot more desperation having lost game number one and they do talk about the penguins. They couldn't lose game two and come down to Boston a come up to Boston. Down 02 I expected more desperation I expected them to pull out all the stops expected much -- of -- compete level. After Marsha -- Watergate seconds into -- we didn't see any of that. Now I totally agree and you along with that comes. Comes to focus some discipline. That in the eighties the fourteenth in the playoffs that it won the last four cups Pittsburgh when they wanted to copy of that tremendous goaltending from flurry of -- Malkin and Crosby were. Were doing their their thing especially welcome anyone Conn -- that year. That's the situation to me where I'm so shocked to what -- witnessed last night I mean you guys have watched a lot of games you talk a vote. The first minute or two of a period how important that is especially -- the last minute or two over a period. The first period they let point eight seconds into the game. They -- -- down one not okay now we're back on the heels they score a goal was daughter with under a minute left to go if they go all here's the momentum coming their way. That would nine seconds left to go in the first period to allow another goal in the third period 27 seconds into. You're you're sitting there is the Bruins -- OK let's get off to a decent start for one all of a sudden Bergeron -- game over and it's just. It did it just can't believe what I witnessed. Is is a turnover by your superstar that leads to a goal plug in my Crosby in marsh them there. More devastating to a team's psyche -- -- just say irrelevant old dialect of Italian corporate did -- you look at crowd music I got our best player just did that we're down one nothing. I'm not necessarily sure if it's the man who makes the mistake I think maybe it's how you respond to it and there was no response afterwards from your leaders. But the situation where you you know yeah we all make mistakes the puck was bouncing guys got caught with a bad pinch. Might pilot pen early on. Because that Crosby's back there are backing him up. But -- those things we go to the bench it's like got story guys they've you know that was my fault I -- you one. And then the guys what you the next -- -- to go out there with your effort. Trying to turn things around to try to show guys they don't worry about this we're still -- -- game just didn't see any push back at all from anybody on Pittsburgh when it came to that aspect. If -- the penguins who starting in net tomorrow night. I gotta go flirt. It's like I think it's -- -- -- After Iran when they went down three nothing lead in the first game and I doubt Rick afterward with a real surprised that they didn't poll. The -- at that point -- kind of felt. No because he really had done anything you know wrong what is if you let a bad goal but my feeling all along that started with the islanders we talked about it. On the broadcast. When you put Makoni said. He was probably obviously good enough to win a series or do what he good enough. To take you to the top. Blurry and out the play his game he's proven in the past he can -- -- right now he is blocked his game mentally as well. But I think the only hope you have -- where. And Nathan Horton obviously have a good -- your post season. Is he playing himself out of Boston has an unrestricted free agent is he gonna cash in somewhere else. But he could mean that could be a situation where especially the salary cap coming down this may be some other teams out there that may be looking at gonna depend on. -- compliant buyout that was available and so forth but the way he's playing right now and again he's been doing it in big game after big game a lot like David -- she -- During the playoffs backed -- -- was playing great -- got hurt obviously with a concussion. So he could be one of those players that you're gonna look at. There we look at the concussion history -- be looking at Bolick of the -- track of all the other little things report. In big games he has been their for the Bruins when they needed. What is very at the beginning of the year played some really excellent hockey they look like the best team in the National Hockey League they're doing it again now I believe since the seventh game. Of the Toronto series what's the scoring -- 3031. To a lab 3211 saves for the Bruins since the Ford want it was four to one obviously they come -- remember that right. 3111 since then is just the best hockey they played all year including the beginning and are on fire. He had it does I think it's better and I think it's better because again we've been talking about it remember you guys ask me to begin the year when they weren't quite difficult Sylvia -- what -- gonna take what you've. You're starting to see it. And I think what they've even done better than they did their cup run. In the cup -- they relied so much and Tim Thomas they weren't able to create the offensively got down one nothing to collect OK the game's over let's go to the next game and they go for the didn't have a power play. They weren't able to have pot possession now to me the most impressive thing with them. If they got up one not a they got up to nothing that we thought OK here comes Pittsburgh will blocked and never let him back because they had the puck the whole time the defense were jumping into the play. -- stayed aggressive you know we can't we let -- pick in the Crosby of Balkan we're gonna be the offset those stars because. The Bruins played so well defensively it's been great hubris or outline of the stole those things offensively. -- looking to be elected a Pittsburgh Penguins. Is that -- best game last night -- -- since he joined this team giving. Yeah I think so I think not only could the two assists but to me the little things he thought he made them make better decisions with the -- not turning it over. You want someone on one battles along the boards he was -- on you don't a couple of goals. -- -- -- what does better it would have a better chance of that but they can struggle a little bit last night but -- played better in game one. But we plot to blow. They're gonna need either Sagan or yarder to pick it up in this series to help outline and right now it's been yarder. Was there any doubt in your mind when marsh and second goal answered those shutters goal to make a 41 -- it was over that point at the end of one. Yeah was there any doubt -- what some don't like just because I just kept waiting for Pittsburgh. The comeback in the shows some -- and the life and a and never ever did. As if I was shocked that it -- behavior of these it's the second period. 45 minutes into the game that you had seven shots on goal in year old building. You're getting booed out of -- old building in the Eastern Conference finals that's not what I expected -- -- last time. Is there a chance that he would pull. If -- if he stays with Fleury tomorrow -- three and up and down for nothing Jersey eleven -- them for injury. Oh I think he goes to the best thing that you've got to play every game if he gets off to a bad start if he was the start -- You've got to try to give your team the best chance to win. And a lot of times you know you're gonna make big changes not because the goalies playing -- with the trying to wake remotely -- what he tried to do last night was to maybe. It harris' team a little bit page guide. Can you help Portugal that are a little bit please put flurry -- the things that just keeps on -- roll. -- if you're mobile's not do you what do you say let's hitting. Do you make an adjustment that way and say let's let's try to play -- often try to get some pucks past Tuukka Rask left sitting less taking the body lets see if we can play penguins style of offense. -- I don't I don't play I would rate to -- hitting but I don't want them -- out of my way to trying parades. Subdue the -- it's not there. As you can see a lot of gold when you watch the replays a lot of it happened because Pittsburgh. Would run all the way across the ice to a guy who had complete control the pot yeah he would make one -- would be like two or three of them. And the Bruins would go the other way. For the Bruins have arm are beating the languages are playing control. Smothering team defense which is their bread and butter Pittsburg has got to get back to playing their game which is puck possession which is. Look what the Bruins are doing is taking advantage of mistakes but one of the things that make the -- so difficult to play against when they're playing their game -- they do not beat. Themselves they protect the puck very well they don't turn the puck over. I think that the one of the biggest difference to me. Watching the speed of -- and a lack thereof vs Toronto and that -- that Ronald series the Bruins. At times beating themselves because they were turning the puck over the neutral zone turning the puck over the top of their circle to those gray areas. By the offensive zone and all the sudden. Ronald speed they would transition now they're not doing that in those gray areas or the neutral zone at Pittsburg -- counterattack. And finally from a players standpoint I don't know this to be true but I suspected it is as much marsh and enjoy that first goal 28 seconds in the gave the Bruins a lead on guests at the one he really went to bed sleeping and smiled and about. Was when he was yup and with cook and back and forth and went down and scored and then turned and looked at coconut says somebody else's that I might be a little more satisfying. I think go to the escalade just feel that they can look -- look at that a lot like what probably just scored a goal now what you did -- do but it's so. No that was that to be the best way to play -- develop another example two of of a guy like caught trying to go over that boundary to do something that's not really his game he's a pretty. Good offensive player we play his game and he was running around trying to drop people the penalties and there's one guy that maybe you gotta be careful -- try to wake up a little bit -- Marshall and as well. Yeah I've got -- I appreciate it we'll talk to down the road enjoy game three guys Mary Peters and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he. The speeds up at times after the three GAT and T. Re think possible still to come on this addition of Dennis and Callahan Scott -- Esquire Magazine writer wrote the book or of Akron. Referring to LeBron James Marsh -- just about a thousand dollars in our national contest as well we'll be right back.

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